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Japanese is one of the languages that is most widely used on the Internet. And the Japanese are an interesting and respectable people. Their corrupt politicians do harakiri. I have created a section of my blog in Japanese. Itís a language that I am learning, it reminds me a bit of Genovese (the dialect of Genoa).Please excuse the pronunciation errors. I am just a beginner.

ĒMy friend Stefano Benni has been to Japan to present a book of his. They asked him who is behind Beppe Grillo. Benni didnít know how to answer.
I have decided, to explain this to Japanese friends, to start a blog in their language. Japan is always a bit more advanced than the rest of the world. Thus I hope to have a dialogue with its inhabitants to help my country, Italy, that is always a bit behind the rest of the world.
Before going to sleep I always read a Manga. Up until last week I never understood how the story ended. But my 7 year old son, Ciro, took pity on me and explained that you read it backwards, from right to left. Italy and Japan are similar in many ways. One of these is the long life of the population. Japanese and Italains are for ever getting older. Another thing they have in common is over-population.
Japan has resolved the problem by sending abroad, on a rota, 30% of the Japanese as tourists. And 10% are always stationed in Italy taking photos.
The Italain Government, inspired by NiccolÚ Machiavelli has put in place another tactic. It has decided to let anyone come into Italy to oblige all the Italians to emigrate.
Corrupt politicians are an Italian product, they represent Italy abroad like the Rialto Bridge in Venice and St Peterís Square in Rome. The problem is that they are becoming too numerous.
In the Italian Parliament there are 24 deputies and senators who have been convicted of various crimes. In September 350,000 Italians asked for their resignation by signing for a popular initiative law. No one has resigned. We are trying to find alternative solutions and I want to ask the Japanese for advice.
In fact, even in Japan, there have been similar cases, like Toshikatsu Matsuoka, the former Minister of Agriculture, who committed suicide after being accused of corruption.
Minister Shigeru Ishiba wants to fit out every one of his directors with a GPS device to check on their movements during work hours. Iím told that no one objected. Itís a great idea for our Parliamentarians. At last we will be able to find out where they go during the day, given that they are hardly ever in Parliament. If they are sniffing cocaine at home or having intimate relations with both sexes in some Roman hotel.
Dear Japanese people, given that with us, no one is committing suicide, can we send them to Japan to have a holiday? In exchange you could give us a few of your Ministers. Thereís a good climate. The food is excellent. And you will be able to do everything. Yes really everything that you want with no risks. With us, the law is an optional.
To start off, you could send us your Foreign Minister, Masahiro Komura, who has had an attack of anaemia. Heíll be right as rain straight away. In exchange we will give you Massimo DíAlema, Prodi and Mastella. You perhaps donít know them. But we do. Thatís why we want to give them to you.
Bye Bye. Come to my blog to find out everything about Italy. Iíll come and visit you soon.Ē Beppe Grillo

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Dear Mr. Beppe Grillo,

From time to time I watch the Rai channel, where Porta a Porta was playing a video clip of you criticizing Italian politicos, it took my attention for a few minutes where I used to share those very views you stated, but soon I realize the same past of old, although I enjoy the critic I could help answering the little voice on the inside, hey it said! Is Mr. Grillo any different than all the politicians he criticizes? He like all other getís his attention from the crowd because he states some opposition to broken promises, corruptions in party lines, dealing and wheeling with outside influences etc.etc. The crowd gets excited a few ripples to some obvious malpractices with Magistrate and legalities and soon everything will be back to the same old tune, whatís not working? Is it really that hard to get it? Mr. Grillo I believe that you are an intelligent man you mean well and are articulate, but here come the but, I donít want to accept the fact that you never had the time to look at the root of whatís really causing the problem in Italyís and for the mater of fact the world. You like all other want a better world and like all before you are quick at pointing out how our LEADERS fail to keep their promises, how they become corrupted and soon deal and wheel with outside influences, Mr. Grillo letís remember some fundamental truths we all agree on, after all said and done, your are talking about Human being remove the titles, positions and you find simply human being that have not been able to evolve! The problem Mr. Grillo is an obvious one, and you like all others will not address it! Because you know they will cancel your vote! The world doesnít work! itís not hard to see, hear and feel that the world is at loss (never mind the argument about seeing the glass half full or empty we can argue that when humanity has evolved from the dark edges of Religion, and Politics, although for now religion seem a necessity) People lives donít work they have great theories about life impressive ideas, intelligent belief systems, and they know every one is REASONABLE in the way they handle life and their lives donít work they are !@%$#!holes! No more no less and a world full of!@%$#^!hole donít work! But you like all others would not dare! Make these statements; you know that that is not politically correct, itís quite simple people will break agreement! that is sure one reason lives donít work, they all live their lives under the theory that they are somebody special, privileged characters and thus free to cheat on income taxes, stop sighs, wives, husbands, work, expense accounts and certainly whatís a little trivial agreement with a companyís work practices, sure they say whatís the big hassle about taking stretching breaks, why should they bother going to work after a long night at the bar, or calling sick with back problems, they donít have to play their game . Itís not reasonable to keep an agreement when they donít seem to hurt anyone when they break it, and since human being are reasonable, theyíll break them they canít keep agreements their lives are so messed up they donít even know they canít keep agreements they lie to themselves. And the definition of a friend is somebody who agrees to go along with their lies if they go along with theirs. Itís all beautiful. And nobodyís life work. Itís time for me to get some rest, however I will come back and share with you some facts that ultimately something of fundamental value can be obtained.
Sincerely the Rock

Posted by: Rocky | December 6, 2007 09:23 PM

dear grilli parlanti,
I am exited that you open your blog to japanese because they are amazing.
I have japanese friends and beside the fact that they are really talented, they very friendly, they can learn italian very quickly because they say it sounds like japanese and they have a similar sense of humour.
We live in London and most of the time when we make jokes the english they don't understand, but I find amazing that we can laugh together!
One of my japanese friend, a very talented shoe maker moved a year ago to Napoli.
He went there for the very first time on new year's eve and he loved it. He think that napolitanian are really creative and sponteneus people and that the city is so far the best!
'Naples for capital', I am sicilian by the way.
If you go to Naples look for him, he opened his workshop in the area of the vomero.
Send our politicians there? It would be great because they would learn about hard work, sense of duty and honesty!
I love all of them, viva Japan

Posted by: patrizia SOTTILE | November 28, 2007 11:24 AM

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