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I can’t keep up with Mastella. The RAI has cancelled the broadcasting of "La vita rubata". The Directors of the RAI have accepted the request of Messina’s Court of Appeal that, through the Minister of Caste and Injustice, has indicated that the showing of the story of the assassination of Graziella Campagna undermines the serenity of the judges of the Assize Court of Appeal that will soon be meeting for the hearing. We are all more serene. The mafia doesn’t exist and neither does the Minister of Justice.

Marco Travaglio’s speech at Strasbourg
Beppe Grillo: "And now I will hand over to the real Italian Minister of Justice: Marco Travaglio."
Marco Travaglio: “Like that I can no longer talk about Mastella because it seems that I am doing it pro domo mea! In reality I simply wanted to give you the chronological account of what happened with the investigations conducted by De Magistris, who is today no longer carrying them out because they have been snatched from him. Perhaps it could be interesting to see the pattern of what has happened, to be able to see the transformation that is happening in the relationship between the politicians, and in particular the government, and the magistracy following on from a series of reforms, of procedures, of behaviours, that only a few years ago would have been completely unthinkable."

Read the whole speech.

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Anche io sono ammastellato
PS Today, 24 November, at 4:00pm in front of the Prefecture in Genoa, Florence and other cities, there’s the demonstration promoted by the Casa della Legalità, and by different Amici di Beppe Grillo MeetUp groups, to say that the law is equal for everyone and no longer is Impunity and Immunity tolerated.
For information, consult the website of Casa della Legalità e della Cultura - Onlus -

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Ciao a tutti,

sono un Ingegnere Italiano e lavoro presso un Centro Ricerche per energie alternative in Australia. Scrivo per raccontarvi come funziona il parlamento qui, in maniera tale che possiate fare un confronto con quello italiano.

Il parlamento Australiano ha sede nella "Parliament House" - Canberra.
L'edificio e' stato progettato da un allora giovane architetto Italiano ed
e' interamente ricoperto di marmo di Carrara.

Il sistema e' simile a quello Inglese, anche se si e' cercato
di portare qui solo il meglio. E' un sistema bicamerale: 75 senatori e 150
deputati; nessuno di loro ha alle dipendenze piu' di una semplice segretaria
e hanno uno stipendio simile a quello di un ottimo professionista.

Quando le camere sono in attivita' tutti i parlamentari devono essere
nella Parliament house, che ospita 2000 orologi !!!
In ogni angolo dell'edificio i parlamentari possono controllare l'ora.
Quando le camere stanno per riunirsi su ogni orologio lampeggia
una luce verde: significa che tutti devono lasciare quello che stanno
facendo e correre in assemblea. L'ultimo avvertimento e' costituito da una
luce rossa lampeggiante che indica che manca un minuto all'inizio della riunione.
Allo scadere del tempo non e' piu' possibile entrare nelle camere !
Queste luci sono anche nel bagno (proprio nella cabina del bagno), quindi NO EXCUSES !
Nelle camere c'e' un emittente radio che trasmette in tempo reale ogni intervento.
Prima di poter intervenire i parlamentari alzano la mano, aspettano il permesso,
quando il permesso e' accordato i tecnici abilitano il microfono, da questo momento
il tempo a disposizione e' di 20 minuti (c'e' un grosso timer che riporta la durata dell'intervento,
dopo 20 minuti il microfono e' disabilitato).
Circa dieci telecamere incuadrano la persona che parla e un software di decodifica vocale
ascolta l'intervento e comincia a scrivere un file word!
Tutto quindi e' disponibile in tempo reale sul sito del governo; dopo 3 ore dalla seduta,
l'intero verbale, con tutti gli interventi, si puo' scaricare senza problemi.

Al di sopra della camera ci sono delle platee per i cittadini che possono assistere
a tutte le assemblee; ancora al di sopra apposite platee per le scolaresche.

L'intero edificio e' situato all'interno di una collina; tutti i cittadini possono
passeggiare sulla collina in rappresentanza del fatto che i parlamentari sono LORO

Qui non ci sono centinaia di partiti, e sopratutto non si puo' salire
su una macchina e fondare un partito.

Sabato il Labor Party ha vinto le elezioni :) !

Per qualsiasi commento o scambio di opinioni

Saluti a tutti.


Posted by: Pasquale Aliberti | November 26, 2007 07:23 AM

Hello everyone,
When will Italy figure out that putting Politicians in charge of Government Agencies is worthless?
First they are not competent since they get assigned by Status and not by knowledge.
Secondly, after fucking up the Agency they are not responsible any how?
Thirdly, the Agencies are suppose to be in optimal working condition at all time regardless what these Idiotic Bunch does?
Actually assign the Agencies to a cognizant and responsible Manager maybe Italian Institutions will improve some how.
Right now any of them suck big time, and you know it better than I.
The future looks bright wear very dark shades!

Posted by: Giacomo Chiametti | November 25, 2007 05:39 PM

Hello everyone,
Just some humor on the current Government:
The Minister of Environment Mr. Scanio, is from Campania, garbage everywhere for the last ten year, getting worse, and the Region is defined in the worst toxin dump in the whole Europe.
Justice Minister Mr. Mastella, is from the same region, he is by definition the leader of the Ndrangeta, rest my case while you wait for Justice?
As far as Justice you decide.
Mr. Bertolaso, national hero for having managed more than 4 Million paying and very educated tourists in Rome for the Pope funerals couldn’t manage to fix the Campania Region problems, so he quit.
Never herd since?
The moral of the story, if there is money to be made they thrive and get their business done, instead if there is no profit for them, just work for a paycheck, well sorry look elsewhere for a solution.

Posted by: Giacomo Chiametti | November 25, 2007 04:45 PM

Hello everyone,
Mr. Berlusconi the wizard is trying the rabbit from the hat one more time.
He and his partners (Big mass of Incompetent Worthless Individuals!) have leaded the longest running Government up to today (The full 5 years term?) and until today they claimed to have achieved all the promises made!
Now that the shit has hit the fan the music has changed, Mr. Napoleon Syndrome has stated verbatim “They bogged down my Government, they ruined everything, they they they?)
So which one is the truth, before or now?
Will you give him another chance?
What about Mr. Prodi, reading the latest statistics on his Government, I am wondering what in hell his he still doing there.
He is selling Italy and the Citizen to the devil to save his miserable political life and the Government with it.
Meanwhile keeping bankers, and Government Company happy and making money for them rest assure.
Eni, is signing contract left and right while charging the highest gasoline prize in the universe, Enel same thing and by the way with Atomic Plants, Fincantieri will go public while the loosing money Government Enterprize Treni Italia, Alitalia, All Ports Italy and onto infinity, no those will still be financed by yours truly taxes.
Please next time you will be asked to vote, bring a Euro for the token and a brand new tube of KY jelly (Especially made under License by Your Health Provider Social Security Laboratories with Chinese workers?)
Please smile, the future looks bright make sure you wear dark shades, they don’t need too, and their future is already assured.

Posted by: Giacomo Chiametti | November 25, 2007 04:25 PM

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