#AbolirEquitalia Get rid of Equitalia


You too? Are you persecuted by Equitalia? Do like Beppe!
Here, send a selfie of you with your tax demand, to say that you want to get rid of Equitalia!
Do this to tell everyone that you support the proposed law to get rid of Equitalia for ever and ever - as put forward by the 5 Star MoVement! (PS: Remember to partially cover your face and delete personal data)

“In relation to Equitalia it’s time to be upfront and personal. Now’s the time to come out into the open: the armed wing of the Tax Collection Authority has never chased "the tax dodgers", but it has become a violent soldier oppressing the small and the really small while closing an eye to the rich and powerful. At times it’s even turning out to be an accomplice, as has been discovered in the recent investigations. Not one Italian has not been afflicted with the terrible tax demands, or at least no Italian without saints in Paradise and accounts in the Cayman Islands. True torture: tax demands sent to seven year old children, to disabled people and pensioners getting a minimum income, tax demands that get repeated, that get exploded, tiny companies brought to their knees with the bailiffs taking away machinery, and families thrown out into the streets for debts amounting to a few thousand euro. This is anything but hitting the tax dodgers... How many millionaires have lost their yachts to Equitalia? But on the other hand there are countless people who have made their monthly payments to these relentless tax collectors attempting the impossible task of chasing after the fines and the related usurious interest payments that get bigger every year. Medieval tax collectors sowing terror and desperation, ending up driving people to commit suicide or the violent protests that we have seen in recent years.
We know the names of those on the Right who were keen on Equitalia and voted for Equitalia, and those on the Left that strengthened it: people that are still in Parliament, that still try to gather in votes by promising "justice and equity". Unexpected people like Cuperlo and heroes of "enough taxes" like Alfano; "anti-austerity“ people like Crosetto and "great people" like Bersani; even Realacci, the environmentalist.
So getting rid of Equitalia is not just a simple gesture of justice in relation to the many victims. It’s a mark of civilisation that allows us to come away from Medieval ways that oppress the citizens, performed by omnipotent subordinates sent by the current “little lord”. The M5S law presented today, is the way of our saying “NO” to a Europe that is butchering so many social benefits and taking us back to the reign of terror. Getting rid of Equitalia means performing an about-turn and finally taking the right way to come out of this nightmare. We are ready. We can see the light at the end of the tunnel: and it’s the 5 Star light.
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Download the M5S law and the slides about Equitalia here! ( )
M5S Lower House


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Passaparola - The Devils of the Finance world

The Devils of the Finance world

The fact is that in order to print money and use that money to buy Government Bonds, you have to have two basic pillars, namely a strong reserve currency like the Dollar, which is not likely to devalue suddenly, and you have to have no inflation because then automatically no one will want to buy up to your public debt. Guido Maria Brera, author and Chief Investment Officer of an asset management firm.

My name is Guido Brera and I have been involved in the savings management field for the past twenty years. Today we will be talking about some important issues regarding the current political and economic crisis. My observation begins from the concept of neo-liberalism, which is something that was born around thirty years ago and is an encompassing philosophy that places the individual at the centre of the world. I remember Mrs. Thatcher once saying that "We are the sum of many individuals, however, we should not view society as such but rather as the sum of many individual people."

In neo-liberalism, the individual is free to choose whatever is best for him/her, in a totally independent manner. Therefore, the concept of a State that looks after you from cradle to grave is abandoned and the banks become the new welfare State. In other words, the State delegates the banks to grant credit to the individual who can then utilise that easy credit to purchase a home, a life insurance policy, education, go to school and pay to attend the best schools. All this, however, by getting into debt. Apparently this system may even have been rather attractive, but the truth is that it led to certain unpredictable and serious consequences such as the dismantling of the middle class and, perhaps the worst possible consequence of all, namely the absence of equal opportunities. The gap between rich and poor is the highest it has been since 1929.

Let’s focus for a moment on one of the cardinal precepts of neo-liberalism, namely the granting of easy credit to everyone, which involves low interest rates, low inflation and the possibility of printing money on a huge scale.

In my opinion, printing money is the one thing that contributes the most towards increasing the inequality between the rich and the poor. In my book entitled "I Diavoli" (Literally “The Devils”), a novel in which I try to explain finance more or less to everyone, there is a father who explains to his son what it means to print money. I used the analogy of snow: there is a beautiful snowstorm that deposits snow over all the land, however, in the shady areas the snow gathers whereas in the sunny areas the snow melts. Similarly, printing money simply increases wealth where there is already wealth, but where the conditions are unsuitable for money to create more money, the snow simply melts away. Printing money has always been touted as a last resort in terms of solving the problems of the economic crisis, however, let’s ask ourselves this question: Who is it that can actually print money and fund public spending? The fact is that in order to print money and use that money to buy Government Bonds, you have to have two basic pillars, namely a strong reserve currency like the Dollar, which is not likely to devalue suddenly, and you have to have no inflation because then automatically no one will want to buy up to your public debt.

In order to have no inflation, you have to have continuous internal devaluation, which means increasing inequality even at the level of economic policy. There is no way that I can print money unless I somehow put downward pressure on salaries. And here's the rub, because the consumer in the West is increasingly in debt, in Countries that are increasingly in debt and then with downward pressure on salaries on top of it all. This means that equal opportunities vanish for everyone.

But why is it that the middle and lower classes are those that mostly pay the price for a policy that is based solely on the expansion of the monetary base, in other words on printing more money? Well, because the only type of inflation that is truly under control is demand-based inflation, in other words where the consumer actually feels wealthier than he really is and, importing from Countries where labour costs are very low, he can actually afford to buy more goods, but these are discretionary goods, in other words that he doesn’t really need. Shirts cost far less today that what they cost twenty years ago, as do many electronic items, from mobile phones through to recorders, television sets, indeed they cost far less and are worth far less these days, hence the consumer’s illusion of being wealthier than what he actually is because he can spend more money, or rather there is more that he can buy with the money he has.

There is however also another kind of inflation, namely Asset inflation, which impacts on those goods that we really do need. No one can really afford to buy a house anymore because prices have risen so much and no one can afford their kids’ education any longer because it costs so much, and remember that education is the greatest weapon we have at our disposal to facilitate social climbing. If you have to spend 20 or 30 thousand Euro a year to educate your child, as parents are having to do in England these days, then obviously, after a year or two, you have to say stop.

It is obvious that the more money you print, the less that money will be worth in terms of purchasing power. The problem with printing money is that money is a bit like radiation, it gets in everywhere. Because of freedom of movement of capital, if the American or Japanese central bank simply prints more money, the inefficiencies of this system will eventually also arrive in Europe. The European Central Bank has so far proven to be the most virtuous in this regard in that its resistance against so-called quantitative easing has been pretty good, all in all. The problem of the Euro and the solution of the Euro crisis is not to be found in printing more money but rather in the fact that we simply have to improve the Euro itself.

In reality, currently we don’t actually have a true European monetary unit because it is as if we, here in Italy, have an Italian Lira that is subjugated to the German Mark since the Euro interest rate here in Italy differs from the Euro interest rate in Germany. The so-called “spread” means that Italy issues bonds at a higher rate of interest that the German one. That is something that we actually need to fight about. The Euro itself is excellent in theory, but it must be followed by a fiscal union, firstly political and then banking. In many ways, the 2012 attack on the Euro was carried out in a very scientific manner because at that stage the Dollar was very much seen as being entrenched in its role as the global reserve currency.

In “Diavoli”, I compared the world finance to a theatre stage. It is dark and there’s someone moving the spotlight, this bull’s eye, lighting up certain specific issues. Now, I believe that at some point a conscious decision was made to turn the spotlight onto the Euro, with all its weaknesses, and to make it seem even weaker than it was, while highlight the Dollar as the ideal hedge currency.

I am optimistic about Italy. I am optimistic because this truly is the most beautiful Country in the world, where the quality of life is very good and we come up with new technologies that will increasingly enable one to relocate one’s company and set oneself up pretty much wherever one chooses. Changing tack, it must be said that the recipe is always the same, namely investing in culture, in tourism and, above all, showing respect for the environment because the most valuable asset that Italy has in this day and age is the environment. If this is true, as is the fact that Italy is one of the most beautiful places in the world, then all we need to do, in my opinion, is to look after our Country as well as possible in order to attract as many new companies as possible, as many new people as possible who want to come and work here and who, in coming to work here, will in turn create more subsidiary industry, more work and more jobs for everyone. Spread the word!

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#CarosenatorePd Dear PD senator


Dear senator,
On 28 January you voted for the “exchange vote” to be a punishable offence (the so called 416/ter) setting out prison sentences from 7 to 12 years. The description of the applicable punishment ensures that there is a prison sentence and a lifetime block on holding public office for any politician making themself available to the mafia in exchange for a vote. On 2 April in the Lower House, with an agreement made by the political parties “PD-Forza Italia-Ncd” the length of the prison sentence was reduced to 4-10 years, and this is a measure that no longer gives the same guarantee to the citizen.
When the law went back to the Senate, your party put forward amendments (leading signature: Felice Casson) to bring back the original range of sentences, but after that, your party inexplicably withdrew those amendments that have then been put forward by the 5 Star MoVement.
On Tuesday, in the Chamber, there’ll be voting on this amendment that once more sets out the range of prison sentence from 7 - 12 years. I’m asking you to be consistent with the favourable vote you expressed on 28 January. I’m asking you not to reduce the length of sentence by 40% and and to restore the provision that means it is possible to punish a politician who makes themself available to the mafia clans, by voting for the two amendments that were originally presented by senator Casson. If you want to banish any remaining doubts, read this interview with Alessandro Milita, the Public Prosecutor in the trial against Nicola Cosentino. Do not disarm the magistracy in the war against the mafia clans. Get the mafia out of the State!
M5S in the Lower House and in the Senate

You too can send this letter to the PD senators


{Dear PD senator}

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Renzie’s vendetta #renzieparaculo


"Renzi has a vendetta against the Court of Accounts that has found him guilty at the first level of judgement for loss of revenue to the public purse. For Mayor Renzi, who got used to being pulled up and convicted by the Court Accounts for the carefree way he managed entertainment expenses and the money in the local government accounts, he can’t believe his luck that he can get his own back now that he’s in Government. His colleagues, Marino (Mayor of Rome) and De Magistris (mayor of Naples) have recently had to take note of the critical condition of their accounts: in the case of Rome it is already politically self-evident and it is at risk of getting analysed by the financial magistracy. Whereas the situation for Naples has already been verified by the Court of Accounts.
The financial judges can in fact intervene and bring in a commissioner to manage the affairs of local authorities that have become bankrupt (art. 243-bis and ss. of Dlgs. 267/2000 and art. 6 of Dlgs. 149/2011)
Thus, while he’s leading a nice bunch of profligate mayors and administrators, what does this happy gang do once he’s got into power? They bring in a Decree to modify the currently operating rules governing the powers of control of the Court over local authorities and among other things, thus nullifying rulings that have already been made (what is astounding is the already declared collapse of the city of Naples, in accordance with article 243-quater, section 7, of Dlgs. 267/2000).
The relevant decree is d.l. 6 March 2014, n.16 of 28 February 2014 and approved today, forced through with a “confidence” vote: “urgent measures relating to local finance as well as measures to guarantee the functioning of educational institutions”, better known as “Salva Rome ter” {Save Rome third time round}. It’s the first action of the Renzi Government and instead of saving the city authorities and the citizens of Rome and of Naples from the disastrous administrators led by Marino and de Magistris, it does everything to save Marino and De Magistris from the imposition of a commissioner, and this is done by relaxing the financial control of the Court of Accounts that is circumvented by a shrewdly created law.


Since he can’t count on the votes of the citizens, Renzie is trying to consolidate his power by ensuring that the useless local administrators that the parties have spread all over Italy, are subservient and pliable to his wishes".
Alfonso Bonafede, M5S Lower House


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{Renzie is protecting his arse}

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Four showgirls and a gabibbo #4velinepossonbastare


For the PD, woman or man makes no difference. The only requirement to be placed at the top of the list for the European elections by the only person voting in the PD Primaries is to be part of the Court of the Dear Leader Renzie. The hacks of the little Italian newspapers are drooling and writing "Renzi’s about-turn, only women at the top of the list for the European elections" Corriere della Sera, "European elections, the PD’s about-turn. Only women at the top of the lists" la Repubblica, "European elections, Renzi: «only women at the top of the list»", l'Unità. The simple fact of being a woman is not a value. To be a woman with an unblemished record, outwith the logic of the party, not parachuted into Parliament at the wish of the party secretary at 20,000 euro a month and without ever having made a living off politics: this is a value. Four of the five people at the top of the list named directly by the “ebetino” {little idiot} are currently deputies. A year ago they were elected to spend five years in the Lower House. Two of them, the fibber Ms Picierno and Ms Mosca, are serving their second term of office. If they’re elected, what will they do? Will they resign to go and warm the armchairs in Brussels and Strasbourg? No. They will renounce the opportunity and thus allow in the unpresentable unsuccessful ones - those who wouldn’t even succeed in getting elected onto a committee to administer a condominium. They are women used for marketing purposes according to the best berlusconian tradition: four showgirls and Renzie playing the Gabibbo. They are taking us for a ride, put with a tinge of pink. Anyone acting as an elected representative should not compete for another position until the end of their term of office, that how the 5 Star MoVement’s elected representatives operate. 50 of the 73 candidates in the PD’s list have always made their living from politics, from official jobs, from public money, and they’ve never done a true job. It’s impossible to lose against this Incredible Army of Brancaleone.
#Vinciamonoi We will win.


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Take from the poor to give to the Renzie #assegnifamigliari


In cahoots with newspapers and and the regime TV channels, Renzie is still telling the fib about the 80 euro a month. It would be enough to go and read the text of the law of the legal decree that is currently being discussed by the Senate, to discover that for the same categories of people for whom Renzie has promised the 80 euro, he has removed the deduction for the dependent spouse worth about 700 - 800 euro a year, which is about 65 euro a month. The advertising campaign of the saucepan-seller-of-Florence, financed with the blood of Italian families. An “exchange vote” for 15 euro. Is your dignity worth so little?

"No more deductions for the dependent spouse: is written somewhere in the boorish ambiguity of the so called Jobs Act, “LEGGE DI DELEGA” {law enabling the government to pass legislation}, currently under discussion in the Senate. In fact article 5, paragraph c) says: " introduction of tax credit, as an incentive to female work, for the women workers even when free-lancers, with offspring who are children and that earn less than a certain overall level of income for a woman worker, and harmonisation of the regime of deductions for the dependent spouse
What’s being hidden behind this factitious and ambiguous wording? An out and out blitz on the fundamental tax allowance for the dependent spouse, substituted with an improbable and super-unconstitutional “tax credit”! Today the tax allowance for the dependent spouse is due to a spouse who is working whether they are a man or a woman, if they have a wife or a husband depending on them, that is someone whose income does not exceed 2,840.51 euro a year, or 5 million in old lire. This tax allowance is worth about 700/800 euro a year. Getting rid of that and bringing in the so called “tax credit” means the number of people benefiting from this, will be massively reduced.
In fact, according to the gobbledygook in the article mentioned above, the “tax credit” would be due (as a credit on tax due) to the companies that employ a woman if all the following conditions exist:
- women workers even when free-lancers;
- with offspring who are children;
- whose overall earnings are below a certain figure;
By interpreting the twists and turns of this strange law, we discover that it means that if someone gets a job and they are a woman with a dependent spouse, or a couple without offspring or without offspring who are not yet adult, they would lose the tax allowance that they are entitled to right now.
Furthermore, these categories of people that would lose out, are those very people who were promised an extra 80 euro in their pay packets.” Carla Ruocco, M5S Lower House


{family allowances}

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