Veltroni and Greenpeace for V-day


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I’m publishing this letter from Walter Ganapini, the national president of Greenpeace who is supporting V-Day.

Dear Beppe,
I am supporting V-Day that you have organised for 8 September.

The rule of law is a fundamental value for democracy. In the absence of this value, sustainable development does not exist, but even directly, right here and now, for the environment in which we live and for that that we leave to future generations.
Even today, our country finds it hard to keep pace with European regulations. These have always been directed towards considering the quality of the environment as a good in itself and at the same time, an important competitive factor, an integral part of an aware modernity.
With great difficulty, we are starting to look at the topic of the criminal substance of environmental crimes understood as attacks on common goods and against the sacrosanct right to have a clean environment, as this is synonymous with the health of the collectivity.
What a lot of effort to provide evidence of the distorted historical intrigue, of the management of refuse or of water and bad business practice in politics.
How many of the “perpetual” convict politicians, have been (or are still on trial now) for crimes connected to this bad business practice?
What a lot of effort, by yourself as well, to bring to the awareness of the citizens the scandal of the CIP6 contributions to oil barons and to “incinerator-ist” friends, rather than, as laid down in the law setting them up, to promote renewable sources of energy?
We are still waiting for them to be cancelled definitively at least for those plants that are “already authorised”: then when will be the vote on the amendments presented by the government?
Christmas has gone by some time ago….
To breathe fresh air, there’s a big need of fresh politics, that is low cost, that maximizes the social and cultural value of the commitment, minimizing the current propensity to conceive of it as a “profession” for the few.
A big hug Beppe, also in the name of Greenpeace, accompanied by an invitation to all citizens who hold the environment and democracy close to their hearts to join up with the peaceful initiative of grassroots participation that you are promoting with the intelligent and generous civic passion that has always distinguished you.”
Walter Ganapini
Greenpeace National President

On Saturday it will be possible to see the events in video streaming from the following cities (the links will be available on this site as soon as we start transmitting):

Alghero, Anzio, Bergamo, Busto Arsizio, Borgomanero, Brindisi, Crotone, Catania, Fano, Faenza, Florence, Genoa, Ischia, Lecce, Milan, Naples, Novara, New York, Nuoro, Viareggio, Volta Mantovana, Pegognaga, Pesaro, Pordenone, Putignano, Rieti, Rovereto, Rovigo, Reggio Calabria, Savona, Sanremo, Terni, Taranto, Urbino, Verbania.

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It is very rewarding to support this type of organizations whose purpose is to persecute our well-being.

Posted by: ovarian cancer | December 14, 2007 10:22 PM

Sono sempre io quella che sta in California da 24 anni che continuo il discorso perche' non potevo piu' andare avanti. Allora, dicevo che non capisco perche' per via satellite si possa vedere solo la Rai e altre stazioni no. Comunque spero che sulle altre stazioni non succeda la stessa schifezza della Rai con tutti sti uomini pieni di donne nude. Non si vedeva altro che cosce aperte, tette al vento, culi in aria e basta. Ma
dico, Non ce ne sono programmi culturali? documentari seri? Bei films? Poi con 60 milioni di abitanti che ci sono in Italia, ma e' possibile che quando ci sono i talk show ci debbono essere sempre le stesse facce? Io ho un cugino a Roma che mi dice che lo pagano 400.000 vecchie lire (questo nel 1999) per fare da spettatore! Inaudito! Qui quando fanno un programma, fanno pubblicita' della casella postale dove scrivere per partecipare gratis e nessuno viene pagato! Insomma su You tube, ho scoperto il VDAY di Grillo. Benedetto, Benedetto! Finalmente qualcosa si muove per cambiare quel letamaio che e' il sistema politico Italiano! Inoltre ho anche scoperto tantissimi video clips di cio' che sta succedendo sulla televisione Italiana. Pazzesco! Incredibile! Litigi che vanno avanti per tanto tempo, con insulti pesanti e cazzotti! Quello Sgarbi! Ma da dov'e'uscito quell'energumeno? Ho visto che ha tirato un pugno ad un giornalista di Striscia la Notizia e quel giornalista dopo avere preso il pugno continuava ancora ad intervistarlo, ma nessuno ha arrestato quell'energumeno di Sgarbi! Incredibile sono inorridita! Qui sarebbe statato arrestato immediatamente sul posto e si sarebbe fatto 3 anni di galera come minimo anche se e' un ministro o che cazzo di incarico ha! Ma scherziamo veramente? Ma com'e' che si siate arrivati a questo punto in Italia? Ma quanto piu' in basso volete arrivare? Benvenuti 100, 1000, 10.000 Grilli! Avanti! Andate li a palazzo Chigi a Montecitorio buttate quante piu' bombe lacrimogene possibili in un giorno che siete sicuri che ci sono tutti quanti dentro in maniera che escano fuori tutti e poi metteteli tutti al muro e fucilateli tutti! Tuttiiiiiiiii!

Posted by: Francesca Fasano | September 16, 2007 07:40 AM

I've been in Italy (Firenze),during last August and I saw posters with your very welcome manifestation of the 8-th of September (St Mary's Birth Day!).
I fully support your action,which announces the BIG CHANGE in the Euro-American POLITICS,meaning the SUBSTITUTION of this FALSE DEMOCRACY by another POLITICAL SYSTEM based upon REAL MERIT.This "electoral" "democratic" system is based upon sophisticated LIES and TRICKS and upon VICIOUS PEOPLE("POLITICIANS")who are BLACKMAILED by SECRET SOCIETIES eager of DIRTY and UNLIMITED "Power".
Ordinary people (the VOTERS) are SICK of being
LIED and BETRAYED by those they VOTE but whom they DO NOT ELECT !
The RESULT is the DISASTER produced,in the so called DEMOCRATIC COUNTRIES,by the PAGAN RELIGIONS
based upon SEX (homo,pedo,lesbo,oral,trans...),
they MUST PAY the BILL,no matter what they want or

Posted by: Gabriel | September 9, 2007 08:57 PM

Bravo, Bravissimo
As my italien is very bare, i will continue in english, even if i hate this language. For more than one year i tried to do sonethig like "le jour des enculés" . The idee i got is to create an "APOLITICAL MOUVEMENT" named Mouvement des Electeurs Résolus a Demontrer ler Efficacité.Unfortunately the initials of my mouvement are similar to the famouus Canbronne Word : MERDE and i have been censured, my blog is to-day unreachable. Its a goud idee to make people going in the street, but it will be difficult, i beleve to change the "sogennante Democratie" by this way. I was trying to proceed differntly by creating a "movement" (not a party) which will represent all the electors which are not wanting to chose betweem "peste and Cholera" as it was the case at the last Imperial elections. In france, all the political movement are getting money (my money) prorata the percentage of representation. As in France, like italy and many other "democratie" ALL THE POLITCHIENS ARE CORRUPTED", my movement should get a large amount of vote, so, a large amount o money to rebuilt a clean, uncorrupted democratie ! As i am not dreaming i know that this will change with the time, and this will have to be done again may be in ten or twenty years.

Sicerely yours,


Posted by: Bernard.Defrance | September 8, 2007 06:02 PM

Congratulations, for your V-Day. In France, we need the same kind of citizen movement, we need simply democracy, really, and not only her apperance. "Liberation" speak about you :

Posted by: grellety | September 8, 2007 02:46 PM

Hello everyone
Here Mr. Grillo goes again, ranting and raving on big names in favor of this V-Day.
Lets remind Mr. Grillo that Mr. W., as of right now, he is a nobody, not elected to anything (Only Mayor of Rome, let him stay there!) he is a candidate amongst many other, as right now he is the runner up to the biggest Party representing the current collapsing Government of Italy.
Mr. W. right now will do anything to get his name in the news, therefore the electorate may remember his name when the time will come and he will be the chosen one to lead this miserable band-wagon of incompetent Politicians.
These scum bags are only trying to save their reputation from disgrace, Mr. Prodi has already run two Governments into the ground, the economy is stalling, they overloaded Italy with taxes (To the point people is revolting!) they waist 50% of GDP, nobody can figure out where the money is going (They actually need more daily?).
Meanwhile Mr. W and associates have quite smartly invested in real estate (Yours truly since it was State Properties!) assuring themselves and their posterity the Italian Dream (For you remains a dream!) no conflicts of interest anywhere mention, thank you suckers!
Not this shining Mr. W, with the 10 magic commandments to fix Italy, just like Mr. Prodi before him is knocking at Mr. Grillo popularity, and you believe him?
Did Mr. Prodi 280 pages of pledges came true?
Does Mr. Prodi has any credibility left?
Mr. W has any credibility?
Mr. Mastella?
Mr. Di Pietro?
Please gag me with a spoon, Mr. Zappa singing his songs had more credibility, even now in death is still more credible than all these idiots!
The clock is ticking, the roulette is spinning make your bat, just like Vegas, Italy has become the week-end desert getaway!
And for Mr. Grillo, you cheered Mr. Prodi, and Italians got the current consequences, now is Mr. W, please your odds are sinking faster than Wall Street!

Posted by: Giacomo Chiametti | September 7, 2007 05:29 PM

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