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The civic lists are being formed. The first ones are in Pescara, Rome and Vicenza for local elections. And in Friuli Venezia Giulia and Sicily for regional elections. Foreign banks are selling our State bonds. Our exports are decreasing. The public debt is going up, 1626 billion euro. State costs are increasing. Electoral promises are fewer taxes and more work. We’ll have more taxes and less work. The country is a resource for the politicians and for their mass bureaucracy. A lifelong income with the taxes of the citizens. They are devouring Italy. It’s not true that the political class is all the same. But the few gentlemen that are part of it make it legitimate. It’s not possible to vote for the less worst. We mustn’t lose hope for a better one. Whoever votes for the less worst makes the worst legitimate. The elections are anticonstitutional. We cannot choose the candidate. And no newspaper is talking about it. No TV is shouting it out. I repeat: We cannot choose the candidate. Two people are choosing the names of 80% of the deputies and senators. They are writing the Lower and Upper Houses. They are called Veltrusconi. They are the same person, the same party, the same programme, the same ministers. Beppe Grillo was in Naples on 23 February for Rubbish Day. Press conference with 120 journalists. Many international newspapers. 30,000 people in Piazza Dante. Anyone wanting to know what was said by cancer experts, environmental and energy experts will have to learn English or German. Read Die Zeit or The Herald Tribune. Il Corriere and la Repubblica dedicated a tiny patch of the dimensions of a postage stamp. Italian information is under control. It is wartime propaganda against the Italian people. Everything you don’t know is true. Don’t read the newspapers. Don’t watch the TV. Think with your own head. Lift up your head.
For a new Renaissance. V-Day 25 April.

V2-day, 25 April, for freedom of information:
1. Put your photos on www.flickr.com with the tag V2-day
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3. Give your support to V2 day

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Dear Mr Grillo,
I have been reading with interest your blog which I find both interesting and
informative. I would appreciate however that you would take position on the highly debated subject of abortion.
Our 194 law is being threatened by the
Catholic Church and a journalist who is
compairing abortion to death penalty and hehe proposes to suspend abortions in the same that the that the UN has proposed
to suspend the death penalty.

This is utter nonsense. The Italian sta-
te which is unconfessional should repre-sent t
the beliefs of all its citizens not just
the Catholics'. We have taken position
as Corrente Rosa a newly born Association
of women from the Center Left: see our detailed position at
None can stay indifferent to the plight
of women who cannot have a child and would b be obliged to flee abroad or revert to clandestine abortions.

Serena Romano

Posted by: Serena Romano | March 10, 2008 11:01 PM

2008-02-25 08:50 (New York)

Milan, Italy (dpa) - A Milan court suspended Monday a slush-fund
trial involving former Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi until
after Italy's scheduled April 13-14 elections, news reports said.
According to the ANSA news agency, the ruling followed a request by
Berlusconi's lawyers that court proceedings be ``frozen'' while their
client was campaigning for the elections - a contest he is likely to
win, opinion polls suggest.
The trial, stemming from charges that Berlusconi's Mediaset company
operated slush-funds for purchasing film rights, would resume on April
21, the court ruled.
Mediaset, which owns Italy's three largest private television
channels, denies any wrongdoing in the case.
The 71-year-old Berlusconi, who is attempting to become prime
minister - a position he has held in 1994-1995 and 2001-2006 - for a
third time, has been the subject of several legal proceedings over the
Most of the charges were dropped when laws de-penalizing the crimes
he had been accused of were introduced during his two stints in
government or in other cases, when the statute of limitations expired.
dpa pwm sc

Posted by: Fra coppola | March 1, 2008 06:14 PM

Hello People,
Italians, according to a blog on this board based on a research done by Ispo-Agos commissioned by store-keepers, are bullish about their future. Everything is OK. Everything is "cool". Their economic situation is fine and most of them, or very many of them, are planning the purchase of a big-ticket item in the near future. Now, I don't want to be the party-pooper, or be the one to prick their balloons but, considering that the globe's main economic indicator, (Dow-Jones, in the New York Stock Exchange) has been taking damaging hits almost on a daily basis, and that the American real-estate sector is in complete disarray with thousands and thousands of home-owners defaulting on their mortgages, and that most economists are saying that the economy is in free-fall, then the "Italian consumer", is merrily going g along as though everything is fine. If that study reflects the true state-of-mind of Italians, then, I'm sorry to say, Italians are hopelessly kidding themselves; they're hoping against hope or, have been snowed under by the means of persuasion and are whistling in the dark. However, there is another angle to this Ipso-Ago study, commissioned by "commercianti". The study radiates the imbued up-beat, and the optism-at-all-cost attitude of commerce; that business must always look at the world through rose-colored glasses. Case in point: yesterday, after the Dow-Jones lost 312 points, was described as a "brutal" day. Yet,in spite of the huge loss the market took, the four o'clock gathering of guests and officials on the balcony overlooking the Stock Exchange, clanged, clapped and smiled the end of the days's trading activities as though the Dow-Jones had gained 312 points. A lot of people lost a lot of money yesterday and they've been loosing money for awhile now. Yet, the clangers on the balcony remained impervious and stuck with the "business is business and it's always good" frame of mind. So, back to our study, did anybody really think that a study commissioned by "commercianti" on Italian consumers' future spending was going to be other than I'm-ok-you're-ok-Jack? Things always have to look in the system, lest people start running to their banks and do withdrawls.

Posted by: L P | March 1, 2008 04:46 PM

Hello everyone,
The 101 of Politics and Government is to make plans, extrapolate future events, establish guidelines, and supply services for the Taxes Citizens pay so dearly.
I do realize Italy is a special Country, although after 61 Government these crop of Governors Politicians Prime Ministers, represent the Pinnacle of Incompetence.
Not by chance any Government Policy taken in the last quarter century, at one time or the other will be challenged in court (Obviously 10 years after implementation and after the damage is done!)
From Nuclear Power Plants to Deregulation, from Universal Health Care to Retirement, from IRI to Telecom and Wind and thousand of other cases, these Individuals have acted irresponsibly and most importantly without any knowledge or responsibility.
Has anyone noticed that although their remuneration (Always justified by the requirement of having the best of the best at the helm?) although the results of their decision are very dismal to put it mildly.
They claim to work hard to either create a new Italy or to put Italy straight and upright as it should be?
Who brought Italy in this condition?
Who screwed up things so badly?
Who pays for the broken glasses?
Italians have empty pockets, while the Honorable earn 20K a months for this?
By the way, brand new spanking Parties composed by the same scum bags?
Are Italians stupid, or it’s just a bad image coming across the net?
Don’t worry be happy and trust me or him or her, we shall take care of all of You, for a small fee, your soul.
Smile the future looks bright, just wear dark and mirror shades.

Posted by: Giacomo Chiametti | March 1, 2008 11:57 AM

Hello everyone,
I would like to shed some light on the subject, not because I know more than you, but simply because all of you are overestimating the People at the top making the decision.
First question:
Why in 2000 oil at $60 and Euro at 1/1 is equal to Oil at $100 and Euro at 1.52/1.
Very simple: 73% of $60 Oil is 0.43Euros, while 73% of $100 Oil is 0.73, plus the usual Monopoly profits and other mambo jumbo reasons equal to the current prizes.
You are overestimating the Idiots at the top, do you really thing they ply the exchange game, not at all and the proof is in the amount of taxes they suck out of you to feed this over blooded System Italy of wasting money to maintain the elite incompetence and ineptitude.
As for the Incinerators, the same rules apply.
15 years in Campania are the simple truth, 2 billion wasted, 15 years of inept incompetent corrupted management, dioxins at unthinkable levels and garbage everywhere?
Is this better than inefficient Incinerators in Brescia, Barcelona Vienna or anywhere in Germany?
The People at the top do not think out of the box, simply inside the box and rather than rational decision they simple apply the compromise theories that keep their asses on the chair and you wondering.
There is no rationality, there is no common sense, they have to feed themselves, the lobbies that got them there, while for you sorry your chance is the vote, although you can’t choose anything just the Worthless Leader and hope he/she will keep the promises made.
Is this the Picture of the Perfect Circle of Power in Italy? (Only in Italy!)
Welcome to reality, 101 of Politics, take the money, smile and promise them anything, in the end They are not responsible for anything!
Prove me wrong!
The future looks bright wear shades.

Posted by: Giacomo Chiametti | March 1, 2008 10:37 AM

What a Legend! Keep up the good work. Always enjoy your blogs

Posted by: bape | March 1, 2008 05:14 AM

I don't know much about incinerators and nothing at all about German incinerators, but this much I do know: around thirty years ago the city I live in built an incinerator; two years ago, pressured by citizen groups, it was dismantled and no other has been built. I heard that the much vaunted incinerator in Brescia has been in operation for over thirty years. Again, I don't know much about incinerators, but if that incinerator is over thirty years old, most likely,(and I stress most likely) it's obsolete and, as such, it's an hazard to the community. The older the incinerator, the less efficient, the more dioxins it spews. An incinerator should always operate at peak efficiency so that the dioxins it emits stay within the limits allowed by law. As far as the incinerator in Germany is concerned, the most likely explanation is that,all politicians (Greens excepted) no matter the nationality, see incinerators as manna from heaven (in all the conceivable senses of the phrase). They're the politicians' quick-fix to the waste problem. And it looks as though even wise German politicians couldn't resist the call-of-the-incinerator. The damage to the environment and people done by incinerators becomes visible through time -a relatively long period of time- most likely the damage will be discovered when none of today's incinerator-proponents are not around to take responsibility. For whatever this thought is worth, I think building incinerators in Italy is a huge mistake. Everything is in proximity in Italy. Case in point: Porto Marghera and Venice. Only Italians could accept Porto Marghera so close to the most beautiful city in the world. If they're actually going ahead with the incinerators and build them throughout Italy, Italians will choke to death. Italians live in crowded conditions. The last thing Italians need are incinerators spewing dioxins over them. I don't think Italians realize how crowded they are. I find it comical when politicians go on TV to reassure Italians about the safety of incinerators by pointing out to them the incinerator located in the centre of Barcellona, or Vienna or some other major European city. Whenever they bring that up I think of a bumper sticker that said, "Just because flies swarm around turds doen't mean we have to."

Posted by: L P | March 1, 2008 12:50 AM

Why does everyone here complains about the situation in Italy?
Check out il Corriere, everything is cool in the Bel Paese:

Gli italiani non temono la crisi
Ricerca Ispo-Agos: il 67% dei consumatori ha un giudizio positivo sulla sua situazione economica nel 2008

MILANO - Non c'è ancora paura di una crisi economica. Gli italiani si mostrano infatti ancora ottimisti nei confronti della futura situazione economica familiare e programmano spese rilevanti nei prossimi mesi. Tuttavia, quasi la metà di loro, il 47%, farà acquisti ricorrendo al credito al consumo. È quanto emerge da una ricerca di Ispo-Agos realizzata su un campione di 415 commercianti e di 800 persone rappresentative dell'intera popolazione italiana: si tratta della quarta edizione dell'Osservatorio trimestrale sui consumatori 2007 che indaga sulle aspettative nutrite dai commercianti nei confronti dell'economia italiana e dell'andamento dei consumi nel prossimo futuro, oltre ad alcuni loro atteggiamenti nei confronti del credito al consumo.

LA RICERCA - Dalla ricerca emerge che il 67% degli intervistati, tra i consumatori, ha dato un giudizio positivo sulla situazione economica della loro famiglia nei prossimi 12 mesi: per il 18% addirittura migliorerà mentre per il 49% rimarrà come ora, e cioè positiva. Solo per il 33% sarà negativa, con una quota del 15% per la quale peggiorerà. A fronte di queste prospettive positive circa 1 italiano su 2 ha programmato spese rilevanti per i prossimi mesi e, tra questi, ben il 47% lo farà ricorrendo al credito al consumo. In ogni caso risulta positivo l'atteggiamento dei consumatori nei confronti di questo strumento di finanziamento: il 62% lo giudica con favore, suddiviso tra quanti (il 48%) già lo usano e quanti (il 14%) non lo hanno fatto ma lo utilizzerebbero.
Anche tra i commercianti il credito al consumo è visto come una opportunità per aumentare le vendite: il 66% del campione dichiara che rappresenta una fonte di fatturato e, in più, non indifferente. Solo un intervistato su 5 giudica questa quota inferiore al 10% del giro d'affari mentre il 27% stima una quota tra il 31% e il 50% e il 19% di una quota che supera il 50% delle vendite.

28 febbraio 2008

Posted by: Dario M | March 1, 2008 12:26 AM

Hi Alex,
ESSO, ONLY ESSO, posted a profit of $43 billion dollars for 2007. It is the biggest profit ever reported in the history of mankind.

Posted by: LP | February 29, 2008 10:47 PM

Io vorrei fare due conti per cercare di capire qualcosa.
Nel 2001 il petrolio era intorno ai 60 dollari al barile e il rapporto dollaro/euro era 1/1
Nel 2008 il petrolio è intorno a 100 dollari e il dollaro è a 1,52 euro, praticamente ci costa 50 euro a barile.
Cazzo, ma si paga meno oggi di una volta, perché alla pompa di benzina aumenta?

Posted by: alex the kid | February 29, 2008 08:31 PM

you are nice man ! :)

Posted by: Darek | February 29, 2008 04:22 PM

Vorrei sapere perché questi inceneritori li hanno costruiti anche in Germania (tanto che adesso smaltiamo un pò della nostra immondizia) che da Beppe Grillo è sempre indicata come una nazione sensibile alla tutela dell'ambiente. Qualcuno mi spiega?

Posted by: Manfredo Pansa | February 29, 2008 10:38 AM

People of Europa, pay atteention! Like a clever parasite, mafia will expand, and tomorrow you will see the world with other eyes. Happy new years from Milan!

Posted by: andrea vagnoni | February 29, 2008 02:28 AM

Once, I visited a friend living in the country, not far from an industrial chicken farm. The stench was nauseating. My friend smelled nothing. He had gotten used to it. We sink in bull-shit-information and, like my friend in the country, we smell nothing. The "persuaders' (TV, newspapers, American presidents, reporters, lawyers, marketing agents, commercial, corportate executives, priests and last but not leat, politicians) have desensetized us to the point that we no longer know how to ask questions. We open our mouths only to be spoon-fed the poppycock they produce. We just take in their bull-shit. Grillo went to Naples for "monnezza day" hoping Italians would clue-in with what's happening before Italians also have to deal with the mountains of "monnezza" and "bull-shit" at the same time.
They say that it's what they redact that is important. "Monnezza day" must have been very important. Thirty thousand people show up at Grillo's "monnezza day" in Naples and the "persuaders" go, "What? Where? When? Who? Why?" Woha! Let's shut the fuck up on this." And the next morning Italians are happily spoon-fed their daily, usual poppycock.

Posted by: L P | February 28, 2008 02:14 AM

Lo scrivo qui perché è una richiesta d'aiuto e qui ci sono meno commenti.
L'Italia è un paese di età media molto vecchia e plagiata dalla TV.
Ciò che dice la televisione è quasi sacro.
C'è stato un mio vicino di casa che mi ha detto: Eh beppe grillo è sparito, non si vede più.

Nei negozi ci sono delle schede che ti permettono di collegare il PC alla TElevisione. Ripeto TELEVISIONE e non monitor, perché il monitor del PC viene percepito come oggetto di lavoro o di sfago, NON FAUTORE DI VERITA'.
Quindi, per favore, diffondi il messaggio per tutti i giovani affinchè colleghino il PC alla televisioni e tramite youtube o altro, cerchino di portare un po' di confusione in casa.
E' l'unico modo.
DAte retta.

Posted by: 21 dicembre 2012 | February 27, 2008 08:41 PM

Lo scrivo qui perché è una richiesta d'aiuto e qui ci sono meno commenti.
L'Italia è un paese di età media molto vecchia e plagiata dalla TV.
Ciò che dice la televisione è quasi sacro.
C'è stato un mio vicino di casa che mi ha detto: Eh beppe grillo è sparito, non si vede più.

Nei negozi ci sono delle schede che ti permettono di collegare il PC alla TElevisione. Ripeto TELEVISIONE e non monitor, perché il monitor del PC viene percepito come oggetto di lavoro o di sfago, NON FAUTORE DI VERITA'.
Quindi, per favore, diffondi il messaggio per tutti i giovani affinchè colleghino il PC alla televisioni e tramite youtube o altro, cerchino di portare un po' di confusione in casa.
E' l'unico modo.
DAte retta.

Posted by: 21 dicembre 2012 | February 27, 2008 08:41 PM

Lo scrivo qui perché è una richiesta d'aiuto e qui ci sono meno commenti.
L'Italia è un paese di età media molto vecchia e plagiata dalla TV.
Ciò che dice la televisione è quasi sacro.
C'è stato un mio vicino di casa che mi ha detto: Eh beppe grillo è sparito, non si vede più.

Nei negozi ci sono delle schede che ti permettono di collegare il PC alla TElevisione. Ripeto TELEVISIONE e non monitor, perché il monitor del PC viene percepito come oggetto di lavoro o di sfago, NON FAUTORE DI VERITA'.
Quindi, per favore, diffondi il messaggio per tutti i giovani affinchè colleghino il PC alla televisioni e tramite youtube o altro, cerchino di portare un po' di confusione in casa.
E' l'unico modo.
DAte retta.

Posted by: 21 dicembre 2012 | February 27, 2008 08:40 PM

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