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Kosovo will proclaim its independence from Serbia in a few days. The United Nations will withdraw and in its place 17,000 NATO soldiers will arrive and 1,800 police from European forces. Unemployment is reaching 50%, exports are 6% of imports, for energy, they depend on Serbia. Kosovo is a fragile State and it has widespread corruption. Less than in Italy but still a substantial amount.
The blog has interviewed Avni Zogiani of the association NGO COHU! (Wake Up!) of Pristina. Avni has started a campaign against corruption in the Kosovo Parliament. He has put on the Internet, the profiles of 55 candidates involved in corruption episodes. 28 were not elected, that’s more than 50%. With us we have got rid of only one out of 24, Cesare Previti, that’s about 4%. In Kosovo, they have stronger guarantees. The military occupation is a democratic incentive.
The blog will publish a list of “prescritti”, those convicted at the first and second stage and at the final appeal whose names are in future electoral lists. When you see a poster use a felt tip pen to add the crime to complete their curriculum vitae.

“Well, it is expected by the end of the week, most probably on Sunday or Monday. I mean the institutions of Kosovo will declare intention, as they call it, of independence, and they’re going to have a resolution in Kosovo Parliament as well. A kind of supervised independence and it will pay the way for a new EU mission in Kosovo. Practically the UN mission is going to be replaced with EU mission…..”

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Hello People,

I got the solution for all Italy's problems. Every Italian needs to read, "ALL I REALLY NEED TO KNOW I LEARNED IN KINDERGARTEN". when all Italians have read, understood and acted on this, then Italy will be reborn.

Till then, "good night and good luck! (as one American reporter once said).

Posted by: Louis Pacella | February 15, 2008 12:09 AM

Are you guys open for comments?

Posted by: Louis Pacella | February 15, 2008 12:01 AM

Hello everyone,
Although I am very aware of the facts I am about to write, it’s still bothering quite a bit, mostly because I was deeply hoping Italians with the opportunity would do it themselves.
That was wishful thinking, reality is that whoever has the opportunity has to much to loose, therefore hoping for anyone to shoot himself/herself in the foot was and still is too much to ask for.
Italy right now and for quite sometime I may add is monopolized, in each and every field, from Telecom to Transportation and Energy, Financial Institution, Insurances, Cars and to complete the picture Politics.
Champions in each and every of the listed fields are well known to you, there is no need for me to list them, although I would like to take one as the example.
I will use Agip (A sister Company of the Mother Company Eni, State Controlled Energy Monopoly!).
I do recognize is not an easy task, although I feel that until each and every Citizen makes a clear statement to The Ruling Silent Majority, these Individuals are sitting on your shoulder and need to be reminded to get lost.
They failed You, Italy and every Citizen that lives in Italy.
What would happen if all of a sudden NOBODY buys gasoline at Agip, or use Agip Oil, or buys Petroleum products from Eni.
It’s very hard to break the umbilical cord from any Monopoly, but buy the same token is within your reach and possibility.
Struggle is required, Italy is struggling already, while The Ruling class shouts worthless promises one more time, at least struggle some more but for your own good not theirs.
4 Millions paid to create the PD, 8 Million voted at the gazebo, just imagine 12 Million Euros what it could be organized with it, and you realistically can do it.
Mr Veltroni says it every time “Yes we can!” although copied is very good slogan, make it work for you, not them.
I peeked on the Italian side and the moral is the same, everyone is struggling but no-one has the faintest idea what to do, all looking for someone to point at the moon (While everyone is looking at the wrist for a Rolex!).
To be Leaders is not easy, especially in Italy, where either you were part of the club since the beginning or have in half money and connection to become one (The other requirement is to be over 60 years old!).
You have to pull yourself up by the boots straps, don’t wait for anyone to throw a rope to grab.
Not by chance these Idiots are not talking about the real problems, Corruption, Nepotism, and Deregulation, Conflict f Interest, Parties Politics, Monopolies Taxes, Mismanagement, and Justice, Schools and Universities, and onto infinity.
The rule is the same, follow the money and the culprit will appear, with the morality of Italian Politicians putting any faith in them is like putting a hole in your own head.
Empower yourself is your life after all, don’t relinquish anything to them, and on your vote write “NONE OF YOU IS WORTH MY VOTE”.
The future looks bright wear shades.

Posted by: Giacomo Chiametti | February 14, 2008 01:50 PM

I don't think that corruption is main problem of Kosovo, on the contrary not even close to became in first few. In the "state", how is called here province of Kosovo, in which are not assured basic human rights, like right on life, regular power and water supply, where 100% of territory is still contaminated with "humanitarian" uranium, territories are still strictly lined up, where battalions of NATO are still guarding isolated churches, nuns and priests not to be burned, raped and killed...well maybe I'm wrong but i would put corruption problem little lower on the scale.
We have total absence of political culture, non existing history of institutions, systematic boycott of elections and population censuses for decades, half of population that don't know how to read and write, etc....Presence of 20.000 soldiers and who knows how much of UNMIK administrative stuff, that have failed to protect, reconstruct, educate...but on the other hand has remarkably contributed development of organized crime, humans, drugs and arms trafficking...what we are talking about??
Knowledge that there are people like Mr. Avni Zogiani, i must say gives a sparkle of hope, but for to make "The State" of Kosovo province, it will need much more than anti-corruption initiative, and independence declaration.
God help us all...

Posted by: Marina Madzarevic | February 14, 2008 12:14 PM

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