Emiliano satanasso


The fear of being controlled by the main opposition force has led Emiliano to carry out an unheard-of act of institutional violence against all the people of Apulia“ - these are the first words pronounced by the M5S councillor when Michele Emiliano annoounced the 3 M5S Cabinet members - even though this was against their will. We are wondering how he could even dream up something like that: the nomination of people to the position of cabinet member, without even condulting them. Today this bit of news arrived as though it were normal to learn from the press as a way of affirming that it’s just a matter of a banal “media fireworks“ that on the one hand makes us smile but on the other hand worries us a lot - and perhaps it should worry the people of Apulia. It’s clear that as he hasn’t acted in the role of magistrate for many years, Emiliano has completely forgotten the basic principles of democracy that sees election results giving rise to a majority organisation that governs and an opposition that opposes.

VIDEO Hidden camera: Emiliano and the waste collection lobbies

Both are really important and they deserve the utmost respect. With this action, Emiliano has made it clear to everyone how he intends to govern in the next five years: in an autocratic way without taking any notice of our wishes even though we have politely turned down his offer - as well as the offer from the citizens, even those who voted for him, expressed in the election that only just over a month ago gave the outcome saying that the people want to be governed by his party and that they wanted to entrust the role of checking up on his activity to the main opposition entity, namely the 5 Star MoVement.


We do not intend to sell off our silence in exchange for armchairs of power - but on the other hand we are expecting something from him and his party - in relation to his so called “opening up to the M5S” when it’s ime to vote for positions of supervision - and we have already said that we are willing to take on these roles: Position of the President of the Regional Council and position of the President of the Environment and Budget Committee. We’ll see if they want to respect the will of the citizens by giving us the possibility to do transparent checking on the work done by the administration and if he says “no” for the mpteenth time, he will have to explain why - not only to us - but also to all the people of Apulia.”
No to political positions. Yes to positions with a supervisory role (and that’s how it should be anyway).
Let them give the cabinet positions in Emila to their peers in the PD. The M5S will act in precise opposition, but it will however vote in favour of those measures that that are in its own programme.
This is how they do politics in Emilia, not your palace games.

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Passaparola - There is no future for the Euro, by Nigel Farage

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Is it definitely all over for the Euro following the outcome of the Greek referendum? According to Nigel Farage, within the next 10 to 15 years (this blog believes a lot sooner - ED) Italy and a number of other important EU member countries will abandon the common currency. The Blog interviewed him just a few days prior to the referendum to find out more about his point of view.

Blog: After two months of negotiations, Greece has decided not to repay their loan from the IMF (International Monetary Fund). There is a gentleman’s agreement that says that debts always have to be honoured, so why is that not the case here?
Farage: This is not an easy matter because Greece won’t meet the International Monetary Fund loan repayment deadline and the Country is facing yet another loan repayment deadline in just a few weeks time, namely with the ECB (European Central Bank). Greece’s position is currently very difficult indeed and we must not bury our heads in the sand. This will be the first International Monetary Fund loan default in recent times and therefore the problem is indeed serious. The consequence will be a further decline in loans granted to Greek companies and a further decline in the Greek economy. Therefore, irrespective of perspective, the problem is indeed serious.

VIDEO A dual currency for Europe?

The situation is serious if Greece remains within the Euro zone and it is equally serious in the short term if they drop the Euro, so the real question is will Greece be better off in two years time?

Blog: If you were to vote in the Greek referendum, which way would you vote?
Farage: If I were to vote I would vote NO. I know that Messrs Junker and Hollande, Ms Merkel and all the others are saying that if the NO vote wins the sky will fall on our heads and it will be a total disaster. Certainly, if the NO vote wins there will undoubtedly be some uncertainty in the short term: there may be a shortage of bread for a week, the banks may remain closed for two weeks, so in the short term there would indeed be some problems, but in the long term Greece would be free again: the Country would regain control of its own economy, it would be able to set its own interest rates, it could choose to devalue its own currency and as a result it would have the chance to grow. My fear for Greece is that if it were to remain in the Euro zone, which it should never have joined in the first place, the Country will become a third-world country before our eyes. The fact is that you cannot lump Greece and Germany together in an economic and currency union unless the Greeks become more like the Germans or the Germans become more like the Greeks, and that will never happen.

Blog: Do you believe that this approach should be used as a model for other European Countries too? Should they call a referendum and leave the decision to the people?
Farage: The only positive side is the very fact that a referendum has been called. Four years ago, the name of the Prime Minister in charge was Papandreu. When he proposed that a referendum be held, the Brussels bullies had him removed within 48 hours. This time instead a referendum will be held (it was held and the NO vote won - ED) and that is something positive. Brussels truly fears public opinion. Ten years ago, when the European Constitution was being discussed, the French said no, the Dutch said no and undoubtedly the British would have said no, the Germans would have said no and many other countries would have done the same, so the guys in Brussels are really, really scared: I believe that the one good thing about this referendum, irrespective of the outcome, is that there is now a modern President who believes that holding a referendum on such issues is the right thing to do. Well done!

Blog: After Greece, will the tension shift to Italy and Spain: what do you predict for the future?
Farage: That is a very complex question. If we look at the figures for Italy we see that one of the most important European Union countries is currently in a very serious situation: the time will come when a referendum is called in Italy too. It has to happen. I don’t believe that Northern Europe and Southern Europe are at all compatible and that they could ever be united into one economic force. It simply won’t work and I believe that in the long term all the other European Countries, Italy included, will get out of the Euro zone within the next 5-10 years.

Blog: Could a dual currency system be a possible solution? In other words a National currency for member Countries and another for International trade?
Farage: We already have one, it’s called the Dollar. If you buy crude oil or most other goods, or if you trade around the world you will know that the majority of these deals are done in US Dollars. The US Dollar is already the currency unit of International trade.

Blog: But is it not possible to control the exchange rate with the Dollar.
Farage: No, obviously not. Even with the Euro we have landed up with a fictitious interest rate. When they joined the Euro, many Mediterranean Countries had seven years of too low interest rates. It’s like when you’re at a party and they carry on refilling your glass: it’s fantastic, great fun, but the next morning you are likely to wake up with a hangover. When you talk about a Country’s interest rates, it doesn’t really matter whether they are high or low, all that matters is that they are appropriate. Take Spain for example: one and a half million unsold or only partly built properties due to a property boom that was exacerbated by interest rates that were only half of what they should actually have been. The Euro tragedy did not begin in 2008: the seeds were actually sown many years’ before.

Blog: But there is a third player in this game and he is silent but very active indeed: what is Putin up to, what are the British up to and what is the role of the European Union at this table? Should they be talking more with Russia and with Great Britain?
Farage: Obviously we must not only think about Russia but also about China. For a long time the Chinese tried to invest heavily in Greece. Putin is obviously looking for allies and the thing that most people forget is that there is the Greek Orthodox Church and the Russian Orthodox Church and that, therefore, the bond between Greece and Russia also takes on a religious dimension. Certainly the Greeks were upset about the sanctions that were placed on Russia after the Ukraine crisis. From a broader perspective I have to say that we have made a major mistake by underestimating both Russia and Putin and as a result we have played a truly crazy game. In the Ukraine, whether we liked him or not, a democratically elected leader was removed by a public demonstration, essentially by coup d’état: everyone was waving European Union flags because we told the Ukraine that we wanted to expand our empire and that we wanted them to join the European Union and NATO. Therefore we were the ones that started this conflict. This doesn’t mean that I am siding with Putin: I certainly won’t be going fishing with him this summer! What I mean is that I don’t believe that we should consider Putin as an enemy , which is exactly what we’re doing right now. And what about Assad? It seems that the West has a particular aversion to Putin and Assad at the moment. However, we must remember that in the great battle, the most important challenge that we face over the next twenty years, namely the battle against Islamic extremism, both Assad and Putin are on our side and that is very important for us.
Spread the word!

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The Citizens’ Income is constitutional


>>>Today Beppe Grillo is in Athens with some M5S spokespersons. They are demonstrating solidarity with the people of Greece on this referendum day that could change the future of Europe. Keep up to date in real time from 4:00 pm onwards on the Facebook pages for Beppe Grillo and the M5S

by M5S in Parliament

“Do you remember just a few weeks ago when the President of the Council stated that our draft law was unconstitutional? He said that just to discredit the M5S proposal for the Citizens’ Income.
Well we’ve got a dilemma here: either the Premier is ignorant, or he was intentionally lying.
To give support to the constitutionality of the M5S proposal about the Citizens’ Income (a measure that is to be found in all European countries apart from Italy and Greece) there are valid Italian constitutionalists who are two of the most famous, namely the former President of the Constitutional Court, Professor Paolo Maddalena and Emeritus Professor of Constitutional Law at Rome’s “La Sapienza” University, Professor Gianni Ferrara. We’d like to thank them for taking the time to consider this matter.
To clear up all the Premier’s doubts, the question asked of the constitutionalists was as follows: “Is it true that the M5S proposal for a Citizens’ Income would be against the fundemental principle that says that Italy is a Republic founded on work?
Here are some of the most relevant parts of their responses:

Professor Ferrara: “The statement made by the President of the Council is in radical contradiction to the authentic meaning of article 1 of the constitution and the only meaning that it can have, and does have is to subjectivize itself in each of the physical persons making up the enture body of citizens. It is in fact, actually in “work” as a fundamental basis for the Republic that a law setting up a Citizens’ Income would find not only its constitutionality but also its dutifulness. There would be implementation consequences for all the hypotheses if the action by the State were absent or insufficient in relation to promoting “the conditions that make the right to work effective” - a right that is found in article 4 of the constitution recognising it as one of the fundamental principles. The law imposes the correspondence of an obligation which is exactly what the constitution assigns to the Republic. The “Citizens’ Income “ is thus a right that brings together all citizens in situations and circumstances that the legilators must establish, to ensure that there are the minimum living conditions in the Republic.

Professor Maddalena: “I don’t know who could state such a silly idea. Article 1 of the constitution states first of all that Italy is a «Republic», that is a sort of family that is called a “Community State” in which the fundamental objective is «the development of the human person» and «the material and spiritual progress of society» and in which «the republic recognises the right of all citizens to work, and it promotes the conditions that make this right effective». From this it follows that if there is a lack of work for objective reasons and not because the worker has not looked for work, then this triggers the fundamental principle contained in article 2 of the constitution that says that «The Republic expects that the fundamental duties of political, economic and social solidarity be fulfilled»… Specifically, the 5 Star Movement’s draft law on the Citizens’ Income seems optimal to me. It appears to be completely in conformity with the constitution. In fact it seems to be a precise implementation of the primary duty of the republic to «remove those obstacles of an economic or social nature which constrain the freedom and equality of citizens, thereby impeding the full development of the human person and the effective participation of all workers in the political, economic and social organisation of the country». I particularly appreciated the measures that facilitate people getting into work and the distinction made between the concept of <<social insurance>>, relating to people of working age, and <<social assistance>> relating to people who are no longer of working age.... Well done - and best wishes.

There are no longer any excuses. Nobody any longer believes the Premier to be credible and he knows that now.
The Citizens’ Income is now in the Senate and it has to be the priority for the whole Parliament.” M5S in Parliament

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Open Letter in solidarity with the people of Greece

from the website "ricercaperlagrecia.com“: #TuttiAdAtene

from the website ricercaperlagrecia.com

[a translation of the letter is available in Greek and French / è disponibile la traduzione della lettera in greco e in francese – to sign the letter, send an email to ricercaperlagrecia@gmail.com]

29 June 2015

Kind regards to the people of Greece and, in particular, to our colleagues working in education, academia and research. We are writing a few hundred kilometres away from you, although this distance is shortened by our awareness and the concerns for the future. We are monitoring with extreme care and anxiety the latest developments taking place in your country.

VIDEO Will Europe respect the will of the Greek people?

We are a group of scholars, researchers, lecturers and scientists working in different Italian and international universities and research centres. Our research interests spread from humanities and history to social sciences, to math, physics, and natural sciences. Despite the differences of expertise, we are all glad to Greece, for its culture and its history. Western thought was conceived in Greece, a melting pot where the passion for every aspect of knowledge was born. We are all aware of the contribution given by Greek thought and culture towards the unity of this region of the world. We know that this has been our origin although a number of myths and ideologies have had a primary role in the foundation of the European Union.

Mainly, we share a common concern for the events taking place in these days. We condemn the blackmail put in place by the technocracy of Austerity. We are now aware of its goal: imposing a single, ruinous economic model, based on the annihilation of human dignity. For all these reasons, we support the people of Greece in this difficult moment. We are aware that, if, as we hope, people will vote for “NO” on the July 5th bailout referendum, there will be an attempt to put pressure on the Greek people to make them bow their heads.

In light of that, we promise, using this letter, that we will support you, both morally and practically. We promise to support, as individuals as well as a group, to cooperate with you to rebuild Greece and social, political and economic models that will involve knowledge as a key.

We sincerely wish that the people of Greece will be in a condition to make a choice independently, and that international solidarity will rise and continue to increase. We are aware that the world has been touched by the events in Greece and is making an effort to let Greece show that a different Europe and a different world are possible as a third choice out of the contrast between the global market slavery and the barbarity. We give our support to any of you. At the end of this letter there won’t be prestigious signatories. We do not want to propose the usual declaration of intents, which is not usually followed by any action. Our promise is to take action for a new dynamic age, based on a different ideal: a new solidarity among the people of Europe and of the Mediterranean region to contribute to achieving a new, fairer, freer world and knowledge. Many thanks to all of you.

Long live Greece!

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Italy like Cyprus: if the bank goes bust you pay #prelievoforzoso


by M5S in Parliament

"It’s called European Directive 2014/59/EU. It means that as of 01 January 2016, if your bank has a crisis, it’s you that has to pay with your curent accounts, shares and bonds. Today there’s a top limit of 100 thousand euro, but it could rise to 30 thousand as it is right now in Germany.

VIDEO How the Bail-in works (obligatory cash withdrawal)

If you remember, it’s the same that happened a few years ago in Cyprus: to prevent banks going bust they gathered in money from the savers with a bail-in, and this brilliant idea was so pleasing to Europe that it was decided to get everyone to take it up.
Of course the directive first has to be ratified by the national parliaments with the usual pretence of nodding to democracy that the EU has got us accustomed to. The Finance Committee of the Lower House (PD majority) is so zealous as to rush in to approve whatever it’s ordered to do.
Soon there’ll be the final approval on the floor of the house. And all that is flying in the face of common sense, of the Constitution, and even going against the recent pronouncements from the Pope. The newspapers take the opportunity to stay silent. In a few months we’ll all be partners of the banks, but to be sure, still with all the usual rules of the contracts: if the losses belong to everyone, the profits stay with them.” M5S in Parliament

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#ChiamparinoDimettiti: Chiamparino resign! New elections in Piedmont!


by M5S Piedmont

“Just 12 months after the elections, there could be new elections in Piedmont.
With the foreshortened term of office of the previous adminsitration, with the fall of the administration led by Cota because of scandals surrounding false signatures and reimbursement of expenses, the centre left administration led by Chiamparino could end the same way.

VIDEO M5S speaks out: Chiamparino resign!

An investigation by the magistracy is collecting evidence about serious irregularities in the signnatures collected for the PD list and for Chiamparino’s "mini-list". For example, it’s said that there’s a form used to collect signatures where they are presented in alphabetical order (that seems a bit strange, doesn’t it?) and others where the person authenticating has failed to recognise the signature that is purported to be his. The criminal investigation is not yet concluded, but the administrative court - the TAR - is due to make a declaration on 9 July to say whether or not the elections were properly conducted. Chiamparino has been saying for some time that he’s not going to do like Cota did and continue treading on hot coals for 4 years, and he’s said that if the announcement made by TAR on 9 July does not clearly say his election was all in order, then he will resign.
For its part, the PD is trying to stop him doing anything drastic, because their councillors don’t want to lose their seats and also because they’ve understaood that Renzi is fallling into a rapid decline and they fear they may lose. Caught in the middle of this "vacillating“, there are the citizens of Piedmont that need an administratin that can sort out the Region and they are not wasting time with power games.
The situation is very clear: only a year later, the PD and Chiamparino have offered the people of Piedmont the same “menu” as Cota did: an increase in the supplement to the IRPEF income tax, an increase in the road tax for a car, and cuts to the provision of healthcare and transport.
Piedmont deserves better. It deserves honest, free and competent citizens. It deserves the 5 Star MoVement!
#ChiamparinoDimettiti! {Chiamparino resign!}" The M5S spokespersons in the region of Piedmont

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