Town Halls to the Citizens

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Now what? After V-Day?
Let the citizens take the stage. Every Meetup, every group can, if you like, transform yourselves into a civic list for the local elections.
Citizens must become a direct part of politics. To protect themselves and their children.
The Town Halls make decisions about the everyday life of each one of us.
They can poison us with incinerators or start to recycle different types of material. Create play parks for the children or ports for the speculators. Construct car parks or nurseries. Privatize water or keep it under their control.
From the local level we have to start to do politics again with the civic lists.
The lists that fulfill the requirements that I will publish on this blog in a few days time will have the transparency certification “”. Among the requirements, there’ll be, for example, not to be a member of a political party and to have a clean record.
Anyway the lists can have any name they like and they can be autonomous as to what action they take. There can be more than one list in the same town or city.
The certified lists will be publicized on the blog and will be able to exchange information and experiences among themselves using a common online platform that will be made available through the blog.
I am not going to participate in any demonstration in the next few months. I am not promoting the presentation of any civic list, at a local or national level.
The V-Day participants are not lending their voices to anyone. They are their own loudspeakers. They are the citizens that do politics.
For the civic lists stay tuned to this blog.

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Ma che ci fa Di Pietro a Va' fanculo day, e' sulla scena politica da trenta anni ( se n 'adda ii)cioe'deve andare via con tutti i suoi accoliti.......

Posted by: nicola rivieccio | September 19, 2007 12:49 AM

Allora c'avevo visto bene...penso che ora si dovrebbe organizzare un bel Vaffa-day contro la Casaleggio e Dissociati e chi ci ruota intorno.
Non bastava Berlusconi a fare antipolitica, ora abbiamo un degno successore! Vai Grillo! Mandiamo a rotoli tutti insieme questo paese...

Posted by: Gabriele Primavera | September 18, 2007 10:48 AM


Everything is back to normal. It’s the triumph of the neo-political apathy. Italians always blame somebody else for their misfortunes. We say: RAIN! BLAME THE GOVERNMENT!
It doesn’t matter that the average Italian does not pay his share of taxes; that steals money by showing late at work (eventually at the City Hall otherwise “owned” by the politicians) and leaving early. It doesn’t matter that the Italian who visits a professional office accepts to pay a lower bill in exchange of no tax receipt… Who cares? They are robbing the Government (Stato) as if the Stato is a monster with thousands of tentacles rather than something nurtured by the Italians with acts such those just described. It doesn’t matter if the Italian shakes at the thought of taking risks and hide himself behind the false security of the “articolo 18” (articolo 18 is the part of the Workers Bill of Rights that set the conditions to make almost impossible to lay-off the work-force) that makes impossible to start a business in Italy. Oops! None of those who identify themselves with the Grillo’s initiative belongs to this category of Italians… It’s always somebody’s else fault. And this time we blame on the 25 criminals and the other “politicians” that have been elected by … THE ITALIANS!

In Italy it is not the politic that stinks. The social structure is rotten and the political representation we have is the result of the stinky social structure.
Until the day when Italians will decide to find answers within, take responsibilities of their acts and misacts and decide that the party is over, we will see phenomena such as the Grillo’s initiative that swallows themselves into the politics they abhor.

Posted by: Giovanni | September 18, 2007 02:42 AM


I thought that Grillo was leading a grass-root movement that expressed the social discomfort in a funny way. Instead it is the dawn of the neo-political apathy.

Now also Grillo has become a politician. Grillo says that he rejects politics but unfortunately he is the master of the “politics of rejection.”
The words “politics”, “party” or “list” are not per-se bad words. At the contrary, they are the pillars of a representative democracy that distances itself from the political apathy and – unfortunately – the hypocrisy of the Grillo’s initiative.
Let’s go over the post:
1. “Give the local government back to the citizens”
As if so far the local government was controlled by aliens. Whoever voted for those citizens that are part of local governments? Those citizens that now claim the local government back! They voted their representatives over and over and now they complain about their actions…
2. “The citizens must have a direct participation to political matter to defend themselves nad their children.”
3. Ditto. Since the ancient Greeks, in order to function, the democracy must represent the will of citizens, not being in the hand of each citizen. Immagine all Romans represent themselves at the Campidoglio. Where is the consensus of majority? Where the trade-off of the individual is interests v. the good of society? Everybody is after her own interest exactly what the sin that Grillo finds in the politicians.
4. “Politics must re-start from local governments using local lists.”
The assertion Lists = representation is in contrast with point 1.. The citizens accept to be represented by those in the lists. What the difference with the current system?

I cannot comment on the “Grillo’s mark of acceptance.” Also here there is an oxymoron, though.
5. “In the coming months I will not participate to any rally. I will not promote any list, be local or nationwide.”
“Trade-marking” the lists is a way of promoting them.

Posted by: Giovanni | September 18, 2007 02:24 AM


Tutto e’ di nuovo nella norma. E’ il trionfo del qualunquismo. L’Italiano lamenta: e’ sempre colpa di qualcun altro. PIOVE! Governo ladro.
Non fa niente che l’Italiano medio non paga le tasse, frega il prossimo presentandosi al lavoro (magari al Comune altrimenti appartenente ai Politici) alle 9 invece delle 8 e se ne va a casa alle 3 invece delle 4. Non fa niente se l’Italiano va dal professionista per un consulto e si accorda per pagare di meno senza la ricevuta fiscale cosicche’ rubano tutti e due… Ma chi se ne frega? Loro rubano lo Stato come se lo Stato fosse questo mostro dai mille tentacoli e non un mostro foraggiato dagli Italiani esattamente con collusioni come questa descritta.
Non fa niente se l’Italiano trema al pensiero di dover prendere rischi e si nasconde dietro una m… di anacronistico articolo 18 che rende impossibile fare impresa in Italia. Oops! Nessuno di quelli che hanno aderito al movimento Grillo e’ parte di questi Italiani. E’ sempre colpa di qualcun altro. Del politico, cioe’ di uno di quei 25 criminali che in compagnia di altri sono stati messi al Governo dagli … ITALIANI!

In Italia non e’ la politica che puzza; puzza il tessuto sociale. La politica e’ solo l’espressione del tessuto sociale. Fin quando l’Italiano non si mette in discussione, si assume le proprie responsabilita’ e decide che la festa e’ finita, ci saranno movimenti alla Grillo che si auto ingoiano nella “politica”.

Posted by: Giovanni | September 18, 2007 02:00 AM

>>> The translation will come <<<


Mi ero illuso che l’iniziativa di Grillo fosse un’espressione del disagio sociale espresso in maniera divertente e non l’alba del neo-qualunquismo.
Ed adesso anche Grillo e' in politica. Grillo dice che "rigetta" la politica, in realta' la sua e’ politica di rigetto.
Faccio subito presente che le parole "politica" e "partito” o “lista" non sono di per se' parolacce. Al contrario, sono i piloni di una democrazia rappresentativa in opposizione al qualunquismo e - purtroppo - ipocrita movimento Grillesco.
Analizziamo il post:
1. “I Comuni ai cittadini”
Come se fino adesso i Comuni fossero stati degli extra-terrestri. Chi ha votato i cittadini che sono al Comune? I cittadini stessi! Cioe’ coloro che dicono che sono stufi della politica…
2. “I cittadini devono entrare in politica direttamente. Per la loro tutela e per quella dei loro figli.”
3. Ditto. Sin dagli antichi Greci, la democrazia per funzionare deve essere di rappresentanza… immaginate tutti i Romani a rappresentare se stessi al Campidoglio? Dov’e’ il consenso maggioritario vs. la ricerca del proprio interesse, cioe’ esattamente cosa si addebita ai “politici”?
4. “Dai Comuni si deve ripartire a fare politica con le liste civiche.”
E qui l’ossimorone con l’asserzione 1. Lista = rappresentanza. I cittadini si fanno rappresentare da quelli in lista. Qual’e’ la differenza rispetto al sistema attuale?

Non commento sul “bollino Grillo” alle liste. Pacchianata. Ma vedo un ossimorone.
5. “Io non parteciperò a nessuna manifestazione nei prossimi mesi. Non sto promuovendo la presentazione di nessuna lista civica, né locale, né nazionale.”
Non vedo come “certificare liste” sia differente dal promuoverle

Posted by: Giovanni | September 18, 2007 01:59 AM

Beppe, don't fall for the trap, stay OUT of politics. Paradoxically italian politics can only be reformed with a strong critical voice from outside outside, not from within. Stay out.

Posted by: Alessandro Pala | September 17, 2007 06:52 PM

Gentile Sig. Vallefuoco,

Ma nel suo di mondo tutto e' a posto?

Se no, allora cosa ci propone?

Posted by: Lawrence Mills | September 17, 2007 05:15 PM

Grillo inneggia ai "Comuni ai cittadini", esorta tutti noi a tornare al nostro senso civico e smettere di stare alla finestra a guardare chi si spartisce l'Italia. Lui non sarà in piazza, dice, ed in effetti non gli compete. Sarebbe come se il grillo di Pinocchio decidesse di andare lui stesso a scuola...

Bravo Grillo! Era esattamente quello che mi aspettavo dicessi. Bisogna rimboccarsi le maniche e darsi da fare. Ieri mi ha telefonato un caro amico di Napoli che avevo cercato di convincere a partecipare al V-day. Mi aveva risposto farneticazioni riguardo Grillo ... che vuole entrare in politica.. che parla per i propri interessi.. che il Vday non avrebbe dato alcun risultato..

Mi ha telefonato chiedendomi scusa per aver avuto poca fiducia in quello che io gli dicevo a proposito del V-day, lasciandosi invece condizionare da pregiudizi che troppo spesso farciscono la nostra vita, lasciandoci facili preda di coloro che vogliono 'indottrinarci'.
Basta dottrine. In ballo non c'è altro che soldi, allora facciamoci i nostri interessi, in modo civile e legale. Togliamo agli attuali politicanti la possibilità di parlare per noi.
Sono curiosa di leggere (e inserire nel mio blog) le liste civiche.

Posted by: irene. | September 17, 2007 03:27 PM

Hello there,
It’s astonishing and simply pitiful, reading the reactions of these scum bags Politicians.
They all stated, we should pay attention to this guy (Mr. Grillo!) although when faced with the facts, their credibility is long gone, their incapacity, their corruption, their non existing leadership of any Party?
Rather than accepting their own failures, all in chorus proclaim “Eliminating the Parties will not solve the catch 22 Italy is in”.
Mr. Dalema (Mr. Wesel personified!) stated verbatim “Unstable stability of the Institution” nothing ever changes (Thanks to his actions or inaction.
Hope the shit hits the fan sooner rather than later, and make sure these idiots have no shield to hide behind it (And this would be you!)
They are there not to serve and protect Italy but to serve their own stupid ideology and personal prosperity while they do it.
Like in any human activity there must be check and balances, action and reaction, gain and losses, risks and penalties!
They all failed miserably (All of them!) what’s their penalty?

Posted by: Giacomo Chiametti | September 17, 2007 12:32 PM

All'improvviso il Grillo è diventato pure inglese. Niente politica niente politica e poi mi crea un bel bollino per le liste civiche. Bella trovata, non c'è che dire.

Certo, ridurre una lista civica ad un banana ciquita che ha bisogno del bollino blu non è il massimo della vita. Però scriverlo in inglese fa decisamente cool

E' l'alba del nuovo populismo home-made. Gl'italiani si dimostrano sempre i più originali quando si tratta d'inventarsi dis-occupazioni per ammazzare il tempo.

complimenti, Grillo. O meglio,
Congratulations, mr Cricket.

Posted by: Massimo Vallefuoco | September 17, 2007 08:31 AM

Professionisti della politica servono.
Noi cittadini dobbiamo scegliere i nostri politici non sostituirli, mi raccomando!!!!!


Posted by: John Tuono | September 17, 2007 02:07 AM

Dear Beppe,
you make me dream
here from the smiling Ireland
go ahead
don't stop

Posted by: denny baldin | September 16, 2007 10:16 PM

That's it: you made it Beppe.
After so many years of honoured career as an actor and as a comic, now you want to become a politician.
It's not original at all: here in Italy we had plenty of such pseudo-politicians:
- first Giannino, the leader of the Movimento dell'Uomo Qualunque after the Second World War
- more recently: Nanni Moretti and Antonio Di Pietro.

Guess what? I was wondering why the marketing agency that is working for you (Casaleggio Associati) is working even for Antonio Di Pietro.
And why Antonio Di Pietro is a fan of you?
Is it all part of a marketing strategy by Casaleggio Associati?

Posted by: francesco manaresi | September 16, 2007 10:11 PM

That's it: you made it Beppe.
After so many years of honoured career as an actor and as a comic, now you want to become a politician.
It's not original at all: here in Italy we had plenty of such pseudo-politicians:
- first Giannino, the leader of the Movimento dell'Uomo Qualunque after the Second World War
- more recently: Nanni Moretti and Antonio Di Pietro.

Guess what? I was wondering why the marketing agency that is working for you (Casaleggio Associati) is working even for Antonio Di Pietro.
And why Antonio Di Pietro is a fan of you?
Is it all part of a marketing strategy by Casaleggio Associati?

Posted by: fm | September 16, 2007 10:10 PM

Why in two different newspapers (La Stampa and Repubblica) there are the same paragraphs?
Antipolitici sì, ma non proprio in completa autogestione e con le idee molto chiare da parte dell’animatore del ’Vaffa-day’.
The same journalist write in two journals?

Posted by: Francesco Attademo | September 16, 2007 09:54 PM

Why in two different newspapers (La Stampa and Repubblica) there are the same paragraphs?
Antipolitici sì, ma non proprio in completa autogestione e con le idee molto chiare da parte dell’animatore del ’Vaffa-day’.
The same journalist write in two journals?

Posted by: Francesco | September 16, 2007 09:53 PM

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