#Rai under government control


ďThe reform of the RAI announced yesterday by the government wlll not mean that public TV is liberated from the world of politics. Thereíll be no reversal of current behaviour. In fact, quite the opposite, the situation will get worse. It is the Gasparri 2.0. It isnít a ďmanu militariď occupation of the RAI but itís not far off. The blitz of the ďgiglio magicoĒ {magic lily} on what should be the countryís main cultural organisation is ready. We have a draft law prepared by the government that delivers complete control of the RAI into the hands of the governing coalition and the government. One of those reforms that, if Berlusconi had even simply floated the idea, would have provoked an exceptional mobilisation of the Italian centre-left. The Board of Directors is reduced to seven members: two chosen by the government, two by the Lower House and two by the Senate, as well as the seventh member chosen by the RAI employees (but Itís not yet known how). The Partito democratico {democratic party} together with its allies in government could elect six of the seven members of the Board. The majority of people on the Board of Directors will always be an expression of the executive and of the forces that support it. Thus nothing changes: the parties continue to have their hands on the RAI and they continue to exercise power inside it.
The 5 Star MoVement is sticking with its proposal. Itís a serious proposal that gets rid of the members of the world of politics from the RAI. The Members of the Board have to be chosen on the basis of their qualifications and experience with a procedure that is public and transparent, on the basis of precise requirements of honour, competence and above all independence. They mustnít be answerable to the person currently in power, to the person that has placed them on the Board of Directors, but they must work for the good of the organisation and in the interests of the citizens. The same must be true for the managing director, that instead is being appointed by the Board of Directors after ďconsulting with the government".
We will oppose this, and we will use every possible means to improve the reform of the RAI. We acknowledge that in the light of what has been already said, it seems an impossible task. Let parliament have some respect for its own prerogatives, with no messing around. It has to be possible for the political entities to be able to have a serious discussion and to be able to bring in changes while the matter is being examined. To continue as things are at the moment, cannot possibly be good. The following are examples of corrective actions needed
- identification of qualified majorities for the election of Members of the Board so as to make the consensus in the Chamber as broad as possible
- the stipulation of the person specification needed similar to that put forward by the 5 Star MoVement in the draft law. - - Whoever is called upon to lead the RAI must not come from the world of politics: anyone who, in the last seven years has had a political position (Minister, Under-secretary, parliamentarian or director of a party) must be excluded.
The objective must be to have the RAI free from political pressure, whether itís coming from the parties or from the government. I know that the majority of parliament is against this false reform. Now is the time to kick out the rubbish!"
Roberto Fico M5S citizen spokesperson in the Lower House, President of the Vigilanza Rai {Parliamentary Watchdog for the TV and Radio}

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Just one man in command #FermiamoRenzie


There are worrying parallels between Andrea Lubitz, the copilot of the Germanwings Airbus A320 that smashed into the French Alps, and Matteo Renzi who is crashing Italy. In each case there is just one man in command. Both of them have closed themselves inside, eliminating any outside interference. While inside the cockpit, Lubitz locked the cockpit door; Renzie has eliminated the Senate and any internal opposition and he has reduced parliament to being a ratifier of legal decrees. The Airbus passengers only understood at the last moment that the copilot was taking them towards disaster, after eight long minutes. Italy, too, will only understand at the last moment, when thereís nothing more to be done. A man on his own in command has already been seen in the past, and it was not a good show. One has noted the commotion in France, when Ms Merkel hugged Hollande. These are two people who, some time in the future, will be shedding crocodile tears if Italy falls into default and cannot pay the interest on public bonds bought by their countries. Airbus Italy has a copilot locked in the cockpit. Heís not suffering from depression, but heís causing the Italian people to be depressed. he has a hypertrophic ego. He has locked himself inside and every two minutes he spouts bullshit via the intercom, to reassure the passengers that are starting to have doubts, the nearer we get to the mountain.
The airlines have brought back the regulation that says there must never be fewer than two people in the cockpit. In fact, up until now, European regulations donít say that itís not OK to just have one pilot in the cockpit. We must stop Renzie while we are still in time and letís avoid the situation where once the Senate has been closed on the outside, he passes an ad hoc electoral law to lead Italy as he pleases. If we let him do it, there will be no survivors, just "morceaux".
However, there is a difference between the copilot and the former mayor of Florence: the copilot was depressed, but the passengers werenít. Renzie isnít depressed, but the Italian people are.

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Words are no longer enough


Words are no longer enough.
Denunciation is no longer enough.
Against thieves and corrupt people itís no longer enough.
The lies of the Government and of its third-rate huckster, no longer hold water.
Outrage is no longer enough.
Institutional respect is no longer enough.
Parliament no longer exists, it no longer represents anything,
unconstitutional roulade of appointed people.
Words are no longer enough.
Corruption is never enough for them.
Organised crime is no longer enough.
Everythingís overflowing.
Words, our words,
demonstrations, elections, are no longer enough.
We have to invent something else when faced with
the impertinence of Power,
the destruction of the country,
families falling into poverty
our offspring emigrating after graduating from university
a former mayor appointed as Head of Government
freemasonry and international finance.
But, now, at least we know that words are no longer enough.
This much we have learned.
We have played with cardsharps, perhaps we have been naÔve,
we believed they had a smidgeon of discretion
in butchering democracy,
but they are actually hacking it to death
right in front of our very eyes
abusing their position.
We will change the game,
we will define our rules for the land.
Words are no longer enough
against an unconstitutional parliament,
a President of the Council who has never been elected,
against institutions without any legitimacy,
against hundreds of billions of euro stolen via the Great Useless Public Works.
against Mafiacapitale, Expo, Mose, TAV, Salerno-Reggio Calabria.
Words are no longer enough
A people without a voice,
without a future,
this is, today, what has become of the Italian people.
a straw dog (*), the most dangerous of all dogs, that can catch fire at any moment.
Words are no longer enough

"I no longer want words. Roses and violins
Talk about those things to others
I can hear violins and smell roses
when itís OK for me, if Iím happy with it
when the moment is right
and after that - weíll see

(*) ďHeaven and Earth donít use charity,
they keep the ten thousand creatures as straw dogs. The saint doesnít use charity it keeps the one hundred surnames as straw dogs.Ē Tao Te Ching

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No one must go thirsty: water in public hands is a right


ďWhy is the water bill so high? In the last few years, have you ever tried to understand why something that should be a right is now something that makes a big hole in your savings?
Someone would like to ruin the results of the 2011 referendum, in which a massive majority of the Italian people said ďnoĒ to every law that could place the handling of public water into private hands.
However, in Italy, strange things are happening: water is cut off indiscriminately and without warning on a regular basis, the price of water has gone up by 95.8% in the last few years, the profits of the municipal companies are no longer being reinvested to reduce leakage but to maximise profits. Basically, those who are now managing water resources are today thinking more about making profits, rather than about providing a service. The money we are paying in water bills is going to enrich the shareholders with generous dividends.
This is a camouflaged privatisation and it is going against what was expressed as the will of the people.
The 5 Star MoVement is taking to the European Parliament one of its historical battles: that of defending one of its five stars, keeping water in public hands. The proposal is simple: NO ONE MUST GO THIRSTY The World Health Organization has done the calculations: for an individualís minimum needs between 50 and 100 litres of water a day are required. This amount must be guaranteed for all. This is why the 5 Star MoVement is proposing a service that provides a guaranteed minimum water supply for each person.
Itís not acceptable to get rich by trading in water. Thatís the message from the European citizens that have signed a petition asking European institutions NOT to privatise water. 1 million 800 thousand signatures for the first example of direct democracy in Europe.
The Commissionís response has been disappointing because it hasnít put forward any new legislative proposal. The principles contained in its communication are sacred but these need to be reinforced with laws, not just words. Furthermore, as regards the dreaded liberalization of public water, the Commission has underlined that it is up to the member States to make the laws. in particular, it has emphasised that the supply of water is the responsibility of the local authorities within the member State, and it is up to them to make the decisions as to whether to manage the supply directly, indirectly or by using private suppliers.
Now itís up to the European Parliament to cover up the gaps in the incomplete responses from the Commission. The objective is to respond to the legitimate requests of European citizens that are afraid for the consequences of privatising the supply of water. The Environment Committee will give its opinion on the outcomes of the "Right2Waterď initiative, in May. Marco Affronte, a 5 Star MoVement spokesperson is representing the EFDD group in preparing the report.
In the video Marco Affronte explains how the 5 Star MoVement Europe will defend the results of the European Citizens' Initiative, via a "procedure" promoted by the European Parliament and the Council, and this gives the citizens of the EU the possibility to insert questions in the agenda of the European Commission, as long as they have collected at least a million signatures in at least seven European countries. We need to defend direct democracy and to keep water in public hands." M5S Europe

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Letís save Milanís trees! #573alberi


The city of Milan is cutting down loads of trees (theyíve already brought down more than 700 in piazza Dateo and Corso Plebisciti) because "they are not compatible" with Milanís M4 Metro project. But this project isnít yet accurately defined and nor is it sure to happen. Whatís more, itís being managed by Stefano Perottiís company called SPM Consulting. And Stefano Perotti was arrested less than a week ago together with Ercole Incalza, accused of being involved with kickbacks related to the big public works. Hands off the trees! Today the M5S city councillor, Mattia Calise, climbed up into one of the trees in Lorenteggio to stop it from being chopped down.

"Iíd never thought Iíd be making a political announcement from a tree. But the situation is truly appalling. In the last few weeks theyíve been chopping down trees in Frattini, yesterday and today in Lorenteggio and they are continuing.

Trees brought down last week in Milanís piazza Dateo and Corso Plebisciti

Today sees the start of a civic battle to save the trees or at least to reduce the damage resulting from the construction sites for the M4 (Milanís new metro line) with the removal of 570 trees.
The company managing these M4 projects is called SPM Consulting and its general manager is Perotti, who was arrested a few days ago - together with Ercole Incalza. Perotti was Incalzaís key man and SPM Consulting was the company that made it possible to rise in the last 7 years in the world of public works with a value of 25 billion euro. The M4 is one of these. The city of Milan is at risk of losing its trees for ever, just because of inaccurate plans.
Most of them donít have to go because we donít yet have plans that are accurate and finalised. Theyíre chopping down the trees even though nothing is finalised. Our request is simple: stop chopping down the trees (anyway itís not going to be finished before Expo 2015), have a new discussion with the citizens and limit the number of trees chopped down, given that weíve only got a few trees in Milan.
Weíll stay here this afternoon together with the activists. Everyone is welcome! We are all in favour of the metro and we are keen for it to go through Lorenteggio, but it cannot go ahead with plans that are not accurate!" Mattia Calise, M5S city councillor in Milan

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#Passaparola: Expo, the trade show of corruption - by Gianni Barbacetto

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"Hello to all the friends of Beppe Grilloís Blog. Today we will be talking about the Expo. There are only a few weeks left now before the official opening of the event but the works are still behind and they are paying for all the delays that happened over the past 6 years, almost three of which were lost because the politicians were fighting amongst themselves about who was in charge, who was running the event and who was dishing out the money.

The Passaparola of Gianni Barbacetto, co-author with Marco Maroni of the book entitled "Excelsior - Il gran ballo dell'Expo" (Literally: ďExcelsior Ė The Great Expo BallĒ) published by Chiarelettere

Tenders and dispensations
Over the past three years there has been a mad rush to get ready for what is after all 1 event, amidst much waste, many tenders that bypassed at least eighty-odd rules that would have ensured the fairness and propriety of the awarded tender contracts. Loads of money was spent on negotiation, with no tenders, even covering important pivotal things, like restaurants for example. The Italian restaurants, which is kind of what the Expo is supposedly all about were awarded to Farinetti without going through any tender process. So Farinetti will be the one that decides who will be there and who wonít, which chefs and which restaurants will and which wonít be at the Expo, a choice that is very important in terms of ensuring the success of the event.

Tenders under investigation
Of the many tenders, those awarded via the normal tender procedure that is, all 4 of the main ones are under investigation by the Magistrature. There have also been some arrests: 18 people have been arrested to date for matters pertaining to the Expo and a further sixty-odd companies have been barred from the job sites because they are somehow linked to organised crime, mainly the índrangheta. The Expo that should have been the flagship of Italy, of the Italy that produces, that makes the best of its own and shows that to the world, has become the trade fair of corruption. At the moment the investigations seem to have slowed down a little, if not completely come to a grinding halt but perhaps they will recommence with renewed vigour after the Expo ends , who knows... we canít know that so we will just have to wait and see what happens.

The unkept promises
Right at the very beginning, monumental calculations were sprouted, promises were made about investments of 15 billion, 11 billion of which was to be spent on major works linked to the Expo, namely on motorways, roads, link roads, etc., and 4 billion on the construction of the venue itself. We donít know what the final figures will be, whether or not these figures will be respected and whether they will be higher or lower, that will only be seen at the end, but undoubtedly promises were made that will not be kept. We donít know how many visitors there will be, the forecast was 29 million tickets sold, but weíll see, the way things stand now it doesnít seem possible to achieve these kinds of numbers. They promised huge numbers in terms of job creation, yes, they promised that the Expo would employ hundreds of thousands of people, but the way things stand at the moment only a few thousand have been employed.

Monumental costs borne by the citizens
However, as regards the costs and above all who has profited, we can already work that out now, and to do that we have to explain what the original sin of the Expo is. The decision was made by the politicians, essentially by former Mayoress Letizia Moratti who was mayoress in 2008 and by the then Regional Premier Roberto Formigoni. The site chosen for the Expo was a strange, rather weird area on the outskirts of Milan, stuck between a cemetery, a prison, two motorways, a railway line and an unutilised and unusable piece of farmland. The actual value of that area was somewhere around 20 million Euro. It was purchased from the private owners for 160 million Euro and that is the original sin because now that money that went to private individuals, the Trade Fair and the Cabassi Group was provided by the public, above all the Milan Municipality and the Lombardy Region while in reality the ones that put the money in were the banks, but the Municipality and the Region will have to pay that money back to the banks with interest. They tried calling for tender bids to sell the property to private bidders after the end of the Expo, for an price of 314 million Euro, but there were no takers so the way things stand at the moment we donít know 1) what is going to happen to the property once the Expo is finished; what it will be used for: 2) we donít know whether our money put in by the Municipality and the Region, 160 million plus interest, will ever come back into the Municipalityís and Regionís coffers and it would be a great pity if they donít manage to find a way to get that money back because that would leave a huge hole in the pockets of the taxpayers , of the citizens.

The sponsors
The money spent on the Expo should at least partly recovered via ticket sales and sponsorships, but are there any actual sponsorships? Yes there are, because in reality the Expo has also been turned into a huge, actual trade fair because there are Coca Cola pavilions, Nestle pavilions, pavilions housing the large food and beverage multinationals which have their own pavilions and are paying the Expo for them. This will certainly help to balance the books but it undoubtedly takes away from the initial aim of the Expo: from a huge initiative aimed at feeding the world, now it is set to become just a huge agriculture and foodstuff trade fair.

So who wins
Although the final sums can only be done once the event is finished, right now we can already tell who the losers and the winners will be. The potential losers will be the citizens of the Milan Municipality and the Lombardy Region who currently donít yet quite understand how they are going to get back the 160 million, plus interest, which was spent on buying the privately owned areas. Such events are usually held on public land and there are a number of areas of public land that could have been used for this purpose, such as the ďPorto di MareĒ area for example.
So who are the winners then? The winners are the local businesses that are working, although the investigations have shown that many of them won the tenders by bullshitting, paying bribes and deceiving the Expo managers, so much so in fact that a number of them have now been arrested. Other winners are the highly paid managers, a number of whom have also been arrested. As for the rest, the final calculations can only be done after the event has ended. It opens officially on the 1st May and ends on the 31st October so, as from the 31st October we will begin to see what is what." Gianni Barbacetto, author and journalist

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