There’s a strange smell in the air….


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The "Diario" of Enrico Deaglio came out today with an edition devoted to possible election frauds due to electronic voting, to be used for the first time in Italy in national elections thanks to the decree dated 3 January 2006.
There are 4 Regions involved: Lazio, Liguria, Puglia, and Sardinia with a total of 12,680 sections and 11 million voters.

The electronic count means that an operator in each section has to enter the data into a computer, the data are then copied onto a USB device, the USB device is then inserted into a computer that then sends the data to the Ministry of the Interior.
This operation, which is not necessary and has not been requested by anyone, costs 34 Million Euro and was outsourced by private negotiations for reasons of urgency, “since the time interval available was very short” according to Stanca. The contracts were won by three companies: Accenture, EDS and Telecom Italia.
Deaglio points out that the son of the Minister of the Interior Pisanu is a partner in Accenture and that EDS is the company involved in the presumed electoral fraud in Florida for the election of Bush.

Deaglio adds that if there should be disputes, then it will take months to compare the paper vote with the electronic one.
Months o f absolute instability and with a President of the Republic on his way out.

The computer program used for the electronic voting is subject to a dispute by Ales, an Italian company claiming ownership that it says was stolen by EDS and I’m publishing a letter from their administrator sent to me a few days ago together with a document and an interview.

Dear Beppe Grillo,
My name is Antonio Puddu, the administrator of a small computing company called Ales s.r.l, based in Sardinia. In 2001 we created an innovative solution for “electronic voting”. In 2004 this was tested with our collaboration in 1500 electoral sections.
In 2005 the programme was snatched by EDS Italia S.p.A., a multinational to which we had sold 2,500 licences for testing in 2004.
A month ago we brought an action against EDS Italia at the tribunale di Roma,  and we are asking for the payment of damages for the harm to our company amounting to more than 9 million Euro, and we have given public warning to the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Innovation  not to use in the trials coming up, any more than the 2,500 licences that we have sold. In fact for the trials on the occasion of the national elections on 9 and 10 April 2006 they would need about 12,500 licences.

Yours sincerely”.
Antonio Puddu.

I don’t know about you, but I think there is a strange smell in the air. What could it be...

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Look at them ! Do not seem they like Alfonso of the Pimpa repeating all the time:God,how handsome am I! God how beautiful am I ! )?

How do they dare to govern so badly our beautiful Country :Italy ?

Politicians of classism,racism and environament destruction,pollution.You are guilty for all this. you are not worth our votes of honest people having nothing or too little to live.

Mantova,Italy,you should give Pimpa a special prize for their quality.And we should switch off TV it is publicity,violence,volgarity,stupidity,pubblicity and lots of lies at the news.It is rubbish.Only very few are the good programs .The most is rubbish and offense to our mind.

Pimpa,Armando and all the creatures in that genious magazine for children and adults is much better that all the stupid,volgar and violent programs TV and publicity.

The politicians and those having economic,cultural,legal power too,etcetera,know they are paied rich salaries by the common people taxes ? Do they know they have to serve the popoular sovranity ?

Or do they only think we vote them just because they are....handsome or beautiful?

We are fed up with this sort of people.We want respect and a good social status,not to beg for rights.They are not gods and godesses,they are there because they are paied to serve the people all having sovranity,and not the contrary !

They give themselves too much air and they do not look being intelligent or honest anyway and their mass medias are conditioning us every moment,for make us like slaves,conditioned people.

Let us use our own brain to think,Let us be protsagonist of our own intelligence and decence,Let us use well the TV comander ,let them be switched off.
Where do they live? How do they live ?For sure not in the working class areas among us.To suffer every day cost of life and our little pension and our little salary (or nothing) can no mote resist that impact so violent of increased prices.

I do not have a house,I do not have a reasonably decent apartament,the ENPAF doe4 not respect us and for a tiny apartament one only room half my pension as a retired want to be paied.

Politicians,shame on you! You have too much !

What are you waiting for to give me a decent,confortable ,at reasonably cost casa popolare ? A co called (and not so well translated into English )popoular apartament or house ?At little monthly rent according to my own little pension as a retired and as an invalid.Shanme on you all so rich and not needy of a house to live or you sleep on the road.You all(right,centre,left,priests and no) do not need a house to live you have them.And even more you have.

Why do we not make a change ?You live like us and we live like you?

Is it a democracy or is it not ?Is it still a dictature or is it not? Italy,European Union ,5 continents unjustice agains the poor people,the needy mean real democracy ha yet in this world to come. What you call democracy real democracy is not (demos meand of the people,of the citizens,and cratia means govern in greek,so it is the govern of the cityzend,of the People). Our Itakuian constitutions wants clearly Sovranity belong to People. WE are the People,we all,not only you (and those behing you).

Vladimiro Rinaldi,born Rome,Tiburtino Terzo (Santa Maria del Soccorso) 16th march 1942.Professional art and ethology photographer and poet.

Elogio del Tasto OFF .By Vladimiro Rinaldi

Vote for us ! We are the People sovran.Don't vote for yourselves,vote for us !
We are worth a all better service by them.We don't have to pay so very much,too much, those bad politicians who care nothing of us the poor people,the needy.Switch off,even if (sometisome of them happen to speak correctly ald clearly.What we poor people need , (Sovran is People)is respect to receive by those politicians (and other kind of narcisists ,overmeaof the Italian sovranity according to our Constitutionneed

Politicians and other rich people
can not represent popoular sovranity

Posted by: Vladimiro Rinaldi | April 1, 2006 09:17 AM

What is that makes we all like slaves of this modern era still stinky of proficts all for the politicians and those behind them ?

What is that make them feel so sure of themselves that we will always obey and having fear of their terrorisms and wars and cost of life (all the money and claps for them all the debts and the suffering only for us ?).

What an equivocation is this one,the sovranity in democracy (saies the Italian Constitution) belongs to the people all,not just to the elitaire classes,the borgoires,the assassins and the thieves of upper class in many ways they oppress and steal the working and unemployers and the retired class of the poor people,of the needy,and you too,with whom you are our Lord:with them or with us ?

For sure they do not believe in Gesus they adore a monter of cinism and selfisheness:a pagan god who always wants victims blood (that is why wars,terrortisms and other kind of oppressive practices: God of money and carreers only for themselves,god of proficts and unjustices and horros this sort of monster god they adore,it is their only god at wolrd level a god of classism.racism against real friendship and real love.

I do believe in real friendship and real love and in respect and rights for everybody,ever54ywhere in our one only country planet:Hearth (we are not extraterrestrals,may be the politicians extraterrestrials are,not us.

Stupid,arrogant,ignorant,cinic, liers,thieves politicians you are.

Go t6o work hard and get a poor salary like us and you will be able to understand ,may be, pay the rent of an apartament to live in a horrible bu9ilding like us with half or whole salary.Be homeless,go to eat to the Charitas or beg like us.So you wanted we (the people sovran)have to live or die,it is up to you now to give same example or you all are to send away,our votes you are not worth while.Robots and computers can do better than you,how do you dare not to serve the vovran people?You make us obstages of your cinic and selfish calculations and proficts.Go to the devil! You are delils.What else do you think that you are ?

You adore money and carreers for yourselves and we want us to suffer and be frightened to resist at you,you could send us to a prison instead that you to be put there.

I know,some politicians are better than others and not everything is still lost.But honestely no one of they all live as badly as all us (the majority in number and persons of the people to be considered to be sovran. by the Italian consitutions).

Posted by: Vladimiro Rinaldi | March 31, 2006 01:48 PM

Oh my dear love ,my dear friend of past,present and future,what a nonsense.what a rubbish, what a violence against us all are the wars,the many sort of unjustices, te many kind terrorisms (many do not seem to be,they are :What stupid,violent and vulgar,and lots of consumistic pubblicity,against our mind and better dreams of peace and reapsct are they projected to inflict to us again and again ?):

and the missing of real justice,real respect, real friendship and real love.

I do believe in God of real feriendship,among all human beings, real respect and real love.

My religion is my same love.I do nor belong to any other sort of invented gods.They do govern world with unjustices,liers,selfishness,they belonh go a god monter it is God of money and proficts only for themselves and those behind the, the high finance,the commerce,the businness like evil considered by themselves to be good.It is not,it is evil.

Let us teacdh them the lesson of be common persons and go to work as normal person and to suffer like normal persons.We will save (perhaps) this world.

Untill they do not learn and they consider themselves being like gods and godesses the worlds is in danger,we all are. These selfish and crazy people govern the world.

Oh my God of all creatures including man,please hel us all to live in reapect,friendship,real justice everywhere and real love !

those who are governing the world are but a lot of criminals, mafiosis of all countrys and culturs,it is not true they love common people.

Why I say this ?

Because they never share same problems with cfommon people,they adore only a pagan world monster who always existedin man overwealming and oppression,it is the money god.They adore this god and it is not true that they adore our Lord as it is called in different languages and cultures.

I believe we all are a family(at global level) and world is but one only Country(we are not extraterrestrials).We are what we are in the good and evil.Pleaee forger me for all my faulys my dear love,my dear friend,my dfear son and doughter and you too my far and mum.

When I was a child I believed in God and not in the priests or nuns,they were cruel to us in that orphanage or collegio.We were but children.

And politicians from right,centre and left were like those false priests and nuns ,veruy selfish and liers indeed they were, are they better now? I do not think so.

So this I want advice to them all and to us (or on the contrary they will never know what to suffer really mean):

sixt months in a year they shatt me poor,without aqny privilege,they must live as homelesses and other very poor people begging for a right.

This I want to propose you all.Let us make a proposal to ONU and our parliaments,politiciants must suffers like the poor peo9ple to be able to understand what to be poor mean.At least 6 months a year,of every year and no aifs or help they jhave to receive.

For sure in only six months history of humanity will get better politicians,because they do not want to retun being poor and suffering aftrer six months of life al politicians like now.

At world level,at wolrd lever this proposing for a peaceful revolution without blood ,in a veru Christian way, must be begun and practized,if we want to hope to have better destiny and a no poluted future future.

Bye now .Lots of love.

They should open churches and monasteries to the homelesses and not to be friends of power people in the world.


Posted by: Vladimiro Rinaldi | March 30, 2006 04:52 PM

American bloggers are well-informed about the upcoming electronic voting fiasco in Italy: see
BTW, surely Accenture, one of the private (Bermuda-based) firms in this disastrous enterprise is the recycled Arthur Anderson Consultancy involved in the ENRON scandal? Someone please tell me I am wrong...

Posted by: Maureen Lister | March 30, 2006 12:47 PM

Italy is being karlroved in this election. As for voting machines i suggest you go to Rep John Conyers, Jr's web site: http:/ & scroll to Latest on Election Reform & click onto pdf file Ohio Rlection Results. 2000 was florida, 2004 was played out in Ohio. NYTimes carried a story about Diebold voting machines this past week. They have caused havoc in local elections in several states, including texas. If anyone is interested there's a site to see at He's in cadutalibera along with dick & rummy. another place to visit is & click on animation. wonderful stuff. his latest is on neocoms.

Posted by: Carla Rotolo | March 29, 2006 08:02 PM

I am not surprised about anything, the DWARF MUSSOLINI is so desperate to win, he will do anything to win, even electoral fraud. This is the least he could do.

Posted by: Carmelo Abbate | March 27, 2006 06:46 PM

I'm living in the Netherlands where special voting computers are being used at the elections.
There's a big difference though. You directly press a button corresponding with the party+candidate you want to vote.

This "Italian" system where some person needs to enter the data into the computer and then move this data via USB stick to another system is very vulnerable to fraud.
This is especially true if this is done by private companies of which one is connected to a minister which party is involved with these elections.

I do not have much confidence in the actual italian government of which one of the ministers has written an election law to deliberately put into problem the governability of the country.
Doing this in a time where the country suffers from a bad economy, it should be taken as a crime or even a terrorist act!!

But probably for a large part of the italians, especially those of the Cdl, this is nothing to make fuzz about! You even can admit it on TV, describing it as a "porcata" with a big smile on your face.

Well I just made my vote by mail for the real "moderati" of which I'm sure are in the Unione.

Posted by: Ellio Martina | March 27, 2006 01:26 PM

If you type in "Accenture" and "cock-up" into Google you can check up hom much money and waste Accenture has been involved in in the UK.....all painstakingly documented by "Private Eye" over the years. Well fancy them being involved in this bid.....thanks for the info

Posted by: Maureen Lister | March 27, 2006 09:39 AM

Complimenti. Questo blog è magnifico

Posted by: Luigi di matteo | March 27, 2006 01:32 AM

Yes, the odor in the air is definitely that of Bush-Gore 2000, Bush-Kerry 2004, and the Diebold voting machines. Which all adds up to massive electoral fraud. The thug Berlusconi and his cronies will do everything they can to steal the election, so italiani, state attenti!

Posted by: George De Stefano | March 26, 2006 08:57 PM

Dear Beppe,
It seems to me that we've got another bout of "elefantismo" on our way, or have we not? Lazio, Liguria, Puglia and Sardinia? Aren't these the regions where Forza Italia & co. May suffer the worst blows from the ballot results? The elephant is leaving nothing to chance, is he? I've been living in England for over 7 years and during this time i've seen my beloved Italy going down a spiral with seemingly no way out. Do we have to be true to the italian tradition of waking up when it's already too late and end up like Argentina? What about the EU? Can't they do something about the elephant and his shoe polishers? Let's all put our faith in God he doesn't get another chance or we'll really be sorry about it.

Posted by: Giuseppe Graceffa | March 26, 2006 06:17 PM

I thought I was informed...I will ask for confirmation ...may be I doubt too much, may be the reality recently has been well beyond the imaginable..(ie a war based on totally false information..and still going on after it has been known..)
I will let you know

Posted by: flavia donati | March 26, 2006 05:09 PM

Deaglio points out that the son of the Minister of the Interior Pisanu is a partner in Accenture and that EDS is the company involved in the presumed electoral fraud in Florida for the election of Bush.



What comment is necessary to add to the above?

It smells foul - best not to use this phrase or it might get mistaken with Avarian flu!

It stinks.

Posted by: Marcia Visanji | March 26, 2006 04:54 PM

Hi Beppe,
congratulations for your blog!
Best Regards
International Pen Friends

Posted by: International Penfriends | March 26, 2006 03:30 PM

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