The 2015 Calendar of Lay Saints


"The security detail", is a common way of referring to them - thus providing them with anonymity. They are the police officers and the carabinieri that are mowed down during a kidnapping, as happened for Aldo Moro, or a homicide, as happened with Falcone and Borsellino. In our country, it’s the officers of the police force and the carabinieri that have paid the highest price in blood at the hands of terrorists and organised crime. Hundreds have been killed since the second world war. Men and women mentioned in the records simply as "the security detail“. The 2015 Calendar of Lay Saints tries to go some way in making up for this lack of memorial by publishing the names of the victims who were members of the security forces. They are the guardian angels of magistrates and politicians. They often even request to be allowed to be part of a protection team while understanding the risks they will be running. People like Emanuela Loi, who was to get married a few days after the slaughter in via D'Amelio, the slaughter that ended her life. Emanuela was the first female officer in the State Police service to lose who life in active service. Too often, the members of the "security detail" are wiped out together with the people they are protecting, because of the laziness or the collusion of the State. For every "security detail“, there are hidden institutions and corrupt units working against them - entities that hide like cockroaches in the crevices of the institutions, without paying any dues. According to the bodyguards, via d'Amelio was a dangerous street. And it was so dangerous that they asked for the removal of cars parked outside the home of Paolo Borsellino’s mother. The request was not accepted by the city of Palermo authorities, as was pointed out by the antimafia judge, Antonino Caponnetto, in an interview given to the Rai. And Borsellino was killed. Similarly in the Moro case, there are terrifying skeletons in the cupboard of the Italian State. To protect the DC Party Secretary, numerous requests had been made for him to have an armoured vehicle and a strengthening of the of the security detail. No response. And Moro was killed.

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#RenzieBuffone Renzi the international fool


This morning’s news item from TzeTze

“The incredible madness of holding the Olympics in Italy, announced yesterday by that pseudo premier answering to the name of Matteo Renzi, has thrown the pebble into the pool of foreign newspapers that today have seriously attacked Renzi’s choice.
The British daily paper, the Telegraph writes: "Italy's ambition to host the 2024 Olympics, in the middle of its worst recession since the Second World War, has been greeted with derision." They point out that the games would be hosted in “Rome, Florence, Sardinia and Naples – home of the Camorra mafia“. And the article leaves nothing out. It gives an almost complete summary of the latest scandals, covering “Mafia capitale” {the mafia in Rome} - the arrests associated with Expo 2015 and the flood prevention project for Venice, referred to as “Moses”, while citing the mafia and the 'ndrangheta.
The Guardian adds that "in Rome the citizens are complaining about the pot holes in the streets and the state of abandonment of ancient ruins". And then with irony: "So what place could be better to hold the world’s biggest and most costly sporting events in the world?"." from TzeTze

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Giulietto Chiesa’s arrest


“The M5S MEPs Tamburrano and Adinolfi are worried about the arrest in Estonia of the jourrnalist Giulietto Chiesa. Such things should not happen in “civilised Europe”. While it is criticising Turkey for arresting journalists, it is staying silent about Chiesa’s arrest, thus demonstrating its own double standards.
Yesterday Isabella Adinolfi and Dario Tamburrano, MEPs with the 5 Star MoVement, yesterday learned of the arrest of Giulietto Chiesa, a jourrnalist and a former MEP. They were horrified and worried and they said “We were immediately struck by the absolute lack of explanation about this incident, above all from the Estonian authorities. We were also surprised about the lack of clear information about such a serious event.
This arrest is without any sort of motivation and it was carried out in a disturbing way that is outside the rule of law. It goes against all the principles of law that protect political freedoms and the freedom of expression that should be guaranteed within the European Union. This is unacceptable.

“Certain things should not happen in ‘civilised Europe’ that cannot be allowed to use double standards when only yesterday, Turkey was criticised for arresting journalists. Estonia has some explaining to do. The European Commission and the Council of Ministers cannot tolerate arrests like this in obvious violation of the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union aimed at protecting individual and political freedoms as well as the freedom of expression. All this is even more serious when one considers that Chiesa’s arrest took place to prevent him from speaking at a conference on the topic of: ‘Is Russia Europe’s enemy?’. No one in Europe can be arrested to prevent them from freely expressing their own ideas and from exercising democratic political criticism.”
On the issue of Giulietto Chiesa’s arrest the 5 Star MoVement, together with leaders of ‘The Other Europe with Tsipras’, have put forward a formal question to the European Commission." M5S spokespersons in Europe, Tamburrano and Adinolfi


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The Pope’s not meeting the #DalaiLama


In the last few days, the Dalai Lama has been in Rome for the 14th conference of Nobel Peace Prize winners, originally to be in South Africa until the Dalai Lama was refused a visa to avoid annoying China.
The Tibetans tried to arrange a meeting with the Pope but that’s not going to happen. A "political" response rather than an evangelical one. This Pope has received everyone, just everyone, even Balotelli - and he had a short discussion with him in private. Evidently, the Dalai Lama hasn’t yet scored two goals when playing against Germany. The Vatican has explained that they don’t want to create «tension» between the Tibetan leader and Beijing.
This pope is the first pope that has been allowed to fly through Chinese airspace. Francis has said «Am I going to China? But of course. Tomorrow!». A momentous dialogue in a long standing reality. No doubts. The Dalai Lama and Tibet can wait.

Abu Mazen
Ban Ki-moon
Klose Miroslav
Letta Enrico
Mahmoud Abbas
Pope Tawadros
Patriarch Bartholomew
Paul Bhatti
Zanetti Javier

Dalai Lama, Nobel Peace Prize winner

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Passaparola: the 12 commandments against cancer, Dr. Franco Berrino

Exclusive video featuring Dr. Berrino

It is important to point out that the recommendations in the European Code against cancer are recommendations aimed at preventing tumours and these dietary recommendations are also useful for people who don’t have any tumours but it’s not that they are alternatives to cancer treatments. Cancer patients must stick to the medical treatments that the doctors have prescribed to cure the cancer although it is also very important for the patient to help him/herself by watching his/her diet. The Passaparola of Dr. Franco Berrino, epidemiologist at the National Tumours Institute of Milan

"The European Cancer Prevention Code is essentially a set of European Community recommendations for the people of Europe, the citizens. There should also be a set of recommendations for the institutions but at this stage they have only put out recommendations for the citizens and they have also charged a number of OGM and healthcare Committees that have reviewed the available scientific studies and have decided what recommendations would make sense on the basis of all the scientific studies undertaken with regard to these factors.
The first recommendation is not to smoke, not to use any form of tobacco and not to allow anyone to smoke in the home because even passive smoking is linked to cancer, particularly to children’s cancer, to leukaemia, and if the parents smoke their children have a higher likelihood of developing leukaemia.
Then there is also a recommendation on staying slim and slimming down if you are not already slim. These days we know all about the things that make us fat, like excess protein in our diet, and we know this as a result of major studies involving hundreds of thousands of people, which have shown that people of normal weight who eat more protein are more likely to get fat if they follow fad diets that make you thinner by intoxicating you with proteins.
There is a recommendation to do a bit of physical exercise every day and here it is very clear that those who do do physical exercise are less likely to suffer from cancer.
There is a recommendation that your daily diet should be based on whole grains, not on industrially refined ones, in other words not on refined or super refined white flour and sweet pastries but rather on whole grain foods, whole-wheat bread and grain cereals and not on white rice but on whole grains, legumes, fruit and vegetables.
Then there is a recommendation to limit our intake of red meat and to avoid processed meats, which here in Italy means above all avoiding things like salami and other cured meats because they are linked to abdominal cancers such as cancer of the oesophagus, stomach and intestine via a complex mechanism driven mainly by the level of iron in these meats and iron is highly oxidant and the iron in meat favours the formation of cancerogenous substances in the intestine. The worst thing about our Health Ministry is that in the Italian translation that appeared on the Health Ministry’s website, this recommendation to avoid processed meats does not appear at all. Now maybe this may have merely been an oversight or maybe it was done on purpose (*): I fear that it was indeed done on purpose in order not to damage Italian business, but we have to work with this national business in order to get them to make better products.
Limit the intake of high-calorie foods, foods that have a high sugar and fat content, basically all the foods that are advertised on television.
Avoid sweetened drinks. This is where we have another issue involving the Ministry of Health, which recently rejected the Ogm recommendation that sugar should not make up more than 5% of our total calorie intake, saying that this was a scientific basis but what the heck does she know about scientific basis and what studies has the Ministry done to be able to say this? There are some major studies, and while it is true that they have all been conducted in the past ten years, they document why sugar is an extremely important factor, above all in terms of obesity, but here too there is the issue of Italian business. We must push Italian businesses to add less sugar to their products because sugar is a dangerous substance that can, and indeed should be totally eliminated from our diets.
Avoid foods that are high in salt although this is particularly true for people who eat a lot of meat because meat already contains high levels of salt. If you eat a mainly vegetarian diet then you need more salt to be healthy.
Then there is a recommendation regarding alcohol, which says that we should be careful and limit our alcohol intake. To prevent cancer it would be better to avoid alcoholic drinks altogether.
There is a recommendation regarding exposure to sunshine, urging us to limit prolonged exposure to sunshine mainly due to the risk of melanomas. In terms of sunburn, we must prevent our children getting sunburned due to prolonged exposure to the sun when we take them to the seaside. Without prolonged exposure, sunshine does not increase the risk of this frightening tumour known as malignant melanoma.
Adhere to safety instructions in the workplace. It is very important for anyone who works to know whether there are any chemical substances in their work environment and whether or not those substances are cancerogenous.
Then there is a recommendation regarding Radon. Radon is a radioactive gas emitted by stone used in construction, and also by cement. This gas can become concentrated in our homes and is responsible for causing lung cancer and adds to the effects of tobacco, even amongst non-smokers, increases the risk of lung cancer. It is possible to measure the concentrations of Radon in our homes but the more we keep our windows hermetically sealed in order to save on heating costs and the less our homes are ventilated, the greater the concentration of Radon.
There is a recommendation for women to breastfeed and not to undergo hormone replacement therapy during menopause unless there are compelling reasons to do so. When this kind of therapy is necessary, it would be better to take natural progesterone because studies have shown that there is no link between natural progesterone and the increased risk of breast cancer whereas synthetic progestin, which the industry prefers because they can patent them and thus charge more for them, are indeed linked to an increased risk of breast cancer.
It is recommended that children are vaccinated against Hepatitis B so as to prevent liver cancer. It is also recommended that children be vaccinated against the human papilloma virus although here we should understand that it is not enough to vaccinate them since the vaccine only covers the two main viruses but there are another dozen or so viruses for which the vaccine only provides 70% coverage so, even if we are vaccinated, we must in any event go for pap-smear tests.
There is also recommendation regarding early diagnosis : participate in organised programmes, in other words programmes that have in-built quality controls so that they do something useful against intestinal, breast and colon cancer without causing too much collateral damage, but not against prostate or lung cancer, for which there is no recommendation for screening.
These are the 12 recommendations contained in the European Cancer Code and it would be a good thing for them to be known, circulated, implemented and properly translated without omitting any parts thereof due to conflicts of interest!
Spread the word!" Dr. Franco Berrino, epidemiologist with the National Cancer Institute of Milan

(*): On the Ministry of Health website you can now see the recommendation regarding cured meats, which may well have been added subsequently given that it was last updated on 3 December whereas the article was published on 15 October this year.

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Beagle Boy Renzie and corruption


>>>Add your signature to exit the Euro: find the signing table that’s nearest to where you live.
Have you already signed? Say it on Twitter with #iohofirmato {I’ve signed} and invite all your friends to sign too!
Your contribution is important:
- organise your own signing station and indicate the details on this map (constantly updated)
- download, print and hand out the fliers (1. Reasons for an exit from the Euro 2. Frequently Asked Questions about the Euro)
- tell all your friends and acquaintances about this new website dealing with the referendum <<<<<<<<<<<<


President of the Council, Renzie is on a par with a member of the Beagle Boys guarding Uncle Scrooge’s wealth. In response to the avalanche of corruption that is overwhelming Italy, he has presented a “ddl” and not a legislative decree law that could be acted upon in a short space of time. It’s all hot air coming from the biggest hot air balloon that’s ever existed since WWII. Renzie is concentrating on article 18 and what is basically more or less the abolition of the Senate - and he’s not bothering about corrupt people. Why not the opposite? The reason is simple. The first source of corruption are the parties and their innumerable off-shoots, like the foundations and the companies in which they have part ownership. They would just be harming themselves if they turned against these bodies ... The wealth of Italian citizens has however just about dried up, and for the Beagle Boys, there’s a chill wind blowing. When Renzie’s talking, he gives the impression of one whose eyes are looking for the nearest exit. Try turning off the sound and just observe his actions.

Intervention by Antonio Di Pietro on the so called “anti-corruption measures"

“The mountain laboured and brought forth a mouse.” as they say in my neck of the woods. I’m referring to the much celebrated new anti-corruption law promulgated by the Council of Ministers just yesterday evening. Its aim is to make the citizens believe that, at last, the Renzi government will flush out and deliver into the hands of the justice system, everyone involved: those who have been corrupted and those who acted to corrupt them.
As soon as I heard this umpteenth proclamation issuing from our President of the Council, I said to myself: let’s hope it’s not the umpteenth blast of hot air coming from Renzi, the typical travelling salesman.


And what can be said of the crime of “false accounting” that one more time, has been “forgotten” and left out of the criminal code, in yesterday’s reform package? How can you find out what’s happened to the money derived from corruption if you don’t know where it’s come from?
Finally, a tiny little gem: you see, either they know or they don’t know - (that is: Renzi and the Minister of Justice Orlando) - that the true crime that is committed when corruption takes place in the dealings of a public official and a private individual (whether that’s an entrepreneur or an ordinary citizen) is what was once termed “inducted aiding and abetting” (crime that takes place when a public official, without using violence or threats, induces a citizen that he is dealing with to hand over money so that a bureaucratic action takes place - otherwise - it would just get “left at the bottom of the pile of paperwork”.) OK - now - even that crime has been abolished (with the complicity of the right wing and the left wing) and it has been substituted with a crime that also sees the private individual that was “induced” to hand over money as a co-criminal - not just the public official that received the money. In these conditions, nobody will ever denounce the abuse of power, because otherwise, they fear they would be accused of being a partner in committing a crime.
I can hear you saying: OK - so what shall we do?
No dialogue with these turncoats. A revolt would be better. Civilised and non-violent, of course (no question about that!) but we need to shift to the operational phase before it’s too late.
With this in mind, we need to make it our priority to call the President of the Republic, Napolitano to speak in the appropriate fora and explain why he has acted three times, in violation of the dictates of the Constitution– failing to call the citizens to vote in elections and thus allowing parliament to still be occupied by a political class that was elected with an unconstitutional law. They have taken on roles and powers to which they had no right."
Antonio Di Pietro


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