A Nobel for Milan


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Today I have decided to publish the letter from Nobel Prize winner, Dario Fo who is a candidate for the position of Lord Mayor of Milan.
I support him, a man that is honest, intelligent, and even though he's of a certain age, he's got new ideas about mobility, energy, integration, pollution.
The entire world envies us that we have a man like Dario. He's perfect to improve Milan.

Dear friends,

I am Dario Fo and I’m here to tell you that in a moment of madness I threw myself into this adventure: I’m taking part in the primaries, together with 3 other candidates to be chosen as Lord Mayor of Milan

For a bit now I’ve realised that the physical and human situation in Milan is to say the least tragic.

Since I announced this someone almost attacked me, asking: “But what’s making you do this? Where do you want to get to? Why does it matter to you to become Lord Mayor? You’re a man who has enjoyed all the luck: your works are performed all over the world, you’ve received extraordinary recognition, you’re even a Nobel prize winner…. But what else do you want?”.

And I reply: “I want to see my city a bit more civil, a bit more live-able, less chaotic, with suburbs that are less sad, even desperate.

I can’t stand the proliferation of the crafty and those without conscience who think only of making money, selling off buildings and property belonging to the city, including the air, water and land. This is why I’m throwing myself into this campaign and I’m giving it my all just like a madman.

A few days ago, there was a great demonstration with thousands of young people from the schools protesting against cuts imposed by the Minister of Education, Letizia Moratti, and against the project that wants to divide them into first, second and third class citizens. I went to mix with those young people who were shouting and rightly angry.

I hoped to find there even my greatest antagonist, the ex-Prefect Bruno Ferrante, but he wasn’t there.

I thought: “Perhaps he fears the rage of the youngsters.”

The next day I found myself in a crowd of citizens in the Isola zone demonstrating against building speculation that the Local Authority is carrying out in the zone where it is planning to destroy the park with the poetic name: il Bosco di Gioia {the Wood of Joy} cutting down every plant so that enormous buildings and skyscrapers can grow up instead.

I looked around for my antagonist, supported by the DS and the Daisy, but he wasn’t there.

They tell me that he was seen in a building in the centre talking with big business people about bricks and mortar.

A few days later, companions called me and Franca to go straight away to Via Lecco, where some desperate political refugees, fleeing from Eritrea, Somalia, and Sudan, have occupied a building that has been abandoned for 16 years. The Local Authorities are planning to throw them out immediately. Even my opponent Ferrante was called to offer his support to those 273 disinherited people.

But he wasn’t there. He declared that he wouldn’t come to talk to political refugees. And he added: “This isn’t the way to resolve problems. That building belongs to private people. The occupation is illegal.”

But if anyone is illegal it is the State and the Local Authorities who don’t allow them, even though they have permission to stay, to get a job, a house and some dignity. Even their monthly support of 400 Euro was suspended months ago.

My goodness! But when will it be that I’ll see my competitor, or at least someone from the DS or the Daisy who are backing him?

In the Town Hall the project is being passed to construct other skyscrapers at the old fair… a disaster for the population living in the vicinity. The neighbourhood is rebelling against the plan and has called a public meeting to discuss the serious situation. Even Ferrante was invited. I go but Ferrante doesn’t go.

Where is Ferrante?

Yesterday they decided to sell to private people, an enormous ancient building, property of the city, once public housing, instead of giving it back to the rightful tenants who used to live there before the restructuring that lasted for 20 years and who today live in degraded buildings.

We need to protest, to move: Ferrante are you coming too? Ferranteeee!…It’ll turn out that I’ll have to go there on my own.”

Dario Fo

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This is one of those things that make me all happy and grinning like a 5 years old kid who just stole some jam. It's a clean, bright thing, like the first day of spring. Omg, I'm turning poetical.
Thanks to Dario for putting his backside on the line, and best of luck!

Posted by: Stefania Oggioni | December 2, 2005 07:30 PM

Hi Dario,

I think that you're one of the greatest symbol in this city, you won the Nobel prize so I'm surely the last tha could tell you what to do...but you now better than me what we say here in Milan "A ogni ufelee al so mistÚ" a translation could be..."Every pastry cook do their job...

Please don't do that!!! This city needs a good and honest administrator not a wonderful actor...I remember Indro Montanelli when refused to be a senator because he wanted to be a "journalist absolutely indipendent" and now we remember him as one or maybe as the greatest Italian journalist.

You won a Nobel prize also with your jokes about the power and about who have the power, this mean that you're great doing that!!! You've to be a great artist you've to teach us how to see the world and who decide in the world, with your eyes.

I'm sure that you could do great things for Milan simply being what you are, you've already showed it because if you don't do something good for the entire world they don't give you the Nobel...what I mean is be what you are...support someone with you name and your ideas, I'm sure that there are still good and honest administrators out there!!!

Best Regards,


Posted by: Roberto | November 26, 2005 02:46 PM

Mister Lister, have you ever taken a train in Scotland? I did and it is so much worse than in Italy..

Posted by: paul stairways | November 26, 2005 11:02 AM

I am glad that Dario Fo is running for the position of Milan's Major. He is an honest man and I hope he will get the position.

Posted by: Giacomo Ruffoni | November 26, 2005 05:06 AM

yep, i was going to say, who is translating this stuff? Lord Mayor sounds so much a thing of the past, a title for a time when class issues, Kings and Earls and all that stuffy stuff with crinolines;)
Not something for FO, the ultimate un-stuffy (though Nobel...ha, ha get the pun?) person.

Also noticed that some of the translations are not really flowing, as if they were translated with Italian in mind, construction is not Anglo. Can I suggest you get a mother language at least to edit the text...
sorry for being so critical, but its just a little thing, the content is great!

Posted by: niki ghini | November 25, 2005 07:41 PM

Great stuff...sorry to split hairs though, Dario Fo would become Mayor of Milan and not Lord Mayor, as only London, the capital, has a Lord Mayor and the rest of us have to make to with mere mayors. Unless of course you consider Milan to be the capital of Italy, which I personally would not like to do, seeing how rotten the train service south is....

Posted by: Maureen Lister | November 25, 2005 03:57 PM

Sincerely Yours
Lio Giallini

Posted by: Lio Giallini | November 25, 2005 10:31 AM

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