Open Letter in solidarity with the people of Greece

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from the website

[a translation of the letter is available in Greek and French / è disponibile la traduzione della lettera in greco e in francese – to sign the letter, send an email to]

29 June 2015

Kind regards to the people of Greece and, in particular, to our colleagues working in education, academia and research. We are writing a few hundred kilometres away from you, although this distance is shortened by our awareness and the concerns for the future. We are monitoring with extreme care and anxiety the latest developments taking place in your country.

VIDEO Will Europe respect the will of the Greek people?

We are a group of scholars, researchers, lecturers and scientists working in different Italian and international universities and research centres. Our research interests spread from humanities and history to social sciences, to math, physics, and natural sciences. Despite the differences of expertise, we are all glad to Greece, for its culture and its history. Western thought was conceived in Greece, a melting pot where the passion for every aspect of knowledge was born. We are all aware of the contribution given by Greek thought and culture towards the unity of this region of the world. We know that this has been our origin although a number of myths and ideologies have had a primary role in the foundation of the European Union.

Mainly, we share a common concern for the events taking place in these days. We condemn the blackmail put in place by the technocracy of Austerity. We are now aware of its goal: imposing a single, ruinous economic model, based on the annihilation of human dignity. For all these reasons, we support the people of Greece in this difficult moment. We are aware that, if, as we hope, people will vote for “NO” on the July 5th bailout referendum, there will be an attempt to put pressure on the Greek people to make them bow their heads.

In light of that, we promise, using this letter, that we will support you, both morally and practically. We promise to support, as individuals as well as a group, to cooperate with you to rebuild Greece and social, political and economic models that will involve knowledge as a key.

We sincerely wish that the people of Greece will be in a condition to make a choice independently, and that international solidarity will rise and continue to increase. We are aware that the world has been touched by the events in Greece and is making an effort to let Greece show that a different Europe and a different world are possible as a third choice out of the contrast between the global market slavery and the barbarity. We give our support to any of you. At the end of this letter there won’t be prestigious signatories. We do not want to propose the usual declaration of intents, which is not usually followed by any action. Our promise is to take action for a new dynamic age, based on a different ideal: a new solidarity among the people of Europe and of the Mediterranean region to contribute to achieving a new, fairer, freer world and knowledge. Many thanks to all of you.

Long live Greece!

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Italy like Cyprus: if the bank goes bust you pay #prelievoforzoso


by M5S in Parliament

"It’s called European Directive 2014/59/EU. It means that as of 01 January 2016, if your bank has a crisis, it’s you that has to pay with your curent accounts, shares and bonds. Today there’s a top limit of 100 thousand euro, but it could rise to 30 thousand as it is right now in Germany.

VIDEO How the Bail-in works (obligatory cash withdrawal)

If you remember, it’s the same that happened a few years ago in Cyprus: to prevent banks going bust they gathered in money from the savers with a bail-in, and this brilliant idea was so pleasing to Europe that it was decided to get everyone to take it up.
Of course the directive first has to be ratified by the national parliaments with the usual pretence of nodding to democracy that the EU has got us accustomed to. The Finance Committee of the Lower House (PD majority) is so zealous as to rush in to approve whatever it’s ordered to do.
Soon there’ll be the final approval on the floor of the house. And all that is flying in the face of common sense, of the Constitution, and even going against the recent pronouncements from the Pope. The newspapers take the opportunity to stay silent. In a few months we’ll all be partners of the banks, but to be sure, still with all the usual rules of the contracts: if the losses belong to everyone, the profits stay with them.” M5S in Parliament

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#ChiamparinoDimettiti: Chiamparino resign! New elections in Piedmont!


by M5S Piedmont

“Just 12 months after the elections, there could be new elections in Piedmont.
With the foreshortened term of office of the previous adminsitration, with the fall of the administration led by Cota because of scandals surrounding false signatures and reimbursement of expenses, the centre left administration led by Chiamparino could end the same way.

VIDEO M5S speaks out: Chiamparino resign!

An investigation by the magistracy is collecting evidence about serious irregularities in the signnatures collected for the PD list and for Chiamparino’s "mini-list". For example, it’s said that there’s a form used to collect signatures where they are presented in alphabetical order (that seems a bit strange, doesn’t it?) and others where the person authenticating has failed to recognise the signature that is purported to be his. The criminal investigation is not yet concluded, but the administrative court - the TAR - is due to make a declaration on 9 July to say whether or not the elections were properly conducted. Chiamparino has been saying for some time that he’s not going to do like Cota did and continue treading on hot coals for 4 years, and he’s said that if the announcement made by TAR on 9 July does not clearly say his election was all in order, then he will resign.
For its part, the PD is trying to stop him doing anything drastic, because their councillors don’t want to lose their seats and also because they’ve understaood that Renzi is fallling into a rapid decline and they fear they may lose. Caught in the middle of this "vacillating“, there are the citizens of Piedmont that need an administratin that can sort out the Region and they are not wasting time with power games.
The situation is very clear: only a year later, the PD and Chiamparino have offered the people of Piedmont the same “menu” as Cota did: an increase in the supplement to the IRPEF income tax, an increase in the road tax for a car, and cuts to the provision of healthcare and transport.
Piedmont deserves better. It deserves honest, free and competent citizens. It deserves the 5 Star MoVement!
#ChiamparinoDimettiti! {Chiamparino resign!}" The M5S spokespersons in the region of Piedmont

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#RedditoDiCittadinanza - Citizen’s Income in Friuli Venezia Giulia


“Friuli Venezia Giulia is taking the first step for the dignity of all its citizens. With the decisive contribution from the 5 Star MoVement, the unified regional law on the Citizens’ Income has been approved. The measure that’s been approved draws heavily on the proposals contained in the regional draft law presented by the M5S Friuli Venezia Giulia on April 2014. The measure that’s been approved will be of benefit to between 8 and 10 thousand families in difficulty.

These are the main features:
A) A maximum of 550 euro a month will be handed out for a maximum period of 24 months
B) Everyone resident in the region of Friuli Venezia Giulia with an annual income certified to be less than 6,000 euro will be eligible for some income.
C) Receipt of the cash is subject to signing up to an inclusion agreement that can involve training, job search and socially useful activity
D) It will also help pensioners in difficult situations
E) There’s even the M5S proposal to tie in the distribution of this income to schooling. Help will be suspended if records show that children are not turning up to school.
F) To be able to receive the regional Citizens’ Income, (and this is an M5S proposal that has been accepted), a family must have been residing in Friuli Venezia Giulia for at least 2 years.

VIDEO All the victories of the 5 Star MoVement

This first step taken in Friuli Venezia Giulia is both a stimulus to get the approval of a national law on the Citizens’ Income that will make it possible for every citizen in difficulty to be given a minimum of 780 euro - as well as being a way of getting the economy moving again. In fact the Citizens’ Income gives a boost to consumption and job creation because it increases trading and helps small businesses.” M5S Friuli Venezia Giulia

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Passaparola - Russia-United States - practicing for a world war, by Marcello Foa

New Twitter Gallery


"The real risk is that the current crisis between Russia and the United States could degenerate into a full-blown war. Although there are many things that we need, the very last of these is a war taking place just a few kilometres as the crow flies from the Italian coastline and even less so do we need to risk being bombed here in Italy simply because our Country is playing host to a number of American military bases." Journalist and author Marcello Foa’s Passaparola

Blog –On the 14th March 2014 you chose to head your article as follows: “Ukraine: the secret that no one is willing to explain (and that should be known). Could you please explain to us what the real reasons are that have led to this conflict between Russia and the Ukraine? And what part has the United States played in all of this?

Marcello Foa - Hello to all the friends of Beppe Grillo’s Blog and welcome back since this is not the first time I have had the pleasure of talking to you all. In order to explain what is going on between Russia and the Ukraine we actually have to understand the relationship that exists between Russia and the United States because what lies behind the events in the Ukraine is in fact a United States strategy aimed on the one hand at isolating Russia and on the other hand taking control of Eurasia, in other words to create a corridor from western Europe all the way through to Asia and, in order to create this corridor it is vital to control the Ukraine.

VIDEO The strange story of the fake soldiers – volunteers in the Ukraine

This process has been going on for the past ten years already and the battle is being fought by non-conventional means, initially through the Orange Revolution of 2004, which the more perceptive amongst you will remember was when the popular revolt resulted in the overthrow of the then pro-Russian regime. We now know without any doubt that that people’s revolution was fake and that the mobilisation of the masses was indeed used as a means to engineer a coup d’état, in other words to overthrow the regime or the election outcome. That didn’t last very long because the Russians managed to regain control of the Ukraine, after which they installed Ianucovich, who was then duly elected, so what happened a year ago now was very, very subtle indeed. In other words, during the allied Olympic Games – this was a minor detail that was overlooked by most people, the Americans organised a mass or popular revolution, but utilising some neo-Nazi groups, this is a very important aspect, that were to ensure that the Ianukovich regime was overthrown before the end of the Olympic Games, but why you ask? Well, simply because there was no way that Putin would be able to respond with force while the Olympic Games were going on.

Blog – On the 8th June 2015 you again touched on this topic and you wrote on the Blog that: “Why is Putin right? Please explain it to us too?

Marcello Foa - I have been following Russian affairs for quite some time and I have not been able to find a single episode where Russia has destabilised the world. I challenge anyone else to find such an event, an event in which Russia used its foreign policy to achieve undisclosed objectives such as coup d’états or invasions like the old Soviet Union used to do. Well, since the fall of communism Russia has never done anything to cause the Country to become a geostrategic problem. That’s because after the dramatic Yeltsin years, Russia realised that it has a huge amount of natural resources and since Putin came into power, their only ambition has been to generate wealth, to become a member of the global economy and, as we all know only too well, for the members of the oligarchy to become multi-billionaires. Notwithstanding those excesses, Russia’s only ambition was to be acknowledged by the other powers and to be able to contribute to the development of the global economy.

VIDEO Now Russia wants to help Greece: what is Putin going to do next

However, when the United States began utilising this technique of overthrowing regimes by means of popular revolts in Milosevic’s Yugoslavia, this was followed by the Rose Revolution in Georgia. At that moment Putin sat up and took note because just a few weeks later the Orange Revolution arrived in Kiev and at that moment Russia realised that the United States were applying certain techniques and that that had no intention whatsoever of leaving Russia in peace, allowing it to participate in the global economy and respecting Russia’s area of influence, namely the Ukraine and a handful of Russia’s southern republics, in other words Asia. So why do I say that Putin is right after all? Well, because he says: “Let’s reach agreement,, let’s sit down and talk, I’m not causing any problems, whereas ”the people are saying: "Yes, but Putin invaded Crimea after a there was a coup d’état in Kiev" as his response. Now it has been announced that Putin will be deploying nuclear missiles, but why did he do this? Well, because America has just announced the deployment of NATO troops on the borders of eastern Europe. That’s why, the way I see it is that the blame for this dramatic crisis, which truly concerns me, unfortunately lies with the United States.

VIDEO The Italian media is censoring the truth

Blog –Where does Europe fit into the picture in terms of this head-to-head between Russia and the United States?

Marcello Foa - When it comes to Europe, there is yet another aspect that has to be taken into account. Yet again, American Vice President Joe Biden made a speech at Harvard University, which you will also find on my Blog, in which he admitted to having actually forced America’s European allies to impose sanctions on Russia even though these European allies had no reason whatsoever to go head-to-head with Russia. The reason for this is actually very simple indeed. Russia supplies us with gas and the Russian market is a massive outlet for our products, so we actually have every reason for wanting our relations with Russia to be stable, however, when this extreme pressure came across from the United States, all the European Countries chose to stand together.

Blog – What are the consequences of all this for Italy? In your opinion, what should the Italian Government’s attitude be towards Russia?

Marcello Foa - This has been a disaster for Italy! For Italy, Russia was a huge market for our foodstuffs and agricultural products. We had massive and growing trade links, even only taking tourism into account, but not only tourism, which for a country that is in crisis like Italy is, that was very good for us. Unfortunately in such cases, extreme pressure wins out on alliances every time, especially given that the United States really have a score to settle with Russia and they want to ensure that the changes that have taken place in the Ukraine become a permanent fixture. In my opinion the main objective is to bring about a regime change in Moscow, to force Russia to surrender and to cause the Russians to rise up against Putin and thereby ultimately install a pro-American regime in Moscow, but this is a very dangerous game indeed! I am extremely worried. I see our Government determined to step back. I don’t see our government lifting a finger and not even attempting to protect Italy’s interests. The real risk is that this conflict between Russia and the United States could turn into a fully-fledged war and although there may well be many things that we need, a war being fought a few kilometres as the crow flies from the Italian coastline is certainly not one of them. Even less so do we need to risk being bombed because this Country plays host to those American military bases. Honestly, I am very, very concerned indeed when I see so much irresponsibility, I see a desire to achieve these objectives whatever the cost and history has taught us that whenever there is irresponsible behaviour, the consequences are always dramatic. God forbid that we should ever land up with yet another war, although that is by no means impossible. Spread the word!

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Greece: referendum for freedom


“Democracy deserved a boost in euro-related matters. We just delivered it. Let the people decide. (Funny how radical this concept sounds!)”, Yanis Varoufakis, the Greek Finance Minister said on Twitter.

“We are facing a historic responsibility to not let the struggles and sacrifices of the Greek people be in vain, and to strengthen democracy and our national sovereignty — and this responsibility weighs upon us. Our responsibility for our country’s future.” - the words of Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras in his address to the nation.

“After five years of arduous negotiations with that modern monster called the Troika (European Commission, ECB IMF), the Greek government has made a momentous decision. On 5 July, with a legitimate vote, it will be the people of Greece that will once more have power and be able to write their own destiny. A revolution for the continent of Europe. Syriza has not wanted to betray its electoral mandate. As the French economist Jacques Sapir has rightly said from the beginning, there’s never been any alternative for Tsipras between endless austerity imposed by a new Memorandum or a return to monetary and fiscal sovereignty. There has never been any third way for the future of Greece, because the Euro and austerity are two sides of the same coin. “The threat of an ultimatum that calls for strict and humiliating austerity without end, and without the prospect of ever standing on our own two feet, socially and financially. I am absolutely confident that your choice will honor our country’s history” are the words spoken yesterday by Alexis Tsipras in his speech to the nation giving a clear and legitimate indication of how to vote. The only route to emancipation from the chains of the euro and of austerity is to say “NO” to what the creditors want to impose. The people of Greece have no other choice. After three years of “being saved” by the Troika, the health service in Greece no longer exists. The middle class is disappearing. Unemployment is at 25% and wages are mostly like those that the Italian government is aiming at with the “Jobs Act”. Between 300 to 450 euro! Figures for life expectancy have fallen by 3 years and there’s been a 35% increase in the number of suicides for financial reasons in the last 2 years. The Syriza government has maintained a constant and dignified stand, opening up new diplomatic channels, for example with the BRICS countries and it has not given in to the everyday blackmail that our prime minister (elected by nobody) submits to on a daily basis. It’s true that Tsipras could have benefited from political support from the governments of southern Europe, but Renzi, Rajoy, Hollande and Pedro Passos Coelho have simply followed the interests of those that placed them into positions of power rather than the interests of their people.
Today, Italian political parties on the right and on the left, those responsible for the betrayal, for the servility in relation to the EU, are racing forward to say “We are all Greeks”. Ridiculous and hypocritical! After spending years in government with clear voting and precise responsibilities, they have contributed to the humanitarian drama that is taking place in Athens. Yet even more ridiculous are those who have always maintained that a referendum is not a useful tool, but yet they are delighted by the choice made by Alexis Tsipras. In southern Europe a massive shift is happening and this is what gives us the biggest hope. Just like Syriza that has been able to stand proud during the negotiations with the Troika, there are a number of movements and parties that have not lost their legitimacy after years of being in power and years of compromises with the corporate-financial lobbies. In November the people of Spain could once more be masters of their own destiny and this will also happen very soon in Italy with the Prime Minister counting the number of deputies he has left. Very soon, southern Europe will definitively break the chains of the Euro and of austerity. It will start a new journey of alliance on the basis of solidarity and not austerity; on the basis of the rights of people and not the rights of merchandise; on the basis of redistribution and not on the profits of banks and multinationals. For any nation, the values of liberty, sovereignty, democracy and dignity are never up for negotiation. Never.”
M5S Committee on Foreign Affairs in the Lower House and the Senate

The Blog’s new book is now available online. It’s called "A volte rimangono: Ritratto dei padroni d'Italia” {Sometimes they stay - Portrait of Italy’s masters}. it’s about well-known people in the world of economics and politics in our country. You can have a look at it here:


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