Napolitano and the precarious ones

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The office of the President of the Republic has written to me to thank me “warmly” for the book “Schiavi Moderni”.
The Head of State agrees with the precarious workers. That’s good news. Napolitano can do a lot to change things. For example buy ten thousand copies of the book to distribute to the Confindustria. Someone perhaps will be ashamed to externalise the risk onto the young people and to internalise the profit into the current account.

Download and distribute “Schiavi Moderni”. It has reached 170,000 copies, but that’s not enough. I’m publishing a story about the lost generation.
“I am tired of being among the precarious workers, but I’m here with dignity. I’m 33 years old, a degree in sociology hanging on the wall in my parents’ house… a tiny victory for them! I started out in the world of work in a Call Centre by getting a code for paying sales tax as a freelance then as a secretary with a contract and among other things it was not renewed because of an “economic crisis” (500 euro a month for a 40 hour week).
Other little experiences just so as not to be a burden on my parents. In the meantime I signed up to be a publicist, because my secret dream “was” to be a sports journalist …. I ended up in the restaurant of a relative with a “project” contract at 800 euro. At this point I decided to take a big leap: to live on my own, well together with a female friend, even though I don’t have the famous security, but a rent to pay that keeps up with the times!
Tired of working just in the evenings I changed my job again as an assistant in a clothes shop, and finally I was taken on as an employee, part-time: 25 hours a week for 600 euro, not bad! But fairly frustrated. A few evenings I made up the money in the restaurant. Now I’m in one of the biggest Italian telecommunication companies, in the hope of being taken on permanently.
The opportunity was offered me by a family friend perhaps because they were grateful for my having been a good baby sitter for their daughter. The pay is average, 5.11 euro an hour, with a contract that can be renewed every 3 months for the fantastic sum of 900 euro a month. I’m lucky because I’m also paid for overtime at 5 euro an hour… I want to leave this country….” C.D. 21.02.2006 16:08
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I agree the employment situation in Italy is a total chaos. I am aware of many people and friends that after many years of university found themselves unemployed or However, at the same time, many other friends are fully employed with reasonable or high salaries.
The Schiavi Moderni book is interesting, but it does not allow the fully employed to share their views and give advices.
Unfortunately, there are many problems affecting employment in Italy.
For a start, on average, people finish university at over 25 years of age. Many finally get a degree at 30 years of age. This is an unique case in the developed world.
Surely enough, a degree in Italy is worth more than a degree in many other countries, but spending 6 or maybe 7 years at university is an utter waste of time.
It is hardly surprising if new graduates cannot get a job without previous experience. I am sure they would not mind a of 400 euro per month at 23 years of age but at 30 it is a different story. But hey, the problem is not Biagi, the problem is the university system.
Then let’s have a look at the degree itself. In the book there were people with a degree in philosophy, history, sociology ecc. I hope they realise that it is realistically very difficult to find a job with those degrees.
Other people had a degree in Chemistry, IT, engineering, ecc.
Well, Italy is not he best place for that. The Italian chemical and IT industry are not that big. Engineering should be a little bit better, but it is no secret that Italy has a large low technology industry and that R&D is never well implemented. And quite frankly, a degree at Naples university, is probably not worth as much as a Bocconi one. Again, the problem is not Biagi.
And then let’s not forget the number of large Italian companies that recently collapsed. Think Parmalat, Cirio, FIAT and many many other that we do not know about. And the companies that are still around are not doing so well. I mean they are not really expanding abroad thus requiring new employees. The problem is not Biagi…
The reality is that Italy has a poor economy, based mostly on small size companies that are unable or unwilling to expand. Most of these industries have been using the same technology for the last 30 years and they do not require changes. When they do require something new, they can easily get it from abroad where most of the patents are filed anyway. Italy is famous abroad for food, clothing, cars/motorcycles, furniture, tiles and design in general. You can expect employment in these fields only.
Finally let’s not forget that it is only north of Italy that has an industry while many new graduates come from south of Italy. It is unrealistic o expect that half of Italy can do the job of the whole nation. And the problem in not Biagi…
And what about me? Well, I live in London and life is good. A piece of advice: do not hesitate to move abroad if you cannot find a job in Italy! But then you may not speak a foreign language…but then the problem is not Biagi is it?

Posted by: andrea ceccanti | August 15, 2007 06:34 PM

Piero I do wish you good luck,thanks for the link,keep in mind that the average "joe"has hard time to understand economics,and their jargons,you made it very easy to understand,that were your help is needed,translation from the professor of economic,to the average citizen,ciao

Posted by: walby wal | August 11, 2007 01:04 AM

For those of you who speak Italian and are interested in local money here's the link where you can read my presentation on community currency and mutual credit clearing system.

Thanks for your time and attention


Posted by: Piero Sanna | August 10, 2007 03:46 PM

Thanks Walby Wal I take that as a big compliment. I think however that there's plenty of good blogs and internet sites run by people that are much more competent than me on the subject. Many of the blogs and sites that focus on the realm of monetarism and central banking practices are an eccelent source of information as they are mostly run by professors of economics or people that have a proficient understanding of money and the way it works. Although I often contribute with posts to these sites I think I could add very little 'value' by opening my own blog. After all I'm only a student and I study languages. I just happened to stumble on the monetary issue by pure chance.

I regularly study and get as much information as possible on these issues so much that next week I am going to give my first presentation on local money / monetary currency. I will be giving this presentation with a friend of mine at a national conference of a political party in Sardinia ( where I come from)

Wish me luck!!


Posted by: Piero Sanna | August 10, 2007 01:48 PM

Piero,I do understand you,you will do a great service to human kinds if beside write your comments in this blog,if you start one of your own,I for a start would love to join in,let me kwnow,ciao

Posted by: walby wal | August 10, 2007 09:21 AM

I live in England and some times I watch some news or comment about the life in Italia and the Italian people on the TV.
The other day I was watching these African group that come from east Africa to settle down in Italia ( and for to be precise in Caserta ), the condition of living was very bad, no water no electricity no jobs, because no body want give to these people a job and consider them as animals.
Now I cannot believe that in Italia the mentality has no changed at all toward some body with different skin colour; in England the government provide some kind of accommodation with water, electricity and centre heating, a bit money to buy food and college to learn skill and language if these people has had not education in their country.
The Italian government allows these immigrant to stay in our country, because is the European agreement decided long time ago, but doesn't provide to them the bare necessity for these people to integrate in the Italian society, on top the Italian people doesn’t like black people and call them " animals ".
If in Italia no body wants them why allow this emigration from the third world ?????
Stop ignoring this problem, start take care of the problem: if they stay in our country got to be respected as human being or deported to their own country because are not wanted in our doorstep.
The second point is that if some body would tell the Africans to stop have 20 kids per
Family I think we wouldn’t have this famine and continue emigration in the world.

P.S. In case some body thinks that is no true the in Africa some family have 20 kids and more: I tell you all I have been in Gambia and I know what I am talking about,
Most men, by the muslin law, had 4 wives and produced 20, 30 or 40 kids.
This is a problem that should be attack, this is the main problem, sort out the out control birth and we can sort out the African, the Indian, the Chinese catastrophe.

Posted by: Joe Toledo | August 9, 2007 08:01 PM

Ok Walby Wal I take on board your criticism and I will do my best to tone it down. The point is that I get so irritated with the fact that Beppe keeps on censoring some of my posts that contain vital information (links of video presentations)for a sound and unbiased understanding of the banking practices. It is true Beppe has a family and still lives in Italy. What about the brave people that are trying to openly discuss and effectevely implement a monetary alternative? They too have family and live in Italy. They certainly don't dispose of the same financial means of Beppe. You might want to take a look at websites like where people from all walks of life are ready and willing to do more than just providing a blog to exchange opinions. They actively participate in the discussion and provide very detailed information regarding the monetary conundrum.

Dear Walby I used to be a great fan of Grillo but when I realized that he personally knew people like Giacinto Auriti I started to doubt the true intentions of the genovese comedian.

Grillo has a great opportunity to inform a large number of people of this central issue. It's not something one can choose to ignore as it is the pivotal cause of poverty and disquiet in Italy and all over the world.

Thanks anyway for taking the time to read my posts
I appreciate that Walby.

Posted by: Piero Sanna | August 9, 2007 12:18 PM

Piero,go easy on Beppe,he is trying is best,remeber he has a family to look after,and unlike me and you he still live in Italy,he is a easy target,think what happen to Gandhi,so far Beppe is just playing with fire he doesn't like to get burn,thanks to people like you that informations can came trough,he provide the blog,and them wash his hands like Ponzio Pilato,let us be graetfull for this opportunity,if he wasn't for him and this blog,I would have never know trough you all the information about the Banks,ciao

Posted by: walby wal | August 9, 2007 04:12 AM

Hey Beppe I suggest you write another book

I've got an idea for the title

Why I stopped talking about s,,e,i,g,,n,o,ra,ge!!

(And while we are at it you might also explain to your adoring public why people is reduced to writing this word with lots of commas due to your shameful censorship of this issue which is central to understand why people and underpaid and exploited)

Posted by: Piero Sanna | August 7, 2007 12:41 PM

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