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"Italians! This has been an incredible year! In September we sent them all into a flat spin and now they are going insane! But things are really not too bad. This little Italy of ours is simply in a coma, and has been so for the past 15 years. Since 1992 the country has been kept in a pharmacological coma by the media. Since 1992, after Falcone and Borsellino were blown up, there has been neither Country nor anything else. The TNT has disappeared, yet somehow the magistrates continue to disappear in other ways. The mafia has been corrupted! Who would have thought it? The mafia, corrupted from within by politics, an extraordinary merger, almost nuclear. They have actually pulled together. This Country of ours that no longer knows where it wants to get to, or for that matter what and where it is currently. We are being strangled by twin flags. I would like to know whether I am simply going insane or whether there is, in fact, something that doesn't quite add up. The thing that doesn't add up is the fact that we no longer know what we need in order to lead a normal life. We know all about the myriad bits of bullshit that are thrust into the limelight daily by the newspapers, the media and the television, but as regards the things that we really need, such as public or private water supplies, energy, connectivity, what is refuse, where does it come from, and how do we get away with not constructing incinerators, of this we know nothing, nothing of those things that really change our lives. So, what can we do about it? The first step is to identify the enemy. Last V-Day, on 8 September, it was not so much the politicians that got pissed off, but rather the journalists, that special caste, the real caste that we have in Italy. Did you notice anything? Thousands of disgraceful slaves, all in a row, at 90°. A very unseemly situation. They all look alike and it is impossible to distinguish the one from the other, except the fat one from the thin one. Riotta is exactly the same as Mimun, who is, in turn, exactly like Bel Pietro, who is the same as Giordano, who is just like Fede. They are all alike. We can distinguish the eliteness of these great major-domos. Those that speak of the free market, those who occasionally say something and then quickly withdraw back into their shells. They are absolutely incredible. We are talking about people like Scalfari, Pansa and Romani, those sarcophagi of information that regularly write reams of editorials that no one ever reads. All that is ever read of the newspapers are the headlines and sub-headlines, while information is actually counted by the amount of space allocated and is measured in centimetres. We should use rulers to measure the amount of information actually being provided. And so the entire situation resembles a quagmire, a mixture of entrepreneurship, politics, the mafia and the media. Go into any of the newspapers' Board Meetings and you will find entrepreneurs, or go into any of the banks' Board Meetings and you will find entrepreneurs, politicians and journalists. Today, any journalist may become a member of parliament. Never mind any conflict of interests, we have now gone way beyond that. The companies too, are all alike. Take Fiat for example. If it wasn't for the unemployment benefit funds, in other words for State intervention, the company would have gone to the wall ten years ago while, instead, it is still carrying on thanks to Equity Swaps. Eni and Enel are genuine monopolies. Rai and Mediaset are one and the same. The only way to really bring about change in this Country, in my humble opinion before I go totally insane, is to concentrate on those areas where democracy reigns, and where the right to information would be protected. Gone are the days of the great journalists, such as Biagi, Montanelli and others, nothing any longer remains of them. That is why I have decided to hold my own V-Day celebrations on 25 April next year, on Liberation Day. Let's liberate ourselves from this unreliable information, free ourselves of this rabble. Withhold their money and let's try to set this up properly, since my life is now totally focussed on these things. Also because the task that I have set myself is not to practice politics. An article in today's Corriere della Sera newspaper identifies me as the second favourite politician, after Veltroni with 50%. This is our Country and I am one of the greatest politicians around in Italy! If they were to make a list of comedians, I would only come in around tenth or fifteenth, while our politicians would be way above me at the top of the list. Our V-Day should be based on the following: withhold the financing. On 25 April 2008 there will be a real liberation, with something going on in every town. We will have to make it happen, what with the media being silent while they should be talking about it. This will be the end of them. Let's make a date for 25 April, when we will push for freedom of information in a Country that is finally free, and let's start again from scratch. Civil lists and informed citizens, that is what we need, not politicians. Informed citizens that know what is going on around them, who are involved in their districts and towns and who prevent them from being sold out by some or other little party or little political servant. We need to have free citizens and freedom of information in order to be classified as a free Country. Italians!!! Chins up, let's face the coming catastrophe together, but always with optimism. "

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Hello everyone,
2007 is in the history books, so so for most of the world, little progress here and there and some problems elsewhere.
One thing for certain, things in Italy perpetuate themselves one more time, and as most of Italian are secretly cheering for it.
To maintain the status quo’, doesn’t take any work, any thinking, any effort, and as the famous Italian song goes “Finche la barca va, lasciala andare!!!!!!!”.
Not trying will not get you or anybody else in the histories books, but a peace of mind and a lazy life without breaking a sweat.
La Casta is still racking up some serious dough, your truly President cost 5 time the French equivalent, and while all Politicians took a well deserved break in the Bahamas/Seychelles/Bermuda/Cancun/Red Seas/Cortina or anywhere Mastercard/Visa is accepted have the following End Of The Year Italian’s Speech:
Don’t despair and keep the chin up, we are working hard for our and your future.
We are aware of the current difficulties Italians are having, although with WiMax2 We (The Management Pinnacle!) will connect you to your work 24/7.
You will be able to work 24/7, resulting with doubling your income and 50% decrease of your tax rate.
We have so far invested your hard earned money that you paid in taxes in very secure and highly lucrative real estate overseas through our Banks (Unicredit and SanPaolo and other!) now we shall reap the reward (For we mean ourselves obviously!)
Look at the 2008 as a new opportunity to work hard for 365 days, while we will initiate an immense number of new and vibrant agencies to protect our future.
And last but not least “Ask not what the Country can do for but rather what You can do more for your Country!”
We salute all of you from the sunny beaches and the brilliant mountain.
Have a very productive year, we all need it!
The future looks bright, wear dark shades and don’t skimp on the cream.

Posted by: Giacomo Chiametti | January 1, 2008 06:01 PM

Please forward your article "Free Information in a Free State" to the New York Times. You are their "numero uno". Happy New Year and long live Beppe Grillo!

Posted by: Sandra Chace | January 1, 2008 09:23 AM

Hello Beppe,

You don't look at all well in this video. I trust it's just a cold or the flu because you just don't appear to be yourself.

Keep well and Happy New Year!!!

Posted by: Adri Mian | December 31, 2007 10:05 PM

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