Grasso the functionary


“Is Grasso a “fascist” as a Lega senator has stated? No, he’s simply a grey government functionary charged with turning regulations into dusters. He’s just an Oblomov (character created by Goncharov) who’s resigned from his position as a civil servant for fear of being reprimanded by his line manager because of a tiny mistake he’s made. However he’s much more laid back than his literary equivalent, only grey up to a point, because he’s speedy when it comes to serving his tsar “per fas and nefas” {by fair means and foul}. The Senate regulations are not prodigiously clear, but on certain points there’s no doubt, for example, when discussing secret ballots (art 113 section 4) it says without any possibility of error that when requested by twenty senators, “there’s a secret ballot for resolutions relating to regulations about linguistic minorities as set down in article 6 of the Constitution” as well as those “that relate to the civil and ethical-social relationships regulated by articles 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 24, 25, 26, 27, 29, 30, 31 and 32” of the Constitution.
Senator De Petris (Sel) had put forward an amendment by which both Chambers (note: not just the Senate, but both Houses of Parliament) must be composed of elected representatives “guaranteeing the representation of linguistic minorities”, thus, there was no possibility of doubt: a secret ballot was needed. But it was clear that, in this case, the amendment would have got through and Renzi’s reform would have gone into the air and smashed to pieces. So what was invented by the PD? We vote on separate bits of the amendment. Thus the first part (“the Houses of Parliament are made up of elected representatives”), that is the dangerous bit that doesn’t talk about linguistic minorities, and we have an open ballot on it. And we have a secret ballot on the other bit as it’s worthless. It’s just that, in relation to having separate ballots (art 102 section 5), the regulations of the Senate state that “when the wording of the text to be put to the vote contains more than one elements or when it refers to more than one subject or object or it can be separated into more than one part with each part having its own logical meaning and a normative value, it is acceptable to have a vote on the separate parts.” And if the first part of the amendment was logically coherent, the second part was not and it doesn’t even have the subject of the verb: “guaranteeing the representation of linguistic minorities”. What on earth does that mean? Who has to guarantee this representation? In what environment? In a tournament for playing card games? A typical example of a dangling gerund, that is an unmistakable sign of one who is just starting to learn to read and write.


Finally: do you realise that with this respect for the regulations, as well as being the Leader of the Senate, he has also been the Head of the national anti-Mafia prosecutor’s office?!"
Aldo Giannuli

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Open letter from Luigi Di Maio to Piero Grasso


"President Piero Grasso,
in the last few days I’ve been following the discussion of so called “constitutional reforms” in the Senate of the Italian Republic, that you lead. Even more serious than the danger of having a non-elected Senate or a suppressed Senate, yesterday evening my heart was filled with fear as I witnessed the definitive disappearance of the country’s supervisory bodies.
The opinion of the 5 Star MoVement in relation to the fading impartiality and authority of Laura Boldrini and of Giorgio Napolitano, is no mystery. But I did still have a tiny bit of confidence in you.
I’m aware that these are complicated issues. What needs to be explained right now to the people of Italy that – quite rightly - want to rest after a year of work (or of infinitely looking for work), is what is the added value of the impartiality of the President of the Senate in the debate between the Majority and the Opposition. What needs to be explained to an Italy that is made up of entrepreneurs taxed at 55% and with 10 million people in poverty, is that the presidents of both Houses of Parliament and the President of the Republic are people playing fundamental roles that are essential for the survival of our democracy, people that above all have to guarantee the rights of the weaker part of the political scene, those who represent millions of people but who have not won the elections and are thus not in the majority. I know that it is difficult to explain the importance of democracy to an Italy that has seen it trodden all over in all manner by phenomena like corruption, cheating, “scilipotismo” {politics of transformation following Domenico Scilipoti} and so on. I know that it is difficult, after the disgraceful spectacle of this political class, but I will try all the same. Because in recent days, you, President Grasso, are showing me the extent to which our constitutional system could be in serious danger.
I am reminding myself that the leaders of each House of Parliament are managing a sort of “reserve” according to which the principle of “let the majority decide” is not valid, but in certain cases things cannot be put to the vote because they are not admissible.


I believe that you still have time to make sure that this act of destruction doesn’t happen. Have a think about it. If you want to help yourself, I advise you to look into the eyes of those senators that are seated slightly to your right when you are presiding over proceedings in the Chamber. They are citizens that have chosen to spend their nights in the Senate to defend our system of democracy, to modify the reforms that (as we well know) even you yourself do not believe in. Those fifty people do not represent power groups, lobbies or economic potentates and they demand the respect and the guarantee of a truly democratic procedure in the Chambers of the Senate. They are people that are halving their salaries and they have chosen not be politicians for life. Each of them has work that they’ll return to after they’ve served their term of office as a senator and they are committed to respecting the rule of two terms of office that we observe as 5 Star MoVement elected representatives. They want the world of politics to be at the service of the people and not aiming to subdue the will of the people to the short-sighted plan of a part of the country that is racing towards democratic disaster. Look into the eyes of those free citizens with unblemished records. Try and see in their faces the extent to which they believe in what they are saying. And then decide if its worthwhile ensuring that their rights are respected.
Cordial greetings".
Luigi Di Maio

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The perfect storm


While Renzie is amusing himself with the abolition of the Senate and in exchange Berlusconi is saving his “cash", the only thing he cares about, thanks to the “Pact of Nazareno” that citizens know nothing about, Italy is undergoing economic collapse. And anyone raising this issue is considered to be bringing bad luck. But facts are facts and not slogans and they cannot be contradicted with quips befitting a silly child. Anyway, it’s better to have bad luck than to have   profiteering.

“Figures are figures. And you cannot even accuse them of bring bad luck or of hindering things or of being pessimistic as is done with internal dissidents and with the Opposition in Parliament. “Facts are stubborn things”, as John Adams said. For more than a year now, ever since we came into Parliament, the M5S has been observing and denouncing these facts, and we have seen how these government make laws relating to the economy. Renzi is still having a struggle to remove his jacket of optimism. But the accounting storm is already on the horizon and people in the government have understood that a mischievous grin from a guy looking like the character Fonzie from "Happy Days”, will not be enough to stay the arrival of the flood.
In 2015, the premier will need at least 10 billion to fund the 80 euro electoral promise.


In fact, these last few governments have just been throwing money where it’s not needed or where it’s only needed by their friends (who remembers that Letta tucked into the Stability Law 400 million for the Mose project and just 20 million for broadband ?).
We have even put forward a resolution laying down that the money from the privatisation (if it really has to go ahead) has to be used for growth, to improve the denominator and to provide us with a broader monetary base. Let there be no more selling off the family silver as these items are turning into little buckets used to try and empty out the sea of debt.
According to the M5S there’s a healthy way of using the deficit and the debt. The only deficit that truly worries us is that deficit in understanding the reality that is affecting Renzie and his government".
M5S Budget Committee

We can expect a perfect storm in the autumn. Predictions vary between an optimistic(?) finance law worth 24 billion to a catastrophic one worth 40 billion. Where will Renzie find the money? In our pockets.
What are the options? Take part in the opinion poll! Select the options that you think are the most likely. And in December together with the panettone (who knows whether Renzie will get to eat it ...) the IMF will arrive.
Meanwhile, full steam ahead with the “reforms" because Europe’s asking for them.

Look at the results

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Parliament in the open air - poll


Yesterday in Rome I met up with the parliamentarians and I put to them the proposal of having a Parliament in the open air and a big majority was in favour of the idea. What follows is the transcript of my speech and at the end signed up M5S members can vote on the proposal.

“Time has (nearly) run out. We have made use of all the tools of democracy. We thought we could improve the country by using the Clean Up Parliament popular law, the first true reform of the electoral law. That was back in 2007 (the law was never discussed in two legislatures in spite of having collected 350,000 signatures), by using a referendum on the freedom of information. That was 2008 (the referendum was never taken into consideration by the other political entities and the signatures were done away with by Carnevale the judge-who-kills-judgments). After that we got organised into a political group, the M5S, and without public financing, with all the media against us, we succeeded in becoming the top political group in February 2013. From that moment on, unprecedented in Italy, there’s been a relentless war against the M5S, to de-legitimise it, to smash it. A war waged by the System. With Napolitano acting as the director, the PD and the PDL, dreamed up the idea of a government of broad agreements to keep us out, just like two gangsters that divide up the territory so that they don’t lose any of their power. More than 160 citizens with unblemished records came into Parliament. They were put forward by other citizens at the grass roots. They have worked hard for eighteen months, putting forward draft laws, amendments, and parliamentary questions. They have been completely ignored, just as though they didn’t exist. As though they didn’t represent millions of voters. Treated like dogs in a church. And now we are powerless as we look on, thanks to the parties that are corrupt and complicit, thanks to a President of the Republic who is unpresentable and to a convicted criminal whose party was founded with the complicity of the mafia, with the destruction of democracy. Not one of our proposals has been taken into consideration. They look at us with the sarcastic smile of someone who has power by divine right, of someone who says: "I am me and you are nothing" and they ignore us. So why are we staying around in Parliament? To do what? Just to be taken for a ride? To maintain the appearance of democracy while this lot have a coup d'état? We’ll still stay if it’s possible to block the coup d'état with the elimination of the elected Senate. After that, if these Constitution-breakers leave us no choice, we’ll push off. It’s better to go out and talk with the citizens in the streets of Rome and throughout Italy. It’s better to be out talking to the people every day than playing gooseberry to those who betray democracy and betray their homeland. We’ll leave them alone to mess up their laws and we’ll go out and about among the citizens. Fresh air.” Beppe Grillo

Are you in favour of having a Parliament in the open air to denounce the current attempt at a coup d'état? Vote now!

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Immigrants, cause and effect


The expressions of piety paid to the clandestine immigrants that are drowning in the sea while escaping from their own countries towards the big unknown, are always hiding the reasons why these people are leaving their homelands and all they have, to take a leap into the dark. We are both executioners and saviours with hearts of stone. We like to get noticed by turning up at Lampedusa or by making speeches about providing a welcome, speeches that are always disregarded. When these poor souls arrive, they are not welcomed, but left to fend for themselves or locked up in some facility. There’s never a discussion about the cause of their exodus, but their possessions get photographed because it’s convenient and also very radical chic (and it makes us feel so good...). Who is selling arms to the countries of these refugees? Who is happily bombing them? Who is exploiting their (often enormous) resources? Governments, multinationals, weapons producers. These are the causes, and it’s here that intervention is needed, not on the results, not on the boats, but nobody is saying anything. Pecunia non olet. The people drowning in the Mediterranean, are dying twice over: the first time at sea, and the second time because of our hypocrisy.

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Aridatece er puzzone - Bring back Mussolini


A Parliament elected via an unconstitutional law, a President of the Republic that appoints people like a monarch does, three Presidents of the Council without going via elections, a pact to change the Constitution that no one knows anything about, a pact that was created by a convicted criminal. Now they want to eliminate the elected Senate and stuff it with local party top dogs and they want a Lower House of appointees. This is called coup d'état. Mussolini had more discretion. He didn’t talk about “reforms".
The guy directing this act of destruction is Napolitano who should resign immediately. That would be an act of institutional modesty. And the democratic bodies should have nothing more to do with him. From this moment onwards, the M5S will not have any contact with a man who has abdicated his role as guarantor of the Constitution. It is to be hoped that other political entities will join in and isolate him before it’s too late, before the darkness of the night. The exit route from this situation is to be found in new elections. The law exists. It’s the one amended by the Constitutional Court, the one with preferences and without an abnormal majority premium. The M5S isn’t afraid of new elections to give back legitimacy to parliament, even tomorrow if necessary. Renzie’s threat of new elections is an unloaded gun and he knows that.

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