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Everyone knows that Forza Italia is (was?) a plastic party. The psycho-dwarf confirmed that on Sunday. A party isn’t dissolved just at the wish of one person. Normally you have a conference of all the elected people, there’s a discussion of the programme, of the new name. Then there’s a decision decided by the majority. That’s what happens in democracies. None of his aides, lackeys or bag carriers has uttered a word. And you can understand that. Without him where are they going? They are simply courtesans. His party, however they want to call it, is just his, private property, a “telecratic” organisation with objectives of control and lucre.
The parties have killed that little bit that was remaining of democracy by eliminating the preference vote. The Unione’s first action should have been the restoration to the citizens of a fundamental right: that of selecting their candidate. It hasn’t happened. Now there’s talk of German-style proportional representation, of Swiss-style majority and of double-event French-style. But what are they rabbiting on about? In 2005 you adopted the Italian-style fxxking up with the new electoral law. This is what you should be talking about.
There’s no one starting off with a forethought, that says that if you copy the electoral mechanisms of a democracy that you first need to adopt the basics, the fundamentals.
And that is a cardinal point in Germany, in Spain, in France, in every country worthy of this name, that you cannot have a dominant presence in the news media and at the same time do politics. For the other parties it’s like fighting against the heavy weight world champion with an arm tied behind your back.
The Berlusconi phenomenon is not compatible with democracy. His newspapers, his TV channels, are not compatible with his presence in politics. This is what Veltroni, Prodi, Fini, Bertinotti and all the others should be talking about straight away: of democratic information media, not about acronyms and percentages. But they won’t do so because they too get benefits from it.
Democracy has become marketing. The State is not controllable by the citizens. Let’s take back the information and news media.
V-day - 25 April - V-day – 25 April.

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Tomorrow, December 4, 2007, Pia Luisa Bianco presents in Brussels the new Foundation HERA, "an Italian think tank with international reach". Among the sponsors the family fund of Vito Bonsignore, an Italian MEP well known for his judicial troubles, and the patronage of Franco Frattini, Italian vice president at the EU Commission.

Posted by: peter duchatelet | December 3, 2007 05:00 PM

But the real problem is even worse!
Mr. Berlosconi, and to be fair, any other politician can, by manipulating the public opinion, make the government fall.
Think about it. We as Italian citizens express our preferences with a vote. This is the essence of democracy. With our vote we decide who will represent us in parliament and take decisions on our behalf.
But then a politician makes a relentless opposition to the government and eventually the majority crumbles and we have to go to anticipated elections.
As politicians have the power to make and destroy a government, we do not have a real democracy. This with or without Berlusconi media power.
But this is not all. You then have a politician elected as Presidente del Consiglio over and over again. This means that he may not be particularly interested in doing a good job, because he knows that, even if his government fall, he can be back as prime minister a few months or years later. Considering that the political life of a politician in Italy can be 15/20 years, and considering the average duration of a government, the same politician can be elected as prime minister 7 times.
Italian politicians are effectively not accountable for their actions. In all western democracies once you have failed (lost the elections) you are out forever. This is the only drive for a politician to deliver results.
At the end of the day this is what happens in every single company. If anyone (from the CEO to the toilet cleaner) gets the sack, he or she could not apply for the same job again.
Unfortunately, I do not see any possibility for a change. Who would be so crazy to promote changes that will effectively shorten every politician life?
But this is what we should really fight for. Let’s not waste any time on debating over Berlusconi conflict of interest and his media power. The fight has to go deeper at the root of democracy. Whoever wins the elections should stay in power for 4 years, and maybe for another 4 years but then OUT. No matter if you were a partisan or a fascist.

Posted by: Andrea Ceccanti | November 23, 2007 06:00 PM

It's very difficult things. In Poland we're just learning of democracy and the intformations coming from media are not disinterested, but filtered by "democratic" party. I hope it'll change after present elections.

Posted by: Lukasz Golaszewski | November 23, 2007 01:06 PM

what da democracy forget it !!!
Democracy is a game in 21. C
we miss ottoman empires

Posted by: levent ozhan | November 23, 2007 12:29 PM

Hello everyone!
Even the fruit is gone, the espresso now you buy it from Starbucks (With George Cloney advertising it!) so when the going gets tough, the tough go shopping!
Mr. W makes a New Party, Mr. Berlusconi same thing, Mr. Fini and Mr Casini are juggling for a spot in the sun as well and everybody else is planning for a sit in the Board of Directors in what is called the buttons room (Italian Government!).
Just like Corporations, run by CEO’s (Prime Minister!) and Board of Directors (Senators!) they have fucked up everything under the sun in the Belpaese, with impunity I may add.
While you the stock holder, don’t get any chance to say anything, no Political Agenda no Agenda of any kind, meanwhile they decide who will go where, where the money will be allocated (Your taxes!) and who will sit on which chair (Worthless and meaningless any how!).
And You?
Don’t worry you count only when is time to pay taxes, vote or sign up to the creation of a new Private Party (For profit organization and by the way you need to pay a token!).
Thank you very much, when will you figure out that these Idiots are pulling you by the nose ring and will keep on doing it until you allow it?
Stop following these Idiots blindly, ask for more, ask for changes, ask for new people new ideas, new plan, the current herd are worthless.
Wake up and scream, I can’t take it anymore, go fuck all of you!
The future looks bright make sure you wear very dark shades!

Posted by: Giacomo Chiametti | November 22, 2007 04:59 PM

I refer to the note of Mr. Marco S. published on 19/11/2007 in " La Rete del Grillo".
I need to have information about the "Law having universal competence" established in Belgium. I need to verify the possibility to make use of this law against Egyptian Authorities that, on 1992, with lured promised, never maintained, have convinced us to make an investment. To day also the existing law over which our investment was established is not applied.
Thanks for the help. Gianfranco Roncolato.
Enclosure: Fairness and Coherence

In July 2007, the Italian Ambassador Antonio Badini received from President Hosni Mubarak the prestigious Order of the Republic, "first class". That was in appreciation of His efforts to bolster Egyptian/Italian ties.
In 2006, the Ambassador wrote the book “Lineamenti per un rinnovato dialogo fra le culture”, (Features for a renewed dialogue among the cultures) published by Mediterraneo Foundation. The book has generated a large feedback among the Egyptian media and political personalities.
In page 38, He wrote that it is necessary to adopt, both for international and national relationships, the method of fairness and coherence.
No doubt that this is also President Mubarak's firm conviction and we are quite sure that this message was part of His instructions to the Egyptian Executives. But, in our case, the instructions have not been followed in the day by day operations.
It was the consequence of lack of fairness and coherence that Alchemi shareholders had to face fifteen years of impossible life. In fact:

Where is the fairness and coherence if You invite and approve investors to produce a top international quality product, for human use, for a market which specification and consumption is totally under Your responsibility and control, and, in ten years, You do not create the right condition for their company survival; while, at the same time, from your action You gain hundreds and hundreds of millions of pounds?

Where is the fairness and coherence if, by law, (Art. 55 of the investment law n. 230/89) You guarantee investors to settle investment disputes, related to the implementation of the provision of the law (n. 230/89), in the manner to be agreed upon the investor, and for five years You refuse to consider their request?

We came in Egypt to take an investment opportunity based on ethic principles. We demand our nightmare to be ended on the basis of these ethic principles. We need and we ask for the help of all the people of "good will" to close this incredible story.

Dott. Gianfranco Roncolato Chairman of Alchemi
Copy of the two books " Alchemi Odissea in Egypt" or "When GAFI plays the three card game" can be requested "free of charge" by email:

Posted by: gianfranco roncolato | November 22, 2007 12:26 PM

All this is cristal clear to everibody , isn´t it? So what else?
Wating for changes made by those whom are getting benefits from the actual system? Not a chance.
Why do not shut down for a DAY the TV?
Can you imagine the panic of the system (and not only of it)....

Posted by: Gabriele Arrighetti | November 22, 2007 11:32 AM

All this is cristal clear to everibody , isn´t it? So what else?
Wating for changes made by those whom are getting benefits from the actual system? Not a chance.
Why do not shut down for a DAY the TV?
Can you imagine the panic of the system (and not only of it)....

Posted by: Gabriele Arrighetti | November 22, 2007 11:30 AM

All this is cristal clear to everibody , isn´t it? So what else?
Wating for changes made by those whom are getting benefits from the actual system? Not a chance.
Why do not shut down for a DAY the TV?
Can you imagine the panic of the system (and not only of it)....

Posted by: Gabriele Arrighetti | November 22, 2007 11:29 AM

All this is cristal clear to everibody , isn´t it? So what else?
Wating for changes made by those whom are getting benefits from the actual system? Not a chance.
Why do not shut down for a DAY the TV?
Can you imagine the panic of the system (and not only of it)....

Posted by: Gabriele Arrighetti | November 22, 2007 11:29 AM

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