Everything you don’t know is true


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Everything you don’t know is true. You need a leap, a flash, to see the light, to know the truth. Our mind is enclosed in narrow boundaries. The press and the TV are the guardians. Our honesty stops us from understanding. An honest person believes that even the others are behaving in the same way. More or less. There are things that you refuse to think. The reaction to the truth is shock. The typical thing to say in that circumstance is “it’s not possible”. The truth is not knowable with the five senses. It has to be searched for in a transcendental way. You have to surprise it, imagine it, create it with thought. Whatever the result it will be more real than the pre-packaged reality in which we believe we are living.

There are grillo-zen techniques to arrive at illumination:
1 Turn upside down the information to get the opposite (example: incinerators do not have effects on health = incinerators cause tumours)
2 Put yourself in the shoes of the professional liars starting with the simplest cases to get to the more complex ones (example: listen 100 times to the speech by Mastella in Parliament in defence of his wife Sandra under house arrest). NB: The technique carries its risks: starting straight off with the psycho-dwarf could be fatal.
3 Without laughing, read aloud an electoral programme chosen at random in front of a mirror in candle light (example: the contract with the Italians or the 208 points of the Olive. )
4 Always expect the worst. Whoever is thinking of the worst does not fear surprises. They can live peacefully. What else could happen to them? (example: the State will go bankrupt. The State bonds will be frozen. Italy will leave the Euro and our capital will crumble to dust.)
5 Ask friends to make us immobile in front of the TV with eyes kept open with tweezers as in the film: “Clockwork Orange” (example: select information programmes with Ferrara, Riotta, Fede, Feltri, Mazza, Vespa, Mentana)
6 Read your pay slip and compare it with what you had a few years ago. Repeat the operation with the receipt for your shopping. It helps to listen to Tremonti, Brunetta and Visco in the background.
Practice these techniques and make them known without abusing them.
V2 Day. 25 April 2008. Freedom of information in a free State.

V2-day, 25 April, for freedom of information:
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3. Give your support to V2 day

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Dear J,
You're right on! Your observations describe Italians to a tee. Even Italians will tell you you're right. And that's the great irony! (Or is it a tragedy?) They've an insight of themselves but what do they do about their shortcomings? They whine. Imagine: Dante, himself calls Italy a servile and whorish country and that was 7 or 8 centuries ago. What else can one say? If Dante's poetry couldn't spark a change do Italians really think that a political slogan such as "Si Puo Fare" can? Yours is a great comment because it points out the voids that exist in Italy of a national ethic, national decency, and morality. And that's a huge contradiction for a country where there is a church on every corner. I remember an Italian immigrant telling me his reason why he had left Italy. He said that he realized it was time to leave Italy when, during a speech, he heard a politician brag, "I go up and down the stairs of Montecitorio!" He thought that was a most brilliant, powerful statement that he had ever heard about Italy. That statement was Italy. The politician can make or break you; he can give you a comfortable life provided you're willing to sell-out in one way or another, sooner or later.

Posted by: L Pacella | February 21, 2008 02:37 AM

Hello everyone.
Mr. J’s comment, has hit the nail in the head!
I was restraining myself from making the same comment, although the approximation game has reached a level of Incompetence throughout Italian Institutions and everywhere else that I am afraid the System will implode on itself.
Maybe this system of privileges and nepotism was the only way for Italians in the 20th Century, but today with Globalization, Internet and free flow of information, Italy asses are the grass and the rest of civilized world is the lawnmower.
The level of Incompetence is at a level that they can’t even run Basic Institution to a functional level.
Every Institution is dysfunctional, and only by outsourcing basic function Italy float to the top, yes just like you know what!
This is an unbearable spectacle to watch, made even worst by the fact the same scoundrel in charge and causing the demise are waiving the life raft for you to hold on while sinking.
As stated several times, Italians know by heart each and every one of these Incompetent buffoons, they fail before they will fail again.
Not until you will realize that by simply looking at your own interest, while stomping on each other for a spot in the sun, well look at the bigger picture Italy is what it is today just because of it.
Two things will get your message through to them; either you stop the flow of money, or make a clear and unequivocal statement at voting time.
Sorry the money has been wasted, Debt at 108% of GDP, Taxes at an all time high, Salary the lowest in Europe, Energy prize highest in Europe, Oil $100 x Barrel (You have none!), Politicians the highest paid in Europe for the worst performance in Europe, 61 Government in 60 years, sorry the picture doesn’t look very promising for Italy.
Mr. De Mita 80 years old Italian politicians (Obviously corrupt ex DC, involved in Parmalat demise and many other!) doesn’t accept being removed from Parliament after 45 years, he is now considering joining another Party? (He is a Job shopper after all working by the hours?)
Rest my case, when the s**t hits the fan look who didn’t get dirty?
The future looks bright wear shades.

Posted by: Giacomo Chiametti | February 20, 2008 06:32 PM

Dear J!

Well said, after watching Ballero and Porta Porta last night with my husband and listening to same old bollocks from the same old politicians blaming each other for all the problems in Italy, I too came to the conclusion that the politicians are not only to blame, but so to are the people of this land, who vote for them, because here in Italy it is all about privileges and favours, and why is it that a country that is so incrediably passionate about their politics can vote in again the same old corrupt fools. I'm not saying England is squeeky clean, but if a well known politician had links to an organised crime syndicate in England there would be a public outcry, as well as condemnation from all newspapers whatever their political persuasion. In England top cabinet ministers resign when they have not declared donation cheques....Do public or governmental inquiries exist in this country?

Posted by: CSP | February 20, 2008 10:13 AM

Dear friends,
I don't think the problem are our politicians. As someone already commented in previous posts, the problem is that all Italians have always and are still encouraging the system of privileges because don't want to loose their own ones, even the small ones that they may have, because they still think this is the only way of making a life. That's why they are so tolerant towards such evident law-breaking and corrupted behaviours of politicians. Most of the Italians have benefited and are still benefiting from the corrupted system of privileges and think that by changing things with honest politicians who'll not base their power on privileges and recommendations, they'll have to loose their privileges too and they'll have to rely only on respect of the rules and the duties, discipline, proven skills, coherence, hard-working, true cooperation, etc. in order to live their life with others. Are we really ready for this change? No, we are not ready for social competition based on equal duties, rights and opportunities.
In simple words, if my father is a lawyer, in this system, I may never be able to be an Academian or a manager, but I can be pretty sure that I'll manage to be a lawyer and no need to worry, work hard, and improve my skills to get my living...I can have the same sort of hopes also in case my friend/relative/fiancee/husband/or simply acquaintance to whom I did a favour in the past are ready to help me out thanks to the system of exchange of favours and privileges. Most of the people, from the lowest to the highest social ranks, have in a way or another taken advantage of the small or big privileges the system offered them... People think that by changing this system, they'll loose all the opportunities and small privileges they had access to until now. And they think that by doing that they'll loose everything because they cannot see things beyond their yard, although it is easy for them to complain about corruption of those who hold a position in society higher than theirs. Pity is that they would like to be there too and they won't bother to get there through privileges if they'd only have the chance. They simply don't want others have high privileges because they'd want them for themselves and not because they are ready to refuse them too. It's the logic of the feudal system and landlord/land-renter we inherited from history and never be able to change. You can keep the land, as long as you let me use it and assure me a living whatever the results are, because I am being loyal to you and to your privileges, so please don't touch my small ones! They don't understand that by loosing their petty privileges there could be a better life for everybody and themselves too, because they never experienced that.
They have grown up in a culture of tolerance for the others and self incompetence, a culture of connections first and merit second, a culture where accompliance towards the power is the only way to get a share of it...what makes you thing that people are ready to give up this mentality for honesty and coherence?
We reached the paradox that even when you deserve something or have the right to get it, they make you think that they are doing you a favour by giving it to you, and whatever you ask, no matter how much is in your right to have it, you'd better ask it with all the rituals you need when asking a favour...isn't it like that even when you simply go to the post office, the hospital or you deal with your landlord or your boss at work?
It is well known that the honest ones are those who have more to loose in Italian society, and everybody has to compromise soon or later. If I decide to give up my privileges and renounce to my friends' recommendations and favours, am I sure that Mr. Rossi would do the same, or isn't it that I'll eventually find myself in a situation of hardship while incompetent people are where I would have deserved to be. And if I'm not confident about my skills and don't want to work hard to improve them, why should I be a looser if I have connections out there ready to help me out? Personally, I don't think things will change in Italy, and Berlusconi is already on the scene to be the safest guarantee that everybody following him, will have access to favours and privileges, no matter how small they may be, after all it will be up to you, the more you'll be dishonest, the more you'll get.
Sorry for having been so straightforward and long. Maybe also confusing...I only know I choose to live abroad, I may not have excellent skills to get excellent jobs, but I am happy to work hard even in a low-paid job, because I enjoy the lightness of my heart in knowing that nobody is doing me a favour and I do not HAVE to return it to anybody. We, in Italy, should learn to be more honest, first with ourselves.

Posted by: J. | February 20, 2008 05:56 AM

Baracktroni touring Italy on a bus. He should take the train. It's cheaper and easier on the planet. I hear him say "Si puo fare". What? Details. Entrepreneurs? He says they too are workers. How many of them have died in the work-place?
He says privatize city services. Why? Why he is so eager to agree with the opposing side on talk-shows. Why urban zoning by-laws making Rome like New York. If we think media is paid political propaganda now, wait till they've finished downsizing democracy. Let's buy TG3 -the sooner the better.

Posted by: L P | February 20, 2008 03:04 AM

Here we go again, déjà vu?
No responsibility, no consequences, new parties, lots of promises, everybody and everything is new this time!
This time will be different, really, thrust me one more time!
Anybody of these will make their Resume Public? Shore they fuck up so bad before, now they learned their lesson, go ahead vote for them.
We’ll be here waiting for your comment after the facts (PS. Blog with a new name and e-mail account, not to make so obvious, so you can say “Who voted for them, just like Prodi or Berlusconi!)
The future looks bright wear shades.

Posted by: Giacomo Chiametti | February 19, 2008 02:35 PM

Una svolta a questa politica...

Posted by: Alberto Mazzurana | February 19, 2008 12:10 PM

Mi piacerebbe proprio sapere quali siano i criteri di accettazione inappellabili degli interventi. Non che mi compiaccia se e ma e do, vengano o no accettati , ma se si trattasse di questioni tecniche , qualcuno farebbe bene ad intervenire , in quanto ci sono problemi, se fosse una questione di placet o non placet , allora "qualcuno" è più realista del re e anche molto più coglione.

Posted by: Mario Co. | February 19, 2008 08:53 AM

Vedo che Di Pietro ha proposto che a Berlusconi venga concesso di mantenere il controllo di una sola TV , e che sul fronte PD qualcuno frena. Visto la qualità dei programmi e la coglionaggine degli ascoltatori che continuano a vederli , io farei una proposta molto più semplice. Spegniamo le televisioni , tutte , che ci guadagniamo in salute e capacità critica. Un bel VDay contro gli ascolti TV . Berlusconi potrebbe essere considerato solo una malattia da curare , insieme a tutti quanti gli altri , ma i malati siamo noi, e i medici le medicine le prescrivono ai malati non alla malattia. I programmi televisivi fanno cagare ? Vogliamo continuare a prendere lassativi e purganti ? Le televisioni ci prendono per il culo , ma il culo è il nostro e lo dobbiamo gestire noi ! Berlusconi è un imprenditore che ha saputo sfruttare delle occasioni , da imprenditore , facendo tutte quelle furbate indispensabili per riuscire ad avere successo , ma il successo è stata la conseguenza dei comportamenti di quanti lo hanno consentito a lui e a quelli come lui.
Chi è stato più coglione ? Libertà d'impresa in libero stato , e poi facciamo come dice Fiorello ai napoletani, non risolvete i problemi ? Continuate a prenderci per il culo ? Non votiamo e attenti a voi , che ci stiamo incazzando .
Bisogna solo aggiornale Masaniello e fare come dice anche Grillo , usando testa e "mani" in modo "appropriato".

Posted by: Mario Co. | February 19, 2008 08:49 AM

we are really fed up in Italy. Beppe Grillo is a person that is leading a voice to let know the Italian People about many affairs that are damaging the Italian Economy and Politics, most of the hidden facts we come to know are the consequence of watching his DVDs.
www.GiulioCredazzi.com (in english)

Posted by: giulio credazzi | February 18, 2008 11:39 PM

preferisco vivere nel mio mondo e cercare di convincere altri che si puo' vivere anche senza tutta la cacca che VI circonda..

Posted by: alex favali | February 18, 2008 08:14 PM

These people must stop fooling italians, and if they don't then italians should stop them. The tecniques Mr Grillo proposed here are a good start, especially for those people who fail to realize what's going on.

Posted by: Jason R. Forbus | February 18, 2008 07:05 PM

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