Rula Jebreal and immigration

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I have interviewed Rula Jebreal on the topic of immigration. Her analysis is simple and it’s common sense. In Italy the parties always put forward their interests and some even put their ideologies in first place. Then come the citizens. If there’s a problem, let them sort it out. If the situation gets out of hand, they do a decree that leaves things as they were. This political class has run its course. Let’s hope it goes away soon, before Italy disintegrates.
”The problem of immigration in Italy falls on society in terms of the impact and the issues. From the point of view of politics, it is ignored or purposely not spoken about or tackled only when there are episodes of crime.
Then the approach is like fan-clubs. Those who talk about zero-tolerance don’t explain what that means in legal terms. When I have asked politicians this, they replied, for example, that all graffiti on the walls has to be eliminated as soon as it appears… .I had thought I would get a fuller response.
On the other hand, there are the others who talk about full solidarity, an approach that is for one thing offensive and humiliating for immigrants who are not considered as human beings, men and women with rights and duties.
The issue blows up always at the moment of the episodes. There’s not a complete European approach that sees immigration not just as part of the problem but also as part of the solution.
In France, Sarkozy is taking big steps forward by putting immigrants into his government like Rachida Dati, Minister of Justice. He is the man who created the Islamic conference to understand how to engage in dialogue and tackle the issue of radical Islamism in the community.
The issue of the Roma people is very obvious and could have been predicted: it was clear that by including certain countries in the European Community, inhabitants would arrive in vast numbers, even for the different life prospects.
What’s missing here is a complete political project and an objective: many people arrive without job prospects so the only possibility is for them to turn to petty crime. The political response is absent for now, and the whole burden falls on society whose response is obviously one of refusal and of shock. There’s no one who is softening the impact, even by controlling the flow of migrants. The French proposal to the European Community is to regulate the flow even of Community members. There are discussions in the European Commission, there will also be discussions in the Italian Parliament with the usual ideological approach. A solution will be found. I hope it won’t be too late. Today society responds even violently: there are those who attack the camps of the nomads, those who burn them.
There are then those who think it’s possible to welcome everyone. There’s no planning as is done in other countries.
Unfortunately, for the umpteenth time, the politicians are silent and go on busying themselves with other things. There’s a serious risk: that the situation explodes and that what happened in France with the burning down of a hotel whose guests were immigrants could happen here. It’s true that in Italy there’s less racism than in other European countries but there’s a lot less integration. It’s a fact that is shocking. There’s a lot less integration.
It’s no good working round the issue that is very clear: we need to regulate the flow, to give rights but also duties. We need to start to think like Great Britain that welcomes people but gives clear rules, where anyone who commits crime leaves the country and never returns. It’s a valid system that for now has worked very well.” Rula Jebreal

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The Universal declaration of Human rights is a declaration of the Human rights everyone in this world is entitled to. It has been fairly successful in upholding peace during crucial times in the history and disasters.

Posted by: human rights | December 21, 2007 06:38 PM

Read this article, from this Romanian newspaper... But read it!!!!!!!!!

Posted by: dan rosian | November 8, 2007 02:09 AM

Romanian manipulation
2007 11 07| de Jurnalul National -

Even though it isn’t one of the main news in the Italian media, this one could bring a new perspective to the Mailat case. According to these news, the results of the autopsy made by the Medical Institute of the “La Sapienzo” University in Rome show that Italian Giovanna Reggiani hasn’t been raped by Romulus Mailat. The anti-Romania hysteria in Italy that tends to extend in the entire Western Europe was based on the information according to which the Italian lady had been robbed, raped and killed. However, there is a difference between killing a lady whose purse you wanted to steal and getting out on the road and taking a 47 year old lady in an improvised shelter and rape and kill her. The difference between the two is exactly the difference between a killer and a monster. The hysteria in Italy led to serious breakings of the human rights at international level that are mentioned in the 6th article of the Human Rights Convention. Romulus Mailat has been considered guilty before Justice could say anything and, now, Romanians are being sent back home, and obscure forces in Italy threaten to get their revenge. This hysteria is based on the beast-like characteristics of the Romanian gipsy as he is seen there. It wouldn’t have been possible or have the same intensity if the media didn’t falsely publish the news about the rape. The latest news regarding this matter makes us take another look at the entire case and wonder: wasn’t this a diversion? Which is perfectly normal if we think that Romulus Mailt had a lot of rights that haven’t been respected.
The media in Italy, as well as the one in Romania, agreed with the Italian authorities. Under the pretext that he had to be protected from the other convicts, Romulus Mailat had been isolated into a high security penitentiary. No journalists or representative of the Romanian embassy got to him.

Posted by: a Romanian | November 8, 2007 02:00 AM

More awkward is the fact that there wasn’t any Italian or Romanian journalist to start their own investigations. Of course the robbery which Romulus Mailat admitted he had committed is not to be contested. However, an independent investigation could show the entire mechanism behind this, which was meant to obtain an atmosphere to justify the political-juridical measures; sending the Romanians back, intimidating the ones that fairly live and work there, finding a person guilty for all the social and public problems in Italy, decreasing the high number of Romanians that come to Italy. This shows that:
1) All the civilized societies can become ferocious at any time. No matter how shocking the actions of Romulus Mailat are, everyone expected a more diplomatic reaction from the Italian society. No way. The Italians reacted just like the Romanians when they are manipulated. Romulus Mailat wasn’t treated like a human with rights. They used a single case to get to general assessments like: Romanians are bandits, Romanians are monsters. After being seriously manipulated, the Italian society suddenly forgot about all the things that separated it from a tribal society: every man’s right to justice, using brains before emotions when taking important decisions.
2) The Italian media was and still is seen in Romania as an example of professionalism. By creating the national hysteria of the Romanian monster, the Italian press behaved exactly like the Romanian one. Like in the case of the fight against corruption, of condemning all the politicians, the Italian press left aside the main principle of journalism: the doubt. This is not the first time when the things that appear abroad are considered saint. There were several times in which articles in France or Germany written by Romanian people living in that countries have been used as very important arguments in the electoral campaigns.

Posted by: a Romanian | November 8, 2007 01:57 AM

The “Italian job” could be an opportunity for us to start doubting the professionalism of the occidental media as well as the Western society. The aberrant reaction of the Italians caused by a media manipulation shows us the occidentals are no greater than us.

•Translated by Sorin Bălan from Jurnalul National newspaper, in Romania...

Posted by: a romanian | November 8, 2007 01:56 AM

sara' che si ha poco interesse alle vicende di tutti i giorni, poco tempo per riflettere, poco interesse a leggere i giornali o, in generale, a informarsi. Comunque sia, la mia impressione e' che ci siamo lasciati lobotizzare.
Mi spiego meglio: sulla vicenda degli immigrati si e' alzato un incredibile polverone e si sta facendo molta retorica senza che nessuno pensi a guardare alle cause e alle responsabilita'.
Quasi come se ci sia un disegno atto a manipolare la realta' dei fatti.
E' possibile che siamo in pochi a chiedersi cose quali:

- Chi e' responsabile del degrado della stazione di Tor di Quinto?
- Chi e' responsabile di controllare i campi nomadi?
- Chi permette che esistano ancora campi nomadi?
- Quali sono i politici che hanno firmato per l'annessione degli stati piu' ha rischio?
- Chi e' responsabile di non aver fatto un piano per gestire nei prossimi 5 anni gli immigrati sul territori?

Servono i Nomi, non si puo' fare finta che non vi siano responsabili e vanno mandati a casa.
E' tutto un gioco prospettico. Se come paese abbiamo dei seri problemi interni, non e' il caso di prendersela con gli immigrati. Credo fortemente che qualunque italiano dopo un po' di mesi in un campo nomade darebbe i numeri, tanto da varcare la soglia dell'abbrutimento e dell'orientamento a delinquere.
E poi, abbiamo perso credibilita', da fuori la percezione che diamo come Italia e' chiara: il clima e' buono, si mangia bene e nessuno ti fa niente anche se delinqui.
Il problema, quindi, non e' nell'immigrato ma nel non essere in grado di governare il paese secondo le nuove esigenze, indipendentemente da qualunque sia l'orientamento politico. Quindi, avere la certezza della pena, conoscere, controllare e presidiare il territorio sono cose su cui non si dovrebbe discutere.
Si chieda a un qualunque rumeno come sia stato trattato durante il socialismo e come ancora oggi tema le istituzioni.
E' tutto qui.
Purtroppo di tutto questo i giornalisti non ne parlano e i nostri politici fanno finta di non avere colpe.

Posted by: Francesco J Velasquez | November 6, 2007 06:46 PM

The italian politicians are apparatchiks, carefully chosen and groomed by corrupted political parties. Apparatchiks are detached from reality, have no specific competence or qualification and their planning capacity goes as far as uttering, over and over, the same cliche sentences during their television appearances. These politician have no capacity of solving Italy's problems and " social justice " means mainly increasing their previleges.
Good luck Italians!

Posted by: Giuseppe Vidozzi | November 5, 2007 12:50 PM

Hello everyone,
Just for clarity, this lady is the one that was called “Una gnocca senza cervello” and that literally means “A babe without brain” and therefore anyone can extrapolate there own conclusion.
As for the subject of the blog, the political response is always the same, legislate a new law, problem solved onto the next subject.
It doesn’t take the Gnocca tu figure this out, actually I would be surprise if she wouldn’t pick this up on the fly, she need exposure and anything to ride on the ant politics coat-tail helps anyone carrier.
I am a Joe Blow from the streets and the following list includes the biggest fuck up that these geniuses have come up to fix all the problems:
1) Mr. Mastella 5 year trail limit?
2) Expiration of Terms?
3) Business Fraud (Falso in Bilancio!)?
4) Take your pick the list is infinite?
What they haven’t figure out is that no matter how many law they put on the books, the Italian Institution are too fuck up to implement any of it.
Without implementation and proper enforcement they are all worthless, and tomorrow another day like yesterday, and people does forget easily, although they will be able to claim I wrote this or that law!
Stupidity is limitless, while sapience takes time to build up.
By the way the Babe is a real good looking babe, which always makes me wonder, did she get there because she is good or just good looking?

Posted by: Giacomo Chiametti | November 4, 2007 05:27 PM

I spent last 30 years of my life in north africa and middle east. To work in countries like Saudi
Arabia, Qatar,Bahrein,Algeria,Morocco,Jordan
and so on, everybody needs a WORK-VISA, including
people coming from muslim countries and it is very far from them the idea to be discriminated.
Of course to be catch without a valid visa is a crime and forced repatriation is the best one could expect.
In countries like the UAE the foreign residents are 60% of the population and everithing under control.
If you want to know how this is possible i can only tell you that for any activity i.e. hotel
booking,ticketing,rent a house rent a car, hospital visits, school, you need to show a valid visa.
Many nationals of muslim countries need permission even for UMRA or HADJ in MECCA.

Posted by: maurizio confalonieri | November 4, 2007 12:00 PM

I dont think there is less racism in italy than other countries, its enough to look back 30 years ago when on the doors in Piemonte, you could find signs reading, "no dogs and no Southerners" its like putting up a sign in UK saying "No dogs and no Scottish" so what ever makes Italians think that they are not racist!
If you open your arms to other nations and the economic migrants then you have to know how to embrace them, and respect them, firstly by giving them somewhere to Live, not cardboard boxes on the outskirts of the larger cities, ( not even dogs are left on the Italian streets anymore) and a healthy programe to integrate them .

The real problem in Italy is that the goverment cannot help their own folk, so how can they help others! if they start putting Roms & Romanians in Council houses , of course the Italians , living at home with their parents , unable to afford the renting prices and have been waiting for years for one will get angry , but it's not a question to choose between a Rom Romanin and an Italian! If they are not helping the Italians it means they can't help anyone ! and the problem will go on and on, i really cant see how it can change it can only get worse, as up untill now the goverment has only seen the problem when something drastic happens ( like it happened a few days back) and now they want to send them back in Mass..... it's like fixing a bucket with a hole in the bottom , before long another hole will appear! and it will go on and on and on and on on on on on....

Posted by: Dee Cozier | November 4, 2007 11:37 AM

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