#GiùLeManiDalNostroMare - Hands off our sea! - 6 September in Bari


“Our sea is in danger. The crazy interests of a few multinational groups still connected to the old model of energy production based on hydrocarbons, has led this government to collude and issue 9 permits to search for oil deposits in our Adriatic and Ionian seas. And many other permits will be issued, thanks to the “Sfascia Italia” {smash up Italy} decree presented by the government, but drawn up by the lobbyists supporting cement, incinerators and petroleum. This is why the 5 Star MoVement has organised a protest that has inolved lots of beaches in Apulia, Calabria, Basilicata and Sicily where people on the beach have been invited to hold hands in long long human chains for a few minutes at the end of which there have been occasions to get together for an “agorà “ which have seen the participation of regional spokespersons, as well as national and European parliamentarians who have been talking about the dangers faced by the stretch of sea immediately adjacent to that stretch of beach.

VIDEO “Stop the drilling in Sicily” – Appeal by Ficarra and Picone

The sea provides an opportunity for clean work for the regions of South Italy: just think of sustainable tourism, small and medium sized enterprises, and the investments of those that have chosen to buy a house after years of work and making sacrifices that would be put off simply by the presence of an oil rig offshore. And that’s not considering the incidents that could happen (the Mediterranean sea is a closed sea and if there were an incident like the one that happened in the Gulf of Mexico in 2011, it might never recover). It’s obvious that this is a battle between the interests of a few conservatives to the detriment of the interests of all the free citizens that want energy from the sun and from clean sources.
On 6 September at 6:30 pm in Bari’s Largo Diaz, there’ll be the final event of this summer of festivals on the beach. The event will be a festival in which there’ll be debate mixed in with popular music and entertainment. We’ll be with the citizens to say: Hands off our sea! - #Giùlemanidalnostromare”


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The Merkel plan


The migration of biblical proportions will not be stopped by tanks or barbed wire or the sinking of boats. It hasn’t just come out of the blue. The EU and the various national governments seem to have suddenly woken up to it and they are exploiting the situation as though they were not the primary cause of the problem. There’s been no whisper of any condemnation of the causes, nor of a long-term strategy to integrate these people into a Europe that is devastated by unemployment. Do we want to create massive ghettos and banlieues? There’s no action beyond a bit of fluffy charity. People are ignoring that this route will lead the Europeans to brush aside the existing political parties and bring about the rise in neonazi movements. Now attention is focussing on the revision of the Dublin Regulation (that obliges a refugee to stay in the country of arrival). Only now is there a request to speed up the procedures to recognise the refugees (in Italy, thanks to Alfano‘s incompetence, this takes about two years).
Measures that the M5S has been calling for all along, though it has been ridiculed or ignored or accused of racism. But where have Merkel and Hollande been up until now? In a black hole? On Mars? Without courageous actions, actions that are new and for the long-term, there’s the risk of a catastrophe with 200 million arrivals in the next few years (source: Corriere della Sera ). There’s an obligation to give these people the best possible life opportunities in their own nations with targeted investment (health serices, infrastructure, delocalisation of manufacturing companies) with a new Marshall Plan that we could put into action as the “Merkel Plan“ financed with a percentage of the national GDP of each country to be devoted to Africa and monitored by a Control Committee. Other actions are the elimination of weapons production (Italy is the fifth producer in the world) and the end of western interference with peace missions and the total subordination of the Mediterranean and the Middle East to American interests. The flow of refugees from Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq and Lybia, is the result of our wars and our weapons. It’s time for us to examine our consciences.


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Andrea Soldi was killed


“Andrea Soldi was a psychiatric patient in Turin. He was well known in his neighbourhood - he was a big man aged 45, weighing 120 kilos. For years he had been suffering from schizophrenia and he used to sit on the benches in Turin’s open spaces without bothering anyone. People called him the "good giant". At the beginning of August, the family asked for him to be admitted to the psychiatric hospital, as Andrea was no longer taking his prescribed medication and he was no longer under the supervision of the local psychiatric practitioners. On 5 August, a group of local police, specialised in taking psychiatric patients to hospital, went to where he was together with the psychiatrist, Carlo Della Porta. According to the procedures established in the city, this sort of intervention must always be done very gently by persuading the patient to cooperate, unless of course they become violent. Any coercive methods must only be used to allow the psychiatrist to administer sedatives. However, statements taken from witnesses who were present when this was happening, spoke of an invasive intervention, in relation to a non-violent patient: a stranglehold round his neck, then he was picked up and handcuffed and loaded onto a stretcher face down, while Andrea had difficult breathing and first became “grey” and had his tongue hanging out, then his legs started to judder, he urinated on himself and then he stopped moving (source information here).
It seems that Andrea Soldi died in the ambulance on the way to the nearest hospital (10 minutes away) and nobody came to his aid. The psychiatrist responsible for the procedure, (who says he is “saddened” by what happened) stayed in his own car. The fast response team responding to the emergency telephone number 118, were worried about the situation and tried to intervene but they were prevented from doing so, and they lodged a complaint with the central operations team.
In the days following that, the prosecutor Guariniello started his investigation and recorded the names of the psychiatrist, Della Porta, as well as the three local police officers in the list of those under investigation. There was an autopsy and it confirmed the cause of death was strangulation and suffocation, even though it’s obvious that the defence claims that’s wrong and they talk about a phantom “excess of adrenalin in a very sensitive patient”. Obviously, we are calling for justice in response to this murder: it’s not possible to die like that now, in 2015, in Italy with no one getting punished. By analyzing the political side of things, it’s astounding to see the reaction of the regional cabinet member with responsibility for health, Saitta, who seems to have been very surprised to have learned about the mechanisms operating in the region of Piedmont in relation to the obligatory detention of a psychiatric patient. As usually happens in Italy, action is taken only after the tragedy has happened. A ministerial inspection is being carried out and they are talking about serious failures in the region, and only limited training of personnel. How can we avoid immediately thinking of the massive cuts brought about by the PD - cuts to the health service in general and in a special way to the “residential” psychiatric service, while the help needed in the area is in these conditions? The pair of them - Saitta and Chiamparino - instead of consenting to the cuts being called for by the unelected premier, (the latest being a cut of 2.3 billion euro for the health service), they should be speaking out and calling for more resources to take on more personnel and do more training for those who are managing the most important of all the public services: the health service. And it’s a service to which everyone - whether they are politicians or “subjects” - all have to make use of in the end. Even those that think they would like to use the private services.
M5S Piedmont


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The Chinese Bubble


“What’s happening in China? Many people are asking this question, given the sequence of happenings in the Far East. In brief, what’s happening now is what I have been predicting for some time now: the bursting of a financial and property bubble that will have an impact on the whole world by the end of the year 2015. These are the effects of "laissez-faire" capitalism with a fictitious economy based on finance, with a development model that has been prevalent throughout the 20th century and in the first part of the 21st century. This is what has dragged us into the abyss. China has not understood its error. This is the same mistake made by Italy at the end of the 1970s. It’s the same mistake made by Gorbachev in the middle of the 1980s. If you open your borders to foreign capital and you liberalise finance, this is the result: you will no longer have control over the macroeconomic, economic and financial variables of your own country and of your financial system. These things will no longer be guided by choices relating to the growth in the living standards of the population, in its wealth and in the real economy, but they will be guided by speculation by the few to the detriment of all the others. And China’s response to this error seems to be going in the direction of “more reliance on the free market and “more liberlisation”, a choice that will drag them into the abyss along with the rest of the world.
But coming back to what’s happening here today, the biggest crisis is not in the Eurozone, with the situation in Greece still fresh in the inside pages of the newspapers, but it’s what’s happening in China, with the collapse of the Stock Market in Shanghai and the bursting of the financial bubble. The events in China have set off a global wave of share market collapses, and these will surely be the cause of a further worsening of the conditions in the Eurozone. And what’s the cause? The cause is the model underlying the single European currency, as I’ll explain. As we’ve been taught (or has this just been imposed on us?) by Merkel, Draghi, Juncker and the like, the growth strategy for the Euro and the Eurozone is based on a downward adjustment of costs (mainly labour costs) and prices, that’s the well-loved internal devaluation, to increase competitiveness and thus making European products more attractive abroad. But the obvious error in this strategy, that the knowing and criminal short-sightedness of the European leaders didn’t want to see in 2009, is that this strategy depends exclusively on external demand, because it’s a growth strategy based solely on exports. By now, the failure of this approach is clear to everyone, whether they are technically qualified or just lay people, but the criminals in Brussels are going ahead unperturbed. Even a child would understand that in a world affected by crises, a world in which China with a market of 1.5 million consumers, is collapsing under the blows resulting from the explosion of the financial and real estate bubble, it’s just foolish to base one’s growth on internal devaluation and external demand. A startling example of this failure is surely seen in Finland, a country that is perceived to be one of the virtuous ones in the Eurozone. It is falling to pieces with each useless internal devaluation. The touch paper has been lit. We must prepare for the worst. And perhaps in September the Federal Reserve will increase interest rates thus definitively causing the explosion of another running sore: the debt in Emerging Markets.”
Marco Zanni, M5S in Europe


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Undocumented Italian government


“Yesterday, those in command in Europe gave our President of the Council a resounding slap in the face to remind him of his duties: The German Chancellor Angela Merkel, and the French President Francoise Hollande, spoke out at the end of a bilateral meeting discussing immigration and they asked the Italian government to apply “the EU law in relation to asylum.” Thus they were pointing out that the current government is just not doing that. In fact the premier has shown himself to be completely incapable of managing the immigration phenomenon. Merkel and Hollande are asking Italy to “open up new registration centres for immigrants so that it will then be possible to take precise decisions” as regards requests for political asylum. Whereas, right now, a great number of people arriving in Italy are not being registered and identified, and this is creating an unmanageable situation as well as a really serious danger for internal security. A reprimand that sounds like the Italian government is getting its knuckles rapped, a humiliating gesture that reminds us of those famous little smiles from Ms. Merkel and Mr. Sarkozy in 2011 in relation to the permier at that time, Silvio Berlusconi, and for an Italy that, because of him, was not considered to be a credible interlocutor.
Now, as then, Italy is not considered to be up to the challenge and the premier, just like Berlusconi before him, is being humiliated by France and Germany in press conferences. On the other hand, the failure of the Italian government is visible to everyone: the management of immigrants has been shown to be a rich business opportunity for the Mafias, as heard in the telephone intercepts of conversations with Salvatore Buzzi and the investigation into “Cara di Mineo”, the biggest immigrant reception centre in the whole of Europe, and even though the M5S has made many requests on this issue, the government has still not given any responses. Thanks to the premier, we find we have another immigration emergency that is uncontrolled to such an extent that it brings shame on the country, and just as at the time of the Berlusconi government, it is berated by the good and the great in Europe. How long does Italy have to go on being subjected to this sort of humiliation? And when will it finally get the Dublin Regulation re-discussed? Because it’s clear that anyone arriving in Italy needs to be identified, but it’s equally clear that there should then be a quota system to allocate people to different countries in Europe - and this has been forcefully requested by the M5S.”
M5S Senate


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The 5 Star MoVement is denouncing Alfano and Marino


After Vittorio Casamonica’s funeral, the 5 Star MoVement will denounce Angelino Alfano, and the mayor of Rome, Ignazio Marino, and will ask them to pay compensation for the damage done to Rome’s image, dignity and reputation at a national and international level.

“With Vittorio Casamonica’s “funeral show”, the image of Rome and the image of Italy are irreparably compromised, scarred and humiliated by the umpteenth blatant and arrogant demonstration of the presence of the Mafia in the capital. Everyone knew about the presence of the Mafia in Rome, especially after all the disgusting information was revealed in the investigation called “Mafia Capitale”. Everyone knew, except it seems the mayor of Rome, Marino, and the Minister, Alfano, who should have known - in the light of everything that has been discovered in the last few months - and they should be the ones watching out and paying attention. And yet none of that was happening and their superficiality, incompetence and inertia have made it possible for Rome to be downtrodden once more, and become the land of no one, and a laughing stock for foreign newspapers who look at us with incredulity and disgust.
Ignazio Marino, the mayor of a capital that he has never governed, doesn’t know, doesn’t hear, doesn’t talk, and ignores what has been happening in his city. The only thing he knows how to do is to blow up like a time bomb when it is too late, when everything has already happened in spite of the Police, the Prefecture and the unprepared and absent institutions. And yet everyone knew. There were the cars of the local police following the funeral procession, the security forces had given notification of the permission given to members of the Casamonica family under house arrest, to take part in the funeral.
Thus the funeral procession, including carriages and a helicopter, could have been halted. Now the people of Rome and the people of Italy are not only suffering the humiliation, but there are also having to put up with the joke of the different folk who are now saying “oh - I didn’t know!”. However, the responsibilities are clear. Mayor Marino and Minister Alfano are responsible. They should have contributed to getting the Mafia out of Rome and guaranteeing the security of the city. But they have not even been able to prevent a freak show like Vittorio Casamonica’s funeral. And the President of the Council is also responsible because he has refused to dissolve the cabinet governing Rome due to mafia involvement. Let us remember that he is a President of the Council who is also the secretary of a party that was literally overwhelmed by the “Mafia Capitale” investigation and whose president - Matteo Orfini - is setting himself up as a defender of the rule of law even though for a long time he was defending the president of the town of Ostia, Andrea Tassone, who then ended up under house arrest as a result of this investigation. We have a President of the Council whose Minister of Labour, Poletti, who at that time was the head of the cooperative called Legacoop, was immortalised during that famous dinner with a member of the Casamonica family and with Salvatore Buzzi.
The damage to the capital and to the people of Rome is massive: this is why we are in discussion with our lawyers to see whether to present a denunciation against Alfano and Marino to ask that they pay compensation for the damage done to the image, dignity and reputation at a national and international level. We will use the millions of euro in compensation that should result from this action, to renew the roads in Rome that are in the worst state and to fill in the holes that the mayor has not been able to repair.”
M5S parliament


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