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You will have noticed. Each day there’s a new news item of mass distraction. Contrada, the abortion law, the Pope at the Sapienza University. The front pages of the newspapers are there for that. The servile journalists just talk about fried air.
They are cover titles. They hide reality. They are useful to work in the shadows. To avoid every change. As happened after the murder of Moro in 1978, after the slaughters of Capaci and via D’Amelio in 1992 with the death of Falcone and Borsellino. After that the “prescritti” Andreotti and Berlusconi became President of the Council.
Politics is a cover activity for power.
The electoral law and the conflict of interests are the true parties on which the destiny of the country is played out. These are the things that must be discussed live in Parliament in front of the Italians.
From today, the blog will do active politics with a site dedicated to the civic lists, to the citizens who take hold of their own destiny in their hands, their own town, their own Region.
I am setting out the requisites to create a civic list that is certified and published on the blog.
1 At the moment of their candidacy and during the whole of their elected term of office, the candidates must not be signed up to any political party or political movement.
The candidate must not have criminal convictions, even those that are not definitive, nor must they have criminal trials ongoing at the time they become candidates.
3 The candidate must not have previously served more than one elected term of office, at a central or a local level, apart from in the electoral district in which they are presenting their candidacy.
Every candidate must reside in the electoral district of the town or of the Region (according to whether it’s a matter of town or regional elections) where they are putting themselves forward as candidates.
1 Every candidate is committed to resigning their elected position if during the time that they are in office, they lose, or they are shown to not have had even at the beginning, one or more of the minimum requisites described above. If that doesn’t happen, the whole list will lose the right to qualify their activity with certification on the blog.
2 At the moment of their candidacy, the list will publish on the internet, in a special and suitable web space, the names of the people on the list with their CV according to a standard that will be defined, with their manifesto programme for government and they will at the same time, start a blog that is open to all citizens and allows for the free exchange of opinions and criticisms with the people making up the civic list.
3 The list cannot be associated with other parties or lists, unless they are certified on the blog, to govern the town or the Region (the Province is not considered as it should be abolished).
For a New Rebirth.

V2-day, 25 April, for freedom of information:
1. Put your photos on with the tag V2-day
2. Put your videos on with the tag V2-day
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Dear Brothers an Sisters,
Dear Sisters and Brothers,
Dear Fathers and Mothers,
Dear Mothers and Fathers,

I am here to write you in this very hard time of the history of our beloved Country, to share with you my humble comments,
Please have the mercy and compassion to listen to them.

Italy is affected by an endemic corruption, which spreads among all the levels of society.
It was not like that some 60 years ago before our beloved Northern American allies helped us to recover our connection with our dear homesick exiled Mafiosos.
Now Mafia has conquered with its vicious methods not only southern Italy, but also a good part of northern and central Italy.
Mafia controls more than 10% of our economy, Mafia is getting too strong.
Mafia is the cancer we have to destroy.
It is useless to blame one politician more than the other when the reality is that our State is not controlling vast parts of his territory.
The recent Naples Garbage crisis is only the last shameful example of what Mafia can do, and what our State cannot do.
Mafia is not an organization which plays by the rules of democracy, neither democracy has been historically proven the only way to achieve the common good.
The thousands of unproductive public employees which populate our Comuni and Regioni, thanks to the Mafia support in securing them this shameful pseudo-jobs(the thousands of Calabaria guardie forestali just to mention one) are the parasites which absorbs the energy our Country should invest in research and development.

After 30 years of waste we are surprisingly realizing our companies are not competitive anymore, and have almost lost any presence in technological strategic sectors(also thanks to the contribution of criminal managers of the level of Ing. De Benedetti).
Unproductive workers should be fired immediately, and our economy will have no problem re-absorb them, has proven by the thousands of immigrant we are welcoming every day.

This is the only way we can heal from our cancer:
1)Start a statewide productivity evaluation process and fire unproductive public/private workers, and invest the corresponding budget in serious in scientific research, or to attract skilled workers from overseas, who can positively contribute to our economy.
Work should not be considered a right anymore, as stated in our ridiculous constitution, but a choice, like love.
As for any marriage today, it should be possible to end any work relation at any time both on the side of the employer or the employee.
We have to extend divorce to Work relations.
Other countries where this is possible are much more prosperous than us (USA,UK for example).
No company will fire all its employees since company need employees, as lovers need their companions.
Unemployed people should have no problem to find a job in such an immigrant hungry Country …

2)Declare a six months state of emergency in southern Italy and start a war against Mafia, Camorra, Ndrangheta and Sacra Corona Unita.
Martial laws could be applied if necessary, since Mafia is threatening the very existence of Italy, it is not a criminal organization anymore, but an insurgent one.

Italians, if we will not have this surgery, the cancer of Mafia and corruption will spread all over our country and our fate of self destruction will be unavoidable.

Your Faithfully

Marco Polo

Posted by: Marco Polo | January 27, 2008 12:30 PM

Forget it Stefano! Maybe in another life time or in another country! As more people have said on this English Blog get out while you can!

Posted by: grace | January 27, 2008 12:26 PM

Spero di vedere presto su questo Blog una discussione seria di criteri di selezione dei rappresentanti -oltre al nome pulito-, e un programma.

Cercasi persone pulite DENTRO, intelligenti ma che non si lascino corrompere dalla vita facile del politico, e che soprattuttu non perdano mai di vista il bene della Res Publica.

C'e` nessuno la fuori?

Posted by: Stefano Pietri | January 26, 2008 02:37 AM

I recently read an interview of yours in a greek paper! It was revealing!
i hope you keep on protesting...
I would only like to know: Does it work in Italy?
In Greece they have just started to fear the voices via blogs...
So long.

Posted by: Katia Anton | January 25, 2008 11:54 PM

Vabbe’ ho capito, pensavo che Liguori si sbagliasse nel messaggio di oggi, invece aveva ragione… I COMUNISTI, affondata la barca Prodi, affondata la barca degli ambientalisti, affondata la barca di Bertinotti, e non piu’ accettati nel Partito Democratico, stanno confluendo nelle LISTE CIVICHE DI GRILLO.
Povero Grillo, mi dispiace per lui… alla fine mi sembrava un’iniziativa valida, ma che sara’ ancora una volta distrutta dal fatto di non porre un muro di sbarramento all’ingresso dei comunisti.
Grillo, peggio per te. Il tuo bel giocattolino sara’ presto distrutto dalla presenza di questi personaggi, e non credo che Grillo sia abbastanza svelto da inserire al volo un nuovo criterio: per far parte delle liste non devi essere di credo comunista.
Gia’ li vedo, tutti gli studenti universitari di 30 anni disoccupati e di sinistra, tutti quelli dei centri sociali, tutti gli ambientalisti, tutti pronti a salire sul carro di Grillo…
Sara’ proprio la loro presenza ad affondarlo!!

Posted by: Vv Vv | January 25, 2008 03:17 PM

Hello everyone,
The day of reckoning is upon Italians (About time!)
Sorry I have to disagree with Mr. Grillo about what should Italian consider for the next steps to be taken.
As expected, the Idiotic Bunch, are currently scurrying around like roosters without an harem, cocking their wet guns and ready to dispense another load of crappy promises.
Although Mr. Grillo very important first two steps (That certainly have to be implemented pronto!) what has to be establish in any activity especially Politics, has to be “The Rule Of Law!”
Law and Justice has to be re-establish, a Justice that works, is swiftly carried out, penalties are implemented and the more than sufficient Laws already in the books implemented and applied.
Without Rules and Justice, this Idiotic Bunch will be right back (Just like Schwarzenegger!) and they will circumvent the Law just as they did until now.
This is the perfect time, more time without a Government; more everyone will realize ‘These Idiots are not needed!”.
Why would they shout Italy needs a Government?
Is their job, without a Government would mean they are not necessary!
First of all:
1) “No Government No Paychecks for a whole lot of Incompetent Idiots!”
2) With the money saved Re-Establish A Justice System!
3) Than Mr. Grillo’s proposals
The future looks bright wear shades.

Posted by: Giacomo Chiametti | January 25, 2008 01:47 PM



Una sorta di sciopero che blocchi il sistema economico per un numero di giorni al mese.
Una non-azione passiva e di massa, in pratica non fare nulla: non produrre e non consumare per un numero di giorni prestabiliti al mese rimanendo chiusi nelle proprie abitazioni, così da non dare nessuna occasione ai provocatori delle forze “dell’(dis)Ordine, al servizio del potere, non certo dei cittadini/clienti.
Il tutto da attuare per ottenere leggi importanti, o per ostacolare le azioni infami commesse dai nostri dipendenti per i loro loschi fini.
Una lista di piccole grandi azioni comuni da dover praticare:
Rimanere nelle proprie abitazione.
Non usare mezzi.
Fare solo acquisti di prima necessità.
Non comunicare con strumenti di comunicazione diversi da internet.
Assentarsi sul lavoro.
Limitare l'energia elettrica domestica.
Non usare elettrodomestici d'uso quotidiano.
Non comprare beni e servizi superflui.
Basta che il 20% della popolazione attiva partecipi.. e la nazione sarebbe sotto il controllo degli scioperanti.
Ma non mi faccio illusioni, perché è rinomato che gli italiani sanno solo mettere a ferro e fuoco le città per una squadra di calcio ma, essendo da sempre un popolo di servi, possono privarsi degli elementari diritti.
"Che la furbizia sia caratteristica servile,
e mai signorile,
è la sola fondamentale scoperta politica che milioni di Italiani devono ancora fare"
Paralizziamo il paese, vi siete accorti di ciò che ha procurato lo sciopero dei camionisti?
Fatto questo.......possiamo andare a votare!!!!.

Copia/incollatevi tutto questo commento di zimmermann, domani, il primo che vede il post nuovo di Beppe lo posti e lo voti e chieda a tutti di votarlo.

Così facendo, questo commento sarà inviato con la newsletter ad ogni iscritto al blog...vediamo che succede...votiamolo e facciamolo diventare il post più votato.

manuela bellandi 23.01.08 01:23

Posted by: roberto paolatto | January 25, 2008 10:28 AM

E' possibile aprire una lista civica a Parigi?

Posted by: Salvio | January 24, 2008 09:27 PM

come si dice? primo?

Posted by: Simone B. | January 24, 2008 09:06 PM

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