Double Black Hole


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Two Black Holes are absorbing politics and they are being absorbed at the same time. Everything that gets near t them disappears. They are two Black Holes that are indispensable for stability. For the progress of the Nation, to not eliminate the conflict of interests. The double Black Hole has not put forward a programme. It hasn’t yet published the list of candidates. However it has the consensus of the majority of Italians on a confidence vote.
The polls are in favour, even though only the imbeciles can give an opinion on the vote without knowing the names of their representatives and what they will go off to do. It is a vote with logo, an “a priori” vote. The polls and the ones that commission them, are not discussed. If the question asked to the interviewee were “Would you vote PD or PDL without knowing anything about their programme for government or whether they are putting up candidates with previous convictions?” The answer would be VAFFANCULO with 50% each.
The two Black Holes, Veltroni and Berlusconi are the only choice given to us. For the governability of the country. With no alternative. It’s a double single choice, the same DNA.
In the post-election period there will be an institutional mess-up, a great coalition to save the country. The form could be a Veltrusconi government or a joint table for the reforms. The substance won’t change. In 2006, they stopped us from choosing our candidate. In 2008 they’ll stop us from choosing the party. Next time they will appoint everyone deputies and candidates for life. In 2011, or shortly after that, if nothing changes, we will come out of the Euro and we will consolidate the public debt. We will manage to do this thanks to a stable government and servile news media.

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Vorrei suggerire un Vaffanculo day dedicato a Valentino Rossi che grazie anche al giornalismo da strapazzo, da oggi e' su tutte le televisioni a fare la vittima per essere stato costretto a pagare 35 milioni di euro al posto dei 112 che avrebbe evaso. UN GRANDE VAFFANCULO SE LO MERITA. Ma la cosa piu' odiosa e' che, subito dopo, chissa' perche' va in onda il suo spot di una azienda telefonica. Vorrei suggerire a Grillo di lanciare una campagna di boicottaggio di tale compagnia, e' una vergogna a cui pero' il mondo della televisone e dell'informazione partecipa alla grande. VAFFANCULO!!!!!

Posted by: Claudio MORGESE | February 12, 2008 08:35 PM

Hello People,
Behind the much vaunted "political efficiency" is the will to limit democracy. We're being regimented by mainstream media into passively accepting a governing model as envisioned by the political class. They're deciding on the political rules imitating the totalitarian efficiency of corporate structure. It's like beppe says Veltroni and Berlusconi are different faces of the same coin. Already, as Beppe said, they're dealing-and-wheeling as if the people doesn't exist. The new method will be hailed by mainstream media as an historical breakthrough that will gave Italy Veltroni'a democracy and Berlusconi's freedom. W will have neither one. What do I care about democracy if I work and work and can't afford to buy grocery? What kind of freedom do I have when I don't have the opportunity to find a decent-paying job? However, watch mediaset's profits soar.

Posted by: Louis Pacella | February 12, 2008 03:43 PM

Hello everyone,
The situation from my point of view it’s very simple:
Are you satisfied with one side or the other?
Do you believe they did get the message, that you are tired of this Inept, Incompetent Irresponsible Idiots?
They have to spin the situation pointing at each other, they did this, and while I did that, the story repeats itself over and over.
Has anyone taken responsibility for their fuck-ups?
Are you better off with any of them again?
One group is exactly the same as 15 years ago!
The other speaks English “Yes we can!” (Later He will show you what He can do to you, sounds like Mr. Rutelli in the failed tourism site!)?
This MCD (Minimum Common Denominator!) has to end, you deserve better, pretend better, ask for better and don’t settle for any less.
The future looks bright wear shades.

Posted by: Giacomo Chiametti | February 12, 2008 12:47 PM

Mi piacerebbe sapere il perchè, ogni tanto, mi si vieta di postare normalmente sulla parte in Italiano, sarà sicuramenet un caso, ma tutte le volte che posto qualcosa che non è in linea con il post di Grillo, per qualche settimana non posso più postare...

bravo Grillo continua pure così...però ricordati, il tempo è signore lui....e prima o poi, verrà a galla tutto.

Posted by: fabio Gatto | February 12, 2008 12:13 PM

Gentile sig. Grillo,

è da un pò di tempo, più o meno da quando il governo Prodi stava pericolosamente vacillando,fino alla caduta stessa, che mi pare di leggere nei suoi post un messaggio di rassegnazione ed acettazione di quello che verrà e che pare indiscutibile.
Lei spara a zero sui politici, a destra e a manca...e fa bene, ma allo stato attuale delle cose non credo bastino più le pillole dolceamare dei suoi post, volte solo alla critica. Oramai quanto schifo facciano i mostri parlamentari è ben chiaro, soprattutto grazie a lei che sottolinea fatti altrove appositamente ignorati.

Il fatto signor Grillo è che a questo punto noi di questo blog e anche chi il blog non lo frequenta ma condivide la sua/nostra opinione sappiamo di essere un gruppo forte e siamo pronti a raccoglierci intorno ad una figura che incarni il nostro pensiero ed il nostro ideale che vogliamo tramutare in realtà tangibile attraverso il voto. Proprio così come deve essere.
Lei ha il carattere e la personalità, il carisma e i mezzi per poter essere questa figura. E come lei il signor Travaglio, De Magistris, la Forleo e tanti altri che noi tutti ben conosciamo.
Mi domando se davvero nessuno tra i tanti sia davvero disposto a divenire fulcro e fautore di quel cambiamento che nella collettività troverebbe grande appoggio e il mezzo fisico per essere attuato (leggasi voto)
Vede, glielo dico perchè davvero, sono molto scettica nel pensare che l'Italia sopravviverebbe ad altri cinque anni di schiavitù.

Cordiali saluti,


Non dire gatto (se non ce l'hai nel sacco!) 11.02.08 19:30

Posted by: Feola Antonio | February 12, 2008 11:29 AM

Hello everyone, especially the so called Political Guru’s and Experts Journalist and Commentators.
Where are You?
Lost in translation?
How come on all the most Influential Newspapers Worldwide journalists are asking to Italians “Does Italy really wants and need these Politicians (Mr. Berlusconi and Mr. Veltroni?).
Pompous to all of you, where are when it’s time to tell the electorate, please think about it, these Incompetent Idiots will promise you everything and their brothers again, although you will never get it once again!
Without a radical and drastic change, the finale is already written, same actors, same storyline, same ending?
While the Mr. President with oxygen thanks on his side, blabbers about things happened 50 years ago while ignoring today’s miseries, sure He won’t be there for long.
This is absurd, Leaders from both sides, counting numbers crunching percentages, making alliances and assigning Political Appointment before You vote?
What am I missing?
They are pulling You by the nose, just like cows to the slaughterhouse.
What you want, desire, need and deserve is completely irrelevant, let them tell you what you need.
All of the above is happening without a single line or even a rag of a Political Action Plan.
Should you vote or not, it’s irrelevant, they already counted you on one side or the other therefore their plan will go ahead regardless of what you do.
Is this Italy?
Is this the best you can get?
Is this what you accept?
Good day, good night and good luck!
The future looks bright wear very dark shades.

Posted by: Giacomo Chiametti | February 12, 2008 11:09 AM

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