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Something is changing.
If a woman born in Dakar in Senegal. Mother of 4 children without being married. Cohabiting for 25 years, A woman who declares that French teachers have to work full time and not just 17 hours.
With a scandal for the Trades Unions and the French Left. Who has introduced the day-after pill free to all High Schools. Who has arranged for paternity leave for the birth of children. Who is defined as populist, summary antiparliamentarian, Mao’s Red Guard. But also French Zapatera.
If a beautiful lady aged 53 who proposes popular juries chosen at random with fixed termination dates to judge the work of the politicians. Who wants to reduce to two terms of office for every politician or public service official. Who asks for the elimination of the use of the amnesty for politicians. Who thinks that the revolt in the suburbs of Paris were fruit also of the corruption of politicians. If an elegant French socialist who believes in the renewal of the State from the bottom. From realities and from local movements. Who thinks of citizens in terms of collective intelligence.
Who talks to people on her blog. Who doesn’t give a fig for the bureaucracy.
If a woman like that wins the socialist primaries for the race to become President of France, something is changing. Then I look at Prodi, Bertinotti, Berlusconi. Golden seventy year olds. And Fini, Casini and D’Alema. Lead fifty year olds. And my discomfort returns.
Let us liberalise European politics. Free circulation of parliamentarians. Let’s propose an exchange three for one with the French. Bindi, Turco and Santanchè for Ségolène Royal. And a lump sum payment of a couple of thousand of million Euro to be paid by the Italians. They would all pay, willingly and straight away.

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I would contribute to pay the ticket to send those guys to Auschwitz.

Posted by: Giovanni Principe | November 20, 2006 06:22 PM

It seems, unfortunately, that Ségolène isn't as appreciated in France as she is in other countries. She won the primary by a landslide, but she's under a lot of criticism for all her new ideas. That's the problem, I guess. We keep asking for a change, but when it's really there, we're scared of it.

Posted by: Juliette Lucie | November 19, 2006 07:26 PM

Hello there, this is a reply to Mr. Di Bella, I have the suspect this individuals is/was/will part of the establishment before or currently running this Country. If this is the case well come out and be counted, otherwise due to Italian distorsion of Democratic Rule (Elected Reppresentatives, Elected Senators not Senators for Life, Government put together by Private Parties etc etc) please have at least the moral common curtesy not to judge people for the little freedom to express the disgust with all of these Political Class we currently have. I maybe wrong but until some coherence and a whole lot of Responsibility and Accountability. What I see as a normal procedure is the fact that in this Country no-one is ever Responsibile for anything, misguided laws, abusus of power, money mismanagement, institutional curroption, ministry and agency running amok etc. Now here it takes 11 years on average to get a Court Case through first grade, while for Politicians usually never go through the first grade in less than 20 yeras that means for Andreotti 30 years for Previti 12 but now he received amnistia so he is back in business as usual, for Berlusconi 10 court cases expired while for Mr. Cossiga that bought Cocaine under doctor prescription (What Doctor has/is/will prescribe cocaine as a medication?) we never heared anything about it anymore it disappear. I am definitelly mystified and bewildered that anyone is calling Italy a democracy based on the rule of law, I am and will keep on calling it as the wild west run by corrupt and selfich righteousness bunch of professional incompetent Political Establishment in the Westrn Hemisphere. As for your comment please provide some positive input otherwise your comment should go as well in the same categories. So give a break and hush up and enjoy while you can.
Thanks for the opportunity to express my opinion

Posted by: Giacomo Chiametti | November 19, 2006 02:37 PM

Perhaps there is a phenomena in the making of smart political European women with _ideas_.

Two large examples: Angela Merkel, a former high energy physicist, now in the highest political position in Germany. Ene Ergma, an astrophysicist and the former director of the Estonian Academy of Sciences, was just barely edged out for the premier position last August. ("Why did I go into politics? To defend science," says Ene Ergma.) These women give me great hope for the European political landscape.

Tadeus Szemowski: "If you compare this with the recent budget cuts to scientific research in Italy, you may want to cry."

Recent? The Italian Brain Drain has not stopped for decades, but I agree that the last few years were the most atrocious support to Italian science. Prodi is well aware of the need for more education and support for science and technology:


however, I think that whatever he does now will likely be too little, too late.

Posted by: Amara Graps | November 19, 2006 02:00 AM

As usual, I agree about almost everything you are saying, but I cannot help being tired of your comparing Italy with other countries ridiculing our nation. This new French candidate could be something we need but France has another history and another tradition. In Italy we have democracy emergencies which cannot be resolved with people juries! the italian people has the highest pecentage with just secondary school in Western Europe! we have the strangling domination of the Catholic Church! Violence in France is an emergency. In Italy instead we need more culture, books, more critical thinking, more secular and free thinking, more righteousness in everyday life, less "menefreghismo". We will never have a fairer political class if each of us doesn't change and cares more about the public welfare and consciousness! And maybe to do that we also need to love ourselves more to be able to change "really" our country.
Now it is better if I stop

Posted by: francesco filippi | November 18, 2006 11:06 PM

It is unfortunate that the Italian comments part of your blog has become a free collection of insults, repetition of same postings and other not useful comments. Because of the high number of comments you receive, this is hiding those comments that actually have something clever or useful to say.

I understand the need to give voice to all (not to be changed) and the difficulty and cost involved in managing the blog. However I would suggest to improve this section and create a system to keep in highlight those comment that deserve the attention of the blog for the constructive content. The other comments should be collected under sub links such as: ‘support’, ‘dissents’, ‘offensive’…. or similar.

This would keep the blog free for all to express their opinion but also respect those that actually believe in the positive impact and action of your blog.

Concerning Ségolène it is unfortunate that she is France but on the other hand I’m glad she is European. Hopefully we will see more of such figures in the future.

Buon lavoro

Posted by: Massimo Di Bella | November 18, 2006 07:40 PM

Hi readers,
I'm very happy that a woman like Ségolène Royal is going probably to become the next French president.

Many Italian comments are about the sex of the new candidate.
But no one said a very simple and straight fact: Mme Royal HAS IDEAS. Yep, she's got projects and she discusses them all, and daily, on her blogs and Internet sites. She urges people to participate, to share their ideas, and she has a totally new vision in a country like France, having strong conservative tendencies.

Go read her's programs: she talks about education being the most important thing in a modern society. If you compare this with the recent budget cuts to scientific research in Italy, you may want to cry. Or to move to Paris.

Tadeus Szemowski
(an idiot)

Posted by: Tadeus Szemowski | November 18, 2006 06:49 PM

hello there, and reading the list of things this lady believes in very inspiring and an eye opener, although if she will become President I am a little skeptical about how many of this believes she will be able to implement. Having sat that I am impress with at least the courage to admit shorcomings in today Politicians Italian especially. Now one thing comes to mind about Italian Politicians, and this happen during the infamous Lewinsky/Clinton case, and rightfully so an Italian jornalist said "We just wish we had a Politician worth of a Lewinsky B__w-J_b". I rest my case.
Thanks for the opportunity

Posted by: Giacomo Chiametti | November 18, 2006 05:37 PM

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