Ten little mayors (fewer)

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A Varesotto {inhabitant of the Province of Varese} is complaining about the cutting of Comunità Montane {local government structures for mountain communities}. He’s right. The Comunità Montane like the Comunità Marine, should not be eliminated. They should be transformed into macro-communities. The Comunità usual are a grouping of eight to ten little villages for which they provide services. Ten little mayors can become one. Ten little village “planners” can become one and so on. It’s the halving of bread and fishes and of public officials. Let the Comunità Montane be transformed and let the tiny village administrations disappear.
In the tiny villages it’s the tiny families who are in command, the same ones for decades. They are semi-autonomous little hereditary princes. In Italy there are 8,100 “comuni” {cities, towns or villages}, of which 7,061 have less than 10,000 inhabitants. There are 356 Comunità Montane and they cost 800 million a year. If each Comunità were to include an average of 10 comuni, then we would eliminate about 3,000 comuni. Padoa Schioppa, if you are there, knock once.
Dear Beppe,
I would like to ask you if you agree with the cut to Comunità Montane using the government’s calculation.
Before I start I’ll say that the Italian territory presents a morphology that is too diverse to make it possible to manage it in the same way from North to South.
Having said this, according to the regulations put forward, the Comunità Montane of Bognanco and of Susa will be removed, while those of Sanremo and of Amalfi will be saved.
How is it possible for example, that in the “Varesotto” {Province of Varese} 3 out of 4 Comunità Montane will go because they are considered to be in the Alpine zone? Do the Roman leaders not know that they are in the pre-Alpine zone? Would it not be appropriate to apply the same criteria for cuts as though they were in the Apennine zone? The heights are the same!
We of the Varesotto would be quite happy to be “cut” if all the ills of Italy were caused by us. All the other bodies like the BIM, and the utilities are absolutely irrevocable… and we are just useless.
Another example… the Comunità Montane Valli del Luinese, gives work to those who are disadvantaged, manages the ecology services of 16 comuni, helps the tiny rural communities like Curiglia, Pino, Tronzano….. all under 400 inhabitants. The cut is OK by me, but who will take care of all these issues? We are a reality on the borders that is too often forgotten… and now? Thank you” Massimo M.

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I live in a small community in the hinterland of milan... no mountains here.... not too far away though,...and there are only about 3000 inhabitants. I came to live here in '99 and at that time there were only around 1500. (build, build, build) So the powers that be decided it would be a good idea to unite the two 'commune' ...none-the-less,today, we still have 2 mayors and double alderman and they are still trying to pass laws to allow their private interests to take flight...the northern mafia is rife here and there is no justice for the victims of dishonest builders or for anyone who is not in the 'loop'. For anyone seeking justice there is no hope....i'm always amazed by the fact that there is not complete anarchy in this country. I feel that we are a race of people who are willing to just roll over and take it up the arse. The French would never stand for it... I'm disgusted and dissolusioned by this wonderful country...Perhaps it's time to move to another....

Posted by: I.Fin | November 24, 2007 11:13 PM

Giacomo........i couldn't agree with you more!
Have you have got it right!
May i, say to you, that i think are much younger than me, that when i was born in Italy, 1940, and before that Italy was under a government who provide the country and it's citizens with many social and economics laws.......also security, law and order, not for a year or twoo, but for 20 or more years at times! Those were the years......without any of the problems and cancers of today's daily crimes of migrants, gypsies and whatnots of all races.....and this multiracial......culture of rock and roll, sex drugs, porno industries, feminism, zionist propaganda, with long hairs, dirty, stinky.....and all this kind of "scum",graffiti, juvenile delinquency,...........same propaganda "scum"...coming out of anglosasson zionist hollywood, calif. Yes my friend, those were the days!.........i remember none of this problems ever happened then!.......until i left Italy to migrate in nord-america in 1961.
And after i been living in America till now, trough internet i can see the situation in our country how it is changed.....exectly the way you have so well descrived.
I, wonder one thing...............Can you write in Italian, the way you write in english?
Is so, you are one of the wery few, because to read and write both languages, especially the english one is very difficult. Ciao, good bye, arrivederci.

Posted by: V.Annibale | November 24, 2007 01:26 AM

Hello there,
I do have a very deep concern about Italy at this juncture and furthermore the display of complete Incompetence of the Institutions reacting on the daily crisis without any planning what so ever.
This goes for Immigration, Conflict of Interest, the Justice System, Energy, Security, Deficit Expenditure, Economy and on and on.
The only thing that seams to be working without a hitch is the flow of money into their pockets, corruptions and the complete inability to make the Government Agency work.
So the only thing they know how to do, is to reshuffle all the Parties, create new ones, consolidate old one and merge the loosing or derelict one.
I would recommend keeping the eye open for a General of the Army or Navy that has some uevos (I have to admit, this is the real problem finding one with testicular!).
The situation is so dire, and the lack of competent people is so blatant that a Military Coup-De-Ta like in Pakistan is not out of the question.
I do believe that the Italian Institutions are in worst conditions that in Pakistan!
Justice System is in a state of disaster, all Politicians are and have been under investigation from all side of the spectrum, Mafia Ndrangeta and Delinquents have complete control of the territory, I do believe a State of Emergency with Military on the streets and in control of Government would be a good thing.
Italy is not a Democracy, this is clear and established so some order would go a long way especially if it eliminates all this Parties and Incompetent Politicians.
The future looks bright wear dark shades

Posted by: Giacomo Chiametti | November 23, 2007 03:36 PM

I beg You pardon if I insist with my question:

I refer to the note of Mr. Marco S. published on 19/11/2007 in " La Rete del Grillo".
I need to have information about the "Law having universal competence" established in Belgium. I need to verify the possibility to make use of this law against Egyptian Authorities that, on 1992, with lured promised, never maintained, have convinced us to make an investment. To day also the existing law over which our investment was established is not applied.
Thanks for the help. Gianfranco Roncolato.
Enclosure: Fairness and Coherence

In July 2007, the Italian Ambassador Antonio Badini received from President Hosni Mubarak the prestigious Order of the Republic, "first class". That was in appreciation of His efforts to bolster Egyptian/Italian ties.
In 2006, the Ambassador wrote the book “Lineamenti per un rinnovato dialogo fra le culture”, (Features for a renewed dialogue among the cultures) published by Mediterraneo Foundation. The book has generated a large feedback among the Egyptian media and political personalities.
In page 38, He wrote that it is necessary to adopt, both for international and national relationships, the method of fairness and coherence.
No doubt that this is also President Mubarak's firm conviction and we are quite sure that this message was part of His instructions to the Egyptian Executives. But, in our case, the instructions have not been followed in the day by day operations.
It was the consequence of lack of fairness and coherence that Alchemi shareholders had to face fifteen years of impossible life. In fact:

Where is the fairness and coherence if You invite and approve investors to produce a top international quality product, for human use, for a market which specification and consumption is totally under Your responsibility and control, and, in ten years, You do not create the right condition for their company survival; while, at the same time, from your action You gain hundreds and hundreds of millions of pounds?

Where is the fairness and coherence if, by law, (Art. 55 of the investment law n. 230/89) You guarantee investors to settle investment disputes, related to the implementation of the provision of the law (n. 230/89), in the manner to be agreed upon the investor, and for five years You refuse to consider their request?

We came in Egypt to take an investment opportunity based on ethic principles. We demand our nightmare to be ended on the basis of these ethic principles. We need and we ask for the help of all the people of "good will" to close this incredible story.

Dott. Gianfranco Roncolato Chairman of Alchemi j.s.co.
Copy of the two books " Alchemi Odissea in Egypt" or "When GAFI plays the three card game" can be requested "free of charge" by email: alchemirg@hotmail.com

Posted by: gianfranco roncolato | November 23, 2007 01:40 PM

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