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I’m publishing a letter I’ve received from Giulietto Chiesa.
Dear Beppe,
I believe that this is a starting point, that it is true, does not coincide with your ideas but then are definitely not contrasting them. And I think it is a tool to bring them about.
You don’t have to agree. I ask you to do as you did for the 11 September affair, by publishing my letter. It was a great help.
I ask you to repeat it, also in the name of all those who signed this appeal and the numerous others, who cannot sign for various professional reasons, but who have privately told me of their agreement. Some are already working actively with me.
I am, we are, your allies in the battle for democratic and honest information. We are thinking of doing it like this.
Warm greetings

Appeal for freedom of information

Dear friends, companions in an Italy that does not give up. The disaster of the situation and of the political class and a real and outright democratic emergency obliges us to break with indecision and timidity, divisions and recrimination.
First of all, we have to defend ourselves and we can counter attack.
To do that we have to have tools of mass communication that produce democratic information and that engage with a battle for the defence of democracy and of the Common Good.
We believe that millions of people in Italy are waiting for this proposal and that they are ready to support it.
But to do so it is necessary to have a substantial financial commitment. There are no parties, Trades Unions, willing to finance it. If there were, they would want to control it. That would not be useful to the aim. Thus we have to do it on our own account. Each one of us, of you, become a publisher and a protagonist.
It is among you citizens, that we have to collect the amount needed to launch this experiment. It’s big, massive, but we have to do it with small change. A David against a Goliath. But we don’t have to have tens of billions of euro to have decent and free information. In fact, the billions of euro are the very thing that gag it and prevent it.
We think that we can do it even with a modest sum to start off with. To do it we need an essential organising structure. Even this has its cost. To start off this collection machinery we need to know in advance how many there are of us, how many individuals and groups are available….”
For now, we are not asking for money.
We are asking, all those who are willing to give at least 100 euro, to tell us of their willingness, via a simple email, together with essential details: first name, second name, email, place of residence and possibly telephone number.
The data collected will be kept confidential. Information published during the three months needed for this “commitment campaign” will be just totals, by geographic area, every week.
At the end of three months if we have the necessary conditions for starting off, we will start to collect the money. And we will use these months to define all the necessary administrative, legal and organizational aspects.
The relevant site for the “commitment campaign” is that will give the essential information. But we will involve a series of “friendly” websites, blogs, radio broadcasters and communication media who want to support us and spread the message of this collection.
The steps
We are defining a centre of journalism that will work full time, made up of properly employed people with a contract for the whole duration of the initial project: 18 months.
The team will have a director, appointed by the collective and by a wide-ranging group of supporters, with a corresponding high level of professionalism. And it’ll be someone who doesn’t have other constraints, just a person who follows the codes of their profession and those laid out in a simple statement of intent including these points:
1) Defence of the Constitution and the democratic rule of law
2) No to every war.
3) Defence of the social and civil rights of citizens.
4) Defence of the environment and of the territory.
5) Defence of the secular State
We define, after wide consultation, a committee of guarantors, “super partes,” chosen from democratic people who have the trust of the people based on their qualities in terms of professionalism, culture, scientific, and social action. Their task will be to verify that the ideals are respected. With this in mind we ask you right now to put forward the name of a person, who you believe could ensure the application of the principles given above.
The independence of the operators will be totally guaranteed. Each phase of construction of the project will be made public in the total respect of transparency, using verification tools directed by those who finance it. First of all, using the Internet, but also with a network of committees and big meeting throughout the territory. The first ones to sign
(The list is open to others, whose names will be made known shortly)” Leggi tutti i post della "Casta dei giornali" V2-day, 25 aprile, per un'informazione libera: 1. Inserisci le tue foto su con il tag V2-day 2. Inserisci tuoi video su con il tag V2-day 3. Sostieni il V2 day

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Hello everyone,
Desperation is the world of the day.
High roller bankers, collecting yearly payout of millions, while running their own Institutions into the ground?
English bank functionally bankrupt, nationalized by the English Government? (England, for goodness sake, the champions of De-regulation, the country that doesn’t want to joint the Euro, likes independence and wants to lead the world market through the LSE?????)
The US market is crashing toward recession; the dollar is at miserable levels, while Opec is smelling Oil Power and running with it.
This grim picture of world markets is pretty much what happens at the end of any party, loads of people still eager for good time, and nobody is willing to turn the lights off.
The party is over, china is steam rolling anything that moves out of their factory to any market willing and able to pay for them, Arabs and the rest of the oil producers needs cash to get their own constituency all the good things Americans have grown complacent for, big cars air conditioner everywhere, high education in expensive university and liberty with the pursue of happiness for everyone (At least on paper?.
Now is summation time, the bill, the cuenta, il conto, wh will pay for it??
So many investors’ funds, hedge funds, banks, brokers and simple billionaires are investing in commodity right now because they need to make returns, while the profits are going into Sovereign Wealth Funds.
Where Italy does fits into this?
This is the beauty of it, Italy doesn’t fit in, it doesn’t count, Italy is irrelevant, less than nothing, actually Italy is a ticking bomb waiting to go off, and reason being it has 108% of GDP debt on your shoulder.
Now come reality check, election time are upon You, the same idiots have no clue what to do, so they give you the same bull shit repackaged and embellished a little.
Any other way it would be offensive to your intelligence, maybe not you would buy it any how you have no other choice.
How silly of me, you thought Italy was a democracy, the rule of law was the pillar of the Constitutions, that every individual has the same right with the pursue of happiness blab la and more bla?
Let me bring down to reality, these Idiots clamoring for your vote are just a bunch of clueless clown, that can’t even balance their own check book, and when great money gurus can’t make sense of the market going astray, Italians’ Politicians definitely will not be included in the aid package.
These Idiots are pounding their 800 pound gorilla chest to impress you, but reality is they do it only because Italy is still a medieval time, they are the royalties and you the plebe.
Has anything changed in the last 60 years, yes they have expanded their control to every nooks and cranny of the Country?
As for you, the remainder of your salary after they suck their % out for their survival expenses, their living expenses, their party’s expenses and a little more just in case you haven’t got the message.
Self empower yourself, someone asked “Are you better off now or yesterday?”
Send all of them home.
The future looks bright wear shades

Posted by: Giacomo Chiametti | March 6, 2008 06:32 PM

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