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Yesterday a shameful happening took place in the Lower Chamber during the voting for the new electoral law proposed by the Berlusconi Governemnt.
The same Berlusconi, who by the way, has been defined as “electoral ‘coup d’étât’ person” by Le Monde.
Our employees in the Majority Coalition want this law to be approved at all costs. They hope to change the electoral rules and thus win the next election. This is contrary to the will of the Italian people who voted in a referendum in 1993 for the current electoral system.

Voting took place in secret so as to guarantee the independence of the politicians. But Minister Calderoli has stated that the secrecy of the voting was a joke, as he has been to check the print outs in the computer offices and so could find out straight away who had been cheating.

A swindling law approved by cheats. Otherwise what sort of swindling law would it be?

Here’s my suggestion to the members of the Opposition:
Resign from all the institutional positions and abandon the pigsty that Parliament has become.

Every day, more than 100,000 people come to this blog.There are people who are more intelligent than me, are much better prepared than I am, with more imagination, and more knowledge than me.I’ve been struggling to think of every way to prevent the approval and realisation of this swindling law, now I ask for your help.

I’m asking you for your ideas and suggestions to stop this abomination.
Perhaps one of you can do it.

Source: Le Monde, l’Unità

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Chi ha scritto IL BROGLIO ha proprio ragione!
La Destra ha imbrogliato.

Così è stato fino alla prima ora di spoglio!
Poi, di colpo....

oh gente, le schede bianche sono sempre state il 7/8% , stavolta... il TRE PER CENTO!!!

I sondaggi hanno indovinato ESATTAMENTE le percentuali di TUTTI I PARTITI ma hanno sbagliato del CINQUE PER CENTO solo il partito del Berlusconi!

CHI HA RIEMPITO DUE MILIONI DI SCHEDE BIANCHE facendo una croce sul simbolo di Forza Italia?


QUELLE SCHEDE SONO pericolose: BASTA crociarle e diventano UN VOTO!

Considerate che Berlusconi è un falsario condannato in primo grado 5 volte alla galera, che è coinvolto nelle false prove contro DiPietro (Corticchia e Strazzèra in galera), che è il "burattinaio" di Telekom Serbia (unico implicato Bocchino di AN, era nella Commissione...), che è accusato di avere contraffato i documenti del Nigergate!

E'coadiuavto da un piduista come Cicchitto, e da pregiudicati come Previti % Dellutri e che PISANU, l'ex-ministro FU CACCIATO PER CORRUZIONE dal parlamento 18 anni fa perchè aveva beccato la steccona da Calvi!!!

Chi controllerà?

Posted by: Ernesto Gastaldi | May 28, 2006 06:44 PM

Ho appena scoperto che il sito e' anche in inglese! Forse lo e' da un po' di tempo ed ero rimasta indietro io non lo so...
Comunque trovo che sia fantastico, ci sono molti stranieri interessati agli argomenti trattati sul tuo sito e finalmente anche io potro' condividere con mio marito inglese le "entusiasmanti" notizie che riguardano il paese in cui (per ora) viviamo.
PS per il DVD mi sono dovuta arrangiare con una traduzione simultanea mooolto casereccia.

Posted by: tiziana gandolfo | October 24, 2005 02:25 PM

@piero fassetti

NO, NO, No! You are veeeerryyy wrong!

Beppe Grillo a political busybody?
Why are you writing on his blog then? you are the busybody and you are trying to mislead (that's the translation of "depistare", why are you writing in english if you can speak only italian?).

you had even the courage of writing down your link. That is advertising and is not allowed on this blog. I hope the staff will delete your comment

I had the bad idea to follow this link and read what you really think about Beppe Grillo.
Mamma mia, shame!
Luckily the person like you do not get any attention, in this blog and in the real life.

Posted by: Piergianni Pas | October 21, 2005 10:57 AM

Beppe, please, could you kindly publish the Berlusconi's speech in Parliament that it has been broadcast yesterday evening from the TV programme "BALLARO'"?!?
Thanks and best regards!

Posted by: Davide Chemin | October 19, 2005 10:27 PM

As Beppe actor Grillo is a "large one" that would deserve very more of the "Switzerland Television". As political he is instead a great busybody, "buffone of the sent mondialista court" on the ring of the information to depistare the conscientious persons whom they want truly to change this country.

Posted by: piero fassetti | October 14, 2005 09:15 AM

Gee, here we go again. That's my idea: a broadcasting network, cable or sat tv, set on by a blend of wealthy and notorious people, the kind of Mr. Beppe Grillo and friends, with the help of a public subscription, trying to spread real and accurate news to the masses who keep on ignoring the truth behind their backs. Internet is a good way for the future, but, at the moment, we should not forget that many people cannot or have no interest in surfing the web. Unfortunately public tv channels are still way too decisive in influencing public opinion. And that's one of the main reasons of the unusual (I'd rather say abominable) politics of this government, definetely careless of the public welfare and needs.


Posted by: Riccardo Simiele | October 14, 2005 03:45 AM

You have no idea what the fuck is goin' on in Italy.
There's no word to describe this orrible situation. I just wanti to say: help us to liberate us form Berlusconi.
Help us to liberate us form Berlusconi.
Help us to liberate us form Berlusconi.
That's all

Posted by: Gazzotti Daniele | October 13, 2005 10:15 PM

Everyone who has red the Bible knows the story of the genesis of the Earth and all existing things, but very few know that there is a nearly lost oral tradition, not reported by the Bible, according to which God, at the very end of the creation, decided that every single nation would have been gifted with 2 special talents or abilities..

For example, he decided that English people would have been skilled sailors and talented traders; the French good philosopher and with a refined taste for food; the Germans brave soldiers and disciplined people; and so on……………….
As regarding Italy, God decided that its people “will be intelligent, honest, and vote Forza Italia……………… ”

At this point the archangel Gabriel, which was at his side at that moment, told him: “with all due respect, I know you are God and that everything you do is good and right, but you just gave 3 gifts to the Italians against the 2 allowed to all the other nations, and I fear that for this reason they might be jealous and perhaps make war one another.
God replied: “yes, you are right, but as you said I’m God and I can’t go back on my decision, but I can slightly alter it, in a way that Italian people could never make use of more than 2 gifts at a time………………this is my will!”

So it’s is for this reason that, an Italian which is honest and vote Forza Italia could never be intelligent; an Italian which is intelligent and vote Forza Italia could never be honest; and an Italian who is honest and intelligent will never vote Forza Italia,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Posted by: giuseppe corradi | October 13, 2005 10:00 PM

Wow, politics in Italy get's stranger seemingly every day. Every "democracy" has its problems, but can't a majority of Italians see what a nasty little facist Berlusconi is and what he is doing to Italy.

Posted by: John | October 13, 2005 06:12 PM

I do agree with Mr. Levante.
To leave the parlament is not the right way of doing it, fighting, in the other hand, is the way.
STAND UP all of you politicians at the opposition AND those of you in the majority that still have a sense of law and order and civilty ( I know there are some still ).
Stand up and say loud you don't want anymore of this!

Posted by: Daniele Bonvicini | October 13, 2005 10:22 AM

I'm moving permanently to Sweden. I was living in Italy for the past three years and got totally disgusted by the state of the political situation. It affects everything in our lives and I've had enough. Frankly, I suggest that honest, hard-working Italians should leave the country for good. When there will be nobody to govern (assuming that the majority of the people are indeed honest and hard-working), those parasites will find themselves something else to do, and hopefully it will involved a slipknot.
Rosie x

Posted by: Rosie Trenta | October 12, 2005 08:13 PM

> Here’s my suggestion to the members of the Opposition:
> “Resign from all the institutional positions and abandon the
> pigsty that Parliament has become.

Sorry Mr.Grillo but this isn't a good one...
I'm sure you remember one of the various acts that put the power in the fascism's hands is the "Aventino's Secession" well documented in various aspects in the history books.
Well this suggestion you made is very similar to that unfortunate one.
Yes,is plausible in the actual dirtiful situation a suggestion like this but this can start a dictatorship-like (well dictatorship similar to the pre WWII is impossible in EU,just now) state in Italy.

The only thing that I can suggest instead is a "Stand and Fight" in a civil way for all the members of opposition...not much but better that an Aventino,if the history taught some lessons...

Posted by: Primo Levante | October 12, 2005 07:39 PM

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