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I have spent sleepless nights ignoring my family so that I could read your ideas and I passed them to Ciro, my 5 year old son who selected 18 of them. Here I’m presenting all 18, plus one of mine together with actions.

1. Antonello Dessi 12.10.05 23:49
“There’s no country in the world where election law has ever been changed during an election campaign, and in Italy the election campaign has started. You can’t change the rules of the game once the game has begun. Berlusconi, from la Padania 5/10/2005.
I will put this wording onto a pdf file that will be downloadable from this site.

2.Michele Martelli 13.10.05 00:54
”On the Riviera of Rimini this summer a recorded voice mail message had enormous success. An exasperated petrol pump attendant was cursing at the top of his voice.“
I will create a brief audio about the electoral law to be available on the Net.

3.Stefano Discenza 13.10.05 01:24
“I propose banners in the stadium
I guess the MeetUp groups could do this if they want to, with their own slogans.

4.Stefano Discenza 13.10.05 02:07
”Let’s hire a plane and do some leafleting from on high in various parts of Italy.”
I’ll think about this, I really like it, I’ll see if it’s possible.

5.Jan Matthys 13.10.05 20:03
“Ask for outside help.”
MeetUp groups and bloggers could promote the English version of the Blog and the translated post about Parliament.

6.Luca Ciccarelli 13.10.05 09:16
“Take the case to the Corte Costituzionale (Constitutional Court).”
I’ll check this out with my lawyers.

7.Sebastiano Putinato 13.10.05 9:26
Attend sessions of Parliament as ordinary citizens wearing T-shirts with campaign messages.”
MeetUp groups could perhaps organise something on these lines.

8.Claudio Bellini 13.10.05 9:40
“Arrange to meet up in front of Palazzo Madama (building where the Senate sits) so that we can throw down our election certificates at the feet of these our employees when they make their way to the Senate to vote.”
I’ll have to ponder this one, but it’s a brilliant idea.

9.Andrea Vice 14.10.05 01:48
”Create a weekly post or file that can be downloaded and pack it with a summary of the most interesting actions.”
I’ve already thought of this, by the end of the month, the Blog will have a printable version each week.

10.Massimiliano Panizzi 14.10.05 19:59
“Meanwhile let’s invite lots of us to go to the Primaries.”
This has already been done by 4.300.000 citizens.

11.Fabio Garbo 15.10.05 18:16
“Let’s support the Comitato Referendum Maggioritario (Majority Referendum Campaign) which has gathered around Mario Segni”
I’ll phone Mario Segni to ask how we can help him and if he’d like to contribute to the Blog.

12.Andrea Cesanelli 14.10.05 21:24
“Signed protest post cards to the secretary of the Quirinale {building where the President of the Republic lives}”
I prefer cards illustrating our cities, send them, if you like with the following message: “No alla legge elettorale truffa” ”No to the swindling election law”,to:Alla cortese attenzione del Presidente della Repubblica Carlo Azeglio Ciampi- Palazzo del Quirinale – 00187 Roma {for the attention of Carlo Azeglio Ciampi, President of the Republic – Quirinale Palace}

13.Walter Scandurra 14.10.05 21:19
”Wake up a friend, dedicate an hour per week talking to a friend and get a significant discussion about the election law.”
Talk to them, talk about it.

14.Andrea Volpi 12.10.05
“Get a spot MoveOn type on the public TV”
This is an idea that I’ve had in my head for a bit.

15.Maurizio Malfa 12.10.05 19:20
“We need to try and talk to our loved ones.”
I believe that Maurizio is referring to parents, well yes do this starting tonight and give them a kiss from Beppe Grillo.

16.Domenico Coppola 13.10.05 11:54
“After the elections get antitrust laws passed straight away, against the conflict of interests and on TV channels.”
After the elections, it is to be done.

17.Marco Fermanti 1310.05 13:25
“Publish the recording of the press conference way back on 15 September 2000 when Berlusconi condemned the hypothesis of a change to the election law.”
I’ll put it on the Blog.

18.Marco Caponera 12.10.05 16:58
“500.000 signatures for a referendum
It’s a big job, but I believe it needs doing; I’ll have to see how to manage it.

19. Beppe Grillo 03.11.05
A piece by Beppe Grillo to be sent to all the local TV channels with a requirement that the moment of transmission is to be synchronised on all channels.
I’ll do that.

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Me gustó la provocación de escribir en Español.

Sólo me gustaría que escribiesen de una forma más correcta, porque "siñalar", "fotidos" y muchas más palabras que aquí encontré no son nada españolas.

¡Hasta pronto!

Posted by: Roberto Volpi | November 6, 2005 03:55 PM

Mar del Plata (muy lindo!!)

Posted by: Sandro Ze | November 4, 2005 06:50 PM

@Posted by: Maldido
Epa amigo, que es, un chiste?
En primero lugar el ingles (como dice el nombre) no pertence a los gringos sino es de los ingleses :0)
Joder, tenemos que hablar al mundo pibe!!!.....lamentablemente la colonizaccion cultural llevo el ingles a ser idioma principal, pero eso no importa....
Abajo hay documentos en Espanol y Portugues

Cuando encontrara en el web el discurso de Chavez en Mar del Plato lo voy a siñalar

Posted by: Sandro Ze | November 4, 2005 06:47 PM

Porque coño escribes en ingles, el idioma fotido de los emperialista americanos? esta es una expresion de como estas submitido a los americanos como todos los demas seres mortales.
Porque no piensas en escribir en español?

Posted by: Maldido Coferatos | November 4, 2005 06:29 PM

Hi! The English version is the only way to reach out to the entire world. Some issues are global indeed, some are locals, but still we need to let the world know what's going on in our poor Italy. Besides, "think globally and act locally", isn't it?
I have seen posts about the quality of translation. I think it is pretty good and goes to the point. What matter are our ideas and our battle. Who cares about the style? I invite Italian bloggers to post here as well and not to worry about inaccuracies or unessential things like that.
I encourage to listen to this report from NPR

about protesters against GDumbya Bush in Mar del Plata (nice sea resort by the way! definitely worth a visit!!)
Hasta siempre!

Posted by: Sandro Ze | November 4, 2005 06:21 PM

Badombe> Kabònga! Looks like we're back online.

(This multicultural message was sponsored by the United Nations)

Posted by: Yang Chenping | November 4, 2005 06:06 PM

Lol... no comments today... no fights....what a peace....

Posted by: David Crosby | November 4, 2005 04:57 PM

Dear Beppe Grillo,

I decided to post my future messagges in here. I am Italian and I am sure you have already read some of my previous messagges. My name is Ivan Bettelli.
I think if I write my ideas here someone else will try to follow up.

Best regards,

Posted by: Ivan Bettelli | November 4, 2005 04:43 PM

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