Bring honesty to the leadership of Emilia Romagna


On Sunday 23 November Emilia Romagna will have early elections. One or two people have forgotten why. The reason is simple: the outgoing president, Vasco Errani, a PD member, was convicted of ďfraudulent misrepresentationĒ and sentenced to spend a year in prison in relation to the ďTerre EmerseĒ scandal that has seen his brother Giovanni, sentenced to two and a half years in prison having been convicted of fraud causing damage to the Region for financing of a million euro that went to his cooperative.
The day after the verdict, the PD was begging him not to resign. Renzi phoned Errani to express his support and then he welcomed him to Palazzo Chigi like the prodigal son of the Nazareno Pact.
Meanwhile the Region of Emilia-Romagna has been overwhelmed with the ďcrazy spendingĒ scandal involving 41 outgoing councillors, accused of embezzlement for the handling of two million euro of public money allocated to the groups on the council.


There are five people under investigation in the centre left lists supporting the PDís Bonaccini. All being investigated for embezzlement: Mumolo, Mandini, Vecchi of the PD, Riva (Centro Democratico) and Meo (Verdi-Socialisti).
Di Matteo Riva has remembered a lovely trip to Lampedusa with his secretary (she too, is also under investigation). The trip was said to be for a conference on immigration. A candidate in the list with UDC-NCD is also under investigation: Silvia NoŤ, Casiniís sister-in-law who claimed money back... for charity dinners.
The only list not presenting anyone with previous convictions or under investigation, is the 5 Star MoVement. Anyone putting themselves forward as candidates always have to be above any suspicion, and not even under investigation by the magistracy.
The 5 Star MoVement is also the only list that doesnít accept the reimbursement of election expenses, the only list whose representatives cut their own salaries (2,500 net and the rest going to the fund for the SMEs), that has proposed we abolish annuities and that is going to give a detailed account of each item of expenditure. At a time of crisis the first ones that have to make sacrifices are the elected representatives in the institutions, the ones that the parties call ďpoliticiansĒ.
The 5 Star MoVementís candidate for the role of president of the region, Giulia Gibertoni spoke during the debate on Sky and she came out the winner (45% of the viewers considered her to be the most convincing). She put forward the proposal that as a precautionary measurethe Region should suspend the payment of fees due at the end of a term in office (ranging from 30 thousand to 60 thousand euro for Monari who had led the PD) for all the 41 people who are under investigation for embezzlement. All the other candidates were hounding the M5SÖ but can you believe which parties are putting forward candidates that are under investigation for embezzlement? Do you still have doubts about who to vote for on Sunday? Youíve only got a few days left. The blog wants to get people active. Letís make sure that people get to know about the M5S candidate Giulia Gibertoni and the Emilia Romagna candidates .
Invite all your Emilia Romagna contacts to look at Giulia Gibertoniís Facebook page! It takes a few seconds
. Lift up your hearts, and may the strength of honesty be with you!

Download, print and distribute the the fliers with the M5S programme for Emilia Romagna:

PS: The 5 Star MoVement does not accept the reimbursement of election expenses. All spending on the election campaign is financed with the micro-donations of free citizens. Make your contribution! Click to donate online or use iban IT 21 K 05387 1290 5000002246277 to donate through the bank


Thursday 20 November

in TV - 3.10 pm - ďTribuna electoraleĒ on RAI 3 Emilia-Romagna (repeated on RAI Radio Uno at 4.05 pm)
FAENZA - at 6:00pm - at International Ceramics Museum with Giulia Gibertoni, Roberto Fico M5S spokesperson and President of the Radio and TV Watchdog, as well as Ravenna candidates.
FORLIMPOPOLI - at 9:00 pm - in piazza Fratti (inside la Rocca) with Roberto Fico, Carlo Sibilia, Giulia Grillo M5S Lower House (connecting with Giulia Gibertoni) and Forlž-Cesena candidates.
Parma - at 9:00 pm - Sala Civica Bizzozero, in via Bizzozero with Giulia Gibertoni, Alberto Airola, Elisa Bulgarelli, Michela Montevecchi M5S Senate and Danilo Toninelli M5S Lower House and the Parma candidates.

Friday 21 November:

On TV - 9.30-11:00 am live on La7 - CofeeBreak
NONANTOLA (MO) - at 6:00pm - at Teatro Troisi with Giulia Gibertoni and Modena candidates
FERRARA - at 6:00pm - Corso Ercole d'Este 1 bar Gallery with Alberto Airola and the Ferrara candidates
BOLOGNA - at 9:00 pm - at Circolo Mazzini - via Emilia Levante 6 with Giulia Gibertoni, Luigi Di Maio M5S vice president Lower House and the Bologna candidates.

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The opinion polls of #FuffingtonPost


In spite of the laws and regulations that forbid the publication of opinion poll results in the 15 days leading up to elections, The Huffington Post (in Italy, itís connected to De Benedettiís Espresso publishing house) has published information about a mythical and false PD opinion poll, in the region of Emilia Romagna. Not content to simply falsify and exploit things, it talks of the "collapse" of the 5 Star MoVement and if the results were really like that, they would have been on a par with the trend in the European elections of May 2014 in Emilia Romagna and perfectly in line with results of the local elections on the same day, for example, in the main provincial cities of Modena, Reggio Emilia, and Cesena. In fact the 5 Star MoVement has always gained a lower percentage in the local elections (regional and town councils) than in the elections for the bigger entities (national and European). A few examples. In February 2013 on the same day in Lazio and Lombardy, in the regional elections, the M5S got 16.6% and 14.33% of the vote as compared to 25.9% and 19.5% in the national elections. Last May on the same day, in the regional elections in Abruzzo the M5S got 21.3% of the vote compared to 29.7% in the European elections. The opinion poll figures for the PD are not credible (and all the opinion polls say it is getting falling support overall and that it has practically no allies in Emilia Romagna and elsewhere) and the figures for Forza Italia in this region are given in double figures and yet no voters are turning up to their election meetings as can be seen from the photo of the meeting in Imola and you can compare that to a similar initiative organised by the 5 Star MoVement. It seems like a great re-evocation of what happened last April, when the PD published results of a similar opinion poll in Reggio Emilia when the values fro the M5S were underestimated at 12% and those for Forza Italia were over-estimated at 16-17%. In the end, the M5S gained 17% in the city and the coalition with Forza Italia got 13% and 7% of the list.
Whatís clear, is the attempt to persuade the disillusioned voters to abstain or to choose any political entity as long as itís not the 5 Star MoVement, the only choice that will bring a true change, the only choice that does not present candidates that are under investigation and that have criminal convictions. The centre left thatís led by the PD has 5 under investigation for embezzlement, the centre right thatís led by the Lega has 7 (6 for embezzlement and 1 for corruption).
The journalists of The Huffington Post are invited to take a short course in the analysis of comparative electoral results.
Meanwhile legal action will be taken against the Huffington Post and anyone publishing any such false opinion poll results that are not on the website in compliance with the law.

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The Guardian announces: 'íItaly ready to go back to the Lira'' #fuoridalleuro


This morningís news item from TzeTze

In the last few days thereís a lot of talk abroad about the proposal of the 5 Star MoVement to have a popular referendum on leaving the Euro. According to yesterdayís article in The Guardian, this is the only way out for the Italian economy. Hereís the article published by the British daily:

"Italy is heading for the exit. While it might seem fanciful for one of the founding members to consider leaving the euro, there is a growing sense that no more than a couple of years from now, Rome will once again be administering its own currency. Figures last week revealed a country in deep crisis. With GDP still almost 10% smaller than before the financial crisis, it is stuck in a deep depression. All efforts to revive the economy have failed, such is the sclerotic nature of its tax rules, business markets and labour laws. Combined, they have prevented progress to a more effective economy unencumbered by traditional subsidies and benefits.
There was a time when Italyís middle-income earners would dismiss talk of a euro exit. Their savings were held in euros and all their other assets, especially their property, enjoyed a secure value in the common currency. To leave the euro would be to court a huge drop in wealth That fear appears to be evaporating. Beppe Grilloís Five Star Movement has moved its position to one of outright opposition to the euro. The comedian-turned-politician is promoting a petition to pull out. More broadly, promise after broken promise of growth has undermined support for Brussels and the European Central Bank.
Italians have waited three years for ECB boss Mario Draghi to copy the money-printing exercises at the Bank of England and US Federal Reserve. Draghi talks endlessly of pumping funds into the eurozoneís ailing economies, only to pull back. Last week he was at it again.
But even when a Draghi boost comes, it is unlikely to be effective. Italians know themselves. They need a currency devaluation. It is the only saviour. The Japanese have done it. And as the other major country funding a massive public sector debt, it looks like a good role model.
Make no mistake, a return to the lira will be painful. Yet it looks like something voters are willing to contemplate to stop the economy forever sliding backwards.

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Passaparola - Control of the EU by the media - Udo Ulfkotte - #freejournalism

Media control of the EU

It seems that the European Union is paying journalists to write pro-Union articles: is this what you call freedom of the press? Is this really what you the citizens want? Journalists paid to write articles in favour of the European Union? No, I donít think so and thatís why I wrote this book in which I provide proof of the fact that, for example, the United States Embassy in Germany and the United States Embassy in Italy, in Rome to be precise, have specific programmes for journalists. An Italian journalist may receive as much as 20,000 Dollars to write pro-United States articles. There is a formula at the bottom of the pages, I went into screenshot, copied and published the lot. Udo Ulfkotte, German journalist

My name is Udo Ulfkotte, Iím a German journalist, I was born in 1960, I have worked 17 years for famous German newspapers like the Frankfurter Allgemeine and many more years for other international organizations and I have stopped writing as a journalist, I put the fingers on myself and I said ďI am ashamed because I have betrayed the readers as a journalist because I have been used as a muppet on a string by intelligence agencies, by an elite network and now Iím going to answer you some questions on that. I wrote a book on that and I am ashamed of what I have done, thank you for listening to me.

Blog: Mr. Ulfkotte, your book on "newspapermen for sale" is causing quite a stir. Why have you decided to make a similar confession, exposing yourself to criticism or even personal risks?

Mr. Ulfkotte: Well Iíve been for 17 years a journalist for the Frankfurter Allgemeine, that is a recommended newspaper as a war correspondent and I have been part of the system, Iím very ashamed now that I have produced propaganda, I have produced disinformation and what I and my colleagues of the German media have done was simulation of press freedom. So I have helped the system to prepare wars, for example, and this is not right. If you go back to history I have prepared for example, we have prepared the war in Afghanistan, the war in Iraq, Iíve been a war correspondent for many, many years and what I have given was disinformation. I had Intelligence agencies behind me which partly have written the articles where the newspapers just have put on top my name. This is not journalism, this is not right. And I have written a book to tell the people outside, not only in Germany, to tell the people how rotten the system is, how corrupt it is, and how much they are cheated. That was a reason to write this book because many people outside there watching us have the feeling that what they see as news is in reality not news, itís pure propaganda and disinformation. But they donít have the evidence. So I have given hundreds and hundreds of names of German and foreign newspapers which produce propaganda and disinformation and Iíve given evidence of that.

Blog: You book is focused on the situation in Germany. Do you believe that also in the rest of Europe and the world the situation is similar? And do you believe that all the great powers and the large financial powers apply these methods, or is it a typically Anglo-Saxon practice?

Mr. Ulfkotte: Youíre absolutely right, this book has a focus on Germany but the system behind that has nothing to do only with Germany. The system is worldwide, it is partly a transatlantic system, behind that is the United States with pro-US propaganda organizations where especially the CIA is deeply involved but if you go into my book you will find stories, too which also touch other countries like Italy for example. If you go to the Lago di Como you will find in Cadenabbia, you will find a house, the name isVilla La Collina. This house was used by the former German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer, he has been the first German Chancellor. It was used for holidays. Nowadays it is a house of a political party, of the conservative party CDU and I have been a member of the planning board of this conservative party which owns that house and I was deeply shocked seeing German politicians because Iíve been a member of that system so Iíve been deeply shocked seeing our highest German politicians going there and secretly going on the ferryboat from Cadenabbia to Bellagio on the Lago di Como and on the other side there were American CIA guys awaiting to transfer them to the Rockefeller Foundation and they had secret meetings over there because it was hidden from the public. Iíve seen the system which is behind that, the system of corruption and well they are all like muppets on a string, politicians and journalists, many of them, not all of them but many are. And this is what I describe in this book, it has nothing to do with Germany, itís a worldwide system and itís dangerous to make it public but itís worth to do that just to give a glimpse of, just to give an idea of what goes on behind closed doors. You are approached as a journalist, not as an ordinary journalist sitting in a small city like Cadenabbia, but as a journalist of those big Italian or German or English newspapers, sooner or later you will be approached by the intelligence agencies which want you to write what they want you to write. And how does it function? There is nobody coming as ďHey, Iím working for the Italian or American intelligence serviceĒ, no way. So Iíve been invited by the German Marshall Fund of the United States, there is other organizations like the Atlantic Bridge, the Aspen Institute. There is many, many international organizations pro-American and when you follow these invitations they will approach you, they will give you whatever you want. I have not received money, Italian and German journalists no, they donít feed you with money, you get things, you canít even buy them with money, for example like me suddenly the Governor of Oklahoma in the United States, Oklahoma is in the middle of the United States, a US State, the Governor of Oklahoma David Walters at that time came to me together with a CIA, he made me a honorary citizen of the US State of Oklahoma. Just to write, for the reason to write positive about the United States.
So it seems that the European Union pays journalists for positive writing about the European Union: is this press freedom? Is this what you as citizens outside there you want? Journalists being paid for positively writing about the European union? No, I think not and that is what I write in this book, where I give evidence for example that the US Embassy in Germany, the US Embassy in Italy in Roma, they have programs for journalists. Italian journalists could be paid up to $ 20.000 if they write pro-American. There is a formula at the end of their page, I made screenshots, I have copied it and all these things I published in that book.

Blog: With your book you demonstrate to us that information in the so-called "free Countries" has actually become mere propaganda. Corruption among newspapermen is according to you linked to wages of famine that globalization imposes today even in many information operators, or is it part of a proven system since always, which relies on the personal vanity besides the economic aspects?

Mr. Ulfkotte: Well the whole system behind that is not for one country or for one man, the system behind all that is for a very small elite in this world. Elite people. If you know that 85 people in this world, in the Western world they own as much as three and a half billion of the poorest of the people you see that the wealth is very inadequate to the world, there is one incredible poverty at the one side and incredibly rich people on the other side, so those guys, those 85 people, theyíre extremely rich and owning almost half the world. They have created a system with the help of the United States to control big masses of people in their interest, to make them even much more richer. So the whole system is not against one country, against one group of people, the whole system is to make some people even more rich and if you take for example Italy and if you take the will of the people outside on the streets in cities like Napoli and Roma or Como, whatever city you take: there are spin doctors who are paid for manipulating the masses that they vote for political parties which are not in the interest of the people but in the interest of those rich groups and that is what I try to describe: Iím not for or against one or two political parties, Iím not trying to help a political party or to help a religion or whatever. Just try to look behind the manipulation because I have for seventeen years been myself deeply involved in fabricating propaganda and making disinformation and Iím ashamed of that for the rest of the world I just want to have the chance to look at the mirror again if I see my face.

Blog: The corruption and collusion system relates only to individual newspapermen, more or less authoritative, or does it involve even entire newspaper and media groups? And with which methods?

Mr. Ulfkotte: The whole system is a spiderís network but donít understand it as if there were just one or two or three journalists from a country being trapped and that spiderís network, it is of course the whole media companies.
If you see how the media after the Second World War for example in Germany have been founded by the United States, by France and the United Kingdom you will see until today that it is not possible in Germany to have a free opinion in the media. If I, and Iíve been 17 years with the F.Allgemeine, had just once written pro-Russian or pro-Chinese articles I think I would have lost my job. So we journalists in countries like Germany we make career only if we obey to the rules and the rules are made by those guys in the background. So of course whole media groups are cooperating with the system, if weíll be taking Germany media groups, the biggest media groups likeAxel Springer, Axel Springer Media Group, thatís one of the biggest holdings it is pro-Washington, if you take Gruner and Jahr [Gruner + Jahr] Hamburg is pro-Washington, you wonít find a neutral big media group in Germany, it simply does not exist. And the same if you go to other countries in Europe it is the same. If you have countries like Hungary which are not purely pro-American in the media groups you will have propaganda against that country and it is the same in Italy.

Blog: According to you, what tools has a citizen for recognizing the information manipulated by the great interests and how can he defend himself? And instead, how can politics act to check this serious phenomenon without being accused of "putting gags to information"?

Mr. Ulfkotte: Well the politics, politicians will not intervene in this system because they are part of that system. Those groups who are coordinating the propaganda and disinformation it is not only journalists: it is politicians and it is bankers, they together form a big network. They sit together as elite groups in big organizations like the Trilateral Commission, Bilderberg group , those big centers of foreign politics and so on. Those guys, they form special elite groups in this world and so what chance does an ordinary citizen have to recognize the system? What I did from my country was I read the annual yearbooks of those big organizations behind the Atlantic Bridge, Aspen Institute, Marshall fund and Bilderberg Group and if you see which guys are taking part in that conferences, if you follow them through all these organizations you can see this network and make those guys public, make the names public. So if you have journalists from La Repubblica, from La Stampa, from Rai, from Tele 1 or whatever, if you follow their footsteps into those organizations which are close to the CIA, just make the names of them public, thatís what I did for Germany, I have 321 names of journalists being very close to intelligence agencies and mostly spreading propaganda and disinformation, please do the same in countries like Italy, make them public and the people on the street will no more pay money for that propaganda. That is what Iím going to ask you, just destroy those intelligence networks in the media, in politics and in finance. Thank you.

Blog: After the release of your book, someone has suggested that somehow there are large supranational interests behind your confessions. What have you got to say to these accusations?

Mr. Ulfkotte: Well nobody ever has asked me to write this book except another journalist who just passed away at the age of more than ninety years. I myself decided to do this book, Iím not doing this book in the interest of any group, Iím not doing it because of money or being famous or whatever because if you see what might happen if they are going to sue me I would be in prison for the rest of my life if just one sentence of this book would not be correct, so Iíve written this book not in the interest of other people or other groups, I just have written it because I have had three heart attacks, Iím not healthy, Iíve been a war correspondent and my doctors said the rest of my lifetime is not very much so I did this book because I wanted that when I die to have clear conscience and I want to leave this world with a message not to follow what I have done in my life to treat and to cheat people outside there in the interest of the small elite which just wants to be richer and richer and richer and to all those brave people outside there. Thanks. Spread the word!" Udo Ulfkotte

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The Government is disarming the security forces #cittadinisenzadifesa


ďThese are harsh times. Sacrifices have to be made. And and on this altar, itís even OK to sacrifice the security of the nation. All that has a name. Itís: ďReorganising specialisations and specialist servicesĒ, announced by the Ministry of Internal Affairs on 6 November. It says: eliminate hundreds of police stations throughout the land, including those operated by the state police, the carabinieri and the finance police.
ďUseful savingsĒ proclaimed by those working in the ďcontrol roomsĒ. Basically, itís a matter of closing down police stations, clumping some together, broadening out whatís done and downgrading. The Government is getting rid of all the specialist divisions, the ones that are highly specialised and that have specific experience and theyíll transfer all the personnel to other roles for which they donít have the appropriate qualifications and thus they wonít be so effective.
The result we can expect is the collapse of the police stations that are left as theyíll have to cope with the workload of those that have been shut down. The internal logic of the powers that be is mysterious. Creating new teams with personnel without the specialist training means a duplication, and weíll spend more and be inefficient. Thereíll be no financial saving and thereíll be a loss of those with specialist training and experience. The opposite of rationalization. And all that is to the detriment of the security of citizens. The M5S has already put forward a formal parliamentary question and has asked Alfano to come and explain the situation. One might wonder what will happen in those neighbourhoods where there is just one police station within a radius of more than 10 kilometres. What will happen in those neighbourhoods where a handful of men and women of the security forces are the last outpost of the State?
The security of citizens isnít a cost, but an investment.
We can oppose these cuts that have not been thought out: check out the document, and see whether your neighbourhood is to lose a police station and email to let us know whether you think thereís a need to get rid of or keep local police stations." Roberta Lombardi, M5S spokesperson in the Lower House

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Monte dei Paschi: losses of 1.15 billion in the first nine months of 2014


This morningís news item from TzeTze

A chilling start to 2014. You could say it was deep red. In fact, the Monte dei Paschi di Siena bank recorded losses of 1.15 billion euro in the first 9 months of 2014. A nightmare. The figure for the same period in 2013 was 518 million. Basically, from bad to worse. Whatís the risk for holders of current accounts?

Letís look at the detail:

When a bank goes bust, anyone who has opened an account at any branch of that bank, sees their savings go up in smoke. However, there is special protection for the current account holders who in fact keep the economy of the bank going. If the Monte dei Paschi di Siena (MPS) bank were to go bust, what would be the risk for the current account holders?
The problem is that the MPS has suffered hefty losses amounting to about two billion euro, a figure that is truly exorbitant. The point is that this money doesnít belong to a virtual entity, but to all those that have physically deposited their (tiny or big) sums of money in savings, because they trusted the bank.
So what can be done? First of all, it needs to be pointed out that Monte dei Paschi is the third largest banking group in Italy, and the State certainly cannot just do nothing.

As explained in Wired:

Anyway, given that this is an unlikely event, the most credible hypothesis for a scenario like this would be for the bankís assets to be liquidated. In other words, this means that the banking group going bust would be bought out by another financial institution or by the State itself, and thus being subject to temporary or permanent nationalisation. In either case, the buyer would also ďinheritĒ all the obligations in relation to the bankís customers.

Having said that, thereís also another form of protection. This is the Fondo Interbancario di Tutela dei Depositi {Interbank Fund for Deposit Protection}, that was specifically created to cover the sums deposited by a bank account holder, up to a maximum of 100,000 Ä. Current accounts up to that limit, are protected. However, the situation is worrying.


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