Nobody knows ... ( Romano Prodi)

Valium Prodi has landed up on the front page of The Financial Times in an article called "Prodi says Romanian influx took EU by surprise".. In response to the question about the number of Romanians who have entered Italy since 1 January 2007, Valium said: "Nobody knows"
Prodi responds well however on the number of Italian companies that have invested in Romania. He’s got that on the tip of his tongue: 22,000 Italian companies giving work to 600,000 Romanians.
What responses. What style What Valium.
At the beginning of the year, Italy opened the frontier to Bulgaria and Romania, the other great European countries closed them. The result is that the flows all arrived in Italy.
Prodi was not asked how many children live in the Roma camps and where they come from. Anyway his response would always have been "Nobody knows"
The organisation "Troviamo i bambini"{Find the Children} asked me to publish this appeal.
”Just now there’s been the approval of the Decree on the expulsion of European Community residents… In many cities they are ready to dismantle the nomad camps.

MILANO(…) Tens of unofficial sheds, leaning one against the other, inhabited by two hundred people. The children dressed in rags play in the mud, while their parents are seated on the ground and drink wine from a carton and count the money from begging.
One woman says ”I’ve been here for three months. Here it’s disgusting. There’s no water, I can’t wash my children, there’s no electricity (…)” In via Silla, the same situation. Some shacks are inhabited by people from Yugoslavia. At the other side of the street, however, hidden in a wood, the “house” of a Roma family: two rotten mattresses covered in mold are their only comfort, the air inside the shack is not breathable.
Degradation is also dominant in via de Pisis. Near to a little park where the parents take their children to play, a little shack city has grown up. A Roma mother aged 38 said: “There’ll be about 40 of us here, mostly children.”
It’s a surreal landscape, a piece of the third world that has found a foot-hold – unofficial of course – in the first world. The shacks are cramped, damp and smelly. A little girl throws herself onto a mattress that has been thrown into the mud, with a health emergency all round.
The kitchen is an improvised grill in the middle of an open-air rubbish dump: mud, human excrement everywhere and a cemetery of rusting rubbish (…)"
If just a tenth of what you have read, were denounced in relation to Italian children, the children would be taken away by the social workers. But NO ONE CARES ANYTHING about these children. In one of our articles entitled “ZINGARI” {Gypsies} (and we heartily advise you to read it) this campaign group denounced that from an indication given to the Questura di Bologna by our Ambassador Dott.ssa Maria Rosa Dominici, it has been discovered that in various families of nomads in that city:
Out of 11 children
3 were really the offspring of the parents
5 were "on hire"
and of the other 3, nothing was known
Thus starting from this point, this campaign group is launching an appeal to the APPRORIATE AUTHORITIES
While you are “dismantling” are you checking on their children?
Do we want to politely check whether the children they have are their own?
And if it turns out that “some” are not their own, ask a simple question like:
Where did you find this child?"
And if they are theirs, what will happen to them?
Children do not commit crime. Children are victims.
This appeal is “sent” to:
The President of the Republic Hon. Giorgio Napolitano
The President of the Lower House Hon. Fausto Bertinotti
The President of the Senate Hon. Franco Marini
Amnesty International

Click here to write your email too!

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Immigration has to be controlled. It has to be selective and in most of the cases we should deny entry unless the applicant is useful to the development of Italian society.
Let’s not forget that Italy is not such a rich country. Italy is not the land of opportunities and it cannot care for everybody. Rom camps must not exist. They should be closed down and sanitised.
This is not a xenophobic approach to immigration. It is just plain and simple application of existing laws and principles that aim to protect any civilised society.
Italy has always exported its own people and many million Italians live abroad. Although we did export organised crime, we did also export culture, music, food, and these days we are exporting design, fashion, technology and very skilled workers. But quite frankly I cannot see anything good coming from Rom immigration.
For the Italians who live in London, I would suggest to consider carefully the different situation between Italy and UK. In UK, racial integration is the result of over three centuries of immigration. Immigrants arrived first as slaves, then they had the option to buy their own freedom, and finally, once slavery was abolished, they were able to come in limited numbers from Her Majesty colonies. But remember that until the seventies (1970) immigrants had to report to the police every week and could not leave their residence without written authorisation. Racial tension has been high at times. Brixton riots 1981, Oldham, Burnley and Bradford 2001 and many more other minor incidents. And how about racial motivated killings? Steven Lawrence, the Nail Bomber etc. BNP is stronger, more violent and racist that MSI, AN and Lega Nord combined. And do you think that the upper-class English family tolerates well immigration?
But there is a difference between Italy and UK.
In UK shantytowns are not permitted as in breach of health and safety laws. You will never find the same level of degradation visible in some Italian areas. And yes in UK you have Romanis and “pikeys” they are never welcome and although they do live on campsites, they are far much better than Italian campsite.

Posted by: Andrea Ceccanti | November 12, 2007 07:20 PM

Caro Beppe, non so dove inviarti questo messaggio IMPORTANTE. Il mio nome in codice che appare sul tuo messaggio elettronico e' Pau Ono.
Spero che tu possa leggerlo. Grazie.

Ciao, Giovanna.Caro Beppe Grillo,
Il tuo BLOG ha stuzzicato la nostra attenzione per poter partecipare con le nostre esperienze e le nostre idee, spesso, affini alle tue, a risvegliare quegli animi che tu sembri aver capito, necessitano di un’organizzatore di tutto rispetto.
Inseriamo questo nostro messaggio sotto ‘POLITICA” anche se sarebbe più appropriato porlo come “Giustizia”
Ma la Politica e la Giustizia hanno in comune molto: Onorevoli DISONOREVOLI, Criminalità (organizzata) POLITICIZZATA
Nessuno ha il coraggio di prendere il toro per le corna, nessuno vuole morire ed essere un eroe che viene ricordato solo al funerale, poi tutto passa come nulla fosse
Modifichiamo la PRESCRIZIONE, al periodo di prescrizione aggiungiamo di farla partire dal momento in cui il reato è perseguito e non dal momento in cui è consumato, se il reato è perseguito prima della scadenza della prescrizione
Togliamo il SEGRETO BANCARIO; si vedra’ meglio il flusso del denaro
Togliamo l’IVA sui Servizi. Non ci saranno piu’ evasioni. Chiunque fara’ un servizio non dira’: Scusi, vuole la fattura? Si, allora deve pagare piu’ il 20% d’IVA. No, non voglio la fattura!
TOGLIAMO IL TAPPO ALL’IMBUTO DEL TRIBUNALE PENALE Semplificando la QUERELA con l’indicazione del codice fiscale delle parti alfine di consentire che più querele e denuncie fatte dalle stesse persone, siano affidate allo stesso Magistrato per l’individuazione di tutti i fatti, anziché affidarle a tanti diversi Magistrati creando il caos a vantaggio della criminalità, e con snellimento degli atti processuali, togliendo l’onere immediato di assistenza legale alla parte querelata, imponendola a tutte e due le parti soltanto se davanti ai Carabinieri non si raggiunge nessun accordo e chiarimento ed occorre quindi la discussione del caso davanti al Magistrato; controlliamo se il codice fiscale di chi querela è persona con una fedina penale pulita oppure un criminale, persona diremo “poco affidabile”
Instauriamo la RESPONSABILITA’ PERSONALE di coloro che hanno un PUBBLICO UFFICIO, inclusa la Magistratura che oggi ancora detiene il primato di essere AL DI SOPRA DELLA LEGGE, per cui: “La legge è uguale per tutti” non solo per chi legge questa frase entrando nell’aula del Tribunale, ma anche per i Magistrati che non la leggono perchè voltano le loro spalle! Non tutti i Magistrati sono come l’On. Di Pietro, i Giudici De Magistris, Forleo etc.
CONFISCHIAMO non solo a chi ha rubato, ma anche a chi beneficia dei proventi dei loro furti. CONFISCHIAMO e VENDIAMO TUTTO, finanziando le necessità del Paese
Tagliamo i VITALIZI, i RIMBORSI spese a coloro che hanno servito una o più legislature e che non SERVONO piu’ o non hanno MAI SERVITO alcuna legislatura (ex RAPPRESENTANTI del ns. Governo, CAVALIERI , SENATORI a vita)
RIDUCIAMO I COSTI MENSILI ai RAPPRESENTANTI delle due Camere: Deputati e Senato equiparandoli ad uno stipendio di Dirigente, visto che fare il Politico è un impiego e non più una missione
NOMINIAMO REVISORI capaci ed onesti che analizzino i COSTI del Governo Centrale e Periferico e FACCIAMO LEGGI adeguate che consentino snellezza, decisioni e correzioni di SPRECHI
Ma soprattutto ORGANIZZIAMO gli ITALIANI con CORAGGIO. Mancano i LEADERS disposti a dire a voce alta LA VERITÀ: I nostri POLITICI ci hanno preso in giro, ma noi, STUPIDI permettiamo loro di CONTINUARE a prenderci in giro.

Ciao Beppe, se non altro ci hai permesso uno sfogo. Abbiamo ancora qualche “BOOMERANG “ sulla questione “FALLIMENTI SOCIETARI” e ti vorremmo inviare un “Open Report” DENUNCIA APERTA direttamente. Intanto ti diamo giusto un ASSAGGIO:
..... Noi abbiamo formulato questa domanda per iscritto all’ORGANO FALLIMENTA di una CITTA FANTASMA: .....
Domando all’Organo Fallimentare se è a conoscenza che la vostra fallita SEMPRONIA srl (Sede CITTA FANTASMA) divenne proprietaria giusta sua garanzia prestata alla procedura fallimentare FITTIZIA srl, di cui CAIO era amministratore oltre che socio, dichiarata in seguito fallita (DAL TRIBUNALE CITTA ETERNA) per mancato adempimento a tale obbligo da parte della vostra fallita, (COSTITUITASI “AD HOC” a CITTA FANTASMA) (AMMINISTRATORE PALLINO) con unico socio la PINCO srl in liquidazione, (UNA SOCIETA’ IN LIQUIDAZIONE NON INTRAPRENDE OPERAZIONI STRAORDINARIE COME IL SALVATAGGIO DI FITTIZIA. CHI È QUEL LIQUIDATORE CHE COSI’ DECISE? PERCHE’ IL TRIBUNALE DI CITTA ETERNA NON HA SVOLTO ACCURATE INDAGINI PRIMA DI ACCONSENTIRE AD ACCOGLIERE LA PROPOSTA DI GARANZIA DEL FALLIMENTO FITTIZIA DALLA SEMPRONIA CHE AVEVA SEDE PRESSO UN ALTRO TRIBUNALE di CITTA’ FANTASMA?) in totale assenza di attività e di beni patrimoniali, di cui costui (CAIO) diveniva amministratore e socio, con il concorso di altri individui e società, (PALLINO AMMINISTRATORE IN SEDE DI COSTITUZIONE, FURBETTO AMMINISTRATORE IN SEDE DI EROGAZIONE DEI FONDI DALLA BANCA CONSENZIENTE, IN SEDE DI STIPULA DELLA LOCAZIONE CON IL CONIUGE DI CAIO, E SOCIO INSIEME A CAIO, DOPO CHE CAIO SUBENTRA QUALE AMMINISTRATORE, assumendo, in grave conflitto di interessi, ed in violazione del nostro Ordinamento Giuridico, contemporaneamente il ruolo di amministratore e socio della garante (FITTIZIA) e della garantita (; strategia che gli ha permesso di posticipare i debiti ed il fallimento della FITTIZIA srl, ottenere con l'acquisizione dell'immobile di proprieta della FITTIZIA srl, un mutuo fondiario ed un finanziamento, cospicui, da BANCA (CONSENZIENTE) senza corrispondere mai alcun pagamento, (DOVE SONO ANDATI A FINIRE QUESTI FONDI?) (il finanziamento comprende anche un portafoglio della fallita (FITTIZIA), ( E DI UNA SOCIETA INGERENTE SEMPRE AMMINISTRATA E POSSEDUTA DA CAIO) aggravando l’indebitamento anche della garante (SEMPRONIA), continuare l’uso dell’immobile dal 1983 fino ad oggi senza corrispondere le sue quote condominiali, di assicurarsene l’uso con contratto di affitto (DI COMODO) nel 1994, ad un canone irrisorio, al coniuge di CAIO, di non versare alcun canone di locazione, salvo qualche versamento forfettario di modesta portata eseguito al Curatore, subentrato nella locazione dal 1999, nonostante avesse verificato un credito per affitto del 1998, nei libri sociali, (Quindi RILEVANDO MOROSITA’ DEL CONIUGE DELL’AMMINISTRATORE E SOCIO “CAIO” DELLA GARANTITA FITTIZIA E DELLA GARANTE SEMPRONIA) mentre gli anni precedenti 1994, 95, 96 e 97 non figuravano perchè i libri sociali erano spariti, di non adempiere l’obbligo della fidejussione rilasciata al Tribunale CITTA ETERNA, e quindi causare il fallimento della garantita FITTIZIA e poi quello della garante SEMPRONIA, nonostante la società garante SEMPRONIA abbia introitato sufficienti fondi mentre veniva amministrata da FURBETTO, che sembrano essere spariti nel nulla dalla sua gestione fino alla gestione di CAIO che vi subentra, (INTERROGATO DAL CURATORE CAIO NON RICORDA DOVE È ANDATA A FINIRE LA CASSA DI CENTO MILIONI CA. MA IL CURATORE NON DOMANDA DOVE SONO ANDATI A FINIRE I FONDI EROGATI DALLA BANCA CONSENZIENTE) di permettere a costui (CAIO) di continuare addirittura a svolgere, a titolo non oneroso, nell’immobile (definito dall’ORGANO FALLIMEMENTARE) di “nostra proprietà,” altre attività sociali e commerciali fra cui quelle della INGERENTE, nominativo noto e relazionato dal Curatore, con piena cognizione e tacito consenso dell’Organo Fallimentare?

La risposta è stata una DIFFIDA del Presidente del Tribunale della CITTÀ FANTASMA, fatta su richiesta del Giudice Delegato della fallita SEMPRONIA srl, notificatami dai Carabinieri, con invito a cessare di comunicare direttamente con il Giudice Delegato via fax, obbligandomi a depositare in Cancelleria del Tribunale della CITTÀ FANTASMA, tutti i miei fax inviati dal Giudice e da costui ritornati a me via fax, in risposta, con annotazioni a margine di suo pugno, inclusi i decreti,con la marca da bollo, nominare un mio legale di fiducia nella CITTÀ FANTASMA, a cui sarebbero state notificate tutte le loro future comunicazioni a me relative, pena una denuncia a mio carico alla Procura.
Notare che io non sono un creditore della fallita. Non ho gli stessi obblighi dei creditori. Infatti, lo ha confermato il Giudice Delegato stesso con la sua procedura. Non ho mai piu’ preso contatto con l’ORGANO FALLIMENTARE.

Inoltre, CAIO, appoggiato dallo stesso ORGANO FALLIMENTARE, pretende di vantare, con arroganza e prepotenza, fino agli estremi della violenza verbale e fisica (DAVANTI A NUMEROSI CARABINIERI E TESTIMONI CI HA AGGREDITO CON PALETTI DI FERRO MA I CARABINIERI NON L’HANNO ARRESTATO), un diritto sulla mia proprietà (USUCAPIONE DI UN PEZZETTINO DI GIARDINO), senza aver alcun titolo, (È DECADUTO DALLA CARICA DI AMMINISTRATORE A SEGUITO DEI FALLIMENTI, NON È MAI STATO PROPRIETARIO IN PRIMA PERSONA, L’USUCAPIONE NON SI APPLICA NELLA FATTISPECIE), contro la mia documentazione PROBANTE CERTA notarile e catastale. Tale documentazione, presentata all’Organo fallimentare, fu da costui rigettata. Fu nominato dal Giudice Delegato un CTU che ci dette ragione. CAIO fece opposizione, accolta dal Giudice Delegato, che si dichiarava “incompetente” a decidere. Allora perche’ ha chiesto di mostrare la nostra documentazione probante certa? Perche’ ha nominato il CTU? Perche’ addirittura decide di acquisire quel pezzettino di giardino al fallimento? Perche’ decreta la nomina di un avvocato affinche’ inizi un’azione civile, penale e possessoria nei nostri confronti?

Recentemente l’immobile è stato venduto all’asta svoltasi con offerte in busta chiusa. Il Giudice Esecutore di un’altra CITTÀ ha fatto il Verbale di Aggiudicazione, ma CAIO, non sono a conoscenza nè del nominativo usato, nè delle motivazioni, potrebbe essere stato appoggiato dall’ORGANO FALLIMENTARE, ha presentato opposizione. Intanto CAIO continua ad usare l’immobile che è stato aggiudicato al miglior offerente che si è visto paralizzare il Decreto di Trasferimento. e sua moglie continua la sua locazione, morosa, ferme tutte le azioni di violenza che continuano nei nostri riguardi. Unica difesa: la QUERELA. Ma intanto le nostre querelo sono state affidate a piu’ Magistrati, nonostante la nostra continua chiara e specifica richiesta di affidarle tutte ad uno stesso Magistrato, per le ragioni che ti abbiamo spiegato sopra.

Questo è il nostro sistema giudiziario. Quanto è costato l’operato di CAIO coadiuvato da tutti i suoi associati? E l’Organo Fallimentare quanto costa al Popolo Italiano? E l’Ufficio Esecuzioni Immobiliari che ha nominato un CTU per il fallimento FITTIZIA del 1988, la cui CTU è divenuta inutilizzabile a seguito della strategia di SEMPRONIA, ed un CTU per il fallimento SEMPRONIA del 1999 sullo stesso bene immobile a noi confinante?

Grazie, e speriamo che questa storia sia di tuo interesse, onde approfondirla in modo piu’ comprensibile per il POPO LO ITALIANO che deve sapere perche’ gli ITALIANI sono costretti a pagare tante tasse.

Saluti cordiali da: Firmato: I Grilletti d’Italia

Posted by: GIOVANNA ROMANO | November 11, 2007 07:19 PM

prodi, I'm using lower case because he does not deserve capital letters, is a selfish good-for-nothing (can't even talk properly, he's always whispering) bloke that has shown us once again how little he truly cares about Italian citizens.
In Italy people are facing security risks due to an increased number of illegal immigrants,and had had enough of all the unpunished crimes that gipsy commit, and were urging the government to tackle this problem once and for all.
What has been done so far? Nothing, nothing, nothing at all.
Politicians in Italy should be ashamed of themselves, they don't bloody care of our lives and have always let us down.
Their reputation is well known abroad, where the press do not miss one opportunity to take the mickey out of them, to make a fool of them. On the other hand prodi and company don't even try to behave accordilgly, and always seem to get away with it, no matter how recklessly they act, over, and over again.
I am hopeless, really pissed off, do not feel safe, and looking forward to seeing them all sacked, 'cause they always screw up.

Posted by: serio.l. | November 9, 2007 08:45 PM

Hello there,
I have to admit they are very sleek, just like Mr. Clinton that still is called Mr. Sleek since he came up with the answer “It depends on the definition of Is “.
Now getting back to Italian Politicians, while Taxes and restrictions on You are implemented and active immediately, while cost reduction and cuts to their perks the next legislature is always a good way to go.
They can claim the law has been initiated and proposed although nothing changes?
Are you that stupid and they so sleek to get away with it?
Sore, vote UDEUR or IDV or PD or FI or UDC again!
Lets see what will they change next time?
While you wait and pay they buy Banks, Yachts and plan their future and yours!
Mr. Dalema will be Foreign Minister for the EU
Mr. Fassino special Envoy in Afghanistan for the EU
Mr. Schioppa is already working for IMF
Mr. Prodi chairman at Bologna University
Mr. Berlusconi doesn’t need a job
What about You, by the way your debt today is approx. 50K Euros?

Posted by: Giacomo Chiametti | November 9, 2007 05:50 PM

Well would be time that Italy would get open to Africa, Sicily is far 150 km from it and there are not regular transport, like every two houres or so, it would be amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I think we should share more because we have a lots of interest in common!
The problem with immigration is that people don't get registered once tey arrive in Italy, they don't have residence or a regular job.
In italy there is a lots of possibilities to work in any sector, like let me think what about culture, agricolture, and no please just business, bank and insurance.
We got politicians that as usual they fight for their own interest, right of left, is called corruption!
They blame immigrants of stealing jobs,
instead to invest our taxes for the public interest like creating jobs.
I can not believe that Italy doesn't raise funding for scientific research, art activities and social events and interaction to know and appriciate foreign cultures spread out in its territory.
The only one that I could think about is the couscous Festival in provincia of Trapani.
This people most of the time feel isolated and repulsed...and even If I understand the frustration of the italian in need of job, I don't understand why the italian don't start looking things logically and with respect for the others.
The others that didn't have voice and choise, but to go in a foreign country and start all over again.
Just in Ingland last year arrived 300.000 immigrants, the economy have constantly improved, and the Inglish are constantly investing money in community progects, with organizazion, theatres, art galleries, organizing local festival and inviting to partecipate the larger comunity.
Do you want one example "the carnival of notting hill', it was born as jamaican celebration of the carnival and now is an event that host 5.000.000 people from all over the world.
Maybe your idea of interchange with this countries is spend your holyday in a five star hotel drinking margarita by the swimming pool by don't deprive others to have at least a decent house were to live.

Posted by: PATRIZIA SOTTILE | November 9, 2007 03:13 PM

The migration policies of our politicians together with their arrogance and lack of care for the nation will have the following results :
- the working Italians will be replaced by third and fourth world people such as africans, rumenians, bulgarians, ect.
- this will trasform Italy into a third or fourth world country.
- the Italians will become an ethnic minority.
- the ethnic minority will be mostly made up by the families of today's politicians and their cronies, who will continue to prosper and get richer for years to come.
- the people of Italy, called " gente comune " will dissapear for all practical purposes.
Good luck Italians !!

Posted by: Giuseppe Vidozzi | November 9, 2007 01:02 PM

Next time that nazist and mafiosi needs to make their propaganda please go to use your reference web-site: 'berlusconi's web-site', if he has one, or by mistake he censorised is own too?

Posted by: PATRIZIA SOTTILE | November 9, 2007 11:35 AM

Hi merdone b, you got clear idea how to solve problems,
would you like to propose nazist camps again?
What is your problem of mixing people of different races?
You think that the mafia in Calabria and Sicily is not a problem, I personally think that people that think is not a problem, they try to increase the mafia's power more and more...
I am very sad that sicily, such an amazing place, for culture history (by the way of mixing cultures, races, black and white, african and greek) is under the mafia control...
I feel ashamed when I read in any news paper from all over the world that the most prolific business in Italy is the mafia, and I feel more ashamed when people involved in mafia become prime minister, and they still get support by the Italian.
I am sicilian and I left sicily because I can't stand to live and work under their power, oppression ( mafiosi denied to pay my father at work and threatened him and his family, mafiosi shot in the office where my sister used to work to ask x pizzo, mafiosi shoting inocents because they didn't suppose to see or hear).
Maybe for you is normal, x me is unconciveble that the European has allowed Italy to take part of the community, they should put Italy in isolation because mafia is contagious till gets cleared up, and very surprised that other states aren't repelled to talk with our politician.
I have chosen to live in London, because of the great tollerancy, because black and white live next to each other in the same baurogh with muslim catholic and ju.
When friends go and visit me, I always take them to see the places were this mixture is more visible, and they are very central, but only if they allow me and with great regret they aren't many the occasions... because their brain is washed out, is full of prejudices...
about me I feel that everyday of my life in London is a new journey made of different culture and their interaction, and I love this city despite piccadilly circus, camden town and buckingam palace.
Enjoy the different is not contagious in a negative way!

Posted by: Patrizia SOTTILE | November 9, 2007 10:56 AM

The first son of italian minister of justice CLEMENTE MASTELLA, named Pellegrino Mastella, was betrayed by his wife Alessia Camilleri while she was spending her holidays in August 2007 on the boat of Mastella's friend Diego Della Valle, famous as patch-shoes seller. Alessia Camilleri, wife of Pellegrino Mastella, was fucked by the son of Diego Della Valle on his own boat when Pellegrino Mastella was still in the Ministry of Production in Rome where he works as useless and very salary-earner clerk.
Alessia Camilleri had moved off some days before with her parents-in-law, Clemente Mastella and his mature mistress Sandra Lonardo. All three sailed from Capri and went to Eolian Islands on the barge of the patch-shoes maker Diego Della Valle.
Some days later, Pellegrino Mastella also reached his tribe at Lipari. When he arrived there, he found his wife Alessia Camilleri totally naked on the boat with Della Valle's son and he understood that they had copulated without his knowledge while he was in Rome.
After this surprise, Pellegrino Mastella decided to divorce at once while his father, mafia's boss Don Clemente, tried to not let be known this horny story in the italian reportings.
So Don Clemente Mastella from Ceppaloni decided to block italian media about the knowledge of his cuckold son Pellegrino Mastella.
Clemente Mastella, as cuckold-himself, is now trying to block all web sites of the most clever italian people because they could let known through all the world this great cuckold misadventure of his son Pellegrino which - at now - is still nearly unknown in Italy.
At the moment Alessia Camilleri has leaved the house where she was living with the son of "fat" Clemente Mastella in Rome and she went to live with patch-shoes maker Della Valle's son in another northern italian city.
Now we all know why mafious hack Clemente Mastella is attempting to introduce a new bad law in Italy to limit peoples' freedom of expression.

Posted by: tituccio uuuuuuuuuudeur | November 8, 2007 08:46 PM

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Beppe Grillo Meetups

Groups 372 Members 76.596
Cities 281 Countries 10

Books and DVDs


Check out the books and DVDs of Beppe Grillo (service in Italian)


Terra Reloaded DVD

Clean Up Parliament

Map of Power


Webby award
14th Annual Webby Awards Official Honoree Selections


Tegenlicht - Beppe Grillo's Interview

"De toekomst van Europa volgens Beppe Grillo"

(Tegenlicht TV)

International Press Review

The New Yorker
"Beppe's Inferno"

"The Comic Who Shook Italy"
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"The Web Celeb 25"
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"Meeting Italy's silenced satirist"

People and power: "Beppe's Blog"

TIME magazine's First Annual Blog Index
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