The V-Day march

I have decided to start off V-day with a virtual march.
Everyone who has signed up to 8 September is there. Each with their name and their own thought. Anyone who is already signed up can change their own picture by changing their details (note that you only actually sign up once) . Today we are at about 116,000. To see the participants and read all the messages it would take weeks.
It’s a small people on the march. Perhaps the front of a change. A signal for those who still don’t believe us. September 8 is a beginning, a starting point. The breaking of the political enchantment invented by the media. Remove these newspapers and these TV channels from the politicians and there’ll be nothing left of them. Underneath the media: nothing.
The servants with their TV megaphones and with the printed paper, are ignorant, they know nothing of V-day.
Or they will make use of it. They will say, they have said, that it is against the government, that it is a new political party, that it is a virtual movement, of 4 cats, that it is justice-alism, that if a comic is engaged in certain things.. – well then… .
The State no longer exists. Behind the door of the Ministers it’s not there any more. Behind the door of the Provinces it’s not there any more. Behind the door of the towns it’s not there any more. It died with the Democratic Party, with the mafia in Parliament, with the convicted scoundrels with time-out, with the pardoned scoundrels. With good-for-nothing people. With professional scoundrels.
It’s useless knocking, no one will reply.
September 8 everyone at V-day in Italy’s public places.
1 Participate in and support V-day
2 Put your photos on with the tag: Vaffa-day
3 Put your videos on with the tag Vaffa-day

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Hey Silvana, why don't you go back to Australia then?
You speak if as Australians know more about politic than have no idea for how long Italy's been doing politic...the only thing Australia can rely on is they're money (that they dont know how to spend) and they're least we don't have "the Queen" watching over us

Posted by: Deborah Sentali | September 9, 2007 11:11 AM

Hello there…..
One thing indeed has been demonstrated during the ongoing Subprime financial crisis, is “The Irrelevance of Italy in the Political and Financial Market”
When Crisis arise Italian Politicians are nowhere to be seen and their Input is laughable (See China’s Toy story and the massacre in Germany!) at best and ridicule at worst.
In the Financial Market is even worst (If ever possible!) the ECB is whacking Italy at every step, since it has no credibility, no money, and the corruption/incompetence is unequaled on this earth.
Therefore the Idiotic Bunch try to pound their chests at home where their livelihood come from.
Well well well, at home Mr. Bersani deregulation are the joke of the market to the point that almost everyone is bewildered by the escalating increases although inflation is plummeting?
Government costs are skyrocketing and “Il Tesoretto” is nowhere to be found?
The Prime Minister stated verbatim at the beginning of 2007 “We fixed Italy’s problems, now Italy can grow!”.
Stock market approx. 10% down on this year, GDP is faltering estimated 2% for 2007 first 6 months is 1.8% and decreasing?
Need to say more, 50% of Italy’s work force is employed by Government Agencies (Which everyone knows for inefficiencies, corruption, incompetence and un-necessary) to other remainder 50% pays for all of them!
Whish they behave like Japanese, for a scandal they commit hara-kiri, there would be no Politicians left within 6 months?
Long live, The Italian Institutions!
Who has been taken here, and continue to ride the pony until it dyes?

Posted by: Giacomo Chiametti | August 18, 2007 04:04 PM

Hello there,
I keep reading especially on Italian newspapers, how screwed up are all the Major Corporation or Companies in Italy, and specifically Companies (Almost totally controlled and managed by the Government) or Monopoly as they should be called.
From Banks to Transportation, to Train to Telephones and on and on!
Let’s make an example, Banks, an individual buys a house and obviously needs a loan, now He/She has to go to an Italian Bank because a foreign Banks is not allowed to operate on that specific market without proper authorization (Licenses are only a matter of Money to the Country Central Treasury?).
The same can be sat for Gasoline, Electricity, Investments, Mutual Funds, and Cars and on and on.
Basically at this juncture (Europe in general with the exception of the UK, how appropriate!) has relinquished their Fiscal and Monetary sovereignty to the ECB, while their Markets are controlled by the local Monopolies.
This is obviously bad for Consumers, and excellent for Companies with the mentioned Monopolies.
As a matter of fact, the Euros is going through the roof, Companies are in LBO frenzies, the ECB is increasing rates at an standing rate, all the while consumers are painfully struggling to get to the end of the month.
What is the immense number of Brussels representatives, politicians, and the EC parliament and on and on doing up there?
Is Europe a Common Market or not?
Is Europe a Country or not?
Is Europe a Unity or not?
It seams to me Europe is just a very good Market for Corporations, charging whatever the market can bear for their services with the protection of their own Local Government (National Champions!)
Moral of the story, you have no choices; pay more for your services, while they sit pushily in their Brussels or Frankfurt offices dictating to you how expensive is to run a single Market!
Is this the Europe you waited 2 millenniums for?
In this case God Save the Queen!

Posted by: Giacomo Chiametti | August 9, 2007 05:56 PM

Hello I am an Australian of italian descent and have been living in Rome for the past three years. ( no relation to Beppe that I know of )
I have come to view Italian politics and politicians with a very cynical eye.
Have the italians ever asked themselves how did the politicians get to be this powerful and untouchable?? Where were they when the laws favouring the politicians were passed ?? Do they realise that they have had the power to change things every time they go to the polls to elect a new government (which over here is so often that Italy is the laughing stock of Europe), but it is always the same old government re cycled or with a new name as is the latest case just happening now. The only time that normal citizens have any real power is at election time, but unfortunately from what I have experienced living here the majority of italians are too apathetic, they complain between themselves but then do not back up their words with actions, their usual response is "well thats the way it is here, what can you do " they have accepted their lot in life and cant be bothered doing anything that requires effort to change things. They are definately not a united people, every one thinks for themselves first. Prodi is a joke, he has raised stupidity to an art form. I cringe every time I see him on TV or hear the utter crap that comes out of his mouth, yet the italians voted him back in again forgeting that he is the one responsible for many of their woes now ( i.e. the euro and its value against the lira making everything double the price that it used to be and lowering living standards in Italy to behind those of countries like Spain and Portugal) Rome has become one of the dirtiest and chaotic places in Europe,so what is the mayor doing about it??? well nothing ... he is too busy concerning himself with becoming the leader of yet another re cycled political party and promoting the arts......which is all well and good , but how about cleaning and repairing the streets first? what impression do tourists have of the city when they cant even walk around with all the rubbish and without falling into a pot hole and has he ever thought about new roads to ease congestion on the GRA?? the existing ones are the same that have been there since after the war with inadequate additions that take years to finish and cause more chaos and disruptions to citizens without resolving the real problem of traffic. If corrupt politicians were still in governemnt in Australia there would be a revolution by the people ,so get behind V day and show yourselves, find your voices and protest and at the next elections make yourselves heard, demand a representative that is really going to represent you and not himself.

Posted by: Silvana Grillo | August 7, 2007 09:16 AM

Hello there,
Do any of You really believe a “V” day will, should, could and finally have any effect on these Idiots in charge in Italy?
Stop kidding your self, these Idiots have insulation, not even Mr. Andreotti 10 years under process, 80 years of age, no political power what so ever, and still there fucking with the Institutions.
These Idiots have a thick skin, lots of money, and Political Power, Parties to protect them and finance them!
What do you have a vote every 5 years, no money (Just a whole lot of taxes to pay!), a family to support and a rent to pay (If you keep your job, and keep your mouth shut!).
Good luck, my money is on the Idiots!
Nothing has changed in the last 30 years, rooting for Mr. Grillo, but sorry my money is on the safe side.

Posted by: Giacomo Chiametti | August 6, 2007 05:40 PM

Hello there,
What a miserable image is These Idiotic Bunch portraying to the world?
Sorry I have no more remarks to make, the bottom of the barrel has been downgraded to Subprime Bottom now the new limit is Hell!

Posted by: Giacomo Chiametti | August 2, 2007 11:43 AM

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