M5S online poll: Commitments and expenses


Anyone not giving up part of their salary like all the others, is not only going against the code of conduct for M5S citizen parliamentarians, but they are preventing young people who are unemployed from having other work opportunities. They are also betraying a pact with the voters.
For too long now, the citizen deputies Massimo Artini and Paola Pinna have been in breach of this code of conduct for M5S parliamentarians M5S as regards giving up a part of their salary, a clause which they freely signed up to when they became candidates. And if they hadn’t agreed to it, they wouldn’t have been accepted as candidates. Up until now, with the 10 million euro given up by the other citizen parliamentarians, the 5 Star MoVement has created work by its actions, by financing the creation of new companies, giving an opportunity to young people who are unemployed. In the next few weeks, it’ll finally be possible to go to the website of the Ministry for Economic Development and use a form to present your entrepreneurial idea and get financing for it - using part of the salaries of the M5S citizen parliamentarians (we are waiting for the last regulation to put this into effect - and if that’s not forthcoming we’ll organise a sit-in in front of the Ministry).
Anyone not giving up part of their salary like all the others, is not only going against the code of conduct for M5S citizen parliamentarians, but they are preventing young people who are unemployed from having other work opportunities.
In the 5 Star MoVement, the rules come before everything else and it is unacceptable that the citizen deputy Paola Pinna has not made a payment into the micro-credit fund for nearly a year, unlike all the other parliamentarians that have given up an average of 50,000 euro each.
Massimo Artini, on the other hand, has applied his own system of accounting and it seems that what he’s paid in is 7,000 euro short of the amount expected. In spite of getting reminders to follow the rules from the group leader and the staff, as you can verify, the citizen deputy Artini continues to avoid using the online accounting portal and he is thus not giving up the reimbursement on expenses.
By not keeping their word in relation to the rules of the code of conduct and in relation to the other elected representatives in parliament, a problem is created and this is a situation that cannot continue any longer. This is why we are asking you to give your opinion on whether or not Pinna and Artini should stay in the 5 Star MoVement.
Anyone not giving up part of their salary like all the others, is not only going against the code of conduct for M5S citizen parliamentarians, but they are preventing young people who are unemployed from having other work opportunities. They are also betraying a pact with the voters. That behaviour is generally not acceptable but it is intolerable for an M5S spokesperson.
So you judge: Do you agree that Pinna and Artini cannot stay in the 5 Star MoVement? Vote now!
Voting continues until 7:00 pm Italian time.


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The Euro is dead, long live the Mark!


This morning’s news item from TzeTze

“According to Affaritaliani.it, Germany has prepared an emergency plan just in case the Eurozone collapses. What’s covered in the plan? An exit strategy to go back to the Deutsche Mark:

"Emergency plan to go back to the Deutsche Mark". That’s the title of the top secret document - whose existence is officially denied by everyone - and it’s said to have landed on the desk of Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor. In Germany the debate about the euro, has always been going on in the background, even though the official line is to deny it completely. It is said that a few parliamentarians of the CSU, the Bavarian party allied to the Christian Democrats, have prepared a strategy document to deal with the eventuality of the implosion of the Euro-zone.

Marine Le Pen’s possible victory in France and the referendum being promoted by the 5 Star MoVement, are symptoms of the fragility of the Euro-zone:

For the moment, no decision has been taken, but according to Affaritaliani.it, the Chancellor’s office is preparing for what has been defined as an “emergency situation”. It seems that the idea is to get the Bundesbank prepared so that it could swing into action with a two month time frame and swiftly print the old Deutsche Marks so they could be ready to take the place of the Euro if needed. In Berlin, the worry is that the long drawn out economic crisis in many EU countries could increase the pressure on national governments to stop respecting the rules of the single currency, as France has already partly done. And in this case, many German politicians are starting to think that it would be better to go back to the Deutsche Mark than to stay with the Euro without precise rules."

From TzeTze

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24 hours to cancel the gift to the mafia from the Renzi government


Time has nearly run out to cancel the umpteenth gift to the mafia from the Renzi government How? By approving the draft law put forward a few days ago by the 5 Star MoVement“. This is the message issued a few days ago by the 5 Star MoVement in a Facebook message.
The message goes on to explain what’s happening in our Parliament. Here’s the rest of the message:

“1 October saw the arrival in the Senate of the Renzi government’s legislative decree that alters the code of Anti-mafia laws (Government Act No. 103). An opinion on the text is needed first from the Committee on Constitutional Affairs and then from the Justice Commission.
The law No. 136 dated 13 August 2010 gave rise to this decree and it gives powers to the Government on anti-mafia regulations. After 4 years, the executive decided to issue further corrections and that is a demonstration of the fact that the obstacle is not to be found in the parliament, but in the Government.
It’s a very wide ranging delegating law and article 2 gives the Government the powers to promote «a complete exploration of the current criminal, procedural and administrative regulations relating to the fight against organised crime», without any other restrictions. It basically gives the government “carte blanche” to do what it likes.
The Government measure should have been a matter of routine: the updating of certain current regulations with the necessary corrections and modifications. When we had a look at the document, we just started with the first article and we realised that there’s something that doesn’t make sense.
The law establishing the code of Anti-mafia laws (Legislative Decree No. 159 dated 6 September 2011) lays down that companies that have established contractual relationships with the public administration must produce anti-mafia documentation, as defined by article 84 of the code. Paragraph 3 of article 85 specifically says that "the anti-mafia documentation, must relate to the persons referred to in paragraphs 1 and 2, as well as the family members living with them." Therefore, information must be provided not only about the owner, the technical director and other people holding key positions in the company, but also the other people that live in their households.
The legislation had not made any distinction about whether the other people in the household were children or adults. So it was necessary to alter the Code to just require documentation about the adult members of the household. Something that’s just so simple. But, as ever, in the dead of night, someone slipped in the catch. And so, the Renzi government added 6 crucial words: «that reside within the territory of the State».
Basically, whereas before, the antimafia documentation was needed for the owner (and others holding responsible positions in the company) and the family members in the same household, the new Government decree keeps the obligation for the company owner, but limits the requirement for the adult members of the household only when the owner RESIDES IN ITALY.


There’s still time. We can do this.
It’s not just a matter of preserving the institutional dignity of a parliament dominated by a Government and a premier who was never elected by anybody. Sure. It is true that it is a parliament elected with an unconstitutional law. But it is the country’s only representative body and there’s no day that passes when it is not delegitimised and trampled on by an executive that represents nobody, apart from the powerful people that keep it on its feet. But what’s even more important is a matter of respect in relation to those people that have sacrificed their lives fighting the mafia, while the State that they had the honour to represent, was descending into the depths and making pacts with their hatchet men. Now is the time to take action. Action is needed as soon as possible. PARTIES, THIS IS A BATTLE OF CIVILISATION. WE MUST APPROVE THE M5S DECREE IMMEDIATELY!”

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Passaparola - Mussolini did not kill Matteotti, by Arrigo Petacco

The Matteotti Case

Arrigo Petacco- Good Day dear friends, I’m Arrigo Petacco and I was invited to come and speak on your blog about a very controversial case, even though it’s somewhat old, namely the Matteotti case and I’ll tell you what I think.

Blog- The Matteotti murder of 1924 was a turning point for fascism because it was after this that the dictatorship was openly implemented, however, “Il Duce” claimed that he had nothing to do with Matteotti’s murder and that the people behind the murder should be sought in certain putrid financial and capitalist circles, into which a secret investigation was already in progress; without however naming any names or specifying which circles he was referring to. Do you think that Mussolini really had nothing to do with the crime?

Arrigo Petacco- I am absolutely certain of that. That crime was very strange, even though they then heaped loads of propaganda, lies, etc onto it.
It was a very strange crime because I who, having been a crime reporter as well as a historian, followed the case as it actually happened, without all the rubbish that went on around it.
The fact is that, on a Sunday afternoon, Matteotti was walking along the banks of the Tiber River when a motor car drove by, a Lancia Lamda even bearing number plates from which the doorman took down the registration number. Four executioners, members of the Action Squad jumped out and loaded Matteotti into the vehicle. They didn’t shoot him or kill him there, they simply loaded him into the vehicle. It was apparently just a kidnapping, except that during the car trip Matteotti, who was a strong man and had been forcibly pushed under the rear seat, began kicking, cursing and even biting the calves of the men seated above him. In the end, one of the four men found a rusty file under the rear window and hit Matteotti on the head with it, killing him.
Were you aware that in 1924 Mussolini garnered 68.8% of the vote? Never mind the violence, talk about a threat! And the socialists, poor old Matteotti, only got 18-20%. At this point I ask the question: do you honestly believe that, just ten days before he would go on to win the general elections by a country mile, the head of the government, who was not yet the dictator that we all know, would send out four executioners with a rusty file to kill the leader of the opposition? That is why I have never believed that Mussolini committed this crime.

Blog- In the book entitled ““La storia ci ha mentito”” (literally “History lied to us”) you refer to statements made by Mussolini’s daughter, Edda Ciano, which would lead us to think that “Il Duce” actually wanted to develop closer bonds with the then Socialist Party in order to create a government of national reconciliation. Is this a plausible theory?

Arrigo Petacco- There’s no doubt at all and even De Felice himself acknowledges this, except that there was all that anti-fascist rhetoric that confused everyone’s ideas. At that time, Mussolini wanted to woo the Socialist Party moderates, and many of them had already agreed with him to join the government, except that the real battle was between the fascist extremists and the socialist extremists.
It was these extremists on both sides who were trying to draw Mussolini away from the left wing. The right-wingers were afraid that Mussolini would open the door to the socialists and the fascists feared the same thing so there was essentially a kind of virtual accord between the left wing and right wing extremists to prevent any approach between the socialists and the moderate fascists.
This crime was never properly explained and Mussolini was probably right because he was still busy with the investigation in 1943 when he was still at villa Feltrinelli in Salò. This accusation, which he had always denied throughout his life, had gotten under his skin and quite frankly, in my opinion, he was absolutely right! If anything, he was the victim of a clash between the extremist fascist right wing and the extremist socialist-communist left wing who wanted to prevent Mussolini from creating a moderate government because in those days Mussolini still dreamed of wooing the moderate socialists and jointly establishing a party with them.

Blog- Mussolini allegedly said that Matteotti was “a body thrown down before my feet in order to trip me up/em>. But who would have had an interest in doing this?

Arrigo Petacco- As I said earlier, I think that this “body” was extremely useful to the militant right wing, Farinacci’s crowd to be precise and the others that wanted to prevent Mussolini from getting any closer to the socialists, so much so that the dictatorship was born shortly thereafter. So Mussolini was pushed, let’s say to the right, by people who wanted to prevent him from approaching the socialists and the situation was such that at a certain point he was, in my own words, “obliged” to proclaim the dictatorship on 3 January 1925 on that occasion given that he could no longer avoid the blame for this event. He gave an address in the Chamber during which he said that “if the fascists are a bunch of criminals then I must be the leader of this bunch of criminals and therefore I am in charge”. In other words, essentially from that moment on the dictatorship was a fait accompli.

Blog- Historically speaking, could there be any similarities between the Moro and the Matteotti murders?

Arrigo Petacco- Stretching the imagination a little there could well be, since Moro was also murdered because he wanted to open the door to the communists, so yes, there are some similarities, however, it is a bit of a stretch to try to link these two events.

Blog- When all is said and done, there are still at least three theories standing: one is that Matteotti was killed because he was about to reveal certain intrigues and dirty deals amongst certain high-ranking government officials that were being covered up by powerful financial coalitions. Another is that Matteotti was killed because he was one of the leading members of the socialist party to whom Mussolini hoped to turn in order to stop him from preventing the establishment of a new government based on closer collaboration with the General Confederation and the working masses. Finally, he was killed because of his courageous address to Parliament in which he accused the fascists of manipulating the election results. " [...] We hereby summarily reject the validity of the majority elections. [...] In our opinion the elections are essentially invalid, and we add that they are invalid in all constituencies. [...] As per your own admission (by the fascist parliamentarians) therefore, no Italian voter was actually free to make an independent decision... [...] You have an armed militia consisting of citizens belonging to a single Party whose stated objective is to protect a specific government by force even if it doesn’t have the support of the voters."
What is your opinion in this regard? Are there any other theories?

Arrigo Petacco- Above all I believe that there is no easy solution because, quite honestly, Mussolini tried by all means, and indeed it appears that in 1943 at Salò he succeed in identifying the businessmen who were behind the coup. By the bye, they were all Genoese businessmen, or so he said. In that regard, I believe that Mussolini was involuntarily involved in the Matteotti murder. He actually had nothing to do with it and had no reason whatsoever to kill the leader of the opposition who he had soundly beaten in the elections held just one month before. My theory on the crime is totally different, namely that they didn’t actually want to kill Matteotti but to somehow blackmail him into not using the documents that he apparently had in his possession to file a complaint against an American oil company that was conducting drilling operations in Puglia at the time, but this is also a very vague theory. When all is said and done, political imagination and exploitation is what has actually distorted this case. In any event, what is very clear is that the Matteotti murder was totally random and not premeditated.
Spread the word.

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Giacomelli against the people who are hard of hearing


“Imagine coming home one day, turning on the TV and not being able to hear the audio of a film or a TV News programme or if you are a child and you can’t follow a TV series because you are isolated by a wall of silence. And if the same thing happens the following day - and the day after that?
This is what happens every day for the people with hearing loss (about 20,000) and they are thus not making full use of the public radio and TV service even though they are paying the licence fee without getting a discount. It’s definitely a situation that needs improving. In the Parliamentary Watchdog for the TV and Radio we have done our bit by inserting precise obligations into the new service contract to make sure that Information is more accessible when viewed on a TV or over the Internet. The innovations that the public broadcaster, the RAI, must provide are the outcome of an in-depth study lasting 7 months. In the commission, we have listened to representatives of organisations like the Federazione Italiana per il superamento dell'handicap {Italian Federation to combat disability}, Famiglie italiane associate per la difesa dei diritti degli audiolesi {Assocaition of Italian families defending the rights of people with hearing loss}, Associazione nazionale interpreti lingua dei segni {National Assocaition of Sign Language Interpreters} and the Ente Nazionale per la Protezione e l'Assistenza dei Sordi {Italian National Agency for the protection and assistance of the Deaf). Evidence was collected from them and fed into the preparation of a service contract dated 7 May. Before it can be effective, this needs to have the signature of the RAI and the Government, thus of President Tarantola and the Under-secretary for Economic Development Antonello Giacomelli. We’ve been waiting 6 months for these signatures.
This could immediately change many things to improve conditions for people with disabilities using the public service TV stations. In what way? First of all, we’re thinking of news provision, a crucial service for a public broadcasting service. Currently the RAI is obliged to provide subtitles and sign language interpreting for at least one news broadcast a day on each of the three general RAI TV channels. That’s not enough. This is why we want to oblige the RAI to do more. By 30 November 2014, they must provide subtitles on all the general RAI channels and on at least two of the news programmes on the news channel - Rai News - as well as having Sign Language Interpreting for at least one of the News broadcasts on each of the channels RAI 1, RAI 2, and RAI 3 as well as for two of the news programmes on the Rai News channel in such a way as to cover all the main time periods throughout the day. Furthermore we have the subtitling of a sports news broadcast once a day, as well as the main sporting events.


By next year, the RAI is obliged to provide subtitles for 85% of the programme content on the general channels, RAI 1, RAI 2 and RAI 3 (now we are at 70%) and to increase the audio-description of TV serials, films and documentaries. Within six months after the contract has been signed, the RAI is obliged to come up with a publishing project that not only enriches and innovates the overall provision but also indicates the time frames for subtitling the programmes. It must also consider the reorganisation and simplification of ways to access the archives for people with disabilities.
All this could be the immediate reality if the RAI and the Ministry decide to sign. All this could be the public service provided for the citizens. What’s Giacomelli waiting for?
Roberto Fico

Obligations of the RAI in relation to people with disabilities

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Cono Cantelmi for a 5 Star Calabria #CalabriaPuoi


To govern Calabria you need courage. 41 year old Cono Cantelmi, a lawyer in Catanzaro, is the 5 Star MoVement’s candidate for the Region of Calabria in the elections on 23 November. Today he’s giving us a detailed account of the M5S programme for the Calabria that can finally make a change.

What are the main points of the M5S programme in Calabria?

The first: the citizen’s income to help those who are struggling to get by to give hope once more to the people of Calabria without work and to those people of Calabria that lose their job when they are expecting a baby so that youngsters can be removed from the clutches of the criminal labour gangs.

Where’s the money for the citizen’s income going to come from?

We’ll make use of the contingency reserve fund for the potential liabilities presented off the balance sheet, but above all we’ll have an all-out war against the waste of the caste in the Region: and there’s money in abundance!

The second point of the programme?

Cleaning up of the region, because today in Calabria we have a devastated region that has seen death and disease. And the more disease there is means more money to the private health care providers. They are just delighted to get rich.

What’s being done to tackle the health care emergency in Calabria?

The right to good health is inviolable, but in Calabria the health care system is collapsing. There’s a rotten system that is feeding into the private system to the detriment of the health and the finances of the people of Calabria. It’s said that the hospitals are closing down because there’s no money, and yet the resources are there - it’s just a shame that they are distributed to the friends of the powerful.However, we are aiming to strengthen the public health care system and we are paying close attention to the Emilia model of the “Case della salute” (houses of health}.

And then there’s the employment emergency.

I’m always saying this: we must produce work, we must not produce waste. And that means: we must have recycling and separate door-to-door collections. This must not be outsourced and so we will create new jobs. It’s no longer acceptable to put up with the idea of ‘let it be’: we are going to give encouragement to the “virtuous” mayors and those who refuse to have separate recycling of waste will suffer financially.

And the battle against waste - where will it start?

With the annuities of the regional councillors. I have asked the other candidates for the position of president of the region, to sign up to an ethical commitment to reduce the salary of whoever holds this position to 2,500 euro and to give back the money from any election expenses that have been reimbursed, but my request has fallen on deaf ears.

What will the M5S do?

What we give back will go into a fund for emergency housing because in Calabria there are those who can’t even get a decent home.

How should the battle against the mafia be conducted?

First of all, what’s needed is a culture change: changing the small actions of each one of us we can start the fight on the territory that is a fertile breeding ground for the mafia. And then we’ll closely examine the public tendering systems because that’s where the business malpractice is to be found. In Calabria, there are no public tenders unless powerful people take an interest and those who really need that money never get a look in.

How can the people of Calabria be protagonists once more in their region?

We want to have a participatory budgeting project to give the citizens the possibility to make decisions about how to spend the money provided by the Region. A citizen who is actively participating in public affairs can generate transparency and awareness if they come up against the stronghold of corruption. This gives rise to passion and involvement and whatever results could be a tsunami of civilisation!

What would a 5 Star Calabria be like?

A Calabria where the people of Calabria get passionate once more about good politics and together with us, they walk into the centres of power and eliminate waste, pay less in tax and get good money in circulation. I know that courage is needed, but that’s not lacking.

Tell all your friends in Calabria about Cono Cantelmi’s Facebook page and invite them to “like” it
PS: Support M5S’s election campaign in Calabria. Donate now. Here’s the IBAN:

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