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In the absence of any good news, the blog makes its own. You all are the good news. You are magnificent. I would like to kiss you all, but I can’t. So pick up a photo of me and give yourselves a kiss. The appeal for Ida and Kristal of Caselle Torinese, the unemployed mother with the little girl requiring constant care, has raised in excess of 90,000 Euro so far, after only a single posting. Ida still needs to find a job in Caselle, one that is nearby her daughter’s school and close to the doctors that are taking care of Kristal. I am certain that the blog will provide. To the businessmen of Caselle and surrounding areas, I say: “Stand up and be counted!” In the interview, Ida explains that, when it comes to employment, the municipality gives preference to former drug addicts and those people that have fallen foul of the law. Just like our Parliament. They should think about becoming “twinned”.
Thus, had Ida been a cocaine addict, she would already have been engaged some time ago on a full time, or perhaps even a parliamentarian basis. Law 104 provides her with no protection whatsoever, and no company is prepared to employ her because they don’t want to be saddled with an employee with a daughter who has serious motor-skills problems. Ida has written to everyone that she can think of. No one, other than this blog, has bothered to reply. Not a single one of the politicians, the State President, the Mayor of Turin or the Mayor of Caselle Torinese. These are all people that supposedly earn their salaries by resolving the citizens’ problems, beginning with the weakest members of society. Silence and public service salaries. Silence and public service salaries.
Thank you, thanks to all of you, in particular to Kristal, a woman in a little girl’s body, which is how her doctors have defined her.

Read the content of the interview.
Anyone wishing to offer Ida a job, kindly leave your details in a comment attached to this posting.

Anyone wishing to make a donation, may do so into the following account:

Reason: Ida and Kristal
Account in the name of Beppe Grillo
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In my opinion, it could be the public administration has no chance to directly help in that case.

But the administration has other methods to help, more indirect ones. By urging some businessman to give the mother a part-time job. By trying to let the mother fall into the cathegory of the people the administration can help directly. By paying the emloyer the days of absence due to some crisis of the girl.
That money the mother can pay back in time, maybe by working one more day the weeks that follow the crisis. Another possibility consists in themother having a certain amount of hours she worked in excess. So she can take free when she needs and does not have economical cuts from the employer.
When she quits or gets quit, that hours will be payed to her.
"Gleitzeit" in Germany.

But I am not shocked by the public administration who can not help directly, declaring herself "not of competence".
I am shocked that women has been completely ignored!



Posted by: Ludwig Meyerhoff | December 16, 2007 01:28 PM


Posted by: Stafex Stafexov | December 15, 2007 09:24 AM

I'm sorry for that young girl and her mom who are struggling so. It's not right that a country such as Italy cannot provide for these people or that the mother cannot find a job because she is not drug addict or a criminal.

You should set up a paypal donation page - it would be easier to donate that way (and cheaper). To make a donation from my bank in the USA would cost $50 which I would rather give to this woman and her child than to the bank.

Good luck to her, and I hope that someone will be kind enough to give her a job so that she can continue being the good mother that she is.

I, too, read that NYT article. It was depressing, but depressing things need to be said. No more hiding behind beautiful frescoes, your designer clothes, or cappuccinos. I think that Italians should worry less of how they are perceived abroad and spend more energy and effort tackling their own problems at hand and at home - political corruption, electoral law, and providing social services accessible to all and ridding the government of crooks and criminals.

Posted by: Keith Preble | December 14, 2007 01:12 PM

Ciao Beppe! I was wondering if the text of the interview with Ida could be translated into English for us non-Italian readers. I am very interested in her story, as a journalist and a human. My younger sister lives in Rome, married a Roman, 14 years ago now and I've been trying to fully understand what life is like there for her and the rest of you. She sent me this article which mentions you (how I found your blog):
and it gives a very good light to guide my ideas of what life in Italy is like these days. I've never been there, though hope to some day, but until then, I hope things get better for you all...that your government wakes up and progresses enough to help the people and help Italy regain its strong presence in Europe.

Your friend in the USA,

Posted by: Jill Culbertson | December 13, 2007 09:40 PM

@ Born in the usa : Italy IS a cesspool. If you don't know it , is probably because you live thousend miles away from here . Remember this : with a lot of money in your poket and a week to spend , also Iraq could be a nice place to make a great holiday, but i don't think you would like to live the rest of your life there. Don't you?

Posted by: Alessandro Martinello | December 13, 2007 09:14 PM

Born in the USA
Which planet are you coming from?
I think you don't even have a flicker of an idea about the shape of Italy.
Probably you are either a part of this Italian Cancer or you smoke some forbidden substance.

Posted by: Giovanni Principe | December 13, 2007 04:11 PM

The front page story on Italy in the New York Times was damaging to Italy's image. Everyone reading the story would think that Italy is a cesspool. Why do you do this? The NYT consistently has portrayed Italia in a negative light. Mafia, corruption, etc.. is all we get here in the states. Peppe Grillo, your actions and quotes in the NYT really hurt today. You should realize how badly Italians are portrayed here in the USA before you shot your mouth off.

Posted by: Born in the USA | December 13, 2007 03:35 PM

The front page story on Italy in the New York Times was damaging to Italy's image. Everyone reading the story would think that Italy is a cesspool. Why do you do this? The NYT consistently has portrayed Italia in a negative light. Mafia, corruption, etc.. is all we get here in the states. Peppe Grillo, your actions and quotes in the NYT really hurt today. You should realize how badly Italians are portrayed here in the USA before you shot your mouth off.

Posted by: Born in the USA | December 13, 2007 03:35 PM

The Kassandra Project answered to our request for help...

Why we are not able to help ourself??? Wake up italians!

Posted by: manlio d. | December 13, 2007 11:52 AM

beppe, look the web site of the new york times. there's a great video about you.

beppe, vai a vedere l'edizione online del ny times, c'é un video stupendo su di te.

Posted by: giovanni boldini | December 13, 2007 07:06 AM

Caro Beppe;Io sono andato via dall`Italia A 21 anni nel lontano 1988...avendo visto il marciume che emanava da tutti i pori,non mi rispecchiavo in quella societa`, di totale corruzione su tutto,finanche per entrare in ospedale.Mi ero messo anche contro quei 4 meschini mafiosi ed anche chi li pagava... un giorno mio padre mi disse che da li me ne dovevo andare, perche` ero diventato americano (aveva paura che mi facevano fuori), nel Canada ho trovato un paese di civilta` superiore .In Italia la politica e` lo specchio della societa`,un tale un giorno scrisse: i governi migliori ce l`hanno quei popoli che meno hanno bisogno di essere governati .
Lei signor Grillo fa parte di quel gruppo di uomini veri come Travaglio,De Magistris, Di Pietro,Lirio Abbate,Cosimo Cristina,Giuseppe Fava,tutti i magitrati uccisi dalla mafia, io ancora piango per Falcone E Borsellino e molti altri.Lei signor Beppe Grillo arriva a smuovere le coscenze la prego di non fermarsi... per un`Italia migliore.
Enzo Di Piazza

Posted by: Enzo Di Piazza | December 12, 2007 11:49 PM

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Posted by: | December 12, 2007 11:47 PM


Qualche valutazione sul “Paesechenonfunziona”.

Spingendo un po’ il ragionamento ( per essere realista), mi sembra che:

- é normale che, in un Paese ove non c’é stata educazione su “cittadini-stato-doveri-diritti”, la società smetta di funzionare, appena le regole ed i valori entrano in disuso in ambito sociale;
- é pura illusione pensare che, nel Paese ove ci si é abituati alla possibilità di dare la propria interpretazione ad ogni regola, le ruote della società possano girare normalmente;
- sembra normale che l’economia perda colpi (e prospettive) in un Paese la cui società non é in grado di funzionare;
- il sistema Italia continua a perdere capacità e prospettive da quando (ormai più di un decennio) é iniziata la sostituzione della società italiana con cordate, congreghe, clans e tribù; ognuna dedita al proprio interesse....
- é normale che le gestioni italiane (all’inizio quelle pubbliche, poi le altre) divengano inefficienti, visto che per decenni si é rimpiazzata la meritocrazia (che già era imperfetta) col comparaggio;
- sembra normale che la riflessione lucida e il realismo (talvolta la verità) scompaiano da una società gestita da demagoghi che parlano di destra e di sinistra, ma non di soluzioni...
- é scontato che in un Paese in cui la società non mostra interesse per la serietà, i valori positivi, l’ organizzazione, l’impegno, la programmazione, la responsabilità, cada sotto l’ imperio dei cinque dittattori (Confusione, Rassegnazione, Irresponsabilità, Lassismo, Gestione Allegra);
- non si puo’ pretendere di poter gestire un Paese che é forse il più corrotto della U.E., senza definire ed applicare una strategia di lotta alla corruzione;

In conclusione il sistema Italia puo’ esser giudicato, da un emigrato, come “completamente normale”....

Vale pero’ la pena di fare qualche commento. Gli sports favoriti dagli Italiani sono: infrangere la legge e fregare lo stato (il quale talvolta si vendica fregandosi dei cittadini). Sugli Italiani, cioé sugli europei che hanno accettato dei comportamenti cosi poco europei, cosa si puo’ dire ? Come minimo che sono un po’ incoscienti......., pronti per il Magreb.

Antonio Greco

Posted by: Antonio Greco | December 12, 2007 03:46 PM

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