Topo Gigio Primaries

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On 14 October there’s the primaries of the dead bodies. One euro for each signature. A reasonable price.
For the first time in Italy there will be pre-elections with a single candidate. No betting agency would accept a bet on the victory of a candidate who does not have the name Veltroni.
The Topo Gigio of: “Cosa mi dici mai…” {whatever did you say to me…} has said the following about this great day for marketing the party-ocracy: “There’ll be a youthful enthusiasm, but it’ll be an unprecedented great day, for the first time there’ll be an audience half full of women; for the first time the sixteen year olds will go to vote, and as never before, there’ll be lots of civil society”. And also lots of cheese for everyone….
If Prodi sends you to sleep, then Topo Gigio will make you light, it’s an adjective without a noun, light as a balloon. On Sunday will there be a million, perhaps two million voters? What’s the minimum number to avoid the sweet failure of the primaries?
Veltroni is the mayor of Rome, a position of great responsibility. For months Veltroni has been a fixed guest of the TV studios and he does three interviews a day. If an employee of a private company were to dedicate as much time as Topo Gigio to another activity, then he would be sacked on the spot.
On 15 October, Veltroni will in fact be the secretary of the PD. With the increase in the commitments he must fulfill will he continue to be the mayor? Yes!
It’s us that pay his salary.

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Dear all,

An interesting article for you to read:

Australia, Italy 'turning back the clock' on democracy
By Peter Cave

Professor Keane believes a whole series of criticisms of democracy itself are on the horizon.

A world expert in democracy says Australia and Italy are leading the way towards a new kind of democracy that pays lip service to the will of the people while degrading the principle of fair-minded power-sharing between citizens and government.

John Keane is professor of politics at the University of Westminster and will be speaking in Sydney tonight at a forum on Democracy at Sydney University.

In a recent newspaper article, the expat Australian academic wrote that the glory days of democracy are over, and that a colder, more mean-spirited time is on the way, as the voters themselves became disillusioned with the concept.

"It's not only that obviously politicians, parties and politics are anathema to large numbers of people in every actually existing democracy, and generally disrespect for parties, politicians and politics, I think, is rising," he said.

"But I meant something more than that, something more troubling.

"What we see on the horizon is the emergence, once again, for the first time for a generation, of a whole series of criticisms of democracy itself, and organised opposition to democracy."

Professor Keane says the younger demographic are largely unimpressed by the concept of a "new democracy", which stems from a major theological change after World War II.

"What I think is useful is to see, first of all, that when parties begin to strip themselves of membership and when they go 'policy light' in their policies, and when they try to monopolise politics, millions of people see through that," he said.

"But to understand the new opposition to democracy, I think you have to understand the big democratic transformation that occurred after 1945."

Professor Keane says three things happened for the first time in the history of democracy.

"The language and institutions of democracy went global, beginning in India, he said.

"This was secondly the first time that an empire became global, the United States, and that spoke the language of democracy. Everything it does, even military intervention, is done in the name of democracy.

"And the third and the least obvious new thing about this great democratic transformation since 1945 is the trend towards what I call post-Westminster or monitory democracy - the growth of perhaps up to 100 new kinds of institutions outside the party election parliamentary system, that have the job of monitoring power."

New democratic landscape

Professor Keane says a whole range of things - from humans rights organisations to independent media and the development of summits and forums - are all part of a "new landscape" of democracy.

He says enemies of democracy do not like the American domination, which has led to big historical shifts towards the post-Westminster model.

"What is interesting about our times is the emergence of organised opposition to it, in the name of the people and democracy, and I see that Australia, together with Silvio Berlusconi's Italy, are examples of this trend," he said.

"There are a few basic rules. Win as many elections as you can, insist that parliament is the maker of laws and that everybody should remain silent after those laws are made.

"Criticise, round upon all these monitoring institutions outside of parliament: professional associations, experts, universities, trade unions.

"Appeal to the people, to the battlers, to ordinary decent people, and be rather mean-spirited towards your critics, and create something like an atmosphere in which democracy is reduced to the winning of elections."

Professor Keane describes the trend as a serious threat to the virtues of the post-Westminster model and a degradation of democracy.

"I see this threat as an attempt to turn back the clock, to try to go back in time to an imagined Westminster model, in which there is parliamentary sovereignty if you have a majority in that parliament, and you can do anything you like," he said.

"This is not democracy, this is a bowdlerisation and degradation of democracy, but it's a very serious development of our times."

Cheers from "down under"

Posted by: Adriana Mian | October 13, 2007 04:02 PM

The American Dream for me is very concrete.
Perhaps you were sidetracked by all that stuff you talked about in your last rant.
You tend to put a label on everything while I try to not do it because that's the first mistake one can make on his quest for a better life.
Here I can put my ideas at work without being walked over by somebody else who knows less than me who is protected by important people.
Here you work and don't bullshit.
Perhaps you didn't like it here because there was no protection for you.
Perhaps one day I will decide to go back to Italy and put my experience to work, without asking for anybody's permission.
You know, everybody is different and we live in democracy and because of this we are entitled to express our opinion.
Italy has a lot of problems due the obsolete mentality of its managing class (or cast) and the attitude of people like you.

Posted by: Giovanni Principe | October 12, 2007 09:06 PM

I suggest you to come and see also the northern part of Italy there we don't even know what is pizzo. I spent 2 semesters studying in Indiana, Indiana University. Please don't tell me that there, people get married and well paid (considering all those insurances and others balls that you must pay). Most of the people that were married were already divorced almost every friend of mine (Americans) had 2 or 3 different fathers and mothers. is that the family you were speaking about?. You don't have any public transportations. I invite you to think about it, if for any kind of reasons the oil ends up, you are just fucked. You cannot move anything neither yourself. We have also a lot of problems and is right that Grillo makes these problems public. However, you don't solve those problems just by screaming in a square. You must also act. Ps: The American dream is only a dream and you know.

Posted by: bro | October 12, 2007 09:23 AM

For all those Italian that have emigrated in America SHUT THAT HELL UP. You know nothing about Italy and Europe. You just have that bad feeling that you did the worst thing ever by moving there. I hope atleast you are not cover of debt as 50% of the Americans that have to pay for education, health care and so on....... I hope you are not holding a Subprime Loan, and I hope (because is always bad think bad) that your country will not blow up. Last but not least, remember you are an emigrant as well, and remember that we (you) brought there what is still there the Mafia. SO PLEASE WE DON'T NEED ANY OF YOUR ADVICES AND SHUT THAT HELL UP. At least I don't wonna be killed in a school just because the majority of people want to hold a gun.

Dear BRO, the reason we're in America is because we know just enough about Italy to make us leave ... and leave in a hurry. This is a country where young people get a well paid job, get married, have kids and create a future, something in Italy you cannot do unless your last name is Mastela or Cuffaro.
As far as crime is concerned, I'd take my chances against a crazy guy with a gun, rather than pay the pizzo on a daily or weekly basis. Perhaps Grillo and Travaglio can change that. Regards.

Posted by: nino arena | October 11, 2007 05:44 PM

Dear Grillo,

I really appreciate what you're doing for your country. We would need a copy of you in the

Take it easy and good luck to all Grandi Italiani!

Posted by: john woo | October 11, 2007 05:13 PM

Don't tell me what I can and I can't do.

Posted by: Giovanni Principe | October 11, 2007 04:59 PM

Hello everyone,
Common knowledge and common sense!
There many say in Italy, and usually they were and still are generated by common knowledge and common sense!
1) Politicians are corrupt! (By definition, otherwise it wouldn’t be possible!)
2) Police and any Enforcement Agencies is Incompetent! (Only in Italy!)
3) Justice for sale! (Expressly constructed to be as such!)
4) News and Information is Proprietary! (Financed and supported by Tax!)
5) You are someone only if you can afford it! (The who is whom in Italy only?)
6) Sex sells and everyone wants more! (This is a freebie thanks to the Vatican!)
This is the common knowledge that anyone born and raised in Italy is aware of and logically deals with throughout his/her life experience.
Now, all the daily scandals, news, scoops, Laws, Politicians and Business Man alike try as they may to deal with these factors, and obviously make a very decent living while doing it!
Nothing wrong with it, I would do the same if I had the chance, although the problems comes into place when each every one of this Politicians scum bags claim to be doing the right thing for the common folks and the good of Italy.
Mr. Prody fucked up an Industrial Empire called IRI that had Italy on the World map, failed miserably as a Commissioner at the EU and now is playing the Captain of the sinking ship of Italy?
Mr. Berlusconi went from being a House Builder to Prime Minister without education, money or any expertise, do elephant fly, you decide.
As Mr. Bro, many of the expatriate that write into this blog have Italian Passport therefore entitled to vote and express their opinion, and may I emphasize the maybe if Italy wouldn’t be what it has become today they would have stay rather than go somewhere else to make a life for themselves.
Meritocracy is not even in the Italian dictionary, and this fact alone leads to many extrapolations!
Italy is a beautiful Country, although to my dismay like many beautiful places on this earth there also Italians living in it, and that implies they are fucking up the place as place as well.
So as the say says, You can take Italy out of an Italian but You can’t take Italians out of Italy.
It’s time to smell the roses, Italy has become what it is because everyone has been complacent one way or the other, everyone is and was aware of these facts so stop pointing fingers and use your brains.
Only one thing, don’t believe what they (Professional and seasoned Politicians without a cause!) tell you, and actually be aware of they don’t tell you, because that is what will come back and bites you in the butt!

Posted by: Giacomo Chiametti | October 11, 2007 12:02 PM


Posted by: ghg | October 11, 2007 09:36 AM

For all those Italian that have emigrated in America SHUT THAT HELL UP. You know nothing about Italy and Europe. You just have that bad feeling that you did the worst thing ever by moving there. I hope atleast you are not cover of debt as 50% of the Americans that have to pay for education, health care and so on....... I hope you are not holding a Subprime Loan, and I hope (because is always bad think bad) that your country will not blow up. Last but not least, remember you are an emigrant as well, and remember that we (you) brought there what is still there the Mafia. SO PLEASE WE DON'T NEED ANY OF YOUR ADVICES AND SHUT THAT HELL UP. At least I don't wonna be killed in a school just because the majority of people want to hold a gun.

Posted by: Bro | October 11, 2007 09:23 AM

Grillo tells us something about SPECIALE and the good job that Mr Visco did by kicking him out of the Guardia di Finanza SAY THAT Otherwise you are not believable anymore

Posted by: Bro | October 11, 2007 09:06 AM

Good evening mister Grillo,
From the Pacific coast of north-america, what can i say about Weltroni?
Read, if you can my message on the A.di Pietro blog. (english section).
I believe the Italian people, in the nex elections will get reed of many of ones in government now. For Law & Order, Security, For Italian values!.......FOR ITALIANI A CASA NOSTRA!
and CRIMINAL MIGRANTS, GYPSIES, ROMS........A CASA LORO!...... and VICTORY...FOR BEPPE GRILLO and the 300.000 signatures....of the Italian people! Buona sera B.Grillo dall'america! V.Annibale
#112-506 west 7th Ave,
Vancouver, BC Canada

Posted by: V.Annibale | October 11, 2007 03:28 AM

Young and fresh people, i'm talking to you, don't bother what's happens there in Italy, you can still save yourself from a desperate future and move abroad. Mafia is blocking economy there, it's as clear as limpid water. The nation will blow up soon. Don't trust any peaceful riots, they're useless against criminals and what i mean are real criminals, the ones sitting in your parliament as well. Fighting a criminal without weapons is like pissing against the wind, you'll get wet. Get an university degree and study english carefully, the state is still paying to improve your brain , and that's good for you, exploit it. Indeed escape with your knowledge, in some countries the buy power is at least 3 times better than there. This just means that after monthly leases you can still have a comfortable life.
Ask yourself why you should remain there, if it is for your family and you can't stand the sentimental effort, then stay, otherwise get away from the prison.

If you can, save yourself...
That's all, bye...

An Italian emgrant.

Posted by: John Cespuglio. | October 10, 2007 11:58 PM

I think that politic in Italy will blow up soon...It will be a kind of "war"...Everyone runs for a Vespa's saloon.
Italy for sale but who's buying?
Un cordiale saluto da Tunisi.

Posted by: Oussama Omrane | October 10, 2007 10:55 PM

I think that politic in Italy will blow up soon...Secondo il mio parere ci sarà la "guerra" Tutti nei salotti di Vespa.
Beppe sei un mito.
Un cordiale saluto da Tunisi.

Posted by: Oussama Omrane | October 10, 2007 10:52 PM

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