Italia-Kenya Twinning

The blog has used Skype to interview combonian missionary Renato Kizito Sesana about the situation in Kenya. Italy and Kenya have a lot in common: denunciation of electoral fraud, widespread corruption, contestation about military bases of the United States, manipulation of reality, politicians who seem to be on opposing sides who go out to dinner together in Nairobiís best restaurants. Citizens used as political tools. In Italy we are still waiting for the epilogue.
Iím proposing a twinning between States and an exchange of leaders. Berlusconi and Veltroni to them. Kibaki and Raila Odinga to us.

ĒThe current situation in Kenya arose from the elections of 27 December that were bitterly fought over. They have seen the official victory (by a few thousand votes) of Kibaki who was the president before that.
Straight away violent reactions broke out, from the opposition, accusing the government of electoral fraud and refusing to recognise Kibaki as President. What now seems very clear is that the violence that broke out after the announcement of Kibakiís victory was carefully prepared in advance in different parts of Kenya. During all the pre-electoral phase, there was a strange campaign by which the opposition said ďitís our turnĒ, implying that there had been two Kikuyu presidents, and a Kalenjin president and that therefore it was the turn of Kenyaís third largest tribe in terms of numbers. This had already given a strong tribal labeling to the campaign. In the last few weeks this was aggravated by the fact that the opposition had started to say ďif we donít win itíll mean that there has been fraudĒ.
Corruption in Kenya, that was really serious at the time of the previous president, Daniel Arap Moi, has been reduced but it is anyway at a very serous level and people are extremely tired of this. They canít cope with it any longer. The government then has probably given themselves a blow to their own feet because they have moved Kenyaís commercial interests from Europe, the United States and England towards Japan and the East in general. While the leader of the opposition, Raila Odinga who is almost famous for being a man of the left, in reality has made promises to the Americans and to the West to come closer together again. Kibaki had refused an American military base on Kenyaís soil. Without a doubt there have been interferences and support at a world level on the elections in Kenya.
I think that the tribal issue is only a mask for other issues. It is a tool that the politicians have manipulated and made worse first of all to get votes and then to provoke violence. Politicians of different parties and belonging to different people of Kenya meet up, talk. People of the upper middle classes meet up, talk, go to dinner together in Nairobiís great restaurants, and there are lots of them and they are in the biggest rich neighbourhoods of Nairobi. There has been no rivalry. There has been no problem. It has been the poor to break out in violence against each other under the pretext of ethnic rivalry. I believe that first of all, to find a solution to this problem, time is needed because the two sides straight away started off with such different positions and so rigidly diverse that it is impossible for them to change in a short time. We need to give them time to change their positions whilst saving face.
I believe Kofi Annanís position is wise. He has come and is not imposing time limits. What is important is that the violence stops and the reaction to the violence. If the leaders really wanted it, if Kibaki and Raila Odinga wanted to stop their followers I am convinced that they could do so within a matter of very few hours. It would be enough to give a firm and precise condemnation of the violence and that hasnít yet happened. Then they can negotiate and talk as they like. But the fear is that there is the temptation to use the violence. From the government side to use the repression of the police. From the oppositionís side to use the violence of the unemployed, the drifters, the young who are let loose, paid against the tribe of the President and kidding themselves that this brings advantages to their political position. " Renato Kizito Sesana, combonian priest

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Hello everyone,
No surprises from Italy this time, as expected, more things go wrong more they stay the same to assure all the concerned Citizens that more of the same is coming to theaters near you.
The ones that canít do teach, while the one that canít learn donít change.
Hands down the Pinnacle Of Approximation! (POA!)
Do not vote for the usual Idiots, you already know what you will get, vote a complete unknown person, at least He may surprise you.
The future looks bright wear shades.

Posted by: Giacomo Chiametti | February 6, 2008 05:52 PM

I think calling berlusconi and his cronies, who as you so rightly said are a bunch of racists, xenophobes and liars, fascists is an insult to fascism. if thats possible!!?? thats how bad they are.

if these jokers do get back in we can expect a spate of undoing of everything that was good about prodis' time in office. all the good work done to make sure everyone pays their tax will be undone straight away and we will be back in condonoppoli.

what a joke.

Posted by: pat kerr | February 6, 2008 04:15 PM

The problem with not voting is you definitely get what you don't want - and you have no right to complain. Whatever the faults with the Prodi government, it was the system that undermined it.
Bulesque-oni, as I wrote elsewhere, has no more intention of governing Italia for ordinary Italians than he has of converting to Islam. Just as bad are the collection of racists, xenophobes and liars who make up the rest of his coalition.
If you don't vote then you will be allowing the most fascistic government since Mussolini back into office. The most precious right you have is your freedom of speech. Don't vote it away!

Evil men prevail while good men do nothing.
Jonathan Swift

Posted by: Peter Vin | February 6, 2008 03:14 PM

From The Economist...

"There is not a glimmer of hope that a returning Mr Berlusconi would prove a better bet than Mr Prodi. Judging by his record, he might be worse, starting by undoing the Prodi government's successful tax-collecting reforms. Mr Berlusconi has made clear that his first priority would again be to protect his own interests, by making it harder to use evidence from wiretapping in court cases. However successful he has been in business, he remains unfit for the job he covets. Poor Italy."

what a state of affairs. a vote in italy is a vote wasted. whats the point. i think the book "la casta" by Rizzo and Stella should be compulsory reading in schools here. im almost finished it and am disgusted. what a shite state things are, have been and will continue to be in this country.

Posted by: pat kerr | February 6, 2008 10:39 AM

Looks like Italy and Kenya show an equal public state of corruption, but as a G-8 country Italy should know better.

Posted by: Jason R. Forbus | February 6, 2008 10:11 AM

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