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photo by Mike Agner

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Today there is something new in the sun (*), in fact something ancient: I am living elsewhere and feel that the parties are being re-born around me. I loathe Springtime names in the dead of winter. It is much like the greenhouse effect that is warming up the backsides of the party secretaries.
”Topo Gigio” Veltroni announces the “Democratic Party” and the psychodwarf responds with his own “Italian People’s Freedom Party”, while the three red dwarfs dilibertobertinottimussi, together with Snow White Pecoraro, set up the “Rainbow Left-Wing”, a cheerful Storace announces “The Right-Wing” (of the Arcore’s ring road) and Fini reveals the ace up his sleeve and is to change the name of his party from AN to “Alliance for Italy”.
He who fails to change with the times is lost, and he who fails to change his name will be recognised. Instead of fleeing abroad or retiring to the countryside, the politicians are instead having a complete makeover. They have realised that something is not working as it should and that the citizens, who are openly insulting them in the streets, are not too happy with what they are doing.
Miracles do sometimes happen. Occhetto and Ingrao have reappeared, as have Cossutta and Intini. Had Craxi remained in Italy, he would now certainly be the preferred bipartisan candidate for the post of State President.
As well as names, percentages are also beginning to appear. There are those with 35%, those with 15% and yet others with 29%, no one ever goes below 10%. It is a form of creative electoral accounting, where the total not only exceeds 100% of the potential votes, but it can indeed reach 200% or more. It is the optimism born of the desire to take the piss out of us all.
In order for things to really change, our employees should find themselves a new name and surname. Pier Ferdinando Casini – Caltagirone Blue, Walter Veltroni - Romino Pink. The psychodwarf could perhaps hold a referendum amongst his forty million supporters in his three million gazebos, to choose freely from a list of two possible names, namely Licio Mangano or Vittorio Gelli.
After choosing a new name, they could then perhaps change their hair colour. No one would recognise a blonde Fini, or an embarrassingly blushing-redheaded Mastella. And finally, with secret service protection, they could change both their address and their facial features.
This would be a real change. The citizens would once again start voting, as happy as children “from another place, another season and another life”.

(*) From the poem entitled “L’aquilone” (The Kite) by Giovanni Pascoli

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Beautifull picture - thanks.

Posted by: Niechorze | December 22, 2007 08:43 PM

Hello everyone,
I sincerely hate to say it, “I told you!!!!!!!!!!!” and perfectly timed the NYT whacked Italian Leadership while The President is in Washington!
The NYT is simply stating facts already well established, and verified by the immense number of Statistics in any Field sampled.
Is a matter of fact, Italians are painfully aware of the demise of Italian Society, and to reaffirm the obvious are exactly the same Individual responsible of it, claming the exact opposite?
When the shit hits the fan (Italy has barely the chin above it!) the first to run for cover are the one with the finger on the switch?
Therefore as a good Captain here comes Mr. President, its all hogwash, and certainly more to come from the immense number of Institutional figure (These individual never fit into the statistics, I wonder why?).
Credibility, credibility and more credibility, now that a credible publication has ascertained and publish reality in the Belpaese will be re-broadcast in all Italian Publications.
Rest assure, Mr. Grillo is having his 15 minutes of fame, while for you the 15 decades of demise are only barely half way through.
The 30% of the population leading the herd, have drain Italy into the black hole called Fear!
More fear for You, more control for them and like Rush Limbaugh says every day “Let me do the thinking for you, with half of my brains tie behind my back I can do it better than anyone!”.
To theater nationwide, “The Crumbling of Romano Empire!”
The future looks a little less bright, wear dark shade any how, you never know.

Posted by: Giacomo Chiametti | December 14, 2007 11:50 AM

I have to agree with Perplexed Reader -- the translation of "L'aquilone" is lame and needs some assistance.

Anyway, what's in a name? Or a cheap slogan? A lot. Just ask Madison Avenue and the kings of sound-bite trash -- American public office candidates. And what's in a change of appearance - a new hair cut and a spiffy new Armani suit? The Italians are already the masters in form over substance.

Anyone who doesn't have the time, ability or effort to get past the first few words and the nice clothes forms a complete idea based on those meaningless words and that beautiful wardrobe. And that's a lot of people . . .

Posted by: Dave de Andrade | December 14, 2007 10:41 AM

Hello everyone,
I am trying not to be ironic, although is very hard to keep a straight face with these Idiots decisions.
To be reactive to market changes is barely acceptable from the so called gurus or experts, but from a Government (Italy only!) is absurd.
Italy truck driver brought the Country to the stand still, and they had no clue this was coming?
Oil fly to $100 dollars, gasoline and diesel costs more than milk, inflation is skyrocketing the Euros is at 1.5 per Dollar and what’s their plan? Dough!!!!!!!!!!!!
Energy policy has always been a touchy subject, now that Mr. Putin wants respect, oil and gas is the tools of his trades, where is their Energy Policy?
Meanwhile Gasifies Plant are nowhere, oil pipelines are still on the drawing board, although Enel and Eni invests billions in Russia (Your money truly!).
Alitalia has been for sale for over a year, several dead line passed and gone, nobody wants it (Is as good as bankrupt, and they wants money and job security for themselves!).
Treasures Coffin pop up everywhere, every year, and throughout the immense number of Agencies (They don’t even know how many?).
Are these guys for real?
No wonder, none of these Politicians ever retires?
Italy is much better than Disneyland; actually after Mr. Prodi won the election he was asked ‘Where are you going now?” the response was you guessed it Disneyland.
The future looks bright wear dark shades!

Posted by: Giacomo Chiametti | December 13, 2007 06:49 PM

Ciao Beppe
Can we link each other?
The Fragebogen

Posted by: marguerita bornstein | December 13, 2007 06:47 AM

Can we link each other?
The Fragebogen

Posted by: marguerita bornstein | December 13, 2007 06:45 AM

Much like the greenhouse effect

Posted by: | December 12, 2007 03:52 PM

I have no word for this:

Foreign people pray us to save ourself from our government... World will'joke with us for a lot of time. Thanks "Onorevole Mastella"

Posted by: manlio d. | December 12, 2007 12:34 PM

Hello everyone,
Globalization aka evolution, has been embraced by Italian Politics, after half a Century of possible Combination, Coalition, Synergies, Aggregation, Assembly, Disassembly, Sub-assembly (I am sure they are currently searching for more definitions available probably on Wikipedia!) the street vocabulary definitions for Proprietary Politics Clubs are becoming scarce.
New game called “Superenalname” has initiated, coming to gazebos near You ASAP or as soon as you pay for the opportunity to cheer the next It-Idol (Visually they will be easily recognizable, although Stage name will be new and fresh!).
Due to lack of Intimidation Power, Italian Institution are in the Process of being dismantled, although replaced by a self started kit (Under UE Issued License!) for Private Italian Institution at a local level (Possibly one every township, currently in discussion at the EU parliament!).
This License will be Franchised to the like of McDonald, although also You Can Have It Your Way is under consideration (YCHIYW!).
All of the above literature is available at the forehand mentioned Gazebos near You.
While Italy is in Lock Down State, yours truly President send cheers for a Merry Christmas and Very Happy New Year from the White House, while crawling on his knees Mr. Bush to prop up the US Dollar, otherwise Italy will be unable to issue Paychecks Bonuses to the Big Cheeses of Italian Administration (By the way the President entourage was on a shopping spree in Washington’s malls!)
While the President chills in Washington, marshmallows are available at the Thyssen Krupp near your free of charge.
The future looks bright; D&G sunglasses have been made available to whole Government and Opposition in Rome free of charge and with polarized lenses as well.
As for you, sorry, the only good news is, Italian Coffins are expanding directly proportionally to your Cholesterol level.
Thank you

Posted by: Giacomo Chiametti | December 12, 2007 11:31 AM

Pierino al babbo: "Papa' cos'e' la politica?". Il
papa': "Vedi Pierino, non e' facile da spiegare cos'e' la politica, ma posso provare con un esempio:
io porto a casa i soldi quindi sono il capitalismo, tua madre li amministra quindi e' il governo, la cameriera e' la classe operaia, tu che brontoli sempre che vuoi una paghetta piu' alta sei il sindacato, e la tua sorellina e' la generazione futura". Quella stessa notte Pierino viene svegliato dal pianto della sorellina che si era fatta la cacca
addosso. Decide quindi di andare a svegliare la
madre e mentre va verso la camera dei suoi, sente
dei rumori provenienti dalla stanza della cameriera, sbircia nella serratura e vede suo padre a letto con la cameriera, e ad un tratto ha l'illuminazione:
"Ho capito cos'e' la politica : il capitalismo si fotte la classe operaia, il governo dorme e i sindacati stanno a guardare, mentre le generazioni future sono nella merda fino al collo!!".

Posted by: Alex | December 12, 2007 09:00 AM

What happened to the horticultural tradition? We had the Ulivo, then the Margherita (any others?). Of course we had the Edera of the Republican Party in the First Republic.

Truly a garden of Eden.

Posted by: Guido Tresoldi | December 12, 2007 04:43 AM

Today there is something new in the sun (*), in fact something ancient: I am living elsewhere and feel that the parties are being re-born around me. I loathe Springtime names in the dead of winter. It is much like the greenhouse effect that is warming up the backsides of the party secretaries. UNQUOTE

Whoever does Beppe's translations must be spending too much time UNDER the sun because sometimes the interpretation is just too ridiculous for words and unfortunately, it also takes too much away from the seriousness of the situation.

Posted by: Perplexed Reader | December 12, 2007 12:20 AM

You can't play with words the way you do in Italian, unfortunately, but you still sound good to me!
Do you do your own translations, or do others do it for you?

You're a great guy, Beppe: keep it up, and those bastards won't sleep at night (I hope...).

I'm posting some comments on your Italian section:
I enjoy it so much - well, sort of. Actually, I get upset a lot.


(from Scotland)

Posted by: Kin Kazzo | December 11, 2007 08:49 PM

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