Jurassic Italy


Giorgio Napolitano presented his end-of-year-speech on all the TV channels simultaneously. All the TV journalists commented on it. During the salient passages. The segments that got missed by those who were asleep.
And then they reported the declarations of party support, Ridolini-style, with 10 seconds for each one. An 80 year old gentleman used archaic words to talk to us about our future. Excuse my impertinence, but he was using words worthy of the red-pen school teacher.
But it’s not his fault. The fault lies in his age. It’s the fault of the institutional role. Once you arrive there, unless you are called Pertini, you get embalmed in life. PresidentoftheRepublic/oftheCouncil/leaderoftheopposition together make about 220 years. A great Jurassic experience. The triumph of gerontocracy. After Brezhnev’s USSR, there’s only Italy. The clinical profile of the old people in Parliament is on the agenda.
Bertinotti’s prostrate, Amato’s heart, the psycho dwarf’s brain. A complete medical dossier. The Montecitorio hospice cannot contain the dreams of the young. At the most some conflict of interests. The young are outside the doors. They are doing “precarious” work. They emigrate. They live off the pensions of their parents. They survive to maintain the status quo of the previous generations. Whoever doesn’t look to the future can’t have one. But who is old is not thinking about it and who is young cannot do it. My wish for the new year is to hear new words, see new people, to savour new tastes, a real liberty, that in Italy is only pretence.
My wish is that the new generations take Italy into their hands. And put this political class, these sleek financiers, these super-paid bureaucrats, into early retirement. The ones who have transformed an industrial Italy , in which you could choose between Telettra, Italtel, Fiat, Telecom, Olivetti and a hundred other companies, into a call centre factory.
Italy is getting older. It is riddled with old thinking. My wish for young people is a stupendous idea. To throw out the old and to set off fresh. RESET!

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Hello there, and today my ranting and venting is about the ongoing endless discussion about Electoral Law.
Let me guess that on this matter it will take a long while, an immense number of Consultations, Investigations, Committees etc, after all folks we are touching on their life line, their source of income, their survival.
It only seams strange to me that a Country that has been unmanageable (58 Government in 56 years) is now debating how to change the Electoral Law, and they will debate amongst themselves only.
Now this sounds to me like asking a thief if he/she would like to work for a Bank, or to ask a cat for a better mouse trap.
To make the matter more ridicule is the fact that not only they do not have a clue about it, but instead like usual they look around at Country like France (Presidential) Germany (More Federal and Chancellor) etc.
This is like telling the Italian voters, well we tried for 56 years, we screwed everything up in here, although now trust us we will put in place a new system based on another Country system but we will run it again.
Don’t worry this time we will do the right thing!
Do you trust them?
Do you believe them?
Do they have any credibility?
Do they ask you for permission to go ahead and do it?
Will they shut themselves in the foot by implementing the pass/No-pass 5-6-7% line?
Do cow fly?
Your guess is probably better then mine?

Posted by: Giacomo Chiametti | January 6, 2007 02:02 PM

Hello there, and "NO" I meant Ronald Reagan and his motto was Smaller Government and Less Taxes.
Their Incompetence is unlimited while their knowledge very limited, mostly on how to make or break Parties that finance their carrier.
Rest my case, today is Hospitals; Politicians running Hospitals see the results.

Posted by: Giacomo Chiametti | January 6, 2007 01:36 PM


Thanks for your comments.
I just heard that our "great" politicians are working on this matters and it seems they want to rectify the situation.
We are here waiting. We cannot do anythig rather than keep the pressure on. May God help us!

Posted by: Lorenzo Federico | January 5, 2007 05:26 PM

Hello wherever you are, and my rant is about Italian beloved Politicians (From the Jurassic era).
Especially now that more money is flowing into their coffins, and less is going out to maintain the Babylon tower of worthless Agencies, all of them would like to be pointed out as the rightfully deserving architect of this flow of tax money.
Instead what come out loud and clear is the fact that neither of these two towers of Economic brain power (Left and right) had the slightest clue of the impact of their economist and laws they implemented.
It wouldn’t be so bad, if they at least kept their mouth shut when the deficit was ballooning as well when more money is coming in.
But no, when the s**t hits the fan, no-one responsible is within spreading range but when money is available they all stand up to be counted.
Bottom line is the fact the economies is neither controlled or follows Political Influence actually more often than not; they can only hinder the Economy with their incompetence and interference.
To make the matter worst is the fact that Italy like usual follow European Economy either way (Upswing or downswing) by 6 month to a year, and so these buffoons always have the quantified period of time to try to manipulate Italian Economy with their clueless brainpower and committee.
Rest my case while the Finanziaria still remains a positive input to growth and financial stability (Of Political Babylon, is never mentioned).

Posted by: Giacomo Chiametti | January 5, 2007 03:44 PM

Hello everyone and on this subject I would like to spent few of my cents, although as far as I am concerned the matter I am sorry to say was and still is in the hands of the people that tolerates it.
Italy although in Europe and a Founding member of the European Community is never being considered an open or competitive market, actually the opposite a closed with no competition market.
As the evolution of markets throughout the world became more and more competitive (Through Privatization, Liberalization, Efficiency Increased etc) Italian Companies that could not or would not compete, either they went bust or moved overseas or were shielded from competition by the State (Your money skewing the open market).
This is a fact everyone is well aware of, although it’s much easier to blame globalization or China for it rather than Italy’s own political choice.
Since the 60th Italy was an industrial powerhouse at European levels (Not Germany but England and France and most certainly Spain) but since the 70th Politicians started to mingle in the Economy and IRI was borne, Olivetti’s problem started and I stop at this two icons of the Italian industry although the list is endless.

Now in the 80ties the world deregulated or privatized all their Champion of Industry while Italy though it could support the onslaught of competition through depreciation of their currency, and Liras went from 500 Lira/dollar to as high as 1650 Lira/dollar and then the euros came into life.
This is quick brush with history (Although more comprehensive and extensive on record) and the result is that now Italian industry is uncompetitive, inefficient, costly and without research and development.
This is because our Political Elite was managing our Industrial Base, without knowledge, expertise, know-how, modernization, efficiency, education etc.
This fact alone would destroy any industry anywhere, but in addition Italy had and still don’t have anymore money to invest into these Industrial Base because it did spend it all already (Italian Deficit=108.2 % of GDP) and so education has suffered, infrastructure, transportations, research, defense, health and social security.
Throughout the world needs drive research and development, education, defense, health and medicine etc, if and only if people is allowed to develop thing invest in companies, study and educate themselves, while in Italy the few with the money and power kept a lid on the people with today results.
Ask Mr. Andreotti, or Mr. Prodi (Italy is so lucky it still has these people) they managed to completely isolate Italy from the reality of world evolution.
I like to repeat what Rush Limbo (Famous radio station Republican host in the US) “With half of my brain tie behind my back, let me do the thinking for you” this is what the mentioned people did for Italy, and not by chance it takes on average 67 permits to open a business in Italy without mentioning endless red tape, extortions political connections etc.
Now if you were the CEO of Fiat and have to choose between an IIT and Milan Polytechnic which one would you choose while both have the same education and language fluency.
Your choice is as good as Fiat CEO!.

Posted by: Giacomo Chiametti | January 4, 2007 05:14 PM


Only 5-6 years ago it wasn't like that.

They came up with some sort of law that slowly but inexorably is changing young people life.

Our great statesman say that these smart choices will improve competitiveness and human resources flexibility, but I think they only managed to make Italy more similar to china, where workers rights are totally encroached.

The result is that companies can now exploit people work at will (I personally know MANY situations in which people work 12 hours per day getting absolutely NOTHING).

People still can survive and carry a good life because they live with their families but what about the future? Within 10-20 years there will be no more dad or mom paying bills.

In Italy nobody seems to realize what's happening. Since 2004 I'm living abroad, but the situation is getting worse day by day and people start to feel it.

Thanks for your intervention,

Posted by: lorenzo Federico | January 4, 2007 02:27 AM

I would love to understand the politicians when they talk and their law,why can everything been easy for the common person to understand?,it feels like the speak a different language,that only them can understand,it this done in purpose to keep us in the dark?

Posted by: E.kul.nura | January 4, 2007 01:47 AM


At the root of the problem you mention (people working for free) is the economic situation.

Essentially, the supply of work is greater than demand. So, it's an employer's market.

More rights could be given to the workers. However, if supply and demand for labor remain as they are, more rights to workers are likely to reduce the number of legal jobs even further. Fewer employers will find hiring worth their while. Legal employment will thus likely decrease.

Italy has some intrinsic competitive problems, which no law can fix in the short run (energy, infrastructure, education levels--are just some examples). But many problems could be fixed in the short run with a simple change in the law. Bureaucracy, labor laws, competition are good examples. These would improve the economic environment for investment. These, in turn, would translate into greater demand for labor.

Unless this is done, it is unlikely that workers will fare any better. With competition increasing, chances are that if the situation does not get better--it will get worse.

Posted by: Andrea Marchi | January 4, 2007 01:32 AM

I'm an Italian guy, that now study as Erasmus student in UK.
On april the 9th all italian citizens voted in order to create the new Parliament (it will be our Parliament for 5 years), but wasn't possible to choose our Parliament members.
The only possible solution is change our electoral law!

Posted by: Andrea Roncadori | January 3, 2007 06:18 PM

There is a solution:

Let's send them all to trial in Baghdad.

They deserve it.

Posted by: Giovanni Principe | January 3, 2007 03:04 PM

Many young people in Italy (with or without a doctoral degree) work several hours per day without taking a sigle euro. This seems unbelievable but that's what's happening to many friends of mine right now.

That's all because of these PSEUDOcontracts, sort of internship all'italiana that allow companies to take advantage of young people's work at no cost...

I don't know much about the laws and political choices that created this mess but I know that nobody among our great governors (the outstanding Prof Prodi as well as the eminent Dott. Cav Berlusconi) seems to care.......and the situation is getting worse..

Please, can someone explain to me what political choices needs to be taken in order to rectify this awful situation?

Posted by: lorenzo Federico | January 3, 2007 07:21 AM

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