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I’m publishing this letter from Norberto Lenzi, a Bologna judge.

Politics teaches us that there are men that talk and men that do. Berlusconi has explained to us that he is signed up by right to the latter category without even telling us whether there are others. Within the magistrature, it was the same. Except that today the “men that do” are obliged to be inactive while there’s a free playing field for the” men that talk”.

The pages of the newspapers are full of “astounding” statements from Pietro Grasso, the new antimafia prosecutor. But (apart from the fact that Grasso shouldn’t have been there after all that has been done against Caselli, all the colleagues for solidarity and for dignity, should have taken back their applications) what did he say?

The fact that Provenzano (mafia boss) is still at large has been facilitated by supporting people from within politics, businesses and police forces.

But that there has been collusion between mafia, politicians, free masons, and financial institutions has been historically verified and even Rotary accepts this.

The problem is another: names. If you name an important person, or even a middle-ranking person, all hell is let loose.

On a number of occasions, I have heard Grassi talk about these issues at conferences. He used strong words and violent tones. He said things that if they had been said by Caselli would have resulted in slaughter. For Grassi, there was no reaction. There’s a reason for this.

The smoke of genericness is like a hail of blank bullets. Have you ever heard Grasso naming anyone? Have you ever heard his predecessor Piero Vigna, (a great chatterer) pronouncing the name “Andreotti” during the long years of the mafia trial, his subject?

Evidently, there is continuation in the institutions, and paraphrasing Dante, we can say that today has taken one from the other Piero, the glory of the mafia, but unfortunately, the person who will “the one and the other defecate in the nest” is not yet born.

Why then do we get these alarmed reactions to Grasso’s usual talk?

There’s nothing to fear. When asked to name names, he replied that he has already done so and that he has courageously named the mayor of Villabate, who obtained a false document for Provenzano, a carabiniere who became an assessor and an officer in the Guardia di Finanza [Finance Police] who acted as a mole. Is this earth shattering?

If these were the type of men who have been protecting Provenzano’s ability to stay unarrested, then he would have been in prison long ago.

Thus, gentlemen of politics and of finance, stay calm, because (as Celentano would say) Grasso is slow. And Caselli is the rock!

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Posted by: Anthony | March 26, 2006 09:41 PM

Some prankster changed Cuffaro's election poster! Instead of "Sicily in my heart" it's "Sicily in my pocket". Take a look on my blog....

Posted by: Maureen Lister | November 22, 2005 12:18 AM

Though Unpopular, Berlusconi Succeeds at Undoing 'Revolution' - Italian Leader's Critics Fear Return of Corruption, Inefficiency

By Daniel Williams
Washington Post Foreign Service
Monday, October 24, 2005; Page A14


Posted by: Marco Ferri | October 26, 2005 08:21 PM

From here it is possible to download the doc-movie
Citizen Berlusconi :


Posted by: alessandra arrigoni | October 24, 2005 07:58 PM

"Povera Italia" indeed.

Yes, Andreotti is the biggest "pezzonovanto" of them all. More than just someone who was "in odore di Mafia," as they say, he was closely allied with it. (In "Godfather III," the character of Lucchesi obviously is modeled on Andreotti.) In addition to his collusion with Mafia, Andreotti is largely responsible for the corrupt system of clientelismo that had held back Sicily for decades.

Posted by: George De Stefano | October 24, 2005 06:51 PM

Just one name: Giulio Andreotti. Seven times Prime minister, acquitted because his crime prescribed... If I was him, I'd be ashamed to get out home but he is a sought-after guest on TV for his "wisdom" and experience... Poor Italy! (typical italian expression...)

Posted by: Gianluigi Albertini | October 24, 2005 04:59 PM

The collusion between Mafia and the political world reaches to the highest levels of government in Italy. In Sicily, this has been true for ages, e.g., Salvo Lima. Then, last year, Salvatore Cuffaro, the regional president of Sicily and Berlusconi's man on the island (Cuffaro belongs to Forza Italia) was indicted on Mafia collusion charges, along with some high-ranking businessmen and other government officials. In the early 90s I saw a graffito in Catania that said, DC = Cosa Nostra. Add to that FI. Sometimes I feel Falcone and all the other heroic mafia fighters died in vain. Businesses in Palermo pay the pizzo, mafisosi still control the building trades and other sources of employment, and of course the Church, happy to have a reactionary government in power, will say little or nothing about that government's collusion with the mafia. Un tragedia che non finisce mai....

Posted by: George De Stefano | October 24, 2005 04:22 PM

The names formerly given belongs to brave people who tried to combat against mafia. Obviously...

Posted by: Gianluigi Albertini | October 24, 2005 03:51 PM

Caponnetto, Falcone, Borsellino, Livatino, Caselli and others: here are the names. When you can hear nothing but silence therefore mafia rules.

Posted by: gianluigi Albertini | October 24, 2005 03:47 PM

The question is: has anyone ever said the names of the "real" mafia people? Is there anyone that should sobstitute Grasso?

Posted by: Andy Stuart | October 24, 2005 02:19 PM

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