Invitation for musicians to change Italy #Italia5Stelle


The M5S is inviting musicians to take part in Italia5Stelle at the Circus Maximus on 10-11-12 October. We know it’s difficult to accept the invitation. Anyone taking part, especially if well known, will be attacked in all sorts of ways. They will probably be excluded from launching their own shows on the RAI and in Mediaset. A few of their shows will get cut out. But now is the moment to have courage so that we can put a stop the elimination of every space for democracy in this country. Because of your history, your career, your culture, many of you can deliver powerful messages through music. I hope that you will be with us, together with the citizens, to talk about solid things like water in public hands, the environment, social justice, the battle against the mafia and against corruption. We’re waiting for you. Anyone is welcome.

If you want you and your group to play at the event “Italia5Stelle”, send an email to with the subject "Candidature Musica Italia5Stelle"

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Violante, a majordomo in the Constitutional Court


>>> Follow the direct streaming view of the meeting between the M5S and the representatives of the security forces <<<<<<<<<<<<

Right now in parliament a blackmail attempt is happening! They’ve offered us an exchange of voting: if we don’t vote for Luciano Violante as a member of the Constitutional Court, they won’t support the 5 Star MoVement candidate for a seat on the CSM (the supreme body for the judiciary). We are denouncing this blackmail and the old politics vision. We will never vote for Violante! Let’s just remember who this guy is. He’s one of the founding fathers of the second Republic and he’s the “lord protector” of Berlusconi’s interests "OK, what do you need? An “ad personam” law for the your TV channels? The ditching of the law on the conflict of interests? Lucianone is here!"

Luciano Violante
Member of Parliament for eight legislatures: VIII, IX, X, XI, XII, XIII, XIV, XV beaten however by Clemente Mastella who has served nine legislatures (and Mastella is also six years younger). He became a member of the PCI, then the PDS, a bit later the DS, and subsequently PD(minusL) and perhaps tomorrow he’ll be in the MinusL.
He was born in Dire Daua in Ethiopia, and moved to Bari, where he studied and became an examining magistrate and because he was a communist fundamentalist, he became part of the legislative office of the Ministry of Justice at the request of the Christian Democrat Minister, Francesco Paolo Bonifacio. He prepared the case that led to the arrest of Edgardo Sogno and Luigi Cavallo, accused of carrying out a coup d'état and they were found not guilty of any charge. As a reward for the extraordinary result, the PCI put him forward as a deputy in 1979. Luciano entered Parliament and stayed there until 2008. A thirty-year period.
Political career
In parliament he was a member of the Committee of Inquiry on the Aldo Moro case and he was president of the Parliamentary Antimafia Committee from 1992 to 1994 [at the time of the Mafia - State negotiations, editor].


We don’t need lies every day. In fact, quite the opposite, Renzie just needs a single day to pack his bags. It’s possible to change now. It’s possible to vote today for honest, well-qualified and suitable citizens to take on the top positions in the nation.
Voting for the CSM has blocked the normal work of parliament for days and meanwhile Italy is sinking fast. Last week, in the Senate they only worked for just three and a half hours. Italy needs jobs, but instead we are witnessing the umpteenth sad comedy in the world of politics. Are these the reform that Europe is asking us for to get the country going again? After all the tomfoolery about the Senate, and about the electoral laws, now we’ve got this act of destruction of the CSM. One day whoever governs us will have to take all the responsibility.

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Passaparola - The USA, ISIS and the reason for the war in Iraq, by Marcello Foa

The truth about ISIS
13:15 iraq_isis_foa.jpg

"What is Isis and where the heck did it pop out from? Until a few months ago we had not heard of it, now suddenly it is the definition of absolute evil. Where was Isis born, this Islamic organisation whose aim is to establish a caliphate covering a large chunk of the Middle East? The answer is somewhat surprising because in fact Isis was born in Syria, or rather within the scope of the guerrilla war that was being waged in order to topple the Assad regime.

The false spring
Do you remember what happened in the Middle East in recent years? There was a people’s revolution in Egypt in which Mubarak was toppled, and then there was another people’s revolution in Tunisia in which Ben Ali was deposed.
Those were fake people’s revolutions in that they were largely orchestrated from
abroad, as has since been clearly demonstrated. Then there was Libya where the people’s revolution
failed, to the extent that we had to step in so as to overthrow Geddafi, firstly on the urging of Sarkhozy and then with the decisive intervention of who do you think? Well, the NATO planes that bombed Geddaffi’s troops and then the guerrilla fighters that suddenly launched successful attacks until the last remaining soldiers that were loyal to Geddafi were routed? But who were these guerrillas precisely? Libyans against Geddafi? Yes, in certain cases at least, but more importantly there were mercenaries, guerrilla fighters and extremists that grouped together when they realised what the spoils of war could be and what happened in the end was that they managed to overthrow Geddafi.

These days Libya is sinking in a terrible civil war, but then it was Syria’s turn.

The "revolution" in Syria

So what actually happened in Syria? They attempted a coloured revolution, which failed immediately because Assad is a dictator who knows exactly what to do to suppress people’s revolutions. He doesn’t go by half measures and if there is a revolution afoot, he shoots first and asks questions later. Usually this kind of violent, brutal and sudden repression is sufficient to break all resistance however, in Syria the guerrilla war continued on, but why? Well, because who do you think joined forces with the Syrians who were rebelling against Assad? Well, the guerrilla fighters and the extremists, particularly the more integralist and radical faction of Islamist fighters who moved over from Libya to Syria with a couple of weeks’ stopover in Mali. Do you remember the problems in Mali, which were quickly resolved when these forces moved on to Syria where a real war was waged and where the rebels, the majority of which were dangerous Islamic extremists funded by certain regimes in the Gulf, particularly by Qatar and Saudi Arabia and supplied with arms and in some cases even trained by Western Governments, particularly the United States. Well, I suppose some of you may think that this is all mere invention, but actually no, it isn’t! On my Blog I posted a number of Links provided by sources that are beyond suspicion, sources ranging from the American public television service to Harez and from La Stampa to the Times, in which, before the advent of Isis, were reporting on the need for and the actual concrete aid that the Americans were giving to these extremists, yet, notwithstanding all this major military, financial, strategic and organisational aid the Syrian government somehow managed to hold onto power due to the fact the Syrian Army has always been well looked after by Assad and therefore they did not abandon him. Months and even years passed because the war in Syria became extremely protracted, so what did these extremists do next? They turned some of their cannons around, changed direction and went on to attack Iraq, a country that was a friendly towards the United States and that was being funded by the United States.

The unorthodox methods of USA diplomacy

There is a very important aside here which, in my opinion, is almost always overlooked by the bulk of the public and clearly demonstrates one thing, namely that orthodox methods are not always used when it comes to International politics and diplomacy. This game is not always played with open cards, in fact it is very seldom if ever played with open cards and you need to look beyond the propaganda. In this case it is clear that the United States have used forces that are not very far removed and are indeed sometimes deemed to be very similar to those used by Al Qaeda, in other words the organisations that have been fighting since 11 September in an attempt to overthrow a regime that they had considered to be a close ally.

The problem is that when you use such forces, when you give them power, when you teach them determination and teach them the techniques, there is a very high risk that at some point these very forces escape from under your control. In my opinion that is precisely what is happening these days in Iraq. The people who were the good guys when they were attacking Assad’s Syria suddenly became very bad guys when they attacked America’s friend Iraq and this then becomes a somewhat embarrassing situation. So what is the West doing now? They say that they are fighting Isis but up to now their military response has been only partial and rather inferior to the forces they used against Geddafi and other countries. That’s why I’m saying that behind these dangerous games and alchemy there lie some strategic calculations that defy reason and in my opinion also defy calm and reasonable analysis of the situation.

The destabilisation of the Middle East

If I were in a UFO that landed here on Earth and I looked at what is going on in this part of the world I would undoubtedly get the impression that the West, which was the guarantor of world security for 60 years because that security was needed in order not to compromise the crude oil routes and the safety of Israel, in other words with a very cautious attitude, not forgetting that shortly after his election in 2008 Obama went to Cairo where, hosted by Mubarak, he gave his famous speech to pacifist Islam at the Lasar University. The very same Mubarak was abandoned just a few months thereafter and we all know what happened to him. So if was an alien looking at this world I would have to ask myself what the hell was going on? I see that a country such as Egypt, which is a friend of the West, has been totally destabilised. A secular country that has always been held up as the prime example of moderate Islamism, as was Tunisia, has now become a country that is on the verge of being taken over, or at the very least deeply infiltrated by an Islamic extremism that is diametrically opposed to the country that the West had always hoped to see. Then there’s Geddaffi’s Libya. We all know only too well the kind of person that Geddafi was and he most certainly does not deserve our compassion, however, Libya was a stable country that had once again gotten closer to the West and sought its help, but instead they swept it away. Assad’s Syria, albeit with an intransigent regime, a dictatorship run by a dictator, had been respected for many years with the exception of the wars that took place thirty years ago, but they respected Israel’s integrity and not only did the country not hinder but indeed it collaborated with the United States in the war against terrorist after 9/11 and could certainly be considered anything other than a dangerous ally, yet the West attacked this country.

The war in Iraq, propaganda and informationLet’s dig a little deeper. Today’s Iraq is in chaos because today’s Iraq has taken a terrible human toll. A million dead according to official estimates. Although we will never know the true figure, it is estimated that over a period of 10 years a million people have died and one and a half million people have become refugees, these are terrible numbers, absolutely terrible. Afghanistan has not been pacified either! The Taleban against whom we fought are as strong as ever and maybe even stronger, so it would seem that these plans, these attempts to bring democracy, or in theory peace to the world, have had the exact opposite effect, leading only to chaos, desperation, instability, war, and this all on Europe’s doorstep.

Far away from the United States. So, in my opinion, these are strategic considerations that should be developed and at a certain point we should also call the American allies to account, yet this is not happening. I have always been a rather vociferous critic of the way in which the media works and what is emerging is this.... Analysing what has happened during this period we see that the press has yet again been quite happy to take the official line as gospel in their rush to publish news and they have therefore become nothing more that employees of the witch doctors and news manipulators to which even I dedicated a book of mine a number of years ago now, so all the press has become is the flywheel, repeater or megaphone of truth, which we all know is often not so and is not actually the truth at all. Two examples here: Firstly Saddam Hussein’s alleged weapons of mass destruction. We waged a war because there was supposedly a danger that he would use these weapons, whereas in the end it emerged that there were no such weapons at all! Secondly, a year ago America was on the verge of launching a military attack on Syria because the Assad regime had been accused of using chemical weapons against the country’s children.

What has now emerged, and this is something that some people suspected from the very beginning, is that the Assad regime was not the one using chemical weapons because it was not in their interest to do so since they knew that that could be the straw that would provoke American intervention, but the rebels, the same rebels that now incite and fight for Isis, that provoked that intervention. So the international politics practiced in zones such as the Middle East, Africa and the Near East for a number of years now has unfortunately been based on these techniques which, in my humble opinion, are truly horrendous and morally indefensible. There is perhaps another point that needs to be raised, namely the impact that news and media reports have on the public.

Unfortunately this is not something that is totally surprising to me but makes me bitter time and time again. We see from the surveys, from the chatter on the streets and from our own contacts with people that most people, not knowing what is actually happening and getting their information from spectacular events such as the decapitation that was widely reported in recent days rather than the headlines about Obama’s sensational announcements at the NATO conference, form an instinctive and very superficial opinion, which happens very quickly with everything falling within the same picture frame.

The uncomfortable truth
The truth is that these days anyone seeking information can do so by getting it from sources that are no less authoritative but are decidedly freer and can at the very least raise some doubts. I believe that this time too, just like has happened on other occasions such as Egypt and Tunisia which we mentioned earlier, most members of the public have no idea of what is actually happening or they don’t actually care very much, or above all they believe that the truth is what is being hammered home by the official propaganda. There is a small minority of people who manage to come up with a personal opinion of their own, whether it be right or wrong, or at the very least have some illegitimate doubts, but unfortunately these people are few and far between, a tiny minority, while the vast majority are unfortunately unaffected by this problem, which I believe is a defeat for those who believe that a journalist’s main mission should be to open people’s eyes, perhaps even to expose themselves with a modicum of analytical courage, but at all times to try to help people understand what is really going on around them here in Italy but also in this case elsewhere around the world rather than limiting themselves to a kind of truth that is comfortable, official and repeated by everyone." Marcello Foa - follow on Twitter

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The police - is you


“It wasn’t enough to leave them without functioning vehicles (no fuel) -without functioning photocopiers (no paper) - with threadbare uniforms, and then gathering their families to go and queue up at the soup kitchens run by Caritas. The Government has decided to leave them with less money in their pockets for the fifth consecutive year. In fact, the block on pay for public employees relates to police officers, carabinieri, finance police, forest rangers, prison guards, and fire-fighters. It’s that they are not just any old employees, but, with their lives, they guarantee the security and public order in our cities and in the whole of the country. They stand up to organised crime. They fight those stealing public resources. They respond to all phone calls of the citizens and they provide assistance. They do all that with the resources that they have, and those are limited. And it’s not a simple matter of salaries, of cash, but of dignity. The true value of those belonging to the security forces is that they are risking their own lives. And life is precious. In response to their protests, Renzie mocks them and says: "Certain trade unions are damaging those who wear a uniform“ but without the guys in uniform he couldn’t appear in public. He’s not one who can say “my bodyguards are the citizens". Alfano criticises his tone ... his tone? Let him go and tackle the street crime that is widespread throughout the country. He would win the “Hare of the Year” prize - faster than Usain Bolt.
The 5 Star MoVement is on the side of the law enforcement agencies to give them back their dignity and to recognise their fundamental role in protecting the citizens. With the "spending review” in the next three years 35,000 law enforcement jobs will be cut. Meanwhile the parties continue to pocket the public financing and the parliamentarians will continue to not reduce their own salaries. According to Nicola Tanzi, general secretary of Sap, (the police trade union) ." Inevitably hundreds of police stations will be closed down. We are already seeing that for a few hours each day, in those operated by the carabinieri and the traffic police, members of the public can talk via a video-phone or they are invited to contact a neighbouring police station.."
Each year sees the death of about 40 members of the security forces. It isn’t any old job. Everyday when you leave home you know that your job could be the reason why you don’t come back home. To highlight the problems of the security forces, the problems that are consequently of concern to all citizens, the M5S is holding a meeting in the Lower House to which all the trade union representatives of the security forces are invited. The spokespersons will put forward solid proposals that are immediately applicable, proposals to resolve the difficulties currently being experienced by the security forces, including the pay freeze and the lack of resources. And at the same time, there’ll be the basis for a wider discussion with the aim of reorganising the security forces to rationalise the resources and reinvest them effectively." M5S in the Lower House and in the Senate
Post scriptum
Pasolini, from "the PC to the young people"
Because the police officers are sons of the poor.
They come from the suburbs, the countryside or the inner cities.
I’m pretty well acquainted with
their way of life as children and teenagers,
the precious bank notes, the dad who is still a young lad,
because of the poverty, that gives him no authority.
The mother hardened like a burden-carrier, or delicate,
because of some illness, like a small bird;
the numerous siblings, the hovel
among the gardens growing red salvia (on land
owned by other people, divided up); the shallows
round the cesspits; or the apartments of the posh people
public housing, etc. etc.
And then, look how they are dressed: like clowns,
with that rough cloth that smells of stale food
the orderly room and the people. What’s really worse than anything else, quite naturally,
is their psychological state
(for just about forty thousand lire a month):
with no more smiles ,
with no more friendship with the world,
excluded (in an exclusion without equal);
humiliated by the loss of the quality of men
for that of police officers (being hated makes you hate).

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Beppe Grillo at the rubbish dump in Collette Ozotto, Sanremo


"Today we we went to have a look, just as we did when we went to see the building site for EXPO 2015. This time we went to inspect the rubbish dump in Collette Ozotto, Sanremo. There were members of the Committee for the Environment and Productive Activities as well as other M5S spokespersons. Is it right that Collette, that already has to consider the limitations connected to the landscape, the hydro-geological situation, and the environment, should still have to put up with an increase in the size of the rubbish dump? Why is it that they are carrying on with the work, in spite of the investigations carried out by the various prosecutors? How is it that the local mayors are the top sponsors of the rubbish tip? We’re not satisfied with the usual chit-chat so we went with Beppe to check things out. Watch the video that provides a summary!" M5S in the Lower House and in the Senate

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No, it isn’t TB


“Signor Mancini is assistant chief and he’s a member of a special unit, within the central department for immigration. One of the roles of this special unit is to go to the places where specific knowledge is needed. It was created by prefect Ronconi. It has now been led for about a year by Giovanni Pinto.
Since last May, it has been considered necessary, and I agree, to do specific and specialist experiments and send members of this unit together with other colleagues to the disembarkation zones and especially to Ragusa and Siracusa.
Since 2004, there’s been a set of preventative procedures in the Ministry covering all personnel. This is dated 25 May 2004, Department of Public Security, Ministry for Internal Affairs: “Protection of police personnel at risk of exposure to biological agents", and it lays out a series of resources, instruments, and protective clothing, that must be used by all those who even hypothetically could be exposed to biological risks. Instead, these people have been sent out without this protection, without this clothing that has never been used! What’s happening to Mancini? The issue has been raised and all 9 of the officers in this unit asked to have the Mantoux test to ascertain their condition in relation to TB. They sent a fax to headquarters to ask for access to the Mantoux test. They sent the request on 4 July. They had the test on 21 July and signor Mancini tested positive. He is not contagious. He doesn’t have the active form of TB. He is not infective in any way.
Let’s do a survey: how many police officers have worn special protective clothing and used specialist equipment? The procedures established on 24 May 2004, (not 24 May 2014), provide for the protection of all personnel. Then there are doctors that tell us: "you see, I am interacting with the Navy. Everything is OK." Sure! Because the only ones we see dressed in white are Navy personnel, thank goodness! For the disembarkation from the ship, San Giorgio, that took place last July in Siracusa, Mancini and a colleague went on board. Photos published in the newspapers show them wearing a mask and gloves like those worn by beauticians. Of the people leaving that ship, 66 had scabies and 4 had TB!
I find it depressing that rather than trying to make amends (I’m not asking people to say they are sorry!) and face up to a serious situation, they just invent excuses! Civilians working in the police headquarters in Brescia have been asked if they want to be tested. No one has informed us of this. So you know there’s some problem. It’s not the fault of the migrants that signor Mancini isn’t infective, that he isn’t contagious, but that he has a diminished quality of life because of this affair. So let the administration stop and face up to this problem!
People have talked about this to make it seem that the whole issue was against the migrants! No no! That’s just not true!! In fact, quite the opposite! The battle is against the bigwigs in the ministries.


We are asking Italian people and citizens for solidarity and understanding. We have so many problems. The police forces have so many serious problems. Often they are badly understood. Frequently they are ignored. So we are asking you to stay close to us, because we are here to defend you. But you also need to defend us and try to get more in-depth detailed information about everything around us, about all our activities, about all the good and the bad, even when, at times we are the victims.
Thus the police are side by side with the citizens, the citizens are side by side with the police." Igor Gelaa, secretary of CONSAP

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