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Whoever has a profession normally dedicates all his time, energies and thoughts to it. A plumber who is also, who knows, the president of the bowls club, should first of all mend the pipes. Not go off playing or bowling leaving the washing machine in pieces.
A true Minister doesnít have a single second to dedicate to the party. As itís more pleasant to receive party officials in his Ministry. Political appearances to the right and left. Declarations about the philosophicalpoliticalconstitutional human bank of knowledge.
The work of a Minister is fundamental for the country. They shouldnít even be allowed to go to the bog.
To be a Minister and a politician at the same time is humanly impossible. The Italians expect the Ministers to govern the country, not to go round collecting consensus for current and future armchairs. The Ministers must stop being a reservoir of votes. Itís a perfectly normal conflict of interests. You canít serve Country and Party. Leaving aside discussions of competence, for example, whatís the connection between Mastella and the Ministry of Justice?
Whoever becomes a Minister must temporarily step down from the Party. A blind trust politician. And dedicate himself full time to his job. For his pride, if he has any, and for us who are paying him dearly. Today, if all goes well, the political ministers are working part-time, and they also get paid over-time.

P.S. If you meet a convicted parliamentarian give him a sign of greeting. A V with two fingers apart. Heíll think of victory. You know itís something else.

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Hello Italy, arrivederci to Il Belpaese, where is Joe Dimaggio gone?
Someone is still expecting this Country to survive and prosper?
Come on, get real, the fact is that Secret Service is a sham (Private individuals have more information than the Government, parallel private agencies are running the business!) the Government Monetary Policy gets the thumb down from European and International organizations, Mr. Visco is under Investigation, the deficit is ballooning to incredible numbers, population is taxed to a level not allowed to Private Institution like Credit Card and Banks because deemed Predatory (Although if done by Government is perfectly legal even if the services rendered are Highly Unsatisfactory!).
Meanwhile the lame duck Politicians just cash in their paychecks and survive another day, while their checking and savings accounts, safely overseas or in Switzerland (Protected and coveted from indiscrete eye and the IRS) grow very safely, and ready when the shit will hit the fan!
Expectations and Credibility, do any Italians have any left?
Expectations and Credibility, do any Italians have any left?
Expectations and Credibility, do any Italians have any left?
Expectations and Credibility, do any Italians have any left?
Cheers, long live The Italian Institutions.

Posted by: Gothlingun Y. | July 4, 2007 12:26 PM

The V with two fingers really stands for Victory, in a more "international" way :)

The opening four notes of Beethoven's fifth symphony were used during the second World War by the BBC to transmit daily news (via Radio) to the Italian resistance.
In morse code, those four notes ( . . . ____) are standing for the letter V (Victory).
I believe that the same sign could be used today, so my sudgestion is....let's record that same "gingle" and use it as a new "campaign", where the V letter...stands for just something else :))))



Posted by: Loris Pignoletti | July 3, 2007 03:38 PM

With all the Incompetent Politicians around, and a Pending Referendum (Has not reached the magic number of Ĺ Million?) I donít see anyone rushing to sign up for it?
This speaks laud and clears that too many Incompetent Scum Bags Leaches sucking tax payer for personal financial gains only.
Spread the news (They purposely do not speak about the Referendum because their asses would be on firing line!) have everybody you know to sign up for it, and all these Incompetent will start running around like chickens with no head, because their insignificant Party will disappear and disintegrate (Without your money!).
Sign up the clock is ticking.
Cheers, long live The Italian Institutions.

Posted by: Gothlingun Y. | July 3, 2007 03:24 PM

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