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Piero Ricca has sent me a letter that he has received from Petruccioli, the one that works (still?) as president of the RAI. Ricca had asked this employee (paid by us) what his intentions were, at the time that a wave of crazy actions were taken in the arrangements of the RAI. He also asked why Vespa cannot be moved.

The reply is virile and explains in simple words that in the RAI there are many unpleasant people. We already knew that, but it’s always good to get confirmation.

Petruccioli ‘s reply to Ricca:

“Please excuse the delay in replying. I’m responding even though I have little trust that you are available or interested to have a reply. I’m saying this because of what I see. For example, in your letter of 6 June you repeat that Meocci was nominated director general even thanks to my abstention.

I maintain that this statement is without foundation. Meocci was elected director general with 5 votes of the directors of the Casa delle libertà. The 3 directors of the centre left voted against and I abstained not from the vote but from voting.

It would have changed nothing if I had abstained from the vote or even if I had voted against because in an organisation made of 9 members, 5 is the majority. Anyway, I wouldn’t have had a contribution as you repeat in the election of Meocci. I just hope in obtuseness even though it seems impossible that a man of your intelligence has not yet understood the banalities that I have reminded you of here of some interests could be, instead, to get to know the motives that I can bring out to explain the motives for my abstention from the vote at least for those that don’t have a primary objective of confirming to the writer to consider him a wicked person, a liar, a hypocrite and so on as you are doing with me. I would explain the motives for my abstention from the vote with the argument that incompatibility could not be absolutely excluded. I would emphasise that even the directors who voted in favour of Meocci didn’t feel that they could declare the absolute unfoundedness and I added that on the basis of what has been said, I would have invested the Authority for guaranteeing communications officially with the problem, That letter of mine formally started the procedures that – after the opinion of the Council of State - meant that the same Authority pronounced itself for the incompatibility of all that. There’s ample and precise documentation and if you ask for it I could send it to you. But I doubt it could be of interest to you because from that it is not easy to derive confirmation that I am – as you are evidently convinced – a great piece of excrement after the declarations of incompatibility regarding Meocci I took on the burden for 50 days of a work with a double end.

We have nominated the new director general in the person of Dr. Claudio Cappon. Just in case you missed it, it was I who sustained with the maximum determination the nomination of Cappon after 15 days from his nomination at the proposal of this person, the Board of Directors unanimously nominated Giancarlo Leone.

Vice director general Giancarlo Leone was proposed by me as director general in August 2005 when the Board of Directors elected Alfredo Meocci with the 5 votes of the directors of the casa delle libertà in that occasion, Leone got, not only my vote but also those of the 3 Centre left directors (4 votes out of 9 and therefore a minority). On the details Michele Santoro resigned from the European Parliament in the middle of November 2005. After 2 days he was back once more in RAI.

He participated with great evidence in the transmission that got the greatest audience and success of the season (Rockpolitik). From the following September he returned with a new programme of in-depth journalism in the early evening on RAI 2 for 13 weeks. And one of the most significant novelties of the autumn schedule that we have presented at Cannes last 22 June You will thus wait uselessly that I recognise that I am a clown and you can always tell me, but not for Santoro.

From October 2005 to May 2006 Enzo Biagi has made 8 appearances on RAI with interviews lasting 10-15 minutes (Primo piano - Che tempo che fa) we are looking into programmes that are more substantial and that are still compatible with Biagi’s availability. On the referendum you could expect a few days we have documents about the tiny details the great quantitative effort and the qualitative equilibrium of our news to respond to superficial and pretextual criticisms of someone who is convinced that there will be a really low participation at the referendum and the “yes” vote could have won after the results – and on the basis of the data supplied (these too I can send you if you are interested) - criticism without foundation have left the step to recognise and appreciate the critics who open their mouths just to take a breath (Sartori in il Corriere to mention the most glorious) have stayed quiet they said: the referendum will be in a mess because of the RAI faced with an opposite result they were careful not to apply the same theorem and to be auto critical in relation to me, I think that our work has been within the environment of the duties of public service that it doesn’t have to claim particular merits but neither does it have to accept unmerited accusations regarding Vespa who I see is informed of the valid contract up until 2010 that I didn’t do to me too the presence of Vespa seems excessive I think it should be redimensioned I am working and I will work still to bring this to levels that are more acceptable.

Anyway there is a reason, just one, that I believe can be adopted to defend the current abundant presence of Vespa on the TV screens: it’s the education value that he can have on irascible and intolerant people like you.

The duty to recognise that people exist who are different from them even very different, even bullshitters, but who have anyway the right to exist.
Happy holidays”.

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I don't understand el Greco. Why to say to anybody how stupids italians are? Does he really thinks that abroad they are interested about that? It can be also people who are interested to adopt the same resolution abroad, cause, the problem is the same everywhere. So Greco, think a little before to send anything.

Posted by: Blisco Jaio | July 29, 2006 07:24 PM

>>> (2/2)

He has threatened to withdraw from the nine-party governing coalition and act as an external ally unless they are excluded .

But Forza Italia, the opposition party headed by former premier Silvio Berlusconi, has made it clear that it will not support the pardon bid unless they are included : exchange voting system for mafia reasons (once it was a crime in Italy), any kind of corruption crimes, crimes of pollutions (here from Marco Travaglio about Eternit case: http://www.repubblica.it/2006/07/sezioni/politica/indulto-di-pietro/eternit/eternit.html )
As it stands, the bill could benefit Cesare Previti, a close aide of Berlusconi who has been sentenced to six years for judge bribery. Previti, Berlusconi's former attorney, is serving his sentence under house arrest.
Left parties in Italy are writing this nasty page of history voting a "pardon" that would apply to crimes committed before May 2006, it could also help Berlusconi, who is to stand trial for alleged fraud at his private TV network company Mediaset; those involved in the bank takeover probe which led to the resignation of Bank of Italy Governor Antonio Fazio; and those on trial for the fraudulent bankruptcy of dairy giant Parmalat .

The subscribers, as european citizen, want to ask to your magazine/newspaper or tv network to open eyes on this scandal.


Posted by: Massimo Greco | July 28, 2006 06:11 PM

Copia incolla e manda alle redazioni estere (se vuoi aggiungi o modifica ma bisogna firmarsi otherwise it's unuseful)

Prima parte (1/2)Italians ask Open Eyes from Europe against the most big scandal of "pardon" in corruption crimes.
Italian Parliament has just approved the law "salva-mafie" a scandalous historical compromise with Forza Italia (the party of the ex premier Silvio Berlusconi)
This new law called "indulto" (amnesty is another thing) it will be approved definitively Saturday 29 July from Italian Senate.

Meaning of this law is to extend a prisoner pardon to people guilty of financial, accounting and corruption crimes, including those committed in the public sector .
Despite the summer, many Italians are protesting on the web pages of the respective parties shouting to the betrayal.
La Repubblica (the first national daily paper) has published a poll that in less than 3 days has picked up over 80000 votes that in these times are worrying the parties of the coalition (we remember that during last elections the difference that has rewarded the premier Prodi has been less than 24000 votes).

Infrastructure Minister Antonio Di Pietro, a former anti-graft prosecutor who heads the Italy of Values party, is staunchly opposed to clemency for these offences.


Posted by: Massimo Greco | July 28, 2006 06:10 PM

I agree with Clara Mancini,the writing style and ability of this man are truly poor. What a disgrace!

Posted by: Rosie Trenta | July 28, 2006 11:06 AM


grazie a qualche carattere in più messo a disposizione ho messo qui una lettera in inglese da mandare a giornali e TV all'estero. Si chiede di aprire di più i riflettori sullo scandalo dell'indulto salvamafie.

chi lo ritenesse importante come iniziativa può copiare e incollare e mandare come e-mail
sui motori di ricerca si trovano gli indirizzi redazionali di Euronews, Economist, BBC, ecc ecc ecc

Appena posso pubblico una lista di indirizzi redazionali europei

Posted by: Massimo Greco | July 27, 2006 06:01 PM

More than probably, Ricca, who we already saw here around, wrote a letter in the same style to provoke Petruccioli who answer to him in the same way. It's a pity to see what journalists are becaming: Just paparazzis!

Posted by: blisco jaio | July 27, 2006 04:53 PM

Aside from any other consideration, I am absolutely astonished and genuinely scared by the fact that the head of a supposedly cultural organisation, such as RAI, displays just about the same writing ability as an illiterate person. This letter reads like the poor english translation of a louzy italian text. I really doubt that someone who 'writes' like this is able to 'think' any better. What hands is the italian television in?!

Posted by: Clara Mancini | July 27, 2006 02:04 PM

me neither I didn't capisc niente...

Posted by: baldo Lucaroni | July 27, 2006 12:08 PM

Huh? I didn't understand a thing.

Posted by: Robert Tuppini | July 27, 2006 11:05 AM

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