Political Press Release number one


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Democracy can only start from the bottom. The new Renaissance will originate in the towns. The Civic lists must get organised for the local elections on 13 April 2008. The blog will give support to civic lists. Beppe Grillo will be present in the cities that present a civic list. The national elections in April are against the Constitution. The citizens cannot choose their own representative. State concessionaires must not be doing politics. Referendums cannot be cancelled. Referendums cannot be postponed. The result of the forthcoming election is null. Information is in the hands of the economic groups and the parties. It’s State Rubbish. Beppe Grillo will participate in Rubbish Day in Naples on 23 February together with experts and doctors to relaunch the separate collection of refuse and for the health of the citizens. The news has gone astray. Beppe Grillo will make a deposition of three proposals for referendum with the Court of Cassation in February. Abolition of the Association of Journalists. Abolition of public financing of the press. Abolition of the Unified Text on the radio-TV system that makes news a prostitute to the interests of the parties and Mediaset. On 25 April, there will be voting on the referendums in all locations in Italy. The proposals for popular laws for a Clean Parliament that have been placed before the Senate, have been ignored by our employees. Convicted Felons out. Two terms of office. Direct voting for the candidates. 350,000 Italians signed. Signatures confirmed by public officials and by the towns where they reside. Never before in Italy in a single day. A work that took months by thousands of people. The parties have occupied democracy. Parliamentarians are not elected, but appointed. To be appointed, they just have to pay. A million Euro a deputy. Three million Euro a senator. The conflict of interests is a conflict with the country.
For a new Renaissance. V-Day 25 April.

PS: The felt tip pens have run out. I repeat: The felt tip pens have run out.

V2-day, 25 April, for freedom of information:
1. Put your photos on www.flickr.com with the tag V2-day
2. Put your videos on www.youtube.com with the tag V2-day
3. Give your support to V2 day


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All last night Italian t/v news (so called telegiornali) reported the declaration of the economy Minister (one out of thirty or more in the actual cabinet) that has to verify the existence and the consistence of the budget surplus (called "tesoretto") in spite of the pressure of the triplice Unions leaders (CGIL-CISL-UIL: "longa manu of the so called italian communist party,cristian democratic party and italian socialist party; actually they changed so many times names and logos that I can't distinguish them anymore,but I'll assure you that the "casta" components are still the ones of fifty years ago and few yuppies well trained by them). What a pity! I was almost to the point of crying! But in the same t/v news hopefully appeared the italian improved version of Murdoch, that dwarf named Berlusconi that promised to cut the I.C.I. (council services tax) and filling up the italian's pockets of bonuses, euros and so many other benefits; While I started to feel a bit relieved, started the emission named "ballaro'" where the disgusting farsa continued mentioning "fouled tesoretti" and tax cut and so on. But no one explained that the surplus money in the revenues vault started coincidentally at March 2007,when the italian I.R.S. at last and finally introduced the transfer on line (using the electronic form F24) of the V.A.T. and many others taxes previously collected through banks,post offices and tax collectors and on top of that,after the introduction of the EURO currency that practically doubled all the prices, but the taxes percentages remained the same as before the EURO, it will be obvious even to a primary school student that in the Treasury vaults the amount of monies will be much more, but We shouldn't never forget that the monthly amount of the social security pension is 516,45 euro,that the workers that compulsorily put part of their salary into the I.N.P.S. and other compulsory retirement funds (and also the employers anther consistent amount) after the last "legge finanziaria" when the gross amount of their monthly retirement figure will go over three,five and twentyfive times the 516,45 euro, there will be, with slightly different formulas, no update due to cost of life increase: this sounds to me a bit very dishonest specially from people sitting in the Parliament that get every month about 15000,00(yes,fifteen thousand)euro and with all the other benefits cost to the community only about 28000,00 euro each month (and please go and see "The Final Countdown" on the beppegrillo.it blog for the remaining details).
How can We solve and stop this dictatorial oligarchy? Do We have to start back from 1848,when the Italians started to fight for their Indipendence?

Posted by: giovanni soldi | February 13, 2008 01:35 PM

I cannot agree more with what has been said.
I want to start a civic list( independent) for this April Election in the North American Section.
I would like to discuss this option with Beppe Grillo or his representatives. However I do not have an e-mail address other than this blog. You have my email, if you are interested please contact me.

Posted by: John Mallozzi | February 11, 2008 10:14 PM

Hello everyone,
What Politicians are is pretty clear and straightforward, and when in doubt ask yourself “Would you buy a used car from him?” your decision makes all the differences.
The above statement is a well establish fact, although if you still have doubts, just read few Italian newspapers and the image they portray is worst then the Red District in Amsterdam.
These Individuals have no morals or faith, no beliefs or some hypothetical will to represent any of you, or protect your well being.
Just like in any hookers market, they exchange and trade your vote, like it was already in their pockets.
In the stock market is call edging your bats, while in Italian voting system is called Honorable Representation.
Just realize that although they are very fluent with promises, all them combine have, had, and still trying to legislate absurd Laws just to protect their personal future.
One more thing and than I will rest my case:
Doesn’t seams strange that even before putting forward any kind of Political Plan, these scum bags have already define alliances, aggregation and most definitely political appointments?
I rest my case.
The future looks bright wear shades, very dark please for your wellbeing.

Posted by: Giacomo Chiametti | February 11, 2008 06:53 PM

This is for Mr. Roberto Rossi:
the percentage of felons among politicians is much higher than the national average: Italy would be much better off if the percentage of felons in the Parliament would be equal or less than the national average. Is this too much to ask?
Furthermore, italian politicians are by in large overpaid apparatchiks, carefully chosen and groomed by corrupt political parties, they are detached from reality, have no specific competence, have no principles and their planning capacity goes as far as uttering the same cliche sentences during their television shows.
With this political class,also called "the Caste", there is very little hope for those Italians who need to work for a living.
Good luck Italians.

Posted by: giuseppe vidozzi | February 11, 2008 05:57 PM

The only man that could be change Italy is


Posted by: mino reitano | February 11, 2008 03:05 PM

Maybe a bit of humor from abroad to emphasize the universal nature of crap politics :

Thing is... Italy.. i expect better from you.
Can somebody please explain me why i need a government at all ? Where on that pyramid, the Maslow hierarchy of needs, does it say i need to be governed ? There are the safety needs, but do we need a government for that ?? Even worse, do we need a government that thinks it is needed for me to be protected from myself ?

Maybe it's just time for the political equivalent of the SlowFood Movement within the EU scene. Pax Mediterranea, show me what you've got.

Posted by: paul p | February 11, 2008 03:02 PM

What Beppe is rightly pointing out is that Italy is not actually a functioning democracy, the foundations of which must include (1) an independent press that is accountable the people (2) a functioning judiciary which produces respect for the rule of law and (3) and the possibility for the voters to directly effect who represents them i.e., who make up the parties. Italy does need to achieve this for the health of the nation and the people.

Add into this mix of the lack of a democratic foundation the fact that on a general level Italians have problems working together for any length at without a drama which usually causes parties to splinter and splinter, and takes up too much time of the politicians doing what they are elected to do ‘govern’ – in short too much drama not enough work. Then the seeming inability of the Italian people to be capable of effective problem solving. The lack of this fundamental skill, which other cultures have, leads to Italian society to the endless cycle of complaining without resolution and the chaos for which Italy is renowned.

However the most fundamental problem of all that none of us want to talk about is the 'collective us' – our inability to look at the national character and admit there are aspects of the ‘Italian way’ that don’t work and eventually hurt all of us. By a large, many Italians are heavily invested in dishonesty and deceoption on some level whether not paying taxes, breaking commune laws, petty criminal behaviour, so much so that having a dysfunctional justice system, incompetent public administration and/or crooked politicians or officials serves to maintain the status quo of our dysfunctional system.

Hence the problem is beyond the politicians as they are mere enablers. The only way things can get better is for the Italian people to change their personal behaviour, to accept aspects of the ‘Italian way’ are a failure and become honest and only then can we demand the same level of honesty from our elected officials and government departments.

Posted by: Roberto Rossi | February 11, 2008 12:50 PM

Dear Beppe,

I agree with everything written on this release. I like it: plain and clear, the way politics should be and act.
Kick out convicted criminals and bring the citizens back on the scene is how you can save your country.

Posted by: Jason R. Forbus | February 11, 2008 11:57 AM

Libero, please leave America alone. They are in such deep shit on so many fronts that we really don't want any help from this profoundly troubled

Posted by: Mark | February 11, 2008 05:14 AM


America helped Italy to spare Comunism in 1948 and America can help Italy to wake up to the 21st Century now.
Would you image the Mayor of NYC or the Govenor of NY State keeping thier position if NY would be submerged by rubbish? Iervolino and Bassolino should go, they should be disgraced and prevented from running in the upcoming elections.
Let us meet up to write down a vision for the future of Italy: Yes we can.
We can say that if 300 millions American have only 100 Senators, also Italy should cut the Senate by 2/3. Yes we can.
We can say that convicted politicians should not run for elections.Yes,Judiciary in Italy is far from perfect. Berlusconi is no Saint,but he has a point. Just imagine if Campania would be ruled by one of Berlusconi's instead of Bassolino. He would have been arrested. But yes, clean Institutions? Yes we can.
In Finland in the '90 the President cut his salary by 20% to show the people it was time to save. In Italy savings announced by President Napolitano are a joke. The Presidente should cut his expenses by 20% and no public servant should gain more than the President himself:Yes we can.
Free press is key to democracy: abolition of any press subsidy and of the RAI tax. Yes we can.

Let's meet up here and now

Posted by: libero.DallaRai | February 11, 2008 04:19 AM

Everything is becoming so fucking repetitive. We know (more or less) what's wrong, but how the fuck do you fix it? I agree with Beppe that things have to change from the foundations and that means getting involved with the problems of whatever city you happen to live. Sure, if one gets involved with local politics it should be done in the spirit of serving the community and not with the spirit of a politicos. But I also know that when you fight a monster you run the risk of becoming the monster. The question is, "How do you avoid becoming the monster?" Or, does it even matter? Should we be Hamlet or Fortenbraus?

Posted by: Louis Pacella | February 11, 2008 03:51 AM

Caro Beppe mi rivolgo a te,
è da giorni(ormai mi tocca fare il troll) che chiedo all'On. Antonio Dipietro di pubblicare la lista dei candidati di Italia Dei Valori in maniera tale da aggirare almeno in parte la legge elettorale che permette ai segretari di partito di decidere chi governerà 50 milioni di cittadini-sudditi. In questo modo possiamo almeno perciò che riguarda Dipietro sapere chi ci toccherà vedere in parlamento, almeno questa volta non avremmo sorprese alla De Gregorio!
Per piacere Beppe chiedi tu a Dipietro di pronunciarsi su questa faccenda.


Posted by: Emiliano G | February 11, 2008 12:41 AM

Ciao Beppe,

è da tempo che ti seguo, da quando raccontavi in televisione dell'America e mi ammazzavo dalle risate. Io non vorrei essere costretto a lasciare il mio paese come tanti hanno già fatto e molti faranno. Purtroppo cosi non si và più avanti, se ne stanno vedendo troppe ogni giorno, accendere la televisione è una tortura. Credo che sia ora di scendere in campo, ma non credo che le liste civiche siano la soluzione, quello che credo è che se uno come Berlusconi utilizzando i suoi mezzi di comunicazioni è entrato nelle case degli Italiani convincendoli a votarlo riuscendoci anche, possiamo farlo anche noi....ma con con te !!

Arrivati a questo punto, perchè non si scende in campo è gli si fà un c..o così ? Spero per te, che non sia stato costretto in qualche maniera a dover abbassare il tono di voce, mi auguro di sbagliarmi. Altrimenti ti dovresti affidare a chi ti segue da tempo come il sottoscritto e alla gente che ti vuole bene per gridare ancor di più con tutto il fiato e per far uscir fuori lo schifo che siamo costretti a subire da anni noi Italiani, da questa gente senza scrupoli che giorno dopo giorno ci mangiano tutto. Beppe, questi si stanno vendendo il paese e le risorse che questo offre, e non credo neanche al miglior offerente.

Posted by: Roberto Bianconi | February 10, 2008 11:49 PM

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