European Parliament and V-Day


In preparation for Vaffanculo day, or V-day, Iíve been to the European Parliament to explain the quagmire that Italy finds itself in and to look for some consensus. The place was full. No one knew anything. They thought I was a Martian. They didnít believe what I was telling them. I gave a taste of European populism. Today Iím publishing a brief film clip from Brussels.
Tomorrow a video thatís a summary as well as the whole thing. Hereís an extract of what I said.

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ďPutin reminded us, after the murders of journalists and those who oppose his government and some feeble denunciation by our government, that Italy is the land of the mafia. On this point, Iím partially in agreement. The mafia, well really the mafias, each with a regional identity, are a minor problem in my country.
The real problem is the Italian Parliament that contains a number of individuals who have been on trial, about seventy and 25 who have been convicted, enough to make Al Capone and Don Corleone both feel faint.
If Putin is listening to me, he could say that it was the mafias that got them elected or the vote of the citizens who are favoured by or in collusion with organised crime. Not at all. Perhaps the international press doesnít yet know, but two years ago, in Italy there was a coup d'ťtat.
The electoral law was changed to prevent citizens from being able to vote for their candidate. The parties, not more than 12 people, decided who was to be a deputy and who a senator. The law was one that Berlusconi wanted, the opposition opposed it, then when he was in government, Prodi confirmed it.
Itís better, much better for the parties to be set up for election by their employees than to have representatives of the citizens in the Parliament.
Better convicts than free citizens. Putin undervalued us, the mafias in Italy count for less than the parties and they are more honest. They donít say that they are democratic and on the side of the citizens.
Italy is a nation with a Parliament not elected by the citizens, more similar to a place of punishment than to a place where the future of the nation should be decided.
Iím appealing for the restoration of the liberty to vote and the liberty of information in Italy.
On September 8, I will organise a demonstration in every Italian city. Iíve called it Vaffanculo day. Itís half way between D-day of the Normandy landings and V for Vendetta.
On that day, Italians should take back their country into their own hands. It has been destroyed by decades of partyocracy, of P2 free masonry, of intrigues between banks and mafias, of Vatican interference in public affairs, from State information and Berlusconi, of conflicts of interests. The London Stock Exchange and the Italian are to merge. I would like to ask the English: but are you sure?
Do you want to be associated with the biggest conflict of interest in Europe?
In which the reference man is the well known convict Cesare Geronzi, involved in almost all of Italyís financial scandals and then convicted for bankruptcy? The Italian Stock Exchange should be closed. It shouldnít infect the rest of Europe.
Itís a place where Unicredit-Capitalia has the relative majority in Mediobanca and has the relative majority in Generali which is one of the main shareholders of IntesaSanpaolo, its most important competitor. Itís the place where a person like Tronchetti passes himself off as an industrialist destroying the value of Telecom and of Pirelli together, with 0.11 per cent of the share capital of Telecom.
Italy is the country of Valentino Rossi and of the greatest number of deaths from road traffic accidents. The land of sunshine without equipment for using solar energy. The country of art with rubbish tips and incinerators and regasifiers like nowhere else in Europe.
The country of Roman Law with 350,000 laws that cannot be used and in conflict with each other. The little bit of freedom of the press that remains, is in danger. In July, Parliament will vote for a law that will prevent the publication of the intercepts organised by the magistracy and relating to politicians.
Lads and lasses, if I donít succeed on September 8, Iíll come and ask for political asylum.Ē

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Greetings from Melbourne, Australia. Thanks for sharing your info. I'm doing a project on content curation. It really helped with my TAFE assignment due next Monday !

Posted by: Steph Costain | October 16, 2011 07:19 AM

Sorry, I have to apologize to Beppe and all the others!!
I was a little skeptical, but it is REAAALLLLY true, and this is the european parliament web site report of the activities on the 26th of June...
ehm, I believe I look like St. Thomas, now...

Kudos to Beppe!!

Posted by: Alessandro Ogheri | July 4, 2007 04:21 PM

It sounds a little strange to me that on the site of the european parliament a search for a meeting with Beppe Grillo doesnt appear: it doesnt matter if you perform the search on the web site pages or on the articles and interventions...
Similarly, no one other informative site (Yahoo Deutschland, Yahoo UK, Yahoo France, Yahoo Swerige, CNN, the Time, Sueddeutsche Zeitung) mention one so "disruptive" intervent !!!

Is this real, or did this happen in a room with some actors paid to play a role, please ??

Kind Regards,

Posted by: Alessandro Ogheri | July 4, 2007 04:07 PM

Caro beppe, io sono un siciliano, che vive in sicilia, e come ha detto tu, i mafiosi non stanno piý tra noi, non so se Ť un male o un bene, la mafia degli anni 80-90 non esiste piý ora si Ť organizzata sta nei piani alti. Probabilmente anche nel parlamento italiano. Se come hai detto Tu a scambia i deliguenti sono 1 su 15 e nel nostro parlamento 1 su 10 la cosa Ť gravissima.
I media non fanno niente, sono succube del potere.
I giornalisti sono sciavi degli editori.
e per il momento l'informazione viaggia nel web.

Ciao beppe e viva l'italia che non c'Ť

Posted by: enzo scozzaro | July 1, 2007 12:34 PM

Hi Peter,

you are right, sometimes I think we Italians are too naive, why do we say to the world that we are corrupted and call it scandal everytime? It just damages our reputation, just keep it for ourself, fight it always, but let other countries think we are as normal as they are! Oh well, since I live in UK I realise that corruption here dominates as much as in Italy, had I known it before, I would have chosen somewhere-else. But they smile and tell me with satisfaction oh Italy and the mafia, America and the Italian mafia...yes yes sir, we exported mafia all over the world, what shall I say?! Their mafia has no name.
And Beppe! You tell the European Parliament that Italy is controlled by massonery! But Europe too! Maybe you were talking with them, the massons! You'd better just focus on the main problem: Italy and Italians need a new and different political class because this one demonstrated not to be able to face the problems of Italy-leave out the main reasons, otherwise they would feel threatened too!

Posted by: Layla | July 1, 2007 12:20 PM

Dear Beppe,

do remember that Italy is openly corrupt but England is just as corrupt, like America, but it's hidden. Don't ask for asylum in ENgland, they aren't as nice as you think. Why do you think they are merging with the Italian Sotck Exchange?

Posted by: Peter Speedwell | June 29, 2007 12:03 AM

I added English subtitles to the video, to give my small contribution. You can find it here:

Let me know if you want to propose modifications to such stream. If you want to add such video to your blog as well let me know and I'll send you the code.

Posted by: Beppe Pantera | June 28, 2007 05:30 PM

To bring the Italian Rail System to a stand still requires only 200 people.
Why it takes 1500 Politicians to do the same for the Political Institutions?
A very well done job even in this occasion!
Cheers, long live The Italian Institutions

Posted by: Gothlingun Y. | June 28, 2007 04:58 PM

Beppe sei grande, grande e GRANDE! How reassuring to know that you are there! How proud I'm to be Italian if I can show that all italians are not psycho-nano like! I hope many people in Europe will see that a part of Italy tries to fight back!
I'll be there for the V-day, you can count on that! (here in Bruxelles actually!)
Keep doing the great work you're doing!

Posted by: L. Pugliese | June 28, 2007 04:48 PM

Two milestones have been reached yesterday, Mr. Grillo in Brussels and Mr. Veltroni in Turin (At the Fiat facility!).
As expected tax evasion has disappeared, the Treasury is submerged in cash, garbage has disappeared from the4 streets of Campania and last all the Buffon Politicians have resigned from their respective Parties (They completely renounced their remunerations, benefits pensions and perk?)
Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhps I then woke up, it was a dream, I guess I did fell asleep during the milestone speeches?
Cheers, long live The Italian Institutions

Posted by: Gothlingun Y. | June 28, 2007 02:11 PM

Vai Beppe!!! Ci vuole un comico per salvare l'italia! SVEGLIA GENTE!!!

Posted by: Riccardo Durante | June 28, 2007 01:44 PM

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