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Two of the journalists of Genoa’s Secolo XIX, Menduni and Sansa, for some time now, have been denouncing the non-payment of taxes on the part of State Monopolies. Hold tight. It’s 98,000,000,000 EURO.
Where has this money ended up? With the parties, with the Mafias, with private citizens? Tangentopoli compared to this seems like just a joke and Valentino Rossi like a child who stole sweeties.
Visco if you are there can you knock once, given that the DS federations are proprietors of the Bingo halls. Fini and Alemanno, so busy with the costs of politics, ask for information from the Board members of the concessionary companies for the slot machines.
What follows is the letter from Menduni and Sansa to signor Tino, the Director of State Monopolies.

Dear Dr. Giorgio Tino,
We would like to ask you this question orally but it seems impossible to talk to you. For months we have been trying ot contact you, we almost start to think you might not really exist. And you should have an interest in responding (as well as the duty to respond)
According to the report of the Parliamentary Commission of Enquiry and according to the men of the Finance Police in fact, with unpaid tax and uncollected fines concessionary companies for the slot machines owe the State 98,000,000,000 euro. It is one of the biggest tax dodging events in the history of Italy.
According to the Commission and those investigating, this treasure chest has been gifted to the companies that manage the legalised gambling game. What’s more: on the Boards of Directors of some of these companies there are men who belong to families connected to the Mafia. So basically, instead of combating Cosa Nostra, the Italian State has gifted to it tens of thousand of millions of euro.
With that money it would be possible to build metro systems in Italy’s main cities. 1,000 Canadair could be bought to put out the fires. We could modernise 500 hospitals or organise 4 Olympic Games. We could create photovoltaic plant to provide electricity to millions of people or we could build the best railway network in the world .
For months we have reported in our newspaper, Il Secolo XIX, the results of the enquiry. Dozens of pages of news that has never been denied. According to the Parliamentary Commission of Enquiry, the State Monopolies have serious responsibility for this affair. Not just that. The Court of Accounts has asked the concessionary companies to pay tens of thousands of millions of euro to compensate for the damage suffered unjustly by the State. And in relation to yourself , signor Tino, the magistrates have started proceedings to get the payment of 1,200,000,000 euro in damages.
But you, what are you doing? You stay silent and stay in post, just like all the others who are responsible for the Monopolies, from dottoressa Barbarito to dottoressa Alemanno (sister of the former Alleanza Nazionale Minister).
And, what is even more incredible, there is silence from the il vice-minister of the Economy, Vincenzo Visco (who for months has been receiving the report for the Commission of Enquiry), to whom you respond.
Can you explain in detail what has happened to those 98,000,000,000 euro that according to the Finance Police have been taken form the State coffers?
Up until now, you have never wanted to reply. Perhaps you are relying on the support of the world of politics. Anyway, your armchair is one of the most desirable in the whole of Italy. Few people know it but the Monopolies manage the sale of tobacco and the legalised gambling. Basically a treasure chest, that the parties have been onto for years: AN has its own representatives in the Boards of Directors of the slot machine companies, while the DS federations own many of the Bingo halls.
So you can afford to stay silent. But who knows what you would do if tens of thousands of visitors to this blog were also to ask you these question (the email address of your press office is:”
Marco Menduni and Ferruccio Sansa

Text of the complete letter

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AVE beppe!

uncle luthero

Posted by: Luther Blissett | August 24, 2007 02:38 PM

bische, non bisce....
cambiate il titolo!!!

Posted by: Abel Balbo | August 13, 2007 05:38 PM

Hello there,
I hope (Although I very confident) most of the people participating into this blog are very cognizant of Italy’s problems.
It doesn’t take Mr. Grillo to notice these deficiencies, and there are a lot of those!
Italy is falling apart at the seams, after decade of Incompetence, Ignorance, Nepotism and plain avoidance of inefficiencies, problems, laws and legislatures it’s finally coming to the surface the decadence of Italian Top Management and Politicians.
Each and every aspect of Italian Society is inadequate, decadent, inefficient, incompetent and plainly a fourth world Country.
I applaud Mr. Grillo that at least is bringing these subjects to the Italian People (Although I disagree with most of his solutions) at least it increasing the awareness of them.
What strikes me personally is that all these deficiencies, broad incompetence etc was under everyone’s eyes for ever, but is always simpler to ignore and not to rock the boat until it happen to you!
For as many Managers and Responsible Appointed Personnel as there are in Italy (In the Public Administration there is 1 Manager every 2 workers and increasing toward the top of the pyramid) nobodies is ever found responsible of any wrong doing?
One simple rule in Business seams to work very effectively, to the point that the IRS in today society is the shiny example, always follow the money, and the culprit will appear clear as a sunset.
For a Country with Monetary problems as Italy has, I am astounded at how much these Incompetent and Irresponsible Managers are making!
The funny part though is, there is nothing You or Mr. Grillo can do about it, these Idiotic Country Managers are rewarding themselves thumbing their noses at You because first of all they made sure nothing will be held against them in a Court of Law or any other! (Where is the Law in Italy?)
Maybe they should put the Law abiding Citizens in Jail, while construct the “Great Walls of Alpi” in the north and declare all the People not in jail prisoners.
That may work

Posted by: Giacomo Chiametti | August 13, 2007 04:07 PM

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