Passaparola - The violence of the Bulgarian edict, by Carlo Freccero #RAI

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"Obviously a big hello to all the friends, or rather the nutcases of Grillo’s Blog. I’m pretty sure that I’m going to be hung, drawn and quartered, not to mention insulted, but all in all I love it because somehow I always seem to love a good fight more than I love consensus, so I’m going to give you all a heartfelt and passionate hello. Above all, remember that I’m a Ligurian and therefore a bit of a masochist, so I enjoy getting beaten up a bit, and secondly, let’s try and a good discussion because I’m certain that something good is bound to come out of it!" Freccero

Blog: In 2002 Berlusconi chucked you out of RAI with the so-calledBulgarian edict. How did you get through those times?
Freccero: Yes, the Bulgarian edict was definitely a form of bullying and arrogance. If the Internet was as strong then as it is today, with a Web as strong as it is today, the Bulgarian edict would have been ridiculed, it would have been impossible because a revolt would have broken out within seconds. It was clearly a truly violent thing and I endured some terrible things. At midnight, after Ms. Luttazzi’s interview with Travaglio, everyone called me saying: "Your career is over!" I have always known that in order to work in television you have to live every day as if it were your last. If you work in television as if you were working in a bank then you will never try anything fresh and new, so I said: "We’ll see about that". In any event, I remember that the violence was truly very strong indeed and I must say that the thing that really shocked me the most was that a part of the centre-left was truly an accomplice in this.

Blog: When you were director of RAI2, there were a many good people around (like Messrs. And Mesdames Guzzanti, Luttazzi, Santoro, Fazio and Chiambretti); since then a number of them have disappeared whilst some others have somehow been recycled. The fact is that these days there is no longer any satire or debate whatsoever on television. We know that at Mediaset Mr. Berlusconi decides what’s what, but who is in charge at RAI? Who makes the decisions? Who explains how it works?
Freccero: RAI is a company, a business enterprise where the boss is never seen but he’s definitely there! It’s a company, just like FIAT is and there are a number of networks that may fulfil certain functions, but there is absolutely no room for critical thought. Does it seem normal to you that you never hear a single dissenting voice within RAI? And if anyone were to dare, well, the prime example is that: Renzi doesn’t have to get his hands on RAI because they are all a bunch of Renzi-men anyway! This is absolutely unbearable because the people that work there, precisely because it is a business enterprise, are quite aware that the politicians are their boss and employer, so they censor themselves and unconsciously submit to that power. The current climate at RAI is absolutely intolerable. I realised that the more my anti-Renzi feelings became apparent, the fewer the invitations became and it frightens me when you aren’t allowed to call Lega members fascists, my immediate reaction is to say what do you mean I can’t? This system of self-control that they have in there is absolutely scary.

Blog: Many personalitieschucked out” of television have found a new home and new visibility on the Web. How is media advertising changing? What type of people still watch public television these days? How does one slip politics into television programmes?
Freccero. When I talk about the future of the various media I tend to view it as a trend and I see what is happening in countries such as America. There is an ever increasing shift towards video on demand. Somehow television is changing just like the Web, so I get to choose what I want to see . Obviously video on demand is for people who are media-savvy, people who know how to choose, people with their own anthropological culture, their own interests, personal tastes and lifestyles. The terrible thing is that there is an ever increasing chasm between the people who are competent and those that aren’t. Television shows up this social and cultural divide very clearly: on the one hand you have a section of the public that travels on the road of media hybridization and convergence and on the other you have people who remain transfixed and immobile, the so-called soap-opera public. "Il Segreto" has an afternoon viewership of 35% that drops to 17% during prime time, this is the public of the RAI 1 soapies in which there are always priests, nuns and monks, do you get it? And the RAI 2 viewers, where even Mr. Costanzo is once again employed and getting 6% viewership! That’s where the politicians are really happy! That’s where politics finds very fertile ground! What I understand only too well is that for these people Renzi is Berlusconi 2.0, the new Berlusconi, more modern perhaps, more current, but identical, there is no difference whatsoever between them. That’s why I have attacked Renzi right from the very beginning. I never had even a shadow of doubt, I saw through him straight away. He was born in the Mediaset television studios. He, together with Salvini, are "les enfant de la telé", the children of this culture. Meanwhile, all the “disappeared” new viewing public has moved online, to Sky, to Mediaset Premium or to some other kind of television. This first of a number of issues is extremely concerning.

Blog: We have clarified the fact that politics controls our television. While on the one hand our television is dying slowly, on the other we are witnessing an explosion on the Web: what are they going to do next in order to garner votes and to make propaganda?
Freccero: It is happening far more subtly and that’s why it interests me so very much. Just think of the importance of Google these days, in the sense that it lies somewhere between consumerism and a compelling or driving force, it creates algorithms and pathways. If you happen to do a search on diets, the very next day you get flooded with messages on Google to “watch your tummy and lose weight”! You are somehow guided towards pathways imposed by the Web itself, so now politics is moving in based on the things you consume. I have studied this phenomenon a bit, with Obama, etc., and how the political advertising gets to you via the things that you use. If you have an SUV then you have specific ideas, if you look at certain things to buy, etc, then suddenly a subtle yet exceptional algorithm has your number. On television you can say anything you like or anything you don’t like but incredibly television has no memory, it’s a flow, but not the Web! The Web has a memory, the Web is incredible, you press one button and out pops everything. It’s terrible, but that’s how it draws you in, it truly is a formidable thing. The Web stores everything whereas television is fluid and cancels everything.

Blog: After many years spent at RAI you must have seen many changes. What do you think about Renzi’s plan to reform RAI?
Freccero: The RAI reform is very simple indeed. It is a non-existent reform that is so typical of Renzi’s style. He announces a reform, but the doing, well, he states that the reform is ready to go, etc., etc., but in fact there is nothing at all! The Managing Director is appointed by the Executive, so things are in fact far worse that they used to be. Once upon a time there was Parliament, it was linked to political power, now it’s linked to the Executive. Eliminate all mediation, there is an incredible need for power, to be able to exercise total control on your own. The Board of Directors counts less and less, so there is absolutely nothing new here. Furthermore, no thought whatsoever is ever given to how things should be, what the public service’s mission should be, nothing is written down. We risk having RAI entirely linked to executive power. So please, there is nothing and what little there is is truly scary!

Blog: And do you like the M5S’s proposed RAI reform?
Freccero: The thing that I find agreeable about the Five Star Movement’s plan is that the CV is essential, that everything must be transparent and then, in order to avoid what I said earlier, you say when there are 5/6/7/8 dossiers that meet the requirements, then you can get down to the draw. This idea of a draw raises a few doubts for me. In my opinion, a choice has to be made. The new Managing Director will have to represent not only a CV but also a plan on what to do about public television broadcasting overall and a plan that spans editorial policy, funding, advertising, etc. and I believe that it is this, not merely presenting an appropriate CV, but also presenting a dossier. This dossier must be publicly selected and this, in my opinion, is the most just criterion.

Freccero: I ask you please, spread the word even if you don’t agree: spread the word anyway!

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Pizza served to you by M5S parliamentarians


“Tomorrow you’ll get pizza served to you by our parliamentarians. We do not want public financing. We finance ourselves with donations from those who believe in this project. On 27 April, the 5 Star MoVement is waiting for you in Naples, to eat yummy pizza together. You just have to get settled and you’ll get your pizza served to you at your table, by our parliamentarians. Yes, you have understood correctly. The serving staff for the evening are: Luigi Di Maio, Alessandro Di Battista, Roberto Fico, Vito Crimi, Nicola Morra, Carlo Sibilia, Angelo Tofalo, Vega Colonnese, Carla Ruocco, Silvia Giordano, Matteo Mantero, Luigi Gallo, Vilma Moronese, Sergio Puglia, GIanluca Castaldi, Vito Petrocelli, Mimmo Pisano, Andrea Cioffi, and Michele Dell'Orco. The profits from the evening will get full transparency and will go towards the 5 Star MoVement initiatives in support of the regional elections in Campania taking place on 31 May 2015. Our candidate for the position of president of the Region is Valeria Ciarambino. We have chosen pizza, because we believe in our culinary traditions. After the advert promoting McDonald’s (sponsor of Expo 2015!), that invited people to choose a “Happy Meal” instead of pizza, we want to reward our pizza chefs that are developing our history as they make pizzas day after day. See you tomorrow, Monday 27 April from 8:00 pm onwards in Naples, on the seafront promenade, in via Partenope 1 Pizzeria Sorbillo and in via Partenope 11 Pizzeria Rossopomodoro. It’ll be an evening that’s never been seen before. Limited seating, make haste!"
M5S Campania

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Equitalia’s multiplication of debt #Equitalia


Cartoon: TheHand

Let’s close down Equitalia! In an earlier article we asked you to tell us about your dealings with Equitalia. Today we are publishing the ninth. Use the comments to tell us the story of your experience with Equitalia, if you’ve been unlucky enough to have had one. Remember that the testimony you give will be gathered together to create a book that will be downloadable for free.
From the multiplication of the loaves and fishes to the multiplication of debt by Equitalia.

“The amount I’m talking about is very low, but the principles of application are what I find to be so disgraceful. Some years ago, I had to pay € 957.58 in taxes to Equitalia, but by mistake (I paid online) I paid €956.58, so the difference was one Euro. A few months later, I got a demand for € 88.00 and though I protested, the protests fell on deaf ears and I had to pay that amount.. However, I’m noticing that the big tax-dodgers negotiate the amount they have to pay and in the end it almost seems to turn out that it’s Equitalia that has to pay. This is the Italian law, harsh and inflexible with the weak but soft and obsequious with the strong and powerful." FRANCESCO PIU

Read the other testimony:
You can divorce your wife, but not #Equitalia!
#Equitalia is always the last one to find out, and the citizen is always the first one to pay
#Equitalia always knocks twice
God forgives, Equitalia doesn’t!
#Equitalia even taxes the dead
The #Equitalia locusts never die
Equitalia makes you ill, tell them to stop
The hands of #Equitalia in your bank account unbeknown to you

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The new arrivals

nuovi_ venuti.jpg

On 9 August 378, the Roman Empire started its decline that was then followed by its collapse with the defeat at Hadrianopolis at the hands of the Goths and their allies. History doesn’t always repeat itself, but it often has strong associations with the past. What happened then in Rome’s Europe with the uncontrolled inflow of so called "barbarians" from the East, could happen today in the EU with an invasion from the South. Now, as then, the management of these gigantic migrations is said to be "humanitarian". The Goths were fleeing from the advance of the Huns and they asked the Romans if they could cross the Danube, the Empire’s natural border. After a few weeks, following on from the decision made by the Emperor Valens who promised not just humanitarian aid but also a home and a job, the Romans agreed to welcome the Goths. In reality they did this because they thought they could make money. In fact they thought of the "barbarians" as new slaves for their lands, mercenaries to be brought into their armies as cannon fodder, and as low cost labour to be exploited. The acceptance of the Goths into the empire was subject to the possibility of feeding them, thus of getting food from Rome that however got lost on the way thanks to corrupt officials. The initial flow that was subject to some sort of management and the identification of the new arrivals, very soon became an uncontrollable flow. There were too many people. The starving Goths were isolated in makeshift camps. They understood that promises would not be maintained and so they soon rebelled and got organised into a proper army. A Roman historian, Ammianus Marcellinus, reports in his memoirs that the Goths were a "truculent people and they made massive efforts to ensure that not one of their own got left behind, not one of those that were to subvert the Roman State; not even the dying were left behind". Basically, the enemy was at home with the help of the Roman army right up to Hadrianopolis. The great migratory flow from Africa and from the Middle East, a Pandora’s box created by the wars exported from the USA and from Europe to affirm democracy (sic), when will it stop? And how will it stop? Will the EU stand the pressure of a future mass migration of millions of people? In certain countries, will there be an Islamic party that gets a majority? Will ISIS be opening an embassy in Rome and in Berlin? Thirty two years after Hadrianopolis, on 24 August 410, there was the Sack of Rome carried out by Alaric‘s Visigoths.

PS: The M5S spokespersons in the Lower House, Massimo Baroni and Roberta Lombardi with the councillors of Rome’s 10th municipal section, are right now in a business run by an activist. It’s CiaoCoreBistrot in via Eschilo 188, Ostia and it was set on fire by an ARSON attack . Come and show your solidarity if you can!

VIDEO: Sibilia explains that Salvini has got things wrong about immigration on Vespa’s live TV programme
ARTICLE: Immigration, the M5S at work in the EU
ARTICLE: Beppe Grillo in Strasbourg: six months of nothing, now Let’s get out of the Euro #FuoriDallEuro
VIDEO: There are those who are taking advantage of the situation of immigrants - Di Battista speaking on the floor of the house

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Clandestine: secret, hush-hush, undercover


Clandestine: secret, hush-hush, undercover

The 5 Star MoVement is calling for the immigrants that reach Italian soil in an improper manner and that are do not have refugee status, to be expelled. In every country in the world illegal immigrants are expelled. It’s a matter of civilized common sense. The word is spreading all over Africa that you can get into Italy and then disappear into nothingness. A million people could be coming into Italy in the next few months thanks to a faint-hearted government. And then what? It’ll no longer be a matter of immigration, but a state of war. We’ll have social conflict that nobody will have the foggiest idea how to resolve.

Anyone, like the Lega, that have a tiger by the tail, is in fact, directly responsible..
The Lega keeps on saying falsely, that the "5 Star Movement has encouraged unfettered immigration by abolishing the crime of clandestine immigration". That’s the very same Lega, that when it was in government, signed the Dublin Regulation III that says Italy has to hang on to all the refugees whose first point of call in Europe is our country. Furthermore, the Lega has always encouraged illegal immigration so that it could use it for electoral speculation by increasing social unrest.
In relation to the crime of clandestine immigration, the M5S wants to simplify the procedures for expelling those who are not entitled to stay, to reduce the costs weighing on the shoulders of Italian citizens and ease the difficult work being carried out by the security forces and the magistrates.

The facts are these:
- the Court of Cassation issued a judgment on 29 October 2014 stating that the crime has not yet been abolished and that there was a gap in the regulations.
- As pointed out by SAP, the Autonomous Trade Union for the Police, the "crime of clandestine immigration" brought in in 2010 at the behest of the three-party coalition (Lega-Forza Italia-Fdi - when the Fdi was called the National Alliance) said that: "An illegal immigrant must stay in an Identification and Expulsion Centre for an average of five months and that costs us 7,000 Euro. In 2010, 150,000 people were identified as illegal immigrants: only 16,000 were forcibly accompanied to the frontier".


Less security, more clandestine immigrants, fewer expulsions, higher costs and more bureaucracy to be paid for by Italian citizens. These are the results of the action by the Lega. The crime of clandestine immigration still exists, but it is managed in such a way that an illegal immigrant cannot be expelled. The M5S has been working to make it effective and to eliminate the current situation in which it is impossible to expel anyone who comes into Italy without permission, a situation that is paralysing the police and the prosecutors.
National borders are a serious issue and not a board game to be played by Alfano and Salvini for electoral gains or to benefit the government.

VIDEOS: Sibilia explains that Salvini has got things wrong about immigration on Vespa’s live TV programme
ARTICLE: Immigration, the M5S at work in the EU
ARTICLE: Beppe Grillo in Strasbourg: six months of nothing, now Let’s get out of the Euro #FuoriDallEuro
VIDEO: There are those who are taking advantage of the situation of immigrants - Di Battista speaking on the floor of the house

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17 billion for the citizen’s income #RedditoDiCittadinanza


There’s never the money for important things. That’s what the parties say. But they know very well that when they need money, including for financing elections, the money can always be found. For example to gain merit in the eyes of the USA with the purchase of the F35 fighter planes, or by gifting the property tax to the Vatican, or to finance friendly newspapers. For the citizen’s income, funding equivalent to 16,961,000,000.00 € is available and each item has been individually verified - unlike the figures pulled out of thin air talking about the growth in GDP or unemployment figures given every other day by the government.


Make cuts to the staffing levels of constitutional bodies, for example the office of the President of the Republic, the government, parliament and the constitutional court
€ 62,000,000

Reducing the salaries of parliamentarians so that they do not exceed 5,000 Euro gross.
€ 60,000,000

Close down the fund giving extraordinary support to publishers. In 2015, this paid out about 28 million euro. Elimination of all contributions to the world of publishing
€ 51,000,000

Cut public financing to the parties - something that the Letta-Renzi government made a pretence of cutting
€ 45,000,000

It’s not easy to quantify how much this would save, but it’s estimated to be tens of millions of euro. Anyway, not allowing anyone to have more than one pension
€ 40,000,000

Elimination of the fee paid by the State to the telephone companies to implement wire tapping for investigations
€ 5,000,000

Articles 586, 992, 2229 and 2230 of the military code, dealt with in the legislative decree of 15 March 2010, n. 66, to be repealed. The suppression of certain military spending would result.
Abolition of the transfer to the parties of 0.2 per cent of income tax receipts coming from tax-payers paying the IRPEF income tax.
The Bank of Italy has independence when it comes to how it manages its finances, thus it cannot be obliged by law to pay out reserves or dividends.
The dividends paid to INPS resulting from its shareholding in the Bank of Italy are to be transferred to a fund for the citizen’s income. These last four items add up to about one billion in cuts

On 9 May, the M5S is organising a public march for the citizen’s income. The route is 24 kilometres long and it goes from Perugia to Assisi. The citizen’s income is a citizen’s right and not a gift, not 80 Euro of alms-giving. It makes it possible for anyone who has lost their job, or for someone who has never had a job, as is becoming the norm, to have a dignified life. The maximum income, in the absence of other income, is 780 Euro. You can refuse up to 3 job offers as suggested by the State, before you lose the right. The amount needed is 17 billion euro (16,961,000,000.00 €). Every item of wastefulness to be eliminated and that gives rise to money usable for the citizen’s income will be reported on the blog in the next few days. Up until now the "spending review” has been carried out to the disbenefit of the citizens. It’s now time to do the opposite. Those governing us forget that they are our employees and that they have to be answerable to the citizens for the work they do. Right now, if all goes well - they just have to be answerable to the judges. The Perugia - Assisi march will be preceded by a virtual march lasting 14 days - starting from Bolzano and passing many locations that are symbols of the current state of squalor in Italy.

PS: In the next few days every single item of wastefulness to be cut, will be explained in detail. Once the cuts are made, we’ll have the citizen’s income.

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