China is near with the Levi-Prodi

Today I feel calmer. A Mister No-one, elected by no-one, called Ricardo Franco Levi has reassured us.
The Levi-Prodi draft law to gag the Internet will keep going ahead, but it will be serene. If there should be any doubt about the aims of a website or of a blog, itíll be up to the Communications Authority to decide. Listen to the words of this Prodian-bottom-protector: ďIt is not a simple matter to distinguish between publishing activity and private activity. Itíll be up to the Communications Authority to indicate which sites will have to register.Ē
Not only do they do laws that are not laid out in the manifesto, in silence, so as not to be disturbed. But they also take us for a ride.. Levi, Iíll give you a piece of advice. Get out of our hair. Fast. Go back to your park bench where your friend Prodi picked you up. This law must be DELETED. If you want, dear friends of the Unione, discuss it among yourselves in the new loft of the Partito Democratico, but donít make us waste time.
Abusive Rete 4 to be sent out on satellite hasnít happened. Law on conflict of interests, hasnít happened. Corruption of judges to buy Mondadori, hasnít happened. Public TV occupied by the parties, hasnít happened. Wi Max gifted to the telecommunication companies, hasnít happened. And you unfaithful employees, that have betrayed your electorate, you take it upon yourselves, with no mandate, to put the Internet under control? But who are you? Who gives you authorisation?
Prodi always plays the part of the Indian. He doesnít apply the manifesto for the Maroni law (Law number 30), he does the Great Pardon, he doesnít change the election law, he doesnít touch the ex-Cirielli law nor the Pecorella. The public debt goes up like a crazy thermometer. But itís never got anything to do with him. Heís a non-existent President of the Council.
The next V-Day will be dedicated to information, Iím working out the date. We will ask for two things:
- the abolition of public financing of publishing
- the abolition of the journalistsí professional body.
Stay tuned.

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Desde Santo Domingo te expreso mi solidaridad a contra este proyecto abusivo de Romano Prodi.

Posted by: Luis Corcino | October 25, 2007 02:12 AM

The first son of italian minister of justice CLEMENTE MASTELLA, named Pellegrino Mastella, was betrayed by his wife Alessia Camilleri while she was spending her holidays in August 2007 on the boat of Mastella's friend Diego Della Valle, famous as patch-shoes seller. Alessia Camilleri, wife of Pellegrino Mastella, was fucked by the son of Diego Della Valle on his own boat when Pellegrino Mastella was still in the Ministry of Production in Rome where he works as useless and very salary-earner clerk.
Alessia Camilleri had moved off some days before with her parents-in-law, Clemente Mastella and his mature mistress Sandra Lonardo. All three sailed from Capri and went to Eolian Islands on the barge of the patch-shoes maker Diego Della Valle.
Some days later, Pellegrino Mastella also reached his tribe at Lipari. When he arrived there, he found his wife Alessia Camilleri totally naked on the boat with Della Valle's son and he understood that they had copulated without his knowledge while he was in Rome.
After this surprise, Pellegrino Mastella decided to divorce at once while his father, mafia's boss Don Clemente, tried to not let be known this horny story in the italian reportings.
So Don Clemente Mastella from Ceppaloni decided to block italian media about the knowledge of his cuckold son Pellegrino Mastella.
Clemente Mastella, as cuckold-himself, is now trying to block all web sites of the most clever italian people because they could let known through all the world this great cuckold misadventure of his son Pellegrino which - at now - is still nearly unknown in Italy.
At the moment Alessia Camilleri has leaved the house where she was living with the son of "fat" Clemente Mastella in Rome and she went to live with patch-shoes maker Della Valle's son in another northern italian city.
Now we all know why mafious hack Clemente Mastella is attempting to introduce a new bad law in Italy to limit peoples' freedom of expression.

Posted by: Italo Incazzato | October 25, 2007 12:49 AM

I have not read the law, but how will they decide what constitutes an "Italian" blog?

One written by someone resident in Italy?

One written by an Italian citizen?

One hosted on an Italian server?

Whatever they decide, it is a shambles that, like so many laws in Italy, will simply be ignored.

Posted by: Jeremy Cherfas | October 22, 2007 01:54 PM

Hello everyone,
As usual the big brain governing Italy are working overtime toward a new and futile and purposely design to protect a specific individual or class.
Like Mr. Mastella Lawís on expediting processes in Italy (Remember, 5 year maximum for all levels?) nothing has changed and nothing will change, people, managers, judges, individuals, politicians etc. make or break a Country.
Just another sharp tool, in a kitchen, where either the cook or the chef are missing in action.
Now, this Idiotic Bunch will do anything in their feeble sense of power left in them.
Grasping with their Political Incompetence, Legislative Failures, Personal Demise and to finish their Corrupt Morals, they will do anything to grasp some air while drowning in their own feces.
Send them home I believe not to be sufficient, they should be ostracized and ridiculed for taking a Country (A great Country I may add!) to the brink while claming to be saviors (only for their miserable life!)

Posted by: Giacomo Chiametti | October 22, 2007 10:38 AM

Looks like soon the Italians will have to ask for political asylum abroad due to the invasion of those idiots at the government.
Looks like there's a monkey in the button's room.
If this law will be approved, Democracy will be beaten once more.
Wake up!!!!!!!

Posted by: Giovanni Principe | October 22, 2007 12:50 AM

solo senza scopo di lucro?

ma l'hai letta?

Posted by: beppe montefalcone | October 21, 2007 08:49 PM

sinceramente non so da dove salti fuori līidea che non si potrŠ piķ avere siti internet personali... la legge parla chiaramente di "prodotti" editoriali, quindi legati a un processo produttivo con scopo di lucro...
A me sembra piuttosto (come sempre) la classica inutile legge italiana con la quale si possono scroccare un pů di soldi al governo...

Posted by: Johnny Cash | October 21, 2007 06:45 PM

The internet is very dangerous for those who wish to control people by means of lies, or by keeping them intentionally ignorant of the real facts and what really goes on in the world, and behind our backs, every day.

It allows people like Beppe to bypass the censorship on the government, or privately controlled medias, which was meant to prevent people from listening to what he has to say ( which goes to show how the supposed freedom of
speech, and information, which we are constantly told we have in this
"democracy" and "free country", in reality exist only for those who conform and do not disturb the system, everybody else, beware on whose toes you step when you speak out )because what he has to to say, bothers the consciences, and endangers the profits and agendas, of many political and financial "naughty boys and girls", and can interfere badly with all of their covert machinations; people who like to act and conspire in secrecy, in order to get away with everything, and are very, very afraid of a citizenry who is informed and who cares (instead of their ideal citizenry, who watches the TVs, and reads the newspapers they control, in ignorance, and who cares about the football results, instead of the many matters of life and death, being decided everyday, behind their backs), a citizenry who can find out many of the things that they "forget" to tell us, and the real agendas behind what they tell us to believe, and which could hold them accountable for what they do, instead of fattening their bank accounts, without fear of answering for what they do, as it is the case, as long as the only information we get, is available to us, only through the channels they own and control, who will never disturb our daily lives, with "uncomfortable truths".

The internet allows people to find out the truth, and exchange information among themselves, like never before, and this has got all the political and financial naughty boys,around the world, not only in Italy, very, very worried.

All their covert deals and machinations behind the backs of the people they pretend to serve, work only as long as only they know what really goes on behind the scenes, so they can lie to us safely, but if people have a way of finding out the truth, in spite of all the lies and cover ups, then it is "not fair" to them, they might have to answer for what they do, instead of enjoying their hill gotten profits and laugh behind our backs, that is really not fair; that is not how it was meant to be.

V-Day has really sent shivers down the spines of many people who, until recently, thought they could safely hide behind their comfortable positions, and do whatever they want without ever answering for it, now they have realised fully, the true danger that a free internet can pose to them, as the internet is what has made V-Day possible, in spite of the intentional black-out by the propaganda medias, on top
of whatever else the internet
makes possible, for any individual who cares to look
into any subject

The internet allows people to find out the truth, and therefore, to them, the internet is their greatest enemy and must be gagged at all costs, somehow, of course in some way that will sound convincing, and legitimate on the surface, like in order to "protect us" or "regulate its use", or any other wording that will carefully omit to mention the true reason, the internet allows people to find out the truth, and the truth, of course, can set people free from all of our machinations and, even worse, could cause us to become accountable"

Posted by: Stefano Manfreo | October 21, 2007 04:31 PM

questa volta sul serio. Capisci che e' un momento fottutamente fondamentale. NAPOLITANO ti devi fare sentire.

P.S. Mandate tutte le e-mail possibili a Napolitano. Vi prego di capire che la nostra azione ha provocato una maledetta reazione.. e se indietreggiamo ora avremo perso prima ancora di cominciare la battalgia.

Posted by: bruno baroni | October 21, 2007 12:09 PM

Yes, i'm afraid this new law was designed specifically for Grillo. What a shame! De Magistris transferred, Grillo gagged, who's next, Travaglio?

Posted by: nino arena | October 21, 2007 12:57 AM

Why just the professional body of journalists? Why not ALL professional bodies? For example, lawyers.

The real problem in Italy are the "guilds". Not just the professional bodies, but the guild of chemists, the guild of notaries, the guild of judges. Yes, judges, because the good one are attached by politicians, but there are a lot of other one which are not good at all. The behave like in the Middle Age, and decide what they want *independently* from law.

Am I exaggerating? Not at all. More than one year ago it was approved a law, the 54/2006, which introduced in Italy too the co-fostering of children in divorces. This is quite normal in French, Germany and other countries. Not in Italy, where fostering is assigned to a single parent, in 96% of cases the mother. So now the judges had to guarantee fostering to both parents, but they do not do it, especially in Rome. The roman judges refuse to apply the law! Not a buzz, direct experience.

But who fight for us....? Nobody.

Posted by: Dario de Judicibus | October 21, 2007 12:55 AM

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