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Urban transport is on strike. Aircraft are on strike. The trains are on strike. The fire officers are on strike. The teachers are on strike. The hospitals are on strike. Anyone who is a public employee sooner or later goes on strike.
The citizens, their employees are always in the dark about the motives. They know thereís a strike , but they donít know the reason for it. However they know that the absence from work happens by preference on a Friday or on the days before a holiday. An incentive for a long week end.
Itís murmured that the strikes depend on the failure to renew work contracts. And that the negotiations are always drawn out for many years. Years of severe strikes, not against the administration, but against the citizens.
Those that pay the salaries to the strikers with the cost of the service and to the public administrators, who negotiate with the strikers, with taxes.
The citizen pays for the service twice, but is excluded from the negotiation. The employee administrators donít get anywhere with the employee strikers.
From one week to the next, we find ourselves without trains, without hospital treatment, without schools. We pay hordes of employees to serve us (with the idea of providing a public service).
But we donít have the right to speak, to make decisions, to be informed, to have a veto in the negotiations. Itís time to change the system.
Negotiations between public administrators and trades unions must provide for the presence of citizen representatives. Who can understand and make decisions instead of waiting for hours at the bus stop like stupid folk
While writing this it occurred to me that certain employees never go on strike. The politicians. Perhaps because they are so fond of us? Perhaps because we treat them so well? I believe that it is time to review the conditions of their contracts. The pension after 30 months is just the start of the meal. And if they go on strike we wonít be aware of it.

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Hello there, I read the today papers with be wilderness and incredulity, I read of Politicians pointing the fingers at each other for the discontent of the voters, the complete detachment of the young generations from Politics (In Italy obviously) and for the lack of evolution in the Italian Political scene. I would admire some self criticism especially from them, although this was not self criticism far from it they were clearly blaming each other for lack of support or for the rehashing of old Political Schemes. Which planet are these idiots living on? They themselves are the pinnacle of Italian Politics, and they canít figure out why our eyeballs are floating in s**t. Either they are way too smart for me or they are trying to demonstrate how stupid, we the voters are, either way is not a pretty picture the one presented today in the papers. One talk of the mistakes made within the last 6 month and promised not to make them anymore, while the other is contemplating new aggregation of Parties because the current coalition is not satisfying anyone. What they are saying in the end is that, they are running out of ideas and justifications for the mess and disgrace we Italians from everywhere are in. These so called Intellectual Politicians in charge of agglomerating people under their grandiose and ideological ideas are out of steam or reason to vote for them. In simple term they are financially arrived, politically incompetent, ideologically incapable and in the end too old and retirement in their pocket if the situation turns sour. This in simple term is my reading of today papers with comments from all sides of the spectrum. You figure out what side of the cart would you like to sit on, in front of the driver and pull or the back and be taken for a good and entertaining ride. Thanks

Posted by: Giacomo Chiametti | December 20, 2006 06:16 PM

Hello there, and what to say about our Political Leaders that when in need of physical attention by doctors prefer not to rely on the Italian Health System they have administered and created in the first place. I have to admit that a Nation wide Health System in today Europe is quite a difficult and challenging proposition for anyone, although even harder for the common folks to accept the fact that the tax payer for this system has no choice when in need. While for our leaders is a whole different story, when they are in need the menu of Private Hospitals and Private Clinics is endless and vary only with the size of their Bank Account. For Mr. Berlusconi obviously is no problem to have his meniscus done in Amsterdam and hearth surgery in Cleveland, while for Mr. Bertinotti a week in Normandy in a Health Spa billed on us, the same for our Life Senator Cossiga that bought cocaine under prescription of an ASL Doctor. I am confident they have good intention and only good remarks for our Health System, although I would like to see a little more appreciation in their part and use the same care we do receive from it.

Posted by: Giacomo Chiametti | December 18, 2006 03:13 PM

Hello everyone, I am frustrated as hell today, especially when I read or listen to Politicians explaining what they are doing or why they are doing something itís irrelevant what. We are a Country of 59 millions why do we need 300 plus Senators, and 600 plus Representatives? Why here it cost 3 time as elsewhere to built a mile of TAV train structure, why the Sorrento-Reggio Calabria is not done after 30 years, why Alitalia has to remain in Italian hands, why we know how many time a Velina gets laid while we donít know if Mr. Previti is guilty or not after 12 years, why Mr. Cimoli makes 2.7 Mil Euros and Alitalia is bankrupt, why Train Italia has 6 billion debt and Mr. Catania received 7 Mil after being fired, why in Campania Mr. Bassolino is still in Power after having been found guilty in the Courts of Law, why in this Country nothing works. Folks we are in the year 2006, 21st Century for goodness sake itís time to pretend some answers from these handicapped Political Establishment. Is time for the Justice System to be flipped inside out and the Rule Of Law re-written. I am not sure of anything but I can still judge on my own skin when a system is working or not and this is for sure way far from working. The only things that keeps Joe Blow from entering any Justice Building and make a mayhem of all the Personnel working in there is because Kalashnikovs are pretty hard to come by for the average folks, while for the thief and gangsters is a cake walk. Beware it may have to come to the point where the average folks will feel entitle to some justice and pursue of happiness without these imbeciles, all of which are busy trying to figure out a new slew of Parties just to assure a good paycheck for themselves. While telling us what a great Country we will be is we vote for them, all of them send their kids to be educated and take a shut at their carrier away from Italy, while we get stuck with paying their daddyís paycheck so he can turn around and send it overseas. Folks pretend more and if you have a chance speak out, sorry I was dreaming now I am awake it must have been just a feature of my imagination we are in the Bel Paese after all. Thanks

Posted by: Giacomo Chiametti | December 14, 2006 06:40 PM

Hello everyone, I canít conceivably stop reiterating to out Political Establishment that Italians are tired of mambo jumbo Politics and what they are demanding load and clearly is an Efficient/Optimised/Functional/Federal/De-Centralised/Responsive/Modern execution and management of Government Agency. It is unrealistic for any Government to ask Voters to pay 44.1% (Average) in tax year in and year out while their Tax Agency returns overdue tax on average after 5-6 years (If at all). We are in the year 2006, 21st Century while all government institution is in the 1960 state of mind. The idea of big overloaded Central Government big Brother is over, it ended more than 30 years ago. I realize that any little Government middle manager has his/her ego way bigger than his/her brain, although the productive side of Italy (Mid to little Companies and Individuals) are tired of paying taxes and to be administered by inefficient non adding value personnel representing only the incompetent part of this Country. The Establish Power should derive by the fact that this or that person adds value not to subtract value to and for the People of this Country. The need for de-regulation is clear to all with the obvious exception of the People in Power, and the fact that people protest and demands their right and an end to this vicious circle of self fulfilling failed prophecy that we need Professional Politicians to manage us. No, No, No, we need inexperienced and new Politically Motivated new people, at least they would have the benefit of the doubt when errors will be made, and the old establishment has none. The Old Establishment is at the rate of 90% in retirement age, and in case they arenít, the 30 month service fringe benefit makes them eligible to go home right now and stop messing with the tax payers. Thanks and donít come back

Posted by: Giacomo Chiametti | December 12, 2006 02:28 PM

Non ti preoccupare Beppe!
Anche i due autisti (locali di Hong Kong )del consolato italiano di Hong Kong erano in sciopero la scorsa settimana. Apparentemente solo loro. E si che hanno una maserati 4 porte per portare in giro Il Console Generale. Forse volevano la nuova Jaguar E che fa piu' english..

auguri per il tuo blog ma sopratutto per la tua salute non te la prendere troppo continua a parlarci che sei l'unico che lo fa. Non appena anche al Governo scopriranno l'internet speriamo che lo facciano anche loro.

Posted by: Zagorfly | December 12, 2006 04:47 AM

Hello there and I find quite peculiar the fact that any person or group protesting the Political Class is either ignored or denigrated. The typical tactic is, rather than respond to the protesting individual or group with a reasonable and logical political answer usually is the messenger that get denigrated or ridiculed obviously because is much simpler to diminish their credibility rather than give a response that usually they do not have. And so it goes, this happen across all the Political spectrum and commonly used by the Political Elite (Because they think their credibility is much larger than their brains) to appease the common folks that canít figure out why the commoner can disrespect an Establish Institutions like the Prime Minister. I would just like to remind the Establish Institutions that by shooting the messenger rather than responding to the message has been the typical behavior of Incompetent/Incapable Politicians or tyrants that have no answers for their administration. If they (The Political Establishment, left middle and right) are not willing to interface with the common folks, why should the common folks accept the Government Reasoning for any Laws? I hear Mr. Prodi ranting and raving ďFolks, you will see the results of my Finanziaria next yearĒ and if it doesnít work as predicted by these buffoons what then? It seams to me that these buffoons havenít figure out that is their credibility that is missing, after so many missed opportunity to make good on promises I donít want to wait until next year and the next again. Clean up the Government and the wasting going on every day all around it and then compile the money going into the coffins and going out of the coffins justifying each and every penny than and only than I will not cuss at you. Thanks

Posted by: Giacomo Chiametti | December 11, 2006 05:47 PM

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