State homicide


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Someone knocks at your door. It is the State. They drag you away from your family. Away from your 14-year old son. They accuse you of having planted some cannabis bushes in your vegetable patch at home. They throw you in a cell. It kills you. This is not the Argentina at the time of the colonels, nor is it Russia at the time of Stalin. It is Italy, at the time of Mastella and Amato. Aldo Bianzino was murdered in prison. He was killed twice. First by those that slaughtered him, and then by the media who ignored him.
Aldo’s widow is called Roberta Radici. In the interview she granted us she says: "I don’t know what to think of the State. What to think of the justice."

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Hello everyone,
I do have the worst feeling while I write the incongruence’s and the hypocrisies in Italian Society.
Although while I do highlight the inconsistencies, I always and consistently bring to the forefront the message and it’s always the same.
It’s up to each and every Italian to get things straight, stop signing up to these stupid Gazebos for new worthless Parties!
Stop accepting new Leaders without an Action Plan!
Ask and pretend more!
Prodi promised you a 280 pages plan, what happen to it?
Berlusconi promised you the moon, did you get it?
Stop supporting these Idiots, they did and will take all of you for more rides than you can afford.
If there is one thing Italy has to learn from Civilized Countries, is the fact that after a failure any Politicians has to go to hell and don’t come back.
In Italy and only Italy, Inept and Incompetent Politicians have a job for life regardless of their performances.
That is why Italy doesn’t change while the Leaders grow old and you poorer.
Italians have to change first, than their Leaders will get the message.
The future looks bright wear shades

Posted by: Giacomo Chiametti | December 30, 2007 08:19 PM

a comment on Giocomo's blog.
I could not agree more! The situation is depressing and looking at Italy from abroad I can only feel sorry for Italians. However, I am also sadden by the fact that all bloggers seem repeating over and over again how bad things are, how bad politicians are, and how bleak the future is. And really we all know that! We see it on TV, we read about it on national and foreign press and we have Grillo’s blog.
Unfortunately, nobody tell us what to do. There is no guidance, no political agendas, no planning. Italians keep on living in a constant ideological limbo without a trusted leader and without a common idea. Bloggers complain, write, discuss about problems and malpractice, but at the end of the day nothing constructive comes out of the blogging.
Let’s be honest here, lack of planning is somehow typically Italian. We went to war without planning, we go on strike without clear objectives. Even large private Italian companies sometime do not have a 3 year strategy. And sure enough, our politicians do not have the foggiest idea on what to do.
But how comes that free thinking bloggers follow the same pattern? Com on let’s try to be imaginative…
However, Giacomo made a point about accountability. Our politicians are not accountable for what they do. (I am not referring to the suing bit) Mr. Prodi or Mr. Berlusconi will not pay (politically) for their mistakes. They may well lose the elections but they are able to candidate themselves over and over again. Quite frankly this is the single biggest problem of Italian politics. And this does not happen in any other relevant western country. Prominent politicians disappeared almost completely from their country political scene once they lost the elections. Loosing the election should be viewed like being sacked from your job. There should not be any chance to take that position again.
But who is it that gives politicians the second or third chance? It is you, me, us the Italians. Not the Borboni, not the Austrians but the Italians.
It is ultimately us that choose our prime minister by voting a party and its leader.
And we should make a couple of considerations here. We must always accept the choice of the majority of the Italians. No matter if the choice is called Berlusconi (or GW Bush). There cannot be a wrong majority and constant attempt to make the government fall should be considered attack to the country democracy.
However, if the chosen leader fails to deliver, he shall not be voted again. Should he present himself again at the election the Italians MUST NOT vote him again. Never, ever again.
Stick to Prodi until the end of his term and then judge him. If he fails to deliver vote for Fini, vote for Veltroni or vote for whoever you want but do not vote for Prodi or Berlusconi. The message must be clear. We the Italians want a leader not a looser. Loosers must go! Forever.

Posted by: Andrea Ceccanti | December 30, 2007 06:13 PM

Hello everyone,
I am aware of the difficulties of governing a Country, any Country, especially Italy where local mentalities, regional differences and ethnical behaviors differ so much.
Although I have to say, the point is another, and more specifically, Credibility, Honesty and down to earth Real Facts.
When an Elected Politicians gets tested for Drugs Use, hells break loose, for a Citizen instead 3-4-5 grams of Cannabis means troubles.
Cocaine is flowing in Italian rivers at an astounding rate (Proven fact and tests!) and by the way Cocaine is not cheap, cheaper than before, although still quite expensive for the average Joe Blow in the street.
So who is purchasing all this Cocaine?
You do the numbers, meanwhile Mr. Cossiga (Your emeritus President!) was diagnosed with who knows what and issued with a Doctor Prescribe Cocaine Medication and therefore his gofer was caught buying Cocaine for him.
This facts are the cancer killing Italian Society, Inept and Irrelevant Individuals that in Private Society would maybe raised themselves to car dealer at the most, in Public Club become so powerful and important with absolute no merits.
People from Mr. Prodi (History Professor?) Mr. Berlusconi (Media Mogul and self made billionare, bad copy of Ross Perot?) Mr. Mastella (I am lost have no idea what he is, an opportunist at best?) Mr. Padoa Scioppa (Economist with IFM, very soon he will return there for good?) Mr. Pecoraro Scanio (A garbage collector, or street engineer?) Mr. DiPietro (A Lawyer?) and on and on.
Would these Individual in Private Civil Society grow and work to be someone, or through Politics have become bigger than what they really are.
In my book what makes the difference is, in Private Society anyone making mistakes is accountable to Society, while in Public Service they are shielded from any responsibility since Government can’t be suit.
My perception is Italy is depressed by the fact that meaningless Individuals make and take decision for everyone else except themselves with impunity.
You pay taxes (A whole lot of them!) Mr Visco instead has problem with the Law because he is building a very expensive house in a little private island of Sicily, and breaking all the laws in between just because he can.
Why would anyone respect the rule of Law, when Mr. Bassolino in 15 year wasted billions for the same garbage which Campania is sinking in, and still there?
Why would anyone respect the Law, when Mr. DiPietro makes his own Private Party (You all aware of this!) take Public money and have any credibility what so ever?
What king of Society is Italy accepting on the daily basis?
Any wonder why you are so depress, while the rest of the world like to visit Italy but they wouldn’t live there for all the money in the world.
The cherry on the cake is the fact that the same Politicians are telling you, we are just a snap shut of Italian Society, and that means they are just like You.
So in order to survive they tell you Italy is better than what it really is, otherwise it would be Civil Unrest.
Pretend more from yourself first and then uphold them to your same standards.
The future looks bright wear dark shades.

Posted by: Giacomo Chiametti | December 30, 2007 02:11 PM

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