Red pill: the Vicenza base

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Today I am dedicating the red pill to the Vicenza base. What if we had Italian Navy nuclear submarines in Miami? A few made-in-Italy nuclear war heads in Los Angeles? Italian flag bombers between Texas and Alabama? What would the Americans say? Much more than the people of Vicenza. Long live the people of Vicenza. If you are “cat-eaters” cor-blimey – you could even become “base-eaters”.
Americans are friendly people, but that’s no reason to occupy Italy. They must come here on holiday or stay at home.
Soru has given an example. Formigoni with 40 war heads at Ghedi Torre near Brescia what does he say? And Illy with 50 war heads at Aviano, is he just a tiny bit worried for his citizens?
I don’t believe that the Italians agree to the transport from Italy of nuclear bombs. To explode in the Middle East, in China or in Russia. With their complicity. Let the bombs be kept where they were constructed. Usabomber go home!

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Finger im Po, Mexico !!!rhrhrhr

Posted by: schischi | March 18, 2008 05:39 PM

La sua oratoria sulla base di Vicenza offende l'intelligenza della gente. Da Italiano residente negli Stati Uniti sono molto offeso da gente come lei che sa solo sputare cazzate e prese di posizione senza logica presa solo per un antiamericanismo in voga oggi in Italia. Gli USA si possono offendere e prendere a calci ma altri paesi no. Non dimetichiamoci che gente come lei a accolto un grande statista (ironizzo)come Arafat da grande fratello. questo dice tutto. In primo luogo gli usa hanno chiesto permesso ed lo hanno ottenuto. Il governo Prodi poteva benissimo cancellare l'accordo preso dal governo Berlusconi, come vuole il suo amico Bertinotti ma ci sono consequenze per atti del genere. No, non si fanno referendum so ogni decisione che il governo deve prendere, se cosi` fosse perche` non un referendum sulla finaziaria? Il governo viene eletto per governare non per fare sondaggi ogni qualvolta deve prendere decisioni sgradevoli. Ringrazi che esiste ancora una nazione che si chiama USA chissa cosa sara` quando non ci sara` piu`? Sono sicuro che gente come lei sara` contenta quando questo succedera`.

Posted by: Luigi Luongo | February 16, 2007 02:57 PM


Ma porca vacca...Ci mandano una lettera e ci dicono "Dovete Votare Cosi'" Ma che Ca...O Vogliono sti Americani,...Ci dicono che fare a casa nostra...E noi invece di fare come i nostri cugini Francesi che li mandano a cagare...Noi no....Ci CALIAMO LE BRAGHE E>>>>> VIA>>METTETECELO PURE IN C>>>>LO!!!!!!!!!
Grazie Italia!

Posted by: Fede | February 8, 2007 03:27 PM

Yes Enrico there is a reason to cry,as I said before i like Americans,and I do have lots of friends here and there,but this is a classic.....plese read ,yesterday (January 29) front page of the Sydney Morning Herald "Us call to block out sun" if is true, it is madness,better still,please read on today,January 30)Opinion& Letters on page 10"Arresting climate change goes against the American way"after this we can all have a good cry togheter,,ciao

Posted by: eva kulnura | January 30, 2007 10:11 AM

OK Giacomo, now we can cry together. Personally I know in which direction mankind is going and it ain't pretty! You build your bombs and many other Countries will either match or improve them. Humanity already went very close to annihilation during the Cuban crisis and rest assured that a similar accident will happen again and we might not get lucky a second time. Leaders with vision like Gandhi have proven that the peaceful model is the right one, but the profit seekers cannot swallow it and this is why I'm not optimistic about our future.

Posted by: Enrico Rossi | January 30, 2007 01:28 AM

Hello there,
I read your remarks and most of them are correct, there will always be an enemy to go after or a Country to sell hardware to, I am not disputing this simple fact.
Although as I read your remarks, not one of these remarks disputes that this is the reality, and above and behind this reality Italy remains irrelevant and at the mercy of these inept incompetent Politicians.
This is the truth and while you question the motifs for all this hardware or bases the sad reality is that someone decided for you.
So you know who to thanks after all.

Posted by: Giacomo Chiametti | January 30, 2007 12:03 AM

"there is only one superpower,what I wonder is,what the use for all the nuclear bombs in Italy for?"
So they can still be called a superpower. Today the official threat is "terror", tomorrow it might be Russia again or China or extraterrestrials. Don't you worry, they'll never run out of enemies to justify the necessity for the arms industry.

Posted by: Enrico Rossi | January 29, 2007 09:46 PM

Giacomo as you said there is only one superpower,what I wonder is,what the use for all the nuclear bombs in Italy for?

Posted by: eva kulnura | January 29, 2007 09:23 PM

Hello there,
I would like to look at the world from a nationalistic stand point, like most of you do, and although wish-able is to simplistic and narrow minded point of view.
More importantly is the “Not in my backyard” attitude that doesn’t solved anything just ignores the problems and shifts it somewhere else, your backyard gets spared though.
American bases have been established in Italy you know exactly since when, and I am confident that all of you are well aware of why they are there, and having sat that, the reality of the matter is that National Interests and National Policy/Foreign Policy are not a simple easy matter for any Country not even for Superpower.
National Policy and Foreign for that matter encompass a whole lot more that a simple Military Bases, they entice Political/Financial/Monetary/Energy/Influence/Space etc.
As I read some of the comments, I am impressed by the eloquence of some comments, and I have to agree on the fact that for the Italian Political Establishment, playing at the International Level is a hard, and at that level free lunches are very hard to come by.
What the Italian Political Establishment tells you, shouldn’t scare you at all, what should, is what they are not telling you.
Folks reality is that only one Superpower is left, while the other went bust trying to keep up, while for Italy and the Policy maker sorry to say they had no choice it was already written in the history books.
I have to agree also on the fact that Italy has only one hope in the International arena, be a driver for A European Nation and European Constitution otherwise Italy will continue to remain irrelevant and possibly be marginalized because of the incongruence’s and shift in policy from one government to the next.
On the world scene (Like Italy is wishing to be right now, visit to Bulgaria, Turkey, and Ethiopia) Politicians either show up with goods, knowledge, investment, policies, money and not to be forgotten Military Hardware otherwise their visit is mostly ceremonial.
These are the things Italy doesn’t have, and combined with the low Stature of Italy Political Establishment keeps Italy’s Policies irrelevant.
Fact: At Davos no one is missing any Italian input (They have none)!
Fact: To avoid sending troops to Afghanistan Italy had to put up 310 Mil. Euros
Fact: American People want the American troops out of Iraq
I am certain that Italians have good intentions and aspire at a peaceful world especially for their Country, but the world is a cruel place, and national/financial/personal interests are not to be ignored.
Next time you vote think about, or before you vote ask your Party what they will do in cases like this!

Posted by: Giacomo Chiametti | January 29, 2007 06:32 PM

So we do have the G8 which this time is much more powerful than the P2....

Any suggestions???

Because this time the countries left out (or aren't they really??) are supposed to be the weak ones...???

Posted by: paola filinesi | January 29, 2007 09:32 AM

Dear Beppe,

thank you for raising another of the many issues
that people need to look at, if are ever going to
make the world a better place.

Our employees know full well that the American bases are not here to protect us from anything, other than in the nice stories we are told as a cover in order to make us accept them without questions; in the same way that our legions ( when we where those bringing "freedom and democracy" to the world ), where not deployed throughout the empire to protect anyone, other than the interests of Rome ( which of course means whoever was in charge of Rome, not the ordinary roman people ) and where always ready to remind anyone who is the boss, in case anyone got any strange ideas about choosing to run their country and their lives in any way different from how Rome told them to do, or should their local puppet leaders be not enough to keep them under control on Rome's

Today we are a province in someone else's empire
and their bases are here to remind us just that, however sugar coated the official cover stories might sound or how many "dangers" or "terrorists threats" might be invented ( or actually created ) as a diversion to ensure that the status quo is not altered in any way.

Whilst I dislike it very much, "Might makes right ", is the principle through which all empires have run their affairs throughout history, to justify all the crimes they have committed, both overtly and covertly, both those known and all those that could be successfully edited out of the history books, as history is written by the winners.
At least until human beings grow up enough to find better ways of getting along together than the law of the jungle in all but appearances.

And the USA is no exception, and it is not by accident that our employees look the other way on matters which should be of great concern to them, if they where really representing us, but in reality they are not, they are really the employees and agents of powerful forces acting covertly behind the scenes, of which the P2 scandal, was just one, but very interesting example, of the kind of things that can go on undercover and who can be really in charge of countries and people, whilst they imagine to be free, but have no idea of how much they are being covertly manipulated and deceived by those who pretend to represent them on behalf of their puppeteers.

Giuseppe Scaglione claims that this present administration is totally incompetent, my dear Giuseppe, I wish that was true, with the exception of your president, who obviously can only afford to read and say what his handlers tell him to read and say, they are not incompetent at all, that is only the way it looks to those who have no idea that these people are serving a very different agenda than what they tell us, and very different people than the American people, the gigantic discrepancy between what they say and what they do is not there by accident and there is no incompetence, it is cold and calculated planning
of a type we are not allowed to know and which we need to bring out to the open as it is a matter of great concern for
all people.

Those in your administration ( and anywhere else in the world ) know exactly what they are doing and why but, like the employees of any other country they have to hide the true agenda to protect themselves, and they can only do so by lying or by pretending to having made mistakes, or whatever.

As far as saving Europe from the Nazi, no American
( and nobody else for that matter ) would have had to die during WW2 ( and neither WWI ) had the Nazi not been financed into power, in the first place, ( so that another gigantically profitable slaugther could be organised), by people inside and outside Germany, like Prescott Bush, the grandfather of the current president who, was several times investigated under the Trading with the Enemy Act, for his part in helping to finance the Nazi war machine, but always got away with it thanks to intervention of the powerful people he was working for, who took care to cover up everything, as it is always done in these cases so that the official version of events
and history can be sold to the people of the world, who always buy it, because they have no idea of what really happened.

The same happened with Pearl Harbour, the Vietnam War etc, etc, and more recently with 9/11; one of the many books exposing the official version of 9/11 as the pack of lies that it is, is very interestingly called " The New Pearl Harbour ", the title was taken by a quote on the "Project for a New American Century", written by those poor, innocent lambs, known as NeoCons, where, in April 2001, it stated that: " the process to achieve complete world egemony, would likely be a very slow one, barring a catastrophic event, like a new Pearl Harbour ", which duly occurred a few months later and allowed all the horrors, both foreign and domestics, of the so called " War on Terror " to be unleashed on a profoundly asleep humanity.

These people are not incompetent dear Giuseppe,
they know exactly what they are doing, and their many military bases, both in Italy and anywhere else in the world, are there for the real agenda, not the nice stories we are told to believe, so that we look the other way and do not interfere.

As far as the jobs issue is concerned, jobs do not have to be created only through wars and the constant perpetuation of man's inhumanity to man, both active and potential, if the gigantic amounts of money used to produce military machines and commit crimes against humanity, were diverted towards producing clean energy, feeding starving people, and all kinds of social services which actually benefit societies, they would remove many of the causes of wars and crime in the first place, and still produce plenty of jobs, and of a far better type, and the will to do it is all that stands between this happening in the reality and not just in theory.

I am pretty sure that what Beppe refers to when he says to "pack and go home" is the
military bases and what they
represent, obviously not the American people who are as welcome as anybody else.

Thank you Beppe Grillo for all you are doing.

Posted by: Stefano Manfreo | January 28, 2007 10:05 PM

Giuseppe, from Wikipedia:
WWII US military deaths 407,300.
WWII Soviet Union military deaths 10,700,000.
As you can see the Soviet Union gets the most credit for getting rid of Hitler, not the USA or other allies as President Roosevelt had to acknowledge in the treaty of Yalta.
As far as the site I mentioned goes, the problems with US military bases are well documented. Do a search with other sites and come to your own conclusions.
As far as France, England and Russia go, this was not the topic of discussion here, but personally I would like them to stop getting involved in these dangerous endeavors.
A few years ago everybody and his brother was talking about disarmament. Look where we are now!

Posted by: Enrico Rossi | January 28, 2007 07:56 PM

Let's start putting down the facts, and not web links:

For Eva Kulnura that compares the New Zeland and Australia WW2 effort to the American one, here's the facts on the number of people and soldiers that died :

* United States 292,000 soldiers
* Australia lost 23,000 men in combat.
* New Zeland lost 10,000

I understand every man that died and fought against the Nazi was an hero, but what I wanted to point out, and I challange everybody to show me wrong, without the US soldiers in Europe WW2 would have had another ending.

For Enrico Rossi. How can I take seriously a web page that publishes the following:

" Se al-Qaeda non esistesse - come probabilmente non esiste - gli americani se la avrebbero inventata."

What kind of credibility can that web-site have?

For Paola Filinesi:

Good point. Without immigrants the US would not be what it is now. Why do you think millions of people in the past 200 years have left their countries and come to the US?
Nobody was forced. The US policy and politics are far from perfet. The current administration is totally incompetent. The US has made mistakes, and other countries have suffered. Yet, give me a country that is not guilty of the same sins. Pollution? Look at ex USSR. Nuclear war heads? Our good friends in France have nuclear power plants, AND nuclear weapons, possibly within 100 kilometers from Italy, and they also have nuclear subs, just like the USSR. Nobody complains for the nucs that are in Russia right now. For the old, falling apart Russian subs 5 miles from the Italian shore. Let's be consistent. The web-site listed above reports no 1 problem with China, with Russia, with France.
Please, stay with the facts.

Also, nobody wants to take on the loss of jobs arguments when the 'bad' American bases will leave Italy. That does not count?


Posted by: Giuseppe Scaglione | January 28, 2007 06:31 PM

In other words...:

"It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves; we are underlings"

Julius Caesar

Posted by: paola filinesi | January 28, 2007 04:48 PM

Giovanni, in our so called democracies the electoral booth has become a rubber stamp to transfer unlimited power to the politicians. Did you ever notice that politicians discuss issues in the singular and avoid the plural? You vote for them and they take the ball and run for four or five years. Don't bother calling them after your vote, they know what's good for you.

Posted by: Enrico Rossi | January 28, 2007 04:22 PM

Everything begins into the electoral booth.

Instead of throwing shit on our faces, we should learn first how to discern and then how to vote.

Posted by: Giovanni Principe | January 28, 2007 03:50 PM

Beppe up until now I have enjoyed reading your blog, up until now. Like others have posted, if not for the bases in Italy, look how many jobs there would NOT be, in an economy where jobs are hard to come by, even for Italians. What has the United States done to Italy that has had a negative effect? Helping Italy rebuild after the Second World War? Having bases in Italy, with American soldiers and families who spend money in the LOCAL economy? American tourists arriving in droves every year to spend their hard earned dollars, putting even MORE money into the local economy? If these are such negative things, kick all of us American's out of the country, close your doors to us, even for tourism, and let's see how you fare then.

Then telling the Americans to come here on holiday or stay home. Thanks a lot Beppe, that really makes me feel welcome in this country. Talk about Anti-American. What about those of us Americans that actually live here, that are not in the military? We try to "blend in" with the locals, speak Italian, married to Italians, have jobs, families etc. Should we pack up and go home also?

Like Michele said, "Maybe you should take a look at your own government and question why they allow such things." It is easier to judge others before judging ourselves. Yes the American GOVERNMENT has big time issues with the Bush Administration, does that make the current administration in Italy perfect? Consider that Italy has TWICE the number of lawmakers compared to the States, and Italy has a population of 60 million compared to the States at 300 million. With all of these lawmakers making about 11,000 euro a month, what are they actually accomplishing for common person in Italy?

Posted by: Ann Borgers | January 28, 2007 02:16 PM

I would be a proud American too as I am a proud Italian regardless of the fact that my government is making huge mistakes....!!!

The thing is that Italy's foreign policy does not affect the world, whereas USA’s does...:o(

That's why you people get all this negative reaction, and as Paolo Acciavatti said don't you blame all Iraqis or Afghanis because their leaders were dictators???

Posted by: paola filinesi | January 28, 2007 02:08 PM

Now Mr. Scaglione you are exaggerating a bit aren't you???
Your examples are somehow far fetched aren't they???
Profit or some form of benefits has always been behind all your above mentioned examples. US philosophy is based on profit so there is always a "take" in mind before a "give"...!!!

Besides....Without Hippocrates no Medicine, without Pythagoras no Mathematics without Socrates no Democracy, without Won Brown no Space Programme,without Einstain,Courie, etc and last but not least...without European immigrants there would not have been a USA in the first place...don't you think..??? :o)

Jokes apart, Could you please define Evil to me??
Who is going to protect us from Nuclear War Heads??
Who is responsible for the devastation of the Planet's natural recourses??
In what capacity someone appoints himself as the "natural" protector of all nations on this earth??
What are we afraid of in the first place??

Posted by: paola filinesi | January 28, 2007 01:56 PM

Giuseppe, "There has never been an American Nuclear submarine incident in Italy." Go to the following site and read that the opposite is true. Stop reading Newspapers if you want to avoid being brainwashed.
We are getting fed up with all this military posturing as if it was the only model by which humanity can live. First you produce these abominable weapons and then you've got to find an excuse to destroy them. How long do you think humanity will be around following this lunacy?

Posted by: Enrico Rossi | January 28, 2007 01:16 PM

Giuseppe Scaglione,just like to remind you about history,the American joined in the second war world after been bombed at Pearl Harbour,before that the English were fighting with the Australian,New Zealand ect,in Normandy there are not only American buried there, but people from other country too,please let's not forget this,here in Australia at six o'clock everyday, the diggers are remembered with one minute of silence at every memorial club around Australia.

Posted by: eva kulnura | January 28, 2007 10:22 AM


I admire your work and actions, in Italy and in the world, when they are based on facts. Blaming America, and the American bases in Italy is too stero-type. You have to stick to the facts to still be credible. I am tired of people that say "it's America's fault", and they don't back it up.
The American's bases bring and have brought jobs in Italy. That is a fact. There is never been a nuclear incident in Italy due to the Americans. Another fact. There is never been an American Nuclear submarine incident in Italy. That is a fact. Naples has had Americans for 60 years, which have only contributed to the region. I never remeber any Napolitan scream "Americans go home". That is a fact. I personally know people in Vicenza that do business with the American Base, and that have raised families because of the American base. Another fact. So, if you want to say "Americans go home", bring some facts to the table. Show me how you are going to replace the jobs, and the lost of business. Show me the negative impact to the nation. I have worked with Americans. Belive me, we have a lot to learn. Without America you would not have this blog. You would not have the Internet. You would not have the computer that you are staring at. You would not have the CPU that runs the computer you are staring at. And, as far as I am concerned, Italy and Europe would all be speaking German. Why don't you go to Anzio, or Normandy, and see how many Americans died to fight the Nazi. How many nations in the past 100 years have done that? Tell me one nation that would have been able to rise against Evil. Tell me just one nation that could have stopped Hitler, and the Japs. Or one nation that that will be able to stop radical Islam from converting you or killing you. Please, stick to the facts, otherwise you loose credibility, and you become just another clown.



Posted by: Giuseppe Scaglione | January 28, 2007 07:09 AM

I'm sorry about all the touchy Americans commenting here. I am speaking as an Italian American, born in Philadelphia, cradle of liberty.

Beppe and all the Italian commenters make it clear they are talking about the USA government, not the people in this part of America (America, as we all know, goes from the Arctic to Chile). Of all the peoples of the world, it seems Americans are the least able to distinguish between governments and the people. Don't we blame all Iranians for Ahmedinejad?

Americans, let's relax a little bit. You know that, if there were European nuclear bombs and missiles in our towns, we'd be out on the streets too.

Posted by: Paolo Acciavatti | January 28, 2007 06:58 AM

well written document in the frield of Interatioanl Affairs. go ahead !

Posted by: Dr.Abdul Ruff Colachal | January 28, 2007 05:02 AM

Guantanamo: another US favourite?(Dr.Abdul Ruff Colachal)

Secret torture camps have become the symbol and order of the US politics in international arena. The US has set up labor camps to try, torture and kill the so-called suspected terrorists not only in Europe with the connivance of the respective governments, it has also done the same in other continents as well. One such revelation has come to light when the several countries including the pro-US, UN chief strongly protested against the continuance of secret torture camps at Guantanamo in Cuba, a country that fights against the US hegemony tooth and nail. The US detention camp at Guantanamo Bay, set in picturesque location, is now five years old. Tony Blair calls it an anomaly, but the evidence as reported in media for existence of torture camps is overwhelming. The torture camp Delta, which houses 470 men never convicted of any crime, has captured the attention of the global media.

The US led forces fight terrorism with equally terrorist methods and thereby the USA negates values of liberty and freedom. That should be the starting point of any debate about what is acceptable in the west's fight with Islamist extremists. More than 750 men have passed through the camp, with nearly half being released. Many prisoners, past and present, have given consistent and repeated testimony of serious abuses and ill treatment. There is also significant evidence from US officials and government documents of widespread abuse at the camp.
The British detainees known as the Tipton Three allege they were also repeatedly beaten shackled in painful positions for long periods and subjected to sleep deprivation. They were also subjected to strobe lighting, loud music and extremes of hot and cold -- all meant to break them psychologically. Other detainees have suffered beatings, sexual assaults and death threats. At least one man has been ‘water boarded’ -- tied to a board and placed under water so that he had the sensation of drowning. The regime at Guantanamo causes psychological suffering that has driven inmates mad, with scores of suicide attempts and three inmates killing themselves last year.
As is known now, Guantanamo is not the only US torture camp. Bagram in Afghanistan has been dogged by stories of abuse, and there are secret US prisons around the world where it is widely feared new horrors are occurring. One of the US's founding fathers, Thomas Jefferson, had once stated that any one who trades liberty for security deserves neither and will lose both.
One does know, if the Bush administration would decide to trade in these tortured detainees in secret camps all over the world as the hero of Russian novel by N.Gogol "The Dead Souls", written in the 19th century, did it by registering the dead serfs died under landlords.

Interestingly enough, even US officials are even “shocked” that an inmate's head had been wrapped in tape for quoting from the Holy Qur'an. Another was humiliated for his religious beliefs and ‘baptised’ by a soldier posing as a Catholic priest. One official investigation found an inmate had been sexually humiliated and forced to perform dog tricks on a leash. Perhaps Mr. Justice Collins of UK is right when he declared on Guantanamo that America's idea of what is torture is not the same as UK’s.

The USA, reeling under the heavy lashes of’ mischievous ideas floated by the neo-conservatives about imposing a new world order on the rest of the world, has no apologies either for such secret torture camps being run by its various state funded agencies like CIA the world over or for its “wars on terror” actually targeting the so-called Islamic fundamentalists.

As a country fighting for liberal values, democracy and rule of law else where, particularly in oil rich West Asia, the USA should have been prudent in devising anti-terror torture camps and not to behave like a rogue state. Would President Bush, the assumed commander-in-chief of all such inhuman global operations against innocent people, think of considering alternatives available for advancing the US interests globally and also give up the terrorism plank increasingly used for domestic as well as foreign policy purposes?


Dr.Abdul Ruff Colachal
JNU, New Delhi

Posted by: Dr.Abdul Ruff Colachal | January 28, 2007 04:56 AM

Putin's Visit and Indo-Russian Ties (By Dr.Abdul Ruff Colachal)

President Vladimir Putin, the chief guest at India’s republic Day celebrations on 26-01-2007, concluded his two-day visit here today in which Russia and India decided to broadbase their cooperation in civil nuclear field and step up partnership in the area of defence, space and trade.Stepping up civil nuclear cooperation with India, Russia agreed to build four atomic reactors in Tamil Nadu and more at yet-to-be-identified sites under landmark agreements reached on the first day of Putin's visit. Also, two joint statements were issued and eight accords signed by the two sides, including one on cooperation on sharing of data from Russia's Global Navigation Satellite System (GLONASS) and jointly launch a 'YOUTHSAT'.

President Putin, who discourages felicitations on his birthdays and quietly leaves his country on that occasion in order to avoid the” friendly” gestures of his bureaucrats and Russian politicians as well as the new business class, knew well that India would like to use Indo-US nuclear deal as its trump to force Moscow to commit on most of its nuclear and other economic agenda. Unless he amends the Russian constitution to enable his third consecutive term to Presidency, Putin might not visit India as President and therefore New Delhi had expected a big bargain from Moscow. Though the height of importance accorded to visits by Soviet leaders earlier right up to M. Gorbachev was significantly missing now, and, obviously, much less than that accorded to US Presidents nowadays. It was as if his arrival was for purely business contracts the host country was keen to clinch the issue even if it is done superficially.

Since his first visit in 2000 to New Delhi after assuming office as the new Russian President, he seems to be eager to further strengthen the strategic and trade ties between Russia and India which is now fast moving towards the USA and its allies for increased trade in military equipment Apart from expanding civil nuclear cooperation and trade in weapons and technology, joint ventures in supersonic cruise missiles, oil and gas sectors, Putin's visit was to focus on pressing the importance of Moscow for New Delhi as an old reliable supporter and partner who brought a lot of good to Indian economy.

Russia learnt in a hard way that there is no free lunches in International Politics and wants to conduct its foreign relations for its own economic advantges. Moscow feels disturbed at the changing attitude of India supported by its enlarged purse from privatization and liberalization of its economy. As a stable ally of India during the so-called Cold War era the then USSR under N.Khrushchev adopted a pro-India stance since 1950s with a view to restraining the US influence in the region and the developing world at large and voluntarily assisted the Indian projects for self-reliance in core industries with means and technology as well as specialists from the Soviet side. Continued large scale material support to the Third world, however, became a big burden on the Soviet Union spending huge resources to contain the US political aggressions and the freedom struggles the world over.

The end of Cold war also caused cold relationship of Russia with a host of its former allies and friends, including India. With the de-ideologization of Soviet politics initiated during M. Gorbachev era for bringing USSR closer to the Western civilization and world markets, made Moscow revitalize its shaken economy. It was not until the visit of former Russian President Boris Yeltsin, after a long wait, in 1999 a new hope was generated in Indo-Russian relations. Totally disillusioned with the fate of his pro-West policies, Yeltsin began turning to Eurasian countries by 1996 for special focus of ties. When he visited India the media projected the trip as historical, but the results showed that expectations were short lived, as Russia now was keen to enter into agreements with developing world, India inclusive, for mutual benefits and not for India's cause alone any more. As a policy Moscow decided to cut the aids for developing nations and also terminated the costly economic and weapons aids to the Third world, including India. Even though the USA continuing its efforts to marginalize Russia in world affairs, Russia was keen not to antagonize the USA any more and looked around for new partners for profitable trade. Oil and arms brought a lot of revenue for Moscow to cure its ailing economy. In South Asia, Putin has already brought Moscow closer to Islamabad, New Delhi's neighbor, in some measure, unthinkable during the Cold War period, and would like to improve Moscow's image and relevance in Asia now, though not exactly against the US interests.

India's total pro-US approach in regional conflicts is one area that disturbs Putin's diplomatic efforts to forge better ties with India. Moscow had the opportunity now to impress upon the strategicians in New Delhi to see reason and move away from the clutches of Washington and return to Moscow route for greater trade and strategic partnership and, accordingly, to possible cut economic ties with countries like Israel, UK, France, USA, South Africa and China, the largest trade partner in Asia All necessary ground works were complete in New Delhi before Putin's arrival and Putin signed the documents including for the supply of new nuclear reactors to India and fuel for continued operation of other reactors.

India has long ago realized that Moscow could not be “exploited” and used for its own benefits, as before, by making common ground of issues of Kashmir and Chechnya or terrorism plank, India is just one of the countries in Asia with which Russia has been keen to increase the trade volume. Putin's visits, though encouraged the ties to develop without much jerks, yet bilateral ties have never been as it was during the Soviet era. India's longing for the West, especially the USA and Israel for weapons and technology along with other international gains, made things worse for Russian- India relations and, therefore, the relations have been conducted quite as unsatisfactorily, as it should have been. The present trip of Putin, therefore, cannot later the position any better as both have tied their interests with those of the USA.

Russia would like to make India, a former leader of NAM, a strategic point to exert its influence in Asia, perhaps against Peking's claims for legitimate influence in the region. Even while shed its ideological baggage, Putin's Russia might as well take up the onerous task of leading the developing world again, provided that does not harm its own economic interests in any way and without shouldering any economic burden for that. National economic interest remains the central focus of Putin’s administration.

Russia needs the USA for its long pending application for entry into WTO as India seeks US support for membership of the discredited UNSC and for relaxing the NSG rules and both would have to approach the bilateral ties through the US prism only. There lies the crux of bilateral problem. When Russia seeks multilateral world order, India seems to support the unilateral actions of the US–led forces. Sovereignty of any nation can be easily bargained to suit its national interest under such circumstances. In the process, freedom of countries like Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran and many more countries would have to be sacrificed. May be, national interest of one's own country is holier than sovereignty of another country. World has to learn it from USA.

Dr.Abdul Ruff Colachal
JNU, New Delhi

Posted by: Dr.Abdul Ruff Colachal | January 28, 2007 04:45 AM

I meant the American government. I was referring to the your President words and not to the American people. They don't have any fault if who governs us (everywhere in the world) thinks we're stupid

Posted by: Michele Di Mauro | January 28, 2007 02:31 AM

I didn't say that Americans are never guilty, did I? The entire world hates Americans? Or did you mean the American government? There is a huge difference between the two. I am a proud American and always will be. We (Americans) don't always agree with what our government does. However their actions unfortunately reflect on us to the rest of the world.

Posted by: Christa Salvador | January 28, 2007 02:23 AM

sure, Americans are never guilty. The entire world hates them for no reason and they bomb their asses in order to "protect" they're freedom. Very intelligent motives...

Posted by: Michele Di Mauro | January 28, 2007 02:13 AM

Why is everyone so quick to blame Americans for everything? Maybe you should take a look at your own government and question why they allow such things.

Posted by: Christa Salvador | January 28, 2007 02:03 AM

Charles,sorry you feel this way,it seems Beppe touch a cord on you,to react the way you did,you shouldn't take personally, but sympathize with the Italian people ,overall if something goes wrong they are the one to blow up,in the name of freedom,as Beppe said you wouldn't like if the same happen to you,and if you are an Italian American that doesn't agree with the policy of both governments(like a do),and as you said you really care,you'll stick around for the common good,even if you need to tell Beppe to get F...k once in while,he can take it,ciao

Posted by: eva kulnura | January 28, 2007 01:55 AM

Peace is a word that has become foreign to this US Administration. There are literally millions of American citizens that are opposed to war and are true pacifists. Unfortunately politically they don't count and the decision makers pursue the path of war and constant conflict as a means to world hegemony.
In our schools we have zero tolerance for violence and pursue conflict resolution. In real life the opposite is true. Talk about hypocrisy.

Posted by: Enrico Rossi | January 28, 2007 01:41 AM

I agree with Paola Filinesi that it is Prodi's fault and shame for allowing the US to keep using facilities in the italian territory.
As far as Charles Terenzio, I am sorry for the guy who feels "insulted" by Beppe..., he unfortunately doesn't see the murderous and criminal activities of his Government. Like most americans he seems brainwashed by its Media, unaware of what goes on. Certainly in Italy we don't need more nukes, more missiles and instruments of war and aggression. We don't like his evil Empire, nor his stupid bad Shrub. Yankee go home.
I am sorry 4 U, mate...

Posted by: baldo lucaroni | January 28, 2007 01:13 AM

The Americans , the real people ...they could even say nothing .They don't even know what has happened on 9/11.They don't protest for the politic of this administration, for New Orleans.....They have no critical sense.They are good people it is simply that they don't know what goes on, what is Europe , figurarsi Vicenza, the Meadle East ,...They have all the local problems ,it is a huge country .By the way they have been exactly explained what is the illnees of Castro with a manichino on the desk of the CNN speaker showing the bowels.
It is sad ,isn't it? but that is how it is.The good new is that Europe (if we had Europe the real thing ) could make a difference.I have always the impression that they feel that a joined Europe is a counterpart.

Posted by: giuliana capo | January 27, 2007 11:43 PM


Not all Americans are a problem for Italy. A much as you feel victimized by your own country and it's politicians, there are Americans who feel just as vicitmized by the American government. I didn't agree with a lot of American policy when I went to Italy last year, and I still don't agree with it.

But, because this is *your precious blog*, I will remember your words, that speak for *all of Italy through YouTube*, where Italian Americans who care about Italy are *not welcome*, but are allowed to throw money at thier homeland by buying venetian glass, taking gondola rides, and *smiling while warheads are planted*, while we are on vacation there. Because this is exactly how you would describe it.

Go ahead and blame the entire country (USA) if that's what makes you feel empowered. You aren't making sense anymore and you are insulting me. I'll remember it. Because we Americans only value Italy as a charming vacation spot, right? None of us *really care*, right? Not even Italian Americans, right?

You won't be hearing from me again.

Posted by: Charles Terenzio | January 27, 2007 11:39 PM

This time I will disagree with the article....
It's not "USAbomber go home"..

it is:

"SHAME on the Italian government that allowes these bombs to be kept on Italian soil"....

Posted by: paola filinesi | January 27, 2007 10:22 PM

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