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From now until the end of the election campaign our employees will spend our money to place their faces on massive 6x3 posters throughout the whole of Italy.

Don't tear them down.

They really believe that:
they are responsible,
that in all schools there is the Internet and the students speak English,
that they have kept their promises,
that Italians must adopt Chinese babies,
that the great engineering works have started that they have carried out reforms for the country.

The problem is that the employers no longer believe in all these twinkling stories.

But if a politician lies in public with an election poster shouldn't he be prosecutable under the law?

I would like to suggest some advice, free, to Blog readers, and I understand that they want to strip these posters down mucky them up, shouting, against these attacks on their intelligence and their psychology.

It's possible to:

- along the lines of Hyde Park Corner in London, where every orator can say what he wants, take a soap box in front of the poster, climb up on it and with documentation ready at hand, explain why you are not in agreement.
Perhaps it would be better to go with a couple of friends and a megaphone.

- write on a sheet of paper why the message is false, photocopy the page and distribute it to passers-by.

- send an email about the message that you feel is false to the employee, thus helping him or her to understand where they have made a mistake.

- send to the home of the employee a letter with advice of receipt with real data about the Italian situation, so that they can change their mind.

PS. At least we have achieved one of our objectives (unlike our employees):
a bit late, but Fazio has removed himself from our b..s!

Ah, if only he had listened to us last Summer …
Now the issue is who will take his place:
let’s hope it’s Monti.

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today in a Milan street I have seen a wonderful example of commented electoral poster:
A red circle glue exactly over the nose of our first-employee.
It's the wiser and straightforward way to rebate to this kind of poster.
Posters signed with statement "operation truth" and a long series of lies, lies, lies....
Once you apply the circle all become clear.
You see a perfect clown: his smile, his lifted skin, his trasplanted hairs.
Everything perfect for a clown except for the nose the only missing part!
Simply Perfect now everything make sense, with only a BIG RED POINT we can explain everything our first-employee says.
We only have to know where place it...

Posted by: Marco S | December 21, 2005 03:04 PM

I still love the "fight it with a marker" idea: writing a short sentence on the poster, as a comment to the slogans. I have no idea if this is legal or not. I recall someone in the Italian section reporting this example: a bank put up a poster stating "We give you our hearth and soul" and the anonymous writer replied "But you demand our backside". I also liked the idea of glueing an a4 sheet made to look like a rubber stamp imprint, stating "false advertisement". Again, no idea if it's legal or not.
Again, the flyers are a very good idea, but please use recycled paper :)

Posted by: Stefania Oggioni | December 21, 2005 10:08 AM

Arturo Bandini wrote the following....

"potresti aprire un'area del sito dove la gente posta foto dei manifesti elettorali che trova in giro, e relativi commenti"

WONDERFUL idea ! Arturo ... a place where we could post up images of the electoral posters that we find around with relative comments ....yes please Beppe can you get this sorted out ... I would love to post some images of stuff found at the airport in Firenze last week

please please please


Posted by: d bag | December 20, 2005 09:14 PM

Hi all,
I was at the demo in Turin and it was absolutely fantastic. After the higly energetic and driving speech by Beppe I thought: why don't we make the
life of both the Ministers of Transport and Enviroment very hard? We could reproduce the flyer "Io sono Valsusino!" with each of our portraits and
send by fax and/or by email to both ministers (maybe adding the slogan "sara` dura!"), creating a huge bottle neck in the fax/email line of both Ministers!
Greetings from Pisa,
Carlo (uno dei tanti italiani che resiste)

Posted by: Carlo Ungarelli | December 20, 2005 06:30 PM


At a stroke, Chinese economy is a sixth bigger

By Tamora Vidaillet

BEIJING, Dec 20 (Reuters) - China on Tuesday raised its estimate of the output of the world's fastest-expanding major economy by a sixth, a revision that leaves growth better balanced but may increase pressure on Beijing to let the yuan rise faster.

The new estimate, based on a vast nationwide census, hoists China above Italy into sixth place in the world economic rankings of 2004 output, measured in dollars at market exchange rates.

What's more, based on exchange rate movements and relative growth rates in 2005, economists calculate that China by now has risen to fourth place, ahead of France and Britain, and behind only the United States, Japan and Germany.

The National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) said the revision reflected better information on the services sector and on private firms, unearthed during a year-long survey for which the government mobilised 13 million data-gathers -- one in every 100 Chinese.

For investors, the bigger economic pie means some ratios that had looked worryingly high, such as investment or bad loans as a share of GDP, now look more sustainable.

"The revised statistics show that China's economic structure is more reasonable and healthy than the previous figures showed," Li Deshui, the head of the statistics office, told reporters.

The NBS now estimates that GDP in 2004 totalled 15.99 trillion yuan, 16.8 percent more than its previous estimate.

Using the end-2004 exchange rate of 8.276 yuan per dollar, that comes to $1.93 trillion, compared with $1.67 trillion for Italy, according to World Bank figures.

Fast-growing service industries such as telecommunications, retailing and real estate accounted for 93 percent of the revision and boosted the service sector's share of economic output in 2004 to 40.7 percent from 31.9 percent.

Industry's hitherto outsized share of GDP dropped to 46.2 percent from 52.9 percent, while the share taken by farming and fisheries shrank to 13.1 percent from 15.2 percent.

Posted by: marco ciacchi | December 20, 2005 12:04 PM

Hi Beppe!!!! Hi rest of the world!!!!

Sorry for my bad english.

Nobody wrote a comment in this english blog...and I know why...because in Italy everybody are ready to struggle for the power and to offend each other, but nobody (like me) knows foreign languages.

You talk about our politicians, and anyone can see your good intention, however i want to post a comment on our "Italian way of life".

As you know, few of us are ready to study science, computer, engeneering, we prefer to talk about soccer and girls, and political rumors too.

But if we will not invest on our CULTURE, there will be no more future at all...only corruption and mafia...

Lets think about this. The only way to improve the quality of our lifes, is come back to school.
We neeed good engineers, doctors, managers, etc etc.

But BOOKS are too boring for Italian people....maybe in our little souls we are little Fazio, Ricucci, Fiorani, etc, etc.

We want only money, easy money....this is the real problem...and nobody has the courage to confess that today we are unprepared to face the future because we are incompetent and conceited...



Posted by: marco ciacchi | December 20, 2005 11:47 AM

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