The Dancing is Over


V-Day on 8 September 2007 was organised to change the electoral law. Three points: convicts out, two terms of office and direct preferences that no-one mentions, it has become like the third Fatima secret.
For the first time in the history of the Republic, 350,000 signatures were collected in a day. V-Day was buried with political ignorance and insults. The Centre Left criminalized it. The Centre Left jeered at it.
The week before V Day, I organised a press conference in Florence. I invited 500 journalists. Only 7 signed up. I cancelled it. I telephoned l’Espresso to suggest they do an article on V Day. They told me they had “other priorities”. The only publications that were interested were foreign ones: American, English, French, German, Australian Argentine… To whom I gave tens of interviews, hardly any of which were reported in italy.
Topo Gigio and the Centre Left are now imploring a new electoral law before we go to vote. These shameless wretches, in two years of government have given birth, in agreement with the psycho-dwarf, to the law of the Great Pardon so that the administrators appointed by politicians and the bankrupts could avoid landing up behind bars. Among others, Cuffaro and signora Dini are saying “thank you”.
In 2006, the Centre Right changed a law that was the result of a referendum, against the wishes of the citizens, taking away the right of voters to choose their candidate. This for me, whether or not it is Constitutional, whether or not it is legal, is called COUP D’ÉTAT. The change to the electoral law was illegitimate. Voting in these conditions will lead to closed lists of convicts, of bootlickers and relatives.
The priority of Prodi’s government should have been the electoral law. It should have been changed in the first 100 days together with the conflict of interests, and then straight away there should have been a popular vote. Instead of messing around in the Senate with the Mastella. In a campaign meeting before the elections, Fassino said that the priority was work, work, work…. And not the conflict of interests. We’ve seen what work they created. Underpaid and deadly.
Today this band of deficients (and that’s not an insult) is handing the country over to the Berlusconian abyss. For us it’s going to be hard. For them, it’s over.

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Hi guys,

I find unacceptable that political parties will receive the so called electoral reimbursement for the current term which didn't complete.

Parties should send money back with a public gesture and claim only the money for the term actually spent.

I will not vote for any party which won't give money back.

all the best, FA

Posted by: Francesco Animali | February 7, 2008 11:16 AM

In despite of the pairlament i want the Referendum on the election law!

Posted by: Errico Malatesta | February 5, 2008 11:20 AM

Hello everyone,
I have to correct few statements.
About Enel (Electricity!) in Italy it works this way:
I Megawatt cost on the free Italian Market (Free is just an adjective!) cost 64 Euros VS 20 Euro average elsewhere.
It works this way,Enel (Government!) produces or buys Energy, sells it on the Market through Energia (Market Mediator Government!), while Terna (Government!) brings it to your home they own the net.
Well got the picture, when in doubt trust your Political Party or Local Politicians for some lubrication.since

Posted by: Giacomo Chiametti | January 29, 2008 02:16 PM

Hello everyone,
I have just little incongruence that I can’t figure out and they are puzzling my mind.
It’s apparently clear to anyone by now, that Italians have lost trust, can’t imagine a good future, are depressed, brilliant minds look outside the Country, and to sum it all up lost faith in the Italian System as a whole.
After such a dismal outlook, I read and see at one time vibrant and very vital Enterprises of the like of Alitali, Treni Italia, Eni, Enel, Finmeccanica, Telecom, Autostrade and many more that basically represent the top Industrial might of Italy languish and basically surviving the Globalization.
Every Italians knows that these Italian Companies are controlled and run by The Government, clearly not very well I may add, but in the name sake of Italianity.
All of these Enterprises are knowingly mismanaged, although for the sake of Italian Control politicians make their Citizen pay a very hefty prize and incompetence.
Is a well known fact Italians pay more for Electricity, inefficient transportation system of train, overcharged freeway (Built with state taxes?), Airline State Alitalia (It comments itself?) Gas, Gasoline, Television and basically each and every basic need of the people.
Why is this accepted?
Deregulation worldwide started 30 years ago, they just ignore it and you pay their Incompetence, Ignorance and Ineptitude?
Why this complacency?
Government should be out of any free business Enterprise, especially the one servicing Italian consumers at large.
Where is the competition in Italy?
The Alitalia debacle, has cost an estimated 500 million euros to investor and citizens?
Electricity imported from France cost Italian Tax payer 25% more than in the rest of Europe?
Is this the prize to pay for Incompetence?
Where is The Italian Energy Policy of tomorrow?
Are these Idiots planning anything?
How about TAV?
It cost 3 times more per kilometer in Italy than in Fraqnce and Italy is estimated to be already 5 years behind the power curve?
Do any of you care if these Companies are bought?
Do you care if a foreign Company buys them?
What are they thinking?
They are bending you over and you know the rest, while CEO of monopoly run the show without any competence, Mr. Cimoli for Alitalia made a lot of money for running it into bankruptcy, same for Train Italia, same for ANAS, same for Autostrade, same for Telecom and on and on.
What am I missing?
For the sake of what, to run these Company into the Italian Soil?
Are you really not cognizant of this?
Wake up smell the roses, these Idiots are sucking you dry while getting Government Contracts for their own very Private Enterprises.
The future looks bright, take off those sun glasses once a while, you may see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Posted by: Giacomo Chiametti | January 29, 2008 12:48 PM

What's now? The independent citizen (I mean independent from the parties) expects a move from the President, if it is in his power. To remedy shortcoming by the deceased government, do not grant permission to go to the poll without two milestones of democracy being accomplished: politicians chosen by the citizen and a barrier to "conflicts of interests". Cheers, francesco pietra

Posted by: Francesco Pietra | January 29, 2008 08:17 AM

Grillo,......coming up next:
"ARMY & NAVY",CAMMINARE, COSTRUIRE,se necessario, Combattere e Vincere!
"Berremo l'aqua viva delle fonti e Falceremo il grano al sole!


(source, "the speech of the 20th century, from the new york times, 1935, by the right On.B.Mussolini, Duce, Premier of the KINGDOM OF ITALY)

Beppe Grillo, were is your speech at the la Sapienza University, instead of Pope Benedict XVI?

Posted by: Gesuardldone M. | January 29, 2008 05:28 AM

"V-Day on 8 September 2007 was organised to change the electoral law. Three points: convicts out, two terms of office and direct preferences"

Why hasn't anyone included the abolition of the Senators'(for life) right to vote in the Senate?

Being nominated "Honorary Senator" (for life?) is recognition enough for whichever retiring Senator the Parliament deems fit to receive such an honour.

When one retires from a position at any management level, whether it involves running a country or the local kindergarten, THAT'S IT! ... thank you very much, you can go home now ...

Also, notwithstanding discrimination laws etc, why on earth does Italy, the Italians or whoever is responsible for something so ridiculous, continue allowing parliamentarians to carry on operating after the age of 70 anyway???

Personally, I wouldn't consult a doctor who is over 60 concerning my health, let alone vote for someone who is likely to be senile to run the country in which I am living.

If discrimination is a problem, the "two terms and you're out" proposal would resolve this problem in the medium term at least. In this way, it could not be said that the incumbent is being made to leave without his/her dignity intact.

The above comments are made by a 56-year-old who is still working and resents age-discrimination but wouldn't dare work in a job that would affect/jeopardise people's lives and/or livelihood.

Posted by: Adri Mian | January 29, 2008 04:38 AM

Were I Beppe Grillo, and were approached by whatever reporter from whatever newspaper, seeking an interview, I too would have refused. After Grillo's scathing criticism of Italian media and the not too happy reaction to it showed by media (a comment went as far as to suggest that Grillo's criticisms incited terrorism)Grillo is not about to get himself journalistically ambushed. This is not to say that the reporter seeking Grillo's interview was in bad faith, but it is to say that, given the flack that he received from most of the politicians and journalists, why would he take a chance and expose himself to that extent and allow himself to get ambushed? Grillo doesn't need the established media; Grillo says what he believes, and to a lot of people, what he says rings true. Sure, media doesn't agree with what he says, but then they do have the means to broadcast their disagreement, don't they? Yes, and probably much louder than Grillo. Marco Travaglio writing for Repubblica doesn't fundamentally change anything Grillo said about media. Sure, Marco Travaglio has cojennes but the fact that he is allowed to write for Repubblica, I would consider it great tokenism. As late as two decades ago most North American newsrooms were lily-white; not a black face around. To stave off complaints about the press being racist, they would hire one black reporter. Marco Travaglio might just be that black reporter for Italian media.

Posted by: Louis Pacella | January 29, 2008 01:59 AM

Today they are all together, left and right, partying! They have always been. If someone tried to change things, he was murdered quickly and possibly silently.

To make it overly simplified:
- the left wing of baffino lives on red cooperatives mafia.
- the right wing of psycho dwarf lives on the TV and soccer mafia.

Hurt their business and they will hear the message more than 1000 V-days.

A couple of examples for the campaign?
Stop buying at the COOP, no more house from CMB, no more TV on canale 5, no more major leagues soccer (no more bets would hurt even more!!!), no more SuperEnalotto (the poor's tax), stop being robbed by the syndacate, stop paying $$$ to corporations...

We need 350,000 people together as one, against one target at a time. A signature on toilet paper is not enough to end with "La Casta" and 1000 years of history.

If you believe in change you have to make one little sacrifice at a time.

The huge obstacle is that most of us 350,000 are extremely proficient with talking, and worthless in facts.


Posted by: Stefano Pietri | January 29, 2008 01:56 AM

Bill Gates and berlusconi comparison? Wow, interesting by the guy who left the first comment.

Posted by: Dr. Ethiopia | January 29, 2008 12:06 AM

I agree with Giacomo Chiametti but, please, not bill gates: he is very similar to berlusconi. I vould even say bill is less clever then him. Just more luky to have a worldwide monopole.
We have people capable what we need is to increase the people culture and consciousness. Our bad politicians exists just because of poor capability of our people to critically understand the situation, needed corrections and priorities.

Posted by: federico svevo | January 28, 2008 08:08 PM

Per quanto riguarda i giornalisti, ultimamente l'Epresso ti ha offerto l'intervista, che tu hai rifiutato. Come fai a lamentarti che ti ignorino?

Che non ti diano spazio, poi, non e' vero (almeno nei quotidiani on-line che leggo io), anche oggi c'e' un articolo alquanto benevolo nei tuoi confronti su, che si ricollega all'articolo che ha scritto su di te il "New Yorker". ospita con una rubrica fissa e senza censure il tuo amico giornalista Marco Travaglio (e' forse un venduto pure lui?!)

Posted by: Giancarlo Pesce | January 28, 2008 06:24 PM

Beh, non era proprio facile rifare la legge elettorale con Mastella nella maggioranza: ogni volta che il centrosinistra cercava di matterci mano, Mastella minacciava la crisi di governo... che guardacaso e' avvenuta la stessa settimana in cui e' stato accettato il referendum sulla legge elettorale. Anche con la buona volonta', non si sarebbe mai riusciti a superare lo scoglio ceppalonico e ad approvare una nuova legge elettorale.

Posted by: Giancarlo Pesce | January 28, 2008 06:13 PM

Hi All:
Italy is truly in chaos and in crisis.

Beppe may not have all the answers but he would seem to be a starting point. It is difficult for two Italians to agree on whether it's night or day, hot or cold right or wrong, but if you feel it's a useless exercise, if you're not willing to fight, then you deserve the El Duce Berlusconi you get. Remember he controls most of the media in Italy apart from any other businesses. He will do all to keep himself in power, at the expense of Italy's needs, he'll expand the bureaucracy, to control the plebs and to make you even more insane, keeping you in an even deeper sense of hopelessness and above all even more in the Forza Italia's control.

Once and for all make a liar out of my historian friend who says, " Italy is an idea that is yet to be manifest!"

Come on Italy, you're the country of Dante, Leonardo da Vinci, Michaelangelo, get off your ass!!!


Posted by: David B. Monier-Williams | January 28, 2008 02:50 PM

Hello Udite Udite,
I would go as far as suggesting “A Technical Government!”
One thing is very clear; Italians do not trust Italian Politicians!
So why vote The same Politicians nobody trust?
Get some real Technical People, from Finance, Education, Health, Transport, Infrastructure, Information Management, and down through the entire Ministries!
Even better if they are not Italians, this would be in line with Globalization and I venture out and guess they would turn Italy inside out very quickly!
Mr. Bill Gates has just resigned from Microsoft, so he is very available and for the right amount I bat would love the challenge (Money is not an issue, with the salary of these Incompetent Italian Politicians gets day in day out Italy can afford many Bill gate!)
Mr. Greenspan is another, Mr. Blair and many other for the right number they will straight Italy out in no time, and set the example for many Country, outsourcing is not for Industry only.
Incompetent Politicians without a cause watch out, globalization and outsourcing is upon you as well.
The future looks bright wear shades.

Posted by: Giacomo Chiametti | January 28, 2008 02:06 PM

Hello, hello hello everyone,
The unraveling events couldn’t be more clear, Italy as a Country is falling apart at the seams, while the Tailors that stitched the Country together for the last 60 years are trumping over each other one more time to save the day.
It’s time to turn Italy’s Institutions to be turn inside out and cleaned up.
All the Ministries have to be disconnected from Politicians (No Ministers administering a Ministry of which they have no clue and no Responsibility what so ever?) since a Ministry has to work properly regardless of who is in charge.
Rewrite all the rules of the Political Game, now is the time, Italy is at the battom of each and every barrel, the only way is up, otherwise get a Passport and say goodbye and goodnight.
Don’t vote the same Stupid, Incapable, Inept, Idiotic same corrupt Parties, it will be another Merry-go-around one more time, Italy can’t afford it!
Just do a simple comparison, would any Company, Corporation, Family Business or Enterprise tolerate or even better withstand 15-30 year mismanagement?
Would you buy a car from any of these Idiots (All of them President included?)?
Well is your choice!
Do not vote!
When you are on the toilet, the future iis in your hand, it can look very bright just wear dark shades and you will be very safe!

Posted by: Giacomo Chiametti | January 28, 2008 01:36 PM

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