ISIS is a creation of the West, by Monsignor George Abou-Khazen

Monsignor George Abou-Khazenm. a Franciscan of the Custody of the Holy Land, is bishop of the Syrian city of Aleppo. For the last 11 years he’s been living in Syria and he has personal experience  of one of the bloodiest wars of this century. “We are well aware of this. Everyone knows it and everyone is aware but everyone pretends not to know: ISIS was created by western powers.” Monisgnor George Abou-Khazen

Blog - What’s Syria like?

Mons. George – The situation is very difficult, as everyone knows, and unfortunately, this dramatic situation is making people flee and escape elsewhere. There are a few reasons why these people are escaping, like suffering and the danger of death. There are many areas [in Syria, editor] where’s it’s impossible to live because of this civil war and we are sorry about this. Unfortunately, Syria is becoming empty. It is losing its population. And who’s leaving? The young people. And a nation without young people is also a nation without a future. The ones leaving are the ones with education and qualifications.

Blog - What’s Europe doing?

Mons. George – We thank Europe for its humanity and for the welcome it’s giving to these refugees. However, this is what we think: instead of dealing with the effects, why not go straight away to the roots, to the cause? By resolving the root causes, the refugee issue is solved. Instead of arming the various groups, training them and giving them incentives to fight each other, why not make them sit down together and talk about things and make peace? To be sure, it’s difficult, but it’s not impossible.

Blog - Many analysts are saying the war in Syria is a “proxy war” ...

Mons. George – We too think it’s a proxy war, unfortunately. Each of these armed groups is related to an external country that’s providing weapons and finance. Thus if there’s the will, this war could be stopped.

Blog - The USA is calling for Assad to step down. Moscow wants him to stay in power so as to start a peaceful transition. Which of the two is right?

Mons. George – The Americans say that to resolve everything, Assad has to leave, but leave what? And who would fill the vacuum? On the other hand, the Russians say that Assad is the President of a free and independent nation, re-elected by the people and thus it should be up to the people to decide whether he should stay or go. And I believe that this point of view is more just.

Blog - Do you think that a NATO-led military intervention could be the solution?

Mons. George – We are against any military intervention. War has never resolved issues. We are 100% convinced that what they think can be achieved with a military intervention can be done in a peaceful way. You just have to turn the tap off and things will be OK.

Blog - Germany announced that it wanted to welcome the Syrian refugees, then it had second thoughts. Even the USA is opening its doors. Why do you think this is?

Mons. George – Northern Europe and the United States have said they are ready to welcome these people from Syria, that’s true, but I think they’ve done that as a way of making amends for a guilty conscience.

Blog - What are you referring to?

Mons. George – You see, the international community is in difficulty because it wants to create peace, but it’s continuing to sell arms and these arms are mixed up with the blood of innocent people. Thus, this is my message, please do not sell any more arms. Anyway, we even know that ISIS is now in possession of petroleum and gas deposits and that it’s selling these. But who is buying?

Blog - Turkey?

Mons. George – Yes - Turkey and a few other countries via Turkey. However, what’s even more dangerous is that they are selling the artistic and archeological treasures of Iraq and Syria. And what they cannot sell, they are destroying. We are talking about billions for these art treasures.

Blog - And yet, even though there are setbacks, negotiations for Ankara to come into the EU are still ongoing ...

Mons. George – The European Community had started a process that we thought was logical: anyone wanting to be a member or to have a relationship with the European Union had to accept certain rules, like human rights, religious freedom etc. And let’s hope that Europe continues in this direction, because what we are seeing, even in Turkey for example, is that there’s a religious radicalism that is slowly developing. Before, it was a secular country, whereas now the people governing it are no longer secular but Islamic. And then, we have had an unhappy experience [with Turkey, editor], because many of these foreign combatants come from there. Basically, I think it’s never a bad thing to open people’s eyes.

Blog - What is ISIS?

Mons. George – There’s this organization of Islamic State that is occupying a large part of Syria, it’s said to be more than 50% of the territory, the part where there’s wealth underground, and, obviously, where there are very few people. The point is that we know this very well. Everyone knows it and everyone is aware but everyone pretends not to know. This is how we see it: ISIS was created by Western powers and today it’s also supported by other countries, like the Gulf States.

Blog - Going back to the issue of refugees: how can the boats be stopped?

Mons. George – I’m wondering why Europe and the West, that are exploiting Africa to find gold and petroleum, why are they not thinking up a development plan for these poor people? That is, create job opportunities, factories, education and knowledge in their countries. This can be done and it gives economic advantages for any exporting country as well as for the importing country, where these development plans are brought to fruition. There are a lot of Christian communities and minority groups from Syria that are leaving their lands, they are peoples like the Chaldeans, Assyrians, and the Syriacs that have thousands of years of history, language and traditions and they lose these when they are obliged to leave their cities. This is sad and it impoverishes everyone. Why are they not helped with development so that these people can stay in their own lands? It would cost Europe and the West a lot less than to receive and welcome the migrants.


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Compassion is dead


Milan - a morning at the beginning of autumn - a day like any other. At 07:40 - a symbolic time of the morning - a time made famous by Lucio Battisti’s song ("mi sono informato c'e' un treno che parte alle 7 e 40/ non hai molto tempo il traffico e' lento nell'ora di punta...“ {I’ve been told there’s a train leaving at 07:40 / you’ve not got much time the traffic moves slowly in rush hour ...} ) a 19 year old Italian woman originating from Nepal threw herself under the metro train at Lanza station. The woman has serous injuries but they are not life threatening. Trains on the green line were blocked for 80 minutes and that had an affect on the other lines as well. Above ground the traffic got in a frenzy. At that time in the morning the travellers are mainly commuters and they have no time to spare as they have to get to work. Many of them come into Milan from outside the city. News about the attempted suicide immediately appeared in online newspapers and the comments are nearly all atrocious. There were those that got angry with immigrants that have to stay in their own countries and commit suicide there. There were others that want to get her to pay Equitalia to cover the costs of the upset, as though anyone who wants to die first has to do a few calculations to see what it would cost if they stayed alive (if they die it’s up to the relatives). Theyre were others that suggested establishing a "suicide point" in Milan where you can commit suicide without disturbing other people. Some suggested the Darsena (the city’s harbour), others suggested the Idroscalo (artificial lake in Milan, Italy that was a seaplane airport) or the Shooting range with a pistol offered by the municipality.

There were those offering to "finish the job" given that the young woman survived. Sure, these were empty words, but there was not a single comment asking why this young woman wanted to die at 19 years old. Nor did anyone ask which hospital she’d been taken to so they could go and visit or send her some flowers. In London and in Paris there are barriers in the metro stations to prevent suicide attempts. In Milan, the city of EXPO 201, there are barriers in just a few stations but they should be installed in all stations. Compassion is dead and not just in Milan.

VIDEO a 47 second appeal by José Mujica


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Is it just Volkswagen that’s polluting by trickery? #controlliamoletutte


“The 5 Star MoVement says “yes” to Germanic rigour. We are calling for the same inflexibility imposed by Germany on the whole of Europe with austerity and the artificial limit of 3%, to be applied to anyone who has willfully poisoned European citizens. We are talking about Volkswagen. The most important German car manufacturer has manipulated the software in its diesel cars to rig the data on exhaust gas emissions. Here’s how and why Volkswagen has been poisoning us and what the European Union should do immediately so as to avoid accusations of complicity.

Declaring that a vehicle has low emissions helps to position that brand in the lucrative eco-friendly market. It’s called awareness marketing and more and more companies are using it to improve their so called “brand image”. A customer that is aware he’s purchasing an eco-friendly product (that doesn’t pollute, isn’t damaging to health, has intrinsic ethical values) is happier and more motivated and tends to buy the same product again. Furthermore, to declare that a car consumes less, is a well-used sales strategy, because it makes the consumer feel the product is giving them long-time value. If a car has a lower consumption over a long time-frame, then the customer is spending less on fuel. Volkswagen managers have been scientifically lying so as to sell more.



Car users have been tricked, and citizens poisoned. Smog produced by cars is responsible for the premature death of 65 thousand people every year in ltaly, according to the EU report on air Quality 2013. The estimated health care costs are about 150 billion.

VIDEO Volkswagen: car users tricked, citizens poisoned

The 5 Star MoVement set to work immediately. Two urgent formal questions have been presented to the European Commission by the spokespersons Piernicola Pedicini and Marco Affronte calling for immediate action. Eleonora Evi has called for all cars currently on European roads to be subjected to checking that is independent and public.
We need to change the rules for automotive homologation and bring in “Real Driving Emissions (RDE) tests“: Tests on vehicles have to be carried out when they are travelling on the road so as to get a real value for emissions and they must be carried out by an independent agency and not by the vehicle manufacturers: it’s like asking the bar-tender if the wine is good.

If the European Union were truly impartial and neutral it would ask ALL the car manufacturers that have been causing illegal pollution to pay 150 billion euro to offset the healthcare costs If it doesn’t intervene (or if it just pretends to intervene with the usual “window dressing” to reassure the general public) it is showing that it is protecting the automobile lobbies and German economic interests (among other things) that are enormously important in this market.” M5S Europe


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The Parliamentarian that serves you #Italia5Stelle


The 5 Star MoVement has turned down 42 million euro of public financing and in the last two years, with its spokespersons, in Parliament it has given back more than 14 million euro to the public purse. The 5 Star MoVement has always been self-financing and it will keep that up for the #Italia5Stelle festival taking place 17-18 October in Imola.

VIDEO The only parliamentarians in the world that serve you a pizza. 5 STELLE

This is why we’re bringing back “The member of Parliament is serving you“: deputies, senators and local spokespersons will be waiters and waitresses for a day. They will bring the pizza to your table to collect donations in preparation for #Italia5Stelle. First - in Bologna on Friday 25 September at the restaurant “Il Capriccio” in San Lazzaro di Savena, starting at 8.30 pm. Then it’ll be Rome on 1 October and Brescia on 2 October. After that parliamentarians will be serving pizza all over Italy right up to 10 October in Viterbo. You can spend a convivial evening and make a contribution with a donation to an event that is totally self-financed.

VIDEO Beppe Grillo - waiter for one night - serving citizens at their table

Serving pizza - deputies and senators who are representing nine million Italians in Parliament, including Luigi Di Maio, Roberto Fico, Alessandro Di Battista and Paola Taverna, together with many many others." M5S in Parliament


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Dario Fo at #Italia5Stelle in Imola

In this video, Dario Fo is confirming his participation at the second edition of Italia 5 Stelle to be held at Imola on 17 and 18 October at the Autodromo Internazionale Enzo e Dino Ferrari.
As well as Dario Fo, there’ll also be the following performers and singers interleaved with M5S spokespersons.
Up until now, the following have given confirmation of their presence:
Paolo Migone
Malandrino & Veronica
Flavio Oreglio
Amscat - Kamasutra Do Brasil
Leonardo Manera
Valentina Tioli
Nina Monti
Fuoco sul beat
Lello Analfino & Tinturia
Rudy Rotta
I Musicanti del Vento
Formazione minima
Il Sinfonico e l'improbabile orchestra
Giovanni Romano
Andrea Tosatto
Le Gal
Il Duo Va
Fabrizio Zanotti
A massive big “thank you” to all these performers who are giving their services for free!

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The massacre of the Kurds and the silence of Europe


“In the last few days, Turkish Military units have entered northern Iraq in an operation against the guerrillas of the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK). The Ankara government has defined it as land-based incursion and a "short-term" measure to finally “eliminate” the “rebels”. We are given to believe that Erdogan took the decision to intervene following the PKK attack in Igdir last Tuesday which killed 13 local police officers. But the truth is that for some months now, the Turkish army has being besieging the only entity that has demonstrated it is really able to stop the advance of ISIS.
And Europe stays silent, enclosed in a shell of hypocrisy and opportunism. The “popular resistance” cells have collapsed. They were formed last March when different member states (including Italy) gave the green light to sending in arms to the Peshmerga. Even the government stays silent. There’s not a word from Minister Gentiloni even while the Turkish air force is continuing an indiscriminate attack on rebels and civilians. This is not simply shameful. It’s showing the double standards used by the West where people are ready to tear their hair out when looking at the dead body of little Aylan, but where they are careful to stay silent when their own interests, or the interests of their allies are at stake.

In fact, Turkey is the only member that NATO has in the Middle East. It is in a strategic position (to the East it has borders with Armenia, Azerbaijan and Iran, to the South East it borders Iraq and to the South, Syria). The USA cannot do without it and the EU feels it has a duty to protect it. It doesn’t matter whether the game play involves the sacrifice of the fundamental rights of a people who for decades have been legitimately claiming their independence and autonomy.
This is why the EU remains silent even in relation to Erdogan’s intentions to change the constitution to give himself more powers and even thinking of the city of Cizre that is now on its last legs - after suffering a blackout for more than a week, without new supplies of food and water. And meanwhile ISIS is movng forward, conquering, and threatening our country, but above all threatening the survival of democracy.


The M5S has put forward a number of parliamentary motions asking for the recognition of the Kurdish State. Already in August of last year there was a resolution put forward by Carlo Sibilia and another one by Emanuele Scagliusi clearly stating that what the Kurdish people need are not guns, not Kalashnikovs, but protective helmets and rights to an independent state. Instead, someone in Europe and someone in our government have decided to treat them like cannon fodder, while playing at being world emperors in the wake of the errors committed in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya. The kurdish people are a people of resistance a people that deserves our support, a people abandoned by the EU that is following its own strategic interests. Don’t cry any longer gentlemen, because the tears shed over the photo of little Aylan are not enough to salve your consciences. “
M5S Lower House


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