Ida and Kristal


A mother wrote to me. Her name is Ida and she has a daughter called Kristal, who is ill. She is asking for help.
Up to now nobody has answered her plea. The State is nowhere to be seen, which is also another manifestation of violence against women.
The appeal made by 150.000 women to the lady ministers is perhaps the beginning of change.
Go girls, women, grandmothers, aunts!
You have the power to change Italy.

"Dear Beppe,
My name is Ida and I am 36 years old. I am writing this letter to ask for something very simple: a caring attitude from the Country in which I live and the Government for which I vote. Caring in terms of the laws that I respect and the taxes that I pay. My intention with this letter is not to instil compassion in anyone, because compassion is not what I need. What I want is some answers to the “whys”. As trivial as it may seem, I was born into a family of humble origin, but one based on sound principles. My mother was a factory worker and my father a decorator. This notwithstanding, they saw to it that neither my brothers nor I ever lacked anything and we were well educated as regards respect and propriety. I decided early on to cut short my studies in order to help with the family’s finances by finding a job. For many years I worked and I finally married the man who, in the year 2000, gave me the gift of the light of my life, my daughter Kristal.
By becoming a mother I realised my greatest dream, thinking that I could ask nothing more of God. When Kristal turned 18 months of age, my husband and I took her to the hospital because she had not yet started walking. I was not aware of it at the time, but on that day the world was about to come down on my head. The hospitals diagnosis was "a brain tumour in the rear fossa, with consequent Hydrocephalus ", in other words, an abnormal accumulation of cerebrospinal fluid in the brain.
This was the most terrible day of my life. For two years Kristal and I lived permanently in the hospital. During that time my little one went through six operations. These operations succeeded in halting the growth of the tumour temporarily and insert a so-called "shunt", in other words, a valve that would help to drain the stagnant liquid resulting from the tumour, via the intestine.
Initially it was not easy to accept this sentence, but over time I learned to accept it. I learned how to relieve my daughter’s and my suffering, I gave up everything around me. Unfortunately, this led to me losing my job and I even lost my husband.
Now Kristal is seven years old. She has subsequently had a number of other unsuccessful operations and, although we are I the hands of a doctor who enjoys a formidable reputation, she continues to walk by supporting herself on her hand. She doesn’t roller-skate, she doesn’t run, she is unable to maintain her balance, she doesn’t go to the bathroom on her own and she has two support teachers. This does not allow her to live a normal life like other children her age. We are growing up alone, with continuous problems. The State, our Country, penalises me because, at 36 years of age, the same society for which the State is responsible, will not allow me to re-enter – and I repeat re-enter – the world of employment. In addition to the problem of age, I am refused employment because I am protected by law 104 due to the fact that my daughter is 100% disabled.
I found a job some time ago, working as a service assistant in a supermarket. At the precise moment that I was filling in the engagement forms and I was obliged to declare that I was caring for a disabled child, they began inventing a whole range of excuses for not employing me and, in the end, they left me at home
The State, our Country, tells me that we have to live on the 450 Euro per month that she is given for assistance. I have made every possible effort to find work. I have registered with all the employment agencies, all the sites offering work, I have knocked at every door in my village and spoken to all the institutions, but all I have received are empty promises.
I look after my little angel, I smile and I tell her that sooner or later her mommy will realise her dreams. Even if this entails going to Rome in chains, because very soon that will be the only option left open to me.
I ask how is it possible that such a situation can be allowed to exist in a developed Country such as ours. Why does the State, which wastes resources at every turn, leave me alone in these conditions? Why do my screams of anguish turn to a mere whisper in the Authorities’ ears? Why are the weakest members of society, the children, being abandoned by the Country of their birth?
All I ask is to be able to work. I simply ask to be allowed to help my daughter, to be able to let her live the dreams that I have had to deny her for such a long time.
I hope that there is someone, somewhere that hears my anguished plea, the cry of a mother that wants to help her own daughter." Ida and Kristal

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To anyone wishing to offer Ida a job, please leave your contact details in a remarks concerning this posting.

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Ps: I would like to know from Ida what is the name of the supermarket that refused to employ her. Many of us would dearly love to know.

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SOS Children’s Village is there to provide protection for the children; exists in over 130 countries and 8 different types of facilities. The SOS Children’s Villages are designed to provide a home to the children that need it the most. The security of a home and people that care about them is what children need the most.

Posted by: sos childrens village | December 19, 2007 09:01 PM

Polititions would never face the problems this mother faces, thats reality...sad reality yet a reality. They will have time off work(PAID) to heal or to care for a sick family member, with the best Dr's money can buy.

It's not just Italy that faces these problems, I am a Canadian and I can see the same problems in this country. Some cases the same as the mother in this post and some worse and I can assure you it will only get worse. It's like the more years that pass the worse the world gets. Almost like going in reverse! Health care is starting to slip away and it is TOUGHER in bigger cities where things seem to be 'impersonal' in smaller comunities Ii find it seems to be some type of 'family' where people and polititions seem to help each other in a better way.

These stories are sad and heartbreaking but I can honestly say not shocking, simply because the MAJORITY in power are there for their OWN greed.

Posted by: Angelina Nico | December 14, 2007 01:24 AM

What a terrible injustice, could Ida not appeal to her MEP to take her case to the Court of Human Rights?

Posted by: Ellee | December 5, 2007 07:35 PM

I feel sorry for Ida, because I can just imagine how alone she and her husband has been let to live without any support from the State, in situations like this, a society is put to a test, and unfortunately, but foreseen, Italy hasn't passed. Hope a politician, someone that represent the government with something in his head besides just power and personal interests could read this post and make something in regards. Because, I must say, Ida is probably just an example, one case, from a lot of cases of desperation and necessity of real and strong aid.

Posted by: Erika | November 28, 2007 11:25 AM

Hello Beppe,

This has nothing to do with this post, but I would like to ask you to be involved in a project from the start.... it started yesterday.

I will be doing what Skype did, only to the energy and water industries.

I am happy to tell you more details that are no on the site.

I will be attacked in the coming years by government and gthe energy industries, accusing me over everything they can imagine.

So, I am contacting people to be involved in various sectors from green energy, to politics.... which is where I see you being involved.

Please contact me at your convenience


Ryan Flynn

Posted by: Ryan Flynn | November 28, 2007 09:34 AM

I hope that some of our over-paid politicians and their sidekick would read this just to feel a little bit guilty over being paid like a king to perform like a livery stable boy.
They should meet her face to face to understand what they are doing to the weak.

Don Peppone:
What are you trying to say?

Antonio Greco:
Nice going. Now try to translate that in English for the delight of our guests who don't understand Italian.

Posted by: Giovanni Principe | November 28, 2007 05:33 AM


A Roma c' é il monte dei cocci. Cocci accumulati dagli antichi Romani. Cocci di costruzioni diroccate, di manufatti invecchiati. Cocci.

Anche nello Stivale c' é una montagna di cocci. Cocci accumulati dagli Italiani, nei decenni, con leggerezza. Una buona parte é stata buttata alla fine del secolo XX. Cocci di tutti i tipi e colori.

Cocci da occasioni perdute, da promesse non mantenute, da fatue illusioni poi smontate, da programmi iniziati ma poi falliti, o dimenticati, da successi mancati. Cocci. Per incapacità, per incoscienza, per insipienza, per incoerenza o leggerezza. Cocci generati da panzane, chiacchiere fatue, vendute al pubblico da pacchiani oratori. E accettate spesso da una cultura mediocre, la quale privilegia il football di serie A e le soubrettes svestite di serie B. E ammanta talvolta la furberia di un aspetto intelligente.

Molti cocci sono dovuti ai cinque spettri che aleggiano sul Bel Paese: superficialità, rassegnazione, irresponsabilità, comparaggio, allegra gestione. Altri cocci dovuti alle distruzioni di un sistema, che non sa sciegliere le persone giuste al posto giusto, ma sceglie invece le persone più spinte al posto più remunerato. In Europa si chiamerebbe la "selezione negativa", in Italia si chiama "il sistema".

Cocci incoscienti, gettati da chi ha creduto, ideologie complici, a programmi politici. I quali si sono poi rivelati mezzucci per andare al potere, poi dimenticati nella confusione creata dal sistema Italia di fine secolo XX. Confusione di proposte non studiate, di problemi non chiariti, di trovate non ragionate.

Ma sempre cocci. Cocci che si son trovati sul percorso del treno Italia. Treno programmato negli anni '60 come treno ad alta velocità. Con gli anni divenuto un accelerato, che si ferma a tutte le stazioni, anche quelle impreviste. I ferrovieri non sono stati formati infatti all' organizzazione, alle segnalazioni ed alla manutenzione. Per cui sono essi stessi sorpresi di tante fermate. E chiedono lumi al capotreno.

Ma che puo' fare un capotreno, che non ha gli strumenti per l' alta velocità ? Che non sa neanche quali leghe, olii e motori sono necessari per permettere al treno gli attesi 300 km/h ?

La quantità di cocci sembra aumentare. Rischia di espandersi in ogni regione, in ogni fabbrica, in ogni impresa. Mentre che associazioni di imprenditori, di lavoratori, di professionisti, di categorie, discutono e si beccano. Senza capirsi talvolta, senza grandi risultati talaltra. Non pensano che forse non li vedranno mai, i risultati. Per mancanza di realismo, di capacità, di metodo, di formazione seria, di apertura, di VALORI. E per la diffusione di due elementi negativi: le CHIACCHIERE VAGHE, le OPINIONI EQUIVOCHE.

Ma restano i cocci. Oltre i cocci, si notano anche i buchi nell' acqua. Soprattutto quelli fatti in Italia da tante persone, dotate di ingegno e capacità. Fra i quali molti sono poi andati in Europa, in USA, in Australia, ove si rivelano spesso più brillanti e capaci dei colleghi locali.

Cocci e cervelli. I primi restano, i secondi se ne vanno. Speranze perdute, futuri negati, in Italia.

E' lo Stivale oggi.

Apriamo gli occhi.....guardiamo la situazione reale: non c' é ne la cultura, ne la stoffa, ne la chiarezza mentale per fare la competizione nel villaggio globale. L' abbiamo persa, con leggerezza, e con un po' di incoscienza.

L' Emigrato
Antonio Greco (disponibile a presentare le CAUSE del degrado socio-economico)

Posted by: Antonio Greco | November 27, 2007 07:09 PM


Posted by: Don Peppone | November 27, 2007 04:21 PM

What does this woman mean with her age being a problem for finding a job? Is being 35 old?
O O. Good luck Ida and Chrystal. You will find something I am sure!

Posted by: Brigitta | November 27, 2007 04:05 PM

Dear Ida,

One thing I have learnt living outside Italy is that every single italians is consider just a number to pay taxes. I have had more rights in Germany as a foreigner then in Italy as a citizien. And I do have even more right here in Australia. It is an example of how wrong is our Public State and how blinds are italians not beeing able to recognize that. We are one of the most advance Countries in the World and can't even look after our own people.
Good luck to you and your daughter. That's all I can do at the present.

Posted by: Maurizio Zanette | November 27, 2007 03:36 PM

that's simply a shame. as ida says, the italian government wastes money all the time but does really little for people in real - and i wish to repeat it - real help. another great injustice!

Posted by: Jason R. Forbus | November 27, 2007 02:41 PM

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