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I’ve received a chronicle of an example of media paedophilia towards a young man who has been the object of insane attention. Here it is….

Dear Beppe Grillo,

I am an 18-year old from Rome and on the evening of 28/11 I had the opportunity to participate at the meeting with Marco Tronchetti Provera organised by Osservatorio Giovani-Editori (Young Editor's Observatory) which I imagine you know well. I hope that you'll read this letter and maybe reply because after all that I’m about to tell you about I have been hit by a great sadness and a great unlove for journalism, in which I would like to play a part, and a comment from you could make me return to good humour.

I am writing to you to say how a simple question that I asked Tronchetti Provera resulted in much grumbling from the organisers, Andrea Ceccherini e Pietro Calabrese, and from the person being questioned. But I’ll start from the beginning: A splendid Grand Hotel in the centre of Florence, an impeccable space, optimum service and the notes of “Una vita di mediano” in the background as Marco Tronchetti Provera (MTP) enters the scene.

On the stage in front of us, MTP, Ceccherini and Calabrese are seated. Ceccherini starts off with an introduction that has the flavour of an ode to MTP (the similarity with Berlusconi is amazing!!!):
Someone who has made it on his own, someone who sleeps peacefully at night, someone who serves as an example to you young people”. Then it’s the turn of Panorama’s director who reassures us young people “Break the ice with some questions and then we’ll give ample space to your curiosity.”
The moral of the story is: 35 minutes of questions for Calabrese, 20 minutes for us. The debate lasted 55 minutes out of the 75 minutes that were planned. Young people came from far away with 8 hours in the train to get back home.

These questions have the smell of those that are pre-prepared and when MTP talks about the value of the family, I write down a question that I’m not able to ask: “What do you think of marriages of convenience?” Then the discussion covers Dignity, Telecom’s cash balances, avant-garde innovation, impeccable examples of managerial-entrepreneurial management: in fact it all took on the elements of a farce, a splendid frame for a personality to be idolised.

Let’s consider the questions of the young people which seem more general so that MTP could happily say what he wanted making use of the classic goody-goody and moralistic mentality of a dominant class with skeletons in its cupboard but careful not to drag them out “You are my idol, how have you become so rich without being dishonest?” or “What advice could you give me so that I can have a career like yours?”

Then I remember why I’m here: a discussion about the use of newspapers in class and with information with the person who owns relevant share quotas in the Corriere della Sera. I ask for the microphone, Calabrese allows me to ask a question and I start off:

”Good evening everyone. I am Ludovico Schiavo of the liceo Giulio Cesare di Roma (Julius Cesar High School in Rome) I can cite Ceccherini who said: “reading is useful for growing” but I believe that we need to see what we read. Personally, to be informed about facts, happenings and news that can be uncomfortable to those with political, managerial or entrepreneurial power, with yourself as the leading light, I like to use the channels that are unfortunately little known, of contra-information and I can give you an example: Beppe Grillo, who you MTP and the whole of the Observatory must know well, at least I imagine you do. What do you think of this choice that I share with many of those of my age group?

MTP (his face turning red while Ceccherini shuffles about on his chair, full of embarrassment): “Well, Beppe Grillo is a talent underused. Next question.”

Ludovico (I take back the microphone and continue) “Excuse me, I was expecting a fuller reply, if that’s possible.”
MTP (Calabrese signals to me to stop) “What to say about Beppe Grillo?! He could"

Ludovico (I interrupt him) “Perhaps I haven’t been clear. The question was not specifically about Grillo who was only an example. I will reword the question in 4 words: What do you think of contra-information?”

MTP (after some moments of reflection): “Contra-information does not exist. It is an invention. It is an instrument used during the regimes and in Italy we don’t have a regime. We must train you as the new director class and you must trust what you are told in the newspapers in class. The rest doesn’t exist.”“

I’ll let you draw the conclusions but maybe Hitler said this sort of thing. Perhaps it’s not serious when they say they must “create a new director class” using themselves as the model to follow? But are we robots? Androids? Machines?
This reminds me of the book by Lopez and Travaglio, "REGIME" (of which the postscript is written by yourself). On the back cover there’s a sentence by Montanelli in relation to the dictatorship and I would like to have reminded MTP about it but I didn’t get the chance. They took the microphone away from me and Calabrese, covered with embarrassment, cut short the debate saying that MTP had to leave. OK: kisses and hugs and lots of kind greetings.

The applause for the response to my question was forced and though everyone applauded the response to the earlier questions, in that moment only a few were expressing their agreement (sincere??) What can be said then? Thanks to you I know about many things that otherwise I’d be ignorant of. But that evening I understood that this environment is rotten.
Other young people complimented me for the question. But I don’t think I have done anything special. It was a legitimate question and I was squashed with just a few words. Will we ever have the opportunity to eliminate people like this from positions of power? They are ruining us and this country. I have fallen out of love.
As I said I need an injection of courage. I hope that you will reply because (How many tell you this?) it’s important for me.
You always give space to everyone and each participant to your blog feels like that and feels as important as the others: this is one of your many good points. Now I’ll sign off and thank you for the attention. Good-bye.”

Ludovico Schiavo

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Thanks, excellent...

Posted by: | January 7, 2006 01:35 AM

To M_ R_ Stringer
in Itlay we've experienced that someone who is a NOTHING like our prime minister was, can ,in some years time, have enough money to start buying whatever he needs for US to be 'aknowledged' the way he likes.
Since our prime minister arrival on 'telly' i CANNOt recall (apart a few good things) anything but REFUSE/GARBAGE tv.

We might not be living in a very restricted democracy for the time being, but what i feel they were trying to do with LUDOVICO is to simply shut his mouth.

Forgive me for being rude, but i know what i'm talking about. I've seen it happen.

Besides, it might not be a concern of yours but when i see MR. Berlusconi shacking hands and being jolly and supportive to people like Mr. PUTIN( who does NOTHING to stop his NAZI YOUTH from killing coloured people wo are studying in his country ) i just get ULTRACHILLED

Beside i have an URGENT APPEAL to make to my fellow citizens:
What's the story with the gas supplies cming from Russia through UKRAINE?

The telly says here it could be political (which might very likely be since YUSCHENKO had to migrate to SWITZERLAND to avoid being ACCIDENTALLY killed).

But today they said that UKRAINE has been stealing gas for years and the 400 percent rise is a sort of 'PAY BACK' to MOTHER RUSSIA

Or is Turkey a better investment for both BERLUSKA AND PUTIN both economically and politically?

in the meantime, this is ,possibly, the link i trust the most
Maria Consuelo Spera
63 The Headlands
Putland Rd.

Posted by: Maria Consuelo Spera | January 3, 2006 07:18 AM

I don't think Beppe Grillo's blog is so much "Contra-information" as "information". "Counter information" gives the idea that the first thing you got was information in the first place. Which it generally isn't. So perhaps it is more appropriate to talk about "non-information" (many newspapers and TV channels) and information (blogs like Grillo's and some (few) journalists in some (few) papers.

Posted by: Maureen Lister | December 6, 2005 10:25 AM

I was exactly like you. One day I opened my eyes too and I felt so ashamed, so sad and so impotent. And sometimes even now I feel like this.
I hated this feeling but I couldn't help listening to the news, reading the newspapers. So I stopped being deaf and blind better.

One day,though, I read this quote: "[...] don't say you're discouraged, that you don't want to know; think that all this happened becaus you didn't want to know." It's a sentence said by Giacomo Olivi, a 17-years-old guy from Parma that was killed by a squad of fascists because he was distributing anti-fascist leaflets. And I thought that I should at least try. I owe this to him and to all those that have fought to bring us freedom of idea, of speech and that have made human beings' equality closer than ever.
So I started to search the web for information. Real information.

Your questions, and the questions of people like you, make *me* hope and I thank you so much. Don't be so disappointed, too: think that someone, in that room, has opened his eyes because of you.

Keep on fighting, Ludovico. Don't give up.

Posted by: Monica a.k.a. Nirnaeth | December 5, 2005 07:46 PM

....We only want to know about soccer, someone that has been gangbanged by a non-european just to improve our racism....
Posted by: Paolo Francolini

I understand your irony and I back Ludovico but you have to think twice before talking or you won't be too different from those sad MTP boys even if you are on another side.

Posted by: Fabio | December 5, 2005 05:06 PM

that was ace. Congratulations.
I rank MTP's answer up there, in the Olympus of would-be-hilarious-except-it's-real statements, right next to Berlusconi's "I'm a saint".
I feel that MTP should get the worship that is his due, after sharing with you such an illuminating opinion. Surely the whole of Italy must know what brilliant mind he is. How about you write to alternative press, the one that does not exist, and to traditional press, and divulge the Verb?
Seriously. I suggest, in fact, we all do. Poor MTP's genius cannot pass unsees simply because he does not have a tv station yet.
And, Ludovico: the best journalists are those who have the guts to speak up, like you. Best of luck for everything.

Posted by: Stefania Oggioni | December 4, 2005 01:32 PM

Forgive my ignorance - I am not Italian - but all the WWW will tell me about Marco Tronchetti Povera is that he runs Italy's Telecom and is on the Board of Inter Milan: so I don't understand his association with journalism ...

Why it it that this apparent businessman was in a forum that saw him asked by the persistently gutsy young Ludovico to comment on the all-embracing topic of contra-information ...?

And how is it that anyone in the public arena of today's Italy can utter, with impunity, this blood-curdling piece of journalistic bullying; “Contra-information does not exist. It is an invention. It is an instrument used during the regimes and in Italy we don’t have a regime. We must train you as the new director class and you must trust what you are told in the newspapers in class. The rest doesn’t exist.” ...?

Who did the "inventing? ?

And, more frighteningly, who are the "we" who "must do the training" ...?

Posted by: M.-R. Stringer | December 3, 2005 09:30 PM

So, what's the problem? Arent you happy? You live in the best world you can, like we all do. So please do not bother us with stuff like this.
We only want to know about soccer, someone that has been gangbanged by a non-european just to improve our racism and be happy couse Lippi is leading Italy to World Cup.
I think it is good that someone like MTP cares about your professional growth. Maybe you could fall in the hands of someone like Bukowski and use your life for no-profit plans.
Consider MTP as a baby sitter, he simply worry about all of us.

Posted by: Paolo Francolini | December 3, 2005 07:00 PM

Ludovico you are an hero and a very brave man and I share with you the feelings of fears and sadness you have. We all know the famous phrase saying ‘hope is the last to die’; and I think that if there is hope there is always courage. Your question, Ludovico, is your love; it is the spot of courage you are asking for and you have to exploit it as much as you can; you don’t have to be afraid, you don’t have to forget it!!
There are two phrases of your letter that have particularly interested me while thinking of your experience. The first one is:
“You are my idol, how have you become so rich without being dishonest?”
I think, dishonesty is the most used way to enter in politics in Italy and it makes me disgust when I think about it. Power is a very useful tool, but also a very powerful drug that makes most of the people dependent. Probably power is easier to gain it than to give it up. In the Italian system power is mismanaged and it creates massive problems; we can all see them. One of the biggest problems in Italy though is that people don’t know and often don’t want to know what is happening. It happens because a little number of ‘us’ believe in politics nowadays and the same people believe it is not possible to change it. They are wrong!! It is possible to change it and young people as you, me and our friends should be at the forefront of this evolution! Speaking out is the method democracy most requires for its survival. Pressure groups, leafleting and public speeches is, I think, the most appropriate idea; when will we get to that point? Although hard, it is a way to move people, make them aware and make them regain hope. It leads to the second phrase of your letter I’m interested into:
“Will we ever have the opportunity to eliminate people like this from positions of power?”
Yes we will, with constancy, hope and love.

Posted by: Diego Canciani | December 3, 2005 06:57 PM

"did somebody said a revoultion?? it was always in my head...!"
Sonny from P.O.D.

"it´s the fever of the young people that keeps the rest of the world to its normal temperature"
George Bernanos

We´ve got to do something...but I don´t know if it will be possible following the most "ethic" path...

Posted by: Alessio Paterno | December 3, 2005 05:09 PM

Good job, Ludovico

Posted by: Francesco De Collibus | December 3, 2005 12:47 PM

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