Resignation letter for the employee Cuffaro


There is oceanic solidarity with Cuffaro from our employees. Today it his turn, tomorrow it’s mine? Solidarity becomes automatic, a Pavlov reflex. A survival instinct. The togas {of the magistrates} are always red. Either with blood or because they hand out sentences. The world of politics is one in which only the one who can be blackmailed is safe. He’s not a danger for the others. He cannot denounce. The politician who can be blackmailed is obliged to maintain “omertà”.
Cuffaro in himself is not the problem. He’s not the first nor will he be the last to be convicted. The silence of the institutions is serious. They are abdicating from their role of guarantors of justice and social order. If one who has been sentenced to 5 years can continue to be the President of the Region, nothing is illicit.

Antonio Di Pietro has sent me a letter in which he has asked Romano Prodi to oblige Cuffaro to resign as laid down by law and the President of the Council can ensure that it is enforced. Let Prodi do this. If he leaves the scene he will be remembered for an act of justice.

To the President of the Council of Ministers, Honourable Professor Romano PRODI

As you know, on 18 January, the Palermo Tribunal pronounced judgement and convicted the President of the Region of Sicily for helping the mafia and revealing secrets.
The facts that have been verified by this trial have emerged and are extremely serious. This is seen not just from the important sentence handed out (five years in prison and perpetual prohibition to hold public office) but above all in as much as it is a question of helping the mafia and revealing official secrets in relation to investigations regarding mafia affiliates. I am keen to underline two considerations about this.
Firstly, the agreement on the modality for intervention in the affair, specifically applying what is already obligatory according to the regulations in force. In fact, in relation to this, article 15, comma 4-bis of law number 55 dated 19 March 1990 sets out the need for suspension, even in the case of a conviction which is not definitive.
As is well known, the institutional route to take is for the President of the Council, having listened to the Minister for Regional Affairs and the Minister of the Interior, adopts the measure that ensures the suspension.
For facts that are clearly serious, this outcome comes from the need to guarantee the protection of the public interest, which has been damaged by his staying in his position and carrying out the related institutional functions by a person for whom it has been verified that he does not have the essential requisites to hold an elected public office. But, above all, it is urgent that I put forward a second consideration.
As a Minister of the Republic and above all as a citizen, I am disconcerted by the reaction that has been the characteristic of the behaviour of the President of the Region of Sicily with respect to the conviction and that for anyone with dignity and respect towards the institutions should have only suggested the need to offer his resignation.
I believe that the Government cannot remain inert in relation to this affair and that it is indispensable to take concrete measures, in conformity with what is laid down by the regulations, so as to ensure the primacy of law and the full respect of the principles of the rule of law, and in this way, restoring credibility and the authoritativeness of the institutions of the State.
It is a question of an action that is imposed by duty for the respect that we all owe to the institution and the law. But even before that, for the moral debt that we have to make good for the many, too many, victims of the mafia and their close family.
Never as in this affair, is there the need to act and to act fast and it is the duty-bound form of fulfilling the requirements of the law that must distinguish a governing class that is worthy of this name, from one that is hypocritical and mean. I am convinced that you are not deaf to these needs, and in a manner that we agree on we will be able to express the response that is the most convinced and worthy of respect for anyone that has preferred to sacrifice themselves to the mafia rather than reveal official secrets to them.” Antonio Di Pietro

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Posted by: Romil Shah | January 26, 2008 07:30 AM

Lately, I've been following Italian politics more than usual and even though I was aware of the extreme partisanship nature of Italians, I didn't think it could reach the fanatical point I saw it reaching yesterday in Parliament. It happened during Prodi's attempt to salvage whatever majority he had to keep the government from falling. It happened when the elderly Cusimano, of the UDEUR party, had barely uttered the last word supporting Prodi, thus going against his party line,that members of his own party leaped from their seats like attack dogs and insulted him with the worse kind of epithets one can imagine. One deputy spit at him, some even tried to physically assault him. The elderly senator, shocked by the violence of the attack, fainted and had to be carried out of the Chamber. Another pathetic scene ensued when it was announced that Prodi had failed to get a majority in the senate and members of the opposition erupted with glee, popped bottles of champagne and hooped it up as though they were at a soccer stadium celebrating the victory of a soccer team. It was an undignified spectacle which showed no respect towards the millions of Italians working in unsafe factories and construction sites for the lowest wages in Europe, sucked dry by exhorbitant interest rates on their mortgages, millions of people drinking water contaminated by toxic waste, children not able to go to school because of the mountains of garbage piled up outside their schools, and out of control organized crime with political contacts and other social problems as they exist in the Hospitals, the School system and in the ever growing numbers of homeless people that nobody cares about, the list could go on and on. So, what are the politicians doing? They argue and argue and celebrate while the beautiful country is on the edge of the abyss.

Posted by: Louis Pacella | January 26, 2008 01:29 AM

Hi All,
i just want to say that if Beppe Grillo or people for his movement will do active politic now that Prodi's Government is gone i will march on from Dublin to Rome to VOTE THEM AND SUPPORT THEM.
I pray everyday for this moment!!!!!!
Gionata Frau an italian immigrant in Ireland!!
God bless this blog!!

Posted by: frau gionata | January 25, 2008 02:59 PM

Libera I agree with what you said. The time for italians to emigrate is well over, now it's time to stay and fight for your rights!

Posted by: Jason R. Forbus | January 25, 2008 01:20 PM

Dear Stefano,

I report here a sentence from the movie “La meglio gioventu”, a beautiful and profound movie directed by Marco Tullio Giordana. Have you seen it? When a professor , after the bachelor ceremony or after the last examination, I don’t remember, warmly suggests to one of his smartest student to leave Italy and says: “ Leave this country…. It Is a beautiful but an useless country, it deserves to be destroyed: nothing changes and everything stays stationary, in the hands of dinosaurs.”
This description of Itlay is right; but yes ,we can leave, but they, the dinosaurs and their descendants( and the professor of the movie is one of these) won’t leave. The country will stay in the hands of those people and nothing will change for ever and ever. Instead, we have to stay and make an effort with our brain to change things and people. “To have brain” as you say, doesn’t mean, in my opinion, to give up and take refuge in another country where our own affairs and our own expectations will be gratified.


Posted by: Libera Berghella | January 25, 2008 12:39 PM

Jason I hate to say this as I'm an Australian born to Italian parents but having lived here so long the majority of Italians are definately mindless sheep!!
The majority just don't get it! It's one for all!
About 8 years ago George Negus an Australian journalist interviewed Indro Montalell for his book, who I quote "In Italy, you can change eveything and everyone- except Italians!
And that about sums everthing up!

Posted by: grace | January 25, 2008 09:20 AM

Dear Jason,

Long time ago Garibaldi said: Italy has been made, now we should make the Italians.

Your point of view is admirable and really patriotic, but there is a point that I cannot refrain to comment.

A "good man" in Italy is the one who goes to church every Sunday morning or equally reads l'Unita, not the one who stands up and thinks with his own mind. Can you change that if church, school, university, TV, media, and everyone around you teaches you how you have to think?

That is why we are sheeps, not people. If you have brain, you leave.

Keep Italy Weird
Stefano - US

Posted by: Stefano Pietri | January 24, 2008 09:07 PM

Dear Jason,

Long time ago Garibaldi said: Italy has been made, now we should make the Italians.

Your point of view is admirable and really patriotic, but there is a point that I cannot refrain to comment.

A "good man" in Italy is the one who goes to church every Sunday morning or equally reads l'Unita, not the one who stands up and thinks with his own mind. Can you change that if church, school, university, TV, media, and everyone around you teaches you how you have to think?

That is why we are sheeps, not people. If you have brain, you leave.

Keep Italy Weird
Stefano - US

Posted by: Stefano Pietri | January 24, 2008 09:06 PM

A cultural revolution is what Italy needs. As I'm travelling around Europe, I noticed most people insult italians as a flock of mindless sheeps. A spanish lawyer said: "Italia es un cachondeo", which means "Italy is a mess" and then laughed. Who next? Albania?
Italians need the pride they never had, as the young nation they are. Stop going abroad, stop talking shiet of your country, stand up for your rights and change the history of your people. For once, forget family members involved into illegal affairs, gather your strenght and try to reach at least social justice.

Posted by: Jason R. Forbus | January 24, 2008 01:12 PM

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