Renzie’s #SfasciaItalia “smash up Italy” decree


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Here we are. The threat we’ve been dreading has arrived. And it’s up to each one of us to block it, to fight it, and to win. The “unblock Italy” decree that is really the “smash up Italy” decree has recently got to the Lower House. With five big, enormous, black holes, it is threatening the Italy of our dreams, the 5 Star Italy: Environment, Water in public hands, Renewable energy, Zero Refuse, and Connectivity.
And yet, in this decree there’s drilling, incineration, pollution, easy-to-win tenders, citizens that get overlooked by central powers, by lobbies that decide where the cement gets poured: in just a few weeks from now, all this will become reality with this monstrosity-decree. If we don’t stop them, if each one of us doesn’t take part in sending them packing, our 5 Star plan, (the plan that we have struggled to carry forward with determination in our own cities and inside parliament), will not exist anymore. What can we do to get active? Starting with our homes, our neighbourhoods, our cities, a voice can rise up and a battle cry can ring out to make sure that construction companies, oil traders, industrialists – that is those that are the ones behind this law – and the government, all feel us breathing down their necks. With the “smash up Italy” decree we will collapse directly into these 5 BLACK HOLES:
1) More incinerators: unsorted waste being transported all over Italy to fill up incinerators that would otherwise have to close down if there were a policy of having the separate collection of different kinds of household waste and zero refuse
2) More drilling to extract oil and gas everywhere, in the plains, in the sea, in the tourist spots, even on the beaches: thousands of licenses for the gentlemen of the oil lobbies
3) Water in private hands: against the Italian people, against the referendum, against a fundamental human right. The privatisation of water will be facilitated and those towns that dream of having water in public hands will face big obstacles.
4) Land reclamation based on false premises: we’ll have reclamation of land that has been polluted, with decisions about plans and projects taken solely by the very people that caused the pollution. The drama of the “Terra dei Fuochi” {land of fires - polluted land in the countryside round Naples} has taught us nothing.
5) More cement and more shady contracts: big useless construction projects are facilitated, dispensations for assigning contracts, even more cement will be poured out and work will be entrusted to friends of friends, including the mafias that will thus have – and it’s worth saying this – motorways opened up to them ...
We will fight tooth and nail against this devastation. We will not allow this latest government action designed to consume the country, chunk by chunk, to come to fruition. This is why we have to get out and get activate all over the country. And we need all of you.
On 10 October, 11 October and 12 October we’ll be in Circus Maximus not just to denounce the evils of the “smash up Italy” decree, but also to tell you about our plans for a different Italy, an Italy that protects and respects the land and the environment, that plans for sustainable development, that doesn’t fund useless projects, that listens to the citizens, that concentrates on providing essential public services: a 5 Star Italy.

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The masters return


In the 1960s there were extremisms on opposing sides. Today there are fascist agreements Take away minimum rights from workers to get the economy going again? Just imagine the laughter - from Marchionne and Carrai...

Oh master with your beautiful white trousers
shell out the cash
shell out the cash
Oh master with your beautiful white trousers
shell out the cash so we can go home
Excuse us, oh master that we are causing you stress,
this is the first time;
Excuse us. oh master that we are causing you stress,
this is the first time; we didn’t know how to go about things
Oh master with your beautiful white trousers
shell out the cash so we can go home
It’s not a matter of months not even weeks
it’s just a few hours, it’s just a few hours
and then we’ll go home.

“Article 18 doesn’t apply to 94.8% of the companies so where is the problem? Looking at the latest figures from Eurostat, in 2011, Italy had 3.8 million companies. Of these 3.8 million Italian companies, we have 94.8% that are micro-businesses, just 5.2% are SMEs and just 0.1% are big companies. These provide work for a total of nearly 15 million people, and most of them (46%) are working in micro-businesses. [...]" john buatti

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Passaparola - Letter to Pope Francis - "A. Provolo" Association for the Deaf

Letter to Pope Francis

For more than a Century the Antonio Provolo Ecclesiastical Institute of Verona has ensured a brighter future for deaf and dumb children, helping them in their studies and entering the job market, but some terrible things have happened in that building: priests and religious brothers sexually abused more than 60 boys and girls who were living at the Institute but now, more than thirty years later, they have mustered the strength to report what happened. The abuse that they are now talking about apparently went on for at least thirty years, right through to 1984.
As announced in the press conference held in the press hall of the Chamber of Deputies in Rome on 09 April 2014 and taking into account that, following the Commission of Enquiry set up by the Vatican and its admission that the abuse did indeed take place, it is our intention to lodge compensation claims.
The first step in this regard will be taken at the Human Rights Commission together with Survivor’s Voice. It must also be kept in mind that the UNO recently (February 2014) issued a strong reprimand against the Vatican for its behaviour.”

In December 2013 we wrote a letter to the Pope to ask that the CEI be ordered to grant access to their archives where we are certain there are many, many cases filed away that have remained unknown to the public.
Antonio Provolo”Association for the Deaf

Dear Pope Francis,
We are a group of former students of the Antonio Provolo Institute for the Deaf and Dumb of Verona who told the press about the abuses committed by paedophile priests at the Institute. This was done only after three years of fruitless contacts with the Curia of Verona and in order to prevent what happened to us from happening to other children.
The Bishop of Verona, who had been aware of what was going on, immediately accused us of being slanderers.
In 2010 the Vatican asked the Curia to establish a commission of enquiry tasked with listening to what the Deaf victims of the abuses had to say.
In 2012, after completion of the commission’s work, the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith admitted that the abuses against Deaf and Dumb children had indeed taken place and from then on we went from being slanderers to being victims in the public opinion, a role that we didn’t actually want.
This notwithstanding, we were still left all alone.
No support whatsoever was forthcoming from either the Curia or the Institutions.
Only the Antonio Provolo Association for the Deaf, all on its own, is attempting to resolve the serious problems that these people have.
Your recent announcements aimed at bringing out the truth about the phenomenon of sexual abuse of children, which have sadly highlighted certain members of the clergy as the main role players, have pushed us and perhaps even encouraged us to write to you.
So we then thought about the possible earthly responses to the problem that is closest to our hearts, namely that no child should ever again have to suffer what we suffered.
It is therefore with some fear and trepidation that we take advantage of this letter to suggest an operation that has already been undertaken by the Church in other Countries, namely that a an Independent Commission be set up to bring to light the numerous cases of this phenomenon that have so far remained hidden.
In our opinion this operation would undoubtedly be ecumenically positive: in such an environment the victims of this abuse could unburden themselves of a secret that they have perceived as shameful for many years and then go on to live less difficult and vindictive earthly lives, while at the same time the Church would positively and concretely repay the debt of truth with a reality that is not only tragic, but has also been consistently denied to date.
Albeit with pity, we also think of our former persecutors. Opening the door on those terrible earthly truths may just go some way towards healing those inner wounds that they must have carried with them for a long, long time because in some ways even the torturers are themselves victims of the obscene acts that were perpetrated.
So we are not seeking any gratuitous posthumous vendetta, but only compassion and support for the victims.
In order to achieve this, we approach the most saintly of our allies, namely the Pope.
Happy New Year.
Verona, 31 December 2013
On behalf of the victims: Giorgio Dalla Bernardina, President of the Antonio Provolo Association for the Deaf ”

P.S. Should you deem it necessary, we are willing to meet with you at any time in order to explain what happened.
Marco Lodi Rizzini, hearing consultant for the A. Provolo Association

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Cemetery factories


The government is doing everything it can to eliminate the unemployment problem and the lack of work. The solution is simple. You just have to eliminate the workers. In recent days the publication giving information about deaths at work (we could call them pre-announced homicides given the failure to apply safety regulations) has turned into a war bulletin. It’s one of Renzie’s few successes. A great +7.1% increase in the number of deaths in relation to the same period in 2013. 489 deaths up until now, and he is thinking about the abolition of article 18... Factories transformed into cemeteries, rights ripped to shreds like waste paper. Long live the elegant salons and the Marchionne-style consultants and those on the left wing that will hail him as a great success.

Two workers who died in the area of Cremona
Turin, eight deaths at work in a single week
Rovigo: four workers die after being poisoned by chemicals
A warehouse collapses in Ravenna killing two workers

28 September: 489 people have died from accidents in the workplace since the beginning of the year. That’s an increase of +7.1% in relation to the same period in 2013. If we add in the "differently insured" that never appear in the statistics of deaths at work, (and this includes deaths on the roads and the deaths of those travelling to and from work) and those people who are responsible for insuring themselves with bodies other than INAIL, then we think that the number of deaths exceeds 1.000 deaths (lowest estimate) overall, but for many reasons it is impossible to have an accurate number of deaths on the roads, and above all of freelance workers who die on the roads and whose deaths are classed as "traffic accident deaths", when in fact they were working or were travelling to or from work. But the deaths in the workplace that we are talking about, are all documented.

DEATHS AT WORK IN ITALIAN PROVINCES (these figures get increased by a factor of two if you add deaths on the roads and deaths while travelling)

Aosta Valley (1 death) Aosta 1. Piedmont (40 deaths) Turin 16, Alessandria 8, Asti 2, Biella 0, Cuneo 10, Novara 3, Verbano-Cusio-Ossola 1, Vercelli. Liguria (8 deaths) Genoa 5, Imperia 0, La Spezia 1, Savona 1. Lombardy (52 deaths) Milan 6, Bergamo 5%, Brescia 8, Como 0, Cremona 6, Lecco 0, Lodi 2, Mantova 8, Monza 2, Brianza 1, Pavia 8, Sondrio 2, Varese 4. Trentino-Alto Adige (16 deaths) Trento 4, Bolzano 12. Veneto (46 deaths) Venice 9, Belluno 3, Padova‎ 3, Rovigo 4, Treviso 5, Verona 12, Vicenza 7. Friuli-Venice Giulia (6 deaths) Trieste 1, Gorizia 0, Pordenone 2, Udine 3. Emilia-Romagna (43 deaths) Bologna 4, Forlì-Cesena 6, Ferrara 6, Modena 5, Parma 7, Piacenza 4, Ravenna 8, Reggio Emilia 2, Rimini 1.Tuscany (21 deaths) Florence 2, Arezzo 6, Grosseto 1, Livorno 1, Lucca 2, Massa Carrara 1, Pisa 6, Pistoia 1, Prato 0, Siena 0. Umbria (13 deaths) Perugia 8, Terni 5. Marche (15 deaths) Ancona 1, Ascoli Piceno 5 (including the 4 Tornado pilots), Fermo 3, Macerata 2, Pesaro-Urbino 3. Lazio (36 deaths) Rome 15, Frosinone 3, Latina 4, Rieti 6, Viterbo 8. Abruzzo (22 deaths) L'Aquila 7, Chieti 8, Pescara 1, Teramo 6. Molise (7 deaths) Campobasso 3, Isernia 4. Campania (31 deaths) Naples 9, Avellino 5, Benevento 4, Caserta 4, Salerno 9. Apulia (30 deaths) Bari 13, Brindisi 0, Foggia 3, Lecce 8, Taranto 4. Basilicata (5 deaths) Potenza 4, Matera 1. Calabria (14 deaths) Catanzaro 3, Cosenza 4, Crotone 1, Reggio Calabria 1, Vibo Valentia 5. Sicily (36 deaths) Palermo 11, Agrigento 4, Caltanissetta 5, Catania 3, Enna 2, Messina 3, Ragusa 1, Siracusa 4, Trapani 3. Sardinia (11 deaths) Cagliari 2, Carbonia-Iglesias 2, Medio Campidano 1, Nuoro 2, Ogliastra 1, Olbia-Tempio 0, Oristano 3, Sassari 0.

When you’re reading this terrible sequence of figures, keep in mind that in addition, there are those who die on the roads and when travelling to and from work, so the number of deaths at work are at least double and so many people who die on the roads, die at times when they should have been asleep; they die because of hours that have been increased a bit and because of accumulated tiredness, and because of long journeys when going to or coming back from work. Figures for those who die on the motorways are not classified according to the province where that death occurs.

Work sectors having the greatest number of deaths at work: Agriculture 42% of the total, with 68% of these deaths caused by tractors. Construction 23.6% Industry 9.2% Road haulage 6.2% 29% of all those who die in the work place are over 60 years old. 11.25% are foreigners. 50% of all those who die in the work place are concentrated in just 5 regions: Piedmont, Lombardy, Veneto, Emilia-Romagna, and Lazio.


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Ben Hur Grillo - video message from Circus Maximus for #Italia5Stelle


Click here to see the video with subtitles on Beppe Grillo’s Youtube channel

"Romulus and Remus, Numa Pompilius,
Tullus Hostilius, Ancus Marcius.
Here were the races,
the chariot races!
Ancus Marcius, Lucius Tarquinius Superbus.
250,000 people came
to the Circus Maximus
from all over the known world
to see the great chariots.
Tarquinius! Where are you Tarquinius?
Here there was trading, they had encounters,
people who came together and had events.
That’s what we want to do:
to meet the people of the world.
Come here and ask us questions. Ask the parliamentarians!
You can ask anything you want!
Ladies and gentlemen it’ll be a great gathering,
a truly great event.
We’re looking forward to seeing you on 10, 11 and 12 October
at Circus Maximus, Rome,
for Italia 5 Stelle {5 Star Italy}!" Beppe Grillo

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Hands off article 18!


Here, someone still has to explain how it can be that taking away workers’ rights, like abolishing article 18, can get the economy going again. Without stability, workers will invest less, and the banks won’t give them a loan. Someone is taking us for a ride when they’re talking about "conservator-isms" after he has been maintained by the Italian people to be a “politician" in the role of parliamentarian since 1953 [Napolitano, editor]. A reform to blackmail the workers that can be sacked without just cause. Why’s that? Because Europe wants it ... but Europe, with all due respect, can take a running jump. The workers have earned those minimum rights with decades of battles and they’re not going to give them up to freemasonry or to the banks that have destroyed whole economies with the 2008 financial bankruptcy. The equation that these sharks want to get away with is simple: to close the black holes of international finance by taking away social rights. By transforming the workers into slaves. And to do that in our country, they have placed an old man and a child. Hands off article 18!

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