Everybody Out!


Everybody Out! You have destroyed the country. Your faces on the walls are for us. Our “Fxxk offs” are for you. Not one of you deserves the votes of the Italians. Dear employees, your aims are well known, all three: armchair, impunity, business. There are gentlemen among you and they are the first ones who should go. There are few of them and they are most noticeable. They make us feel all tender and lots of anger. They are political footballs. A bit naïve. A bit silly.
Everybody Out! In fifteen years you have taken the country back to the time after the war. Finocchiaro and Bianco say they are bowled over that I am supporting Sonia Alfano’s regional civic list in Sicily. Beautiful minds, you offend me. There is no difference between you and the psycho dwarf. You are the party of the status quo that has allowed the Centre Right every piggish thing without ever lifting a finger. The party of Bassolino, the “cozza” of Naples. Of Topo Gigio who is afraid of his own shadow and even of D’Alema’s shadow and talks of everything. But not of conflicts of interests, of Rete 4 on satellite, of the corruption of judges for the purchase of Mondadori. You are those of Bettini, the PD spokesperson who stated that Antonio Di Pietro “is not suitable for the role of Minister of Justice”. Perhaps he wants to appoint him Minister of the relationships with parliament or Undersecretary to the Minister of Defence. Anywhere he doesn’t disturb those who manoevre. You are those of the Great Pardon, of Unipol, and of Ms Forleo on whom you have fixed the muzzle. Di Violante who guaranteed the TV channels to the psycho dwarf and has even declared that in Parliament.
Everybody Out! Casini, Azzurro Caltagirone, who embraces Moggi and keeps Cuffaro out of prison by making him a candidate for Parliament. Casini always shown with the crucifix behind him. If Christ could, he would come down from the cross and give him a kick.
Everybody Out! Make yourselves forgotten. Oblivion could save you. No one wants Mastella any more. He has done his dirty work. Now he just gets votes lost. Pastella stated, sweating, that Beppe Grillo would not have had him end up like Moro nor even like Craxi. Perhaps he is best to look out for those who sent him and not look to a comic. Your faces on the wall are a provocation, an incitement to popular anger. The elections are anti-constitutional. We cannot choose the candidate. We can only vote for the unified party of the Siamese Twins.
If a German were to not have voted during the Nazi era. If a Soviet citizen were to not have voted during the era of Stalin. If an Italian were to not have voted during the Fascism. What would you call them? Democrats, free people? You too be that. Don’t vote in the national elections. Exercise your right to not be kicked in the backside.

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in italy we use to say look the cow saying the donkey has got the horns.that wasn't the point pat!!I'm a precarious seaman.i'm already speaking a much greater degree of english i'm suppose to.
what i meant was that is pointless keeping denouncing all the mess we have in my!(not yours silly bum!!)country in a spell nerly nobody knows... i write it again the problem in italy is "the most of italian people",stop,we've got the politicians we deserve!!!such a gem as Beppe is should be available for all the honest italians first.understand pat but you don't speak italian do you?curious you've got the main italian feature dough

Posted by: michele tamagnini | March 10, 2008 04:00 PM

Hi Sonia, come on we will support you with our vote! Sorry if our voice didn't rice high enough when your father was killed.
But I never forgot you and your father, you were a very nice classmates and your father the best and the most inspiring teacher that I ever had.
I am living in London for nearly ten years but I will definitely go to vote for you!

Posted by: Patrizia SOTTILE | March 10, 2008 10:40 AM

Dear Beppe

As a relatively new citizen of Italy I have been often baffled and sometimes exasperated by the heavy burden of taxes, the red tape and of course, the obvious contempt of the authorities for the "stranieri" (I spent the first five years of my stay here in Treviso.

I have often wondered about how Italians, as a nation, could have allowed the taxes to get to this stage where people cant afford to have children because of the low salaries but they must be able to pay the taxes. In other words, fulfilling your state obligations must come before experiencing your biological being to the full. I wondered if it was because no one complains.

I was looking for a plateform like this blog to voice my opinion and concerns. I will use this plateform now.

But having seen this blog I think I also have more understanding of why the authorities do not listen. I will say more on that later and it will include a lot of criticism of how you, the activist, must raise your voice before they, the executive will listen to you.

A fan


Posted by: Viqar Qadir | March 4, 2008 04:19 PM

don't listen to the criticism about your english, beppe, it's perfectly fine...

and i think it's important to have an english beppe blog, because one of the hopes we have, maybe the only! , is other countries shaming and criticising italy, like beppe does so well.

the comments have more linguistic mistakes, but mostly are quite understandable. i say this because it is hard work reading the blog in italian, with all the comments, for those who are not so great in their italian.

rock on beppe!

Posted by: michael | March 4, 2008 11:32 AM


This morning on DN (the major Swedish newspaper) it had been published the following list "Tourist countries" :

World Economic Forums rankninglista över de tio bästa turistländerna.

1. Schweiz
2. Österrike
3. Tyskland
4. Australien
5. Spanien
6. Storbritannien
7. USA
8. Sverige
9. Kanada
10. Frankrike

Some thoughts for the new Minister of Tourism perhaps.

Posted by: Gabriele Arrighetti | March 4, 2008 10:50 AM

"shit beppe is time to start improving your english
mate!!!!otherwise just start to use your mother tongue man...just in order to keep your eloquence at least.any taught person in the world knows italians as not credible people in civic matters anyway,moreover they come in our beloved country just with the purpose to experience all the mess we are capable of .....well if you say employees you means everybody who get job from all those who offers job which are usually called EMPLOYERS"

count the errors!!! a bit of pot calling the kettle black there michele!!

Posted by: pat kerr | March 4, 2008 10:38 AM

Nader didn't make Gore lose the elections. Jed Bush and the Republican woman (I forgot her name)in charge of the Florida elections rigged the vote and gave George [Iraq] W. Bush the win. Iraq has nothing to do with Nader. Bush invaded Iraq under false pretenses. And Grillo is not splitting the Italian vote. It's not possible. They're copying each other. They're all the same. So how can any one of them be believable when they tell us we will be better off under whoever. The only way the rot caused by "tira a campa'" attitude is if Italians seize the moment and use it to say to the political caste, "Fuck you and your fake elections. We're calling your bluffs. We see the fakery of your words. We know you're bullshitting us. We will no longer believe your bullshit-based political programs. Enough with your presumptous speeches telling us the way things are. You know nothing about us so stop saying you want to represent our interests. We don't need to get up. You're down, not us. Get up and move over! It's our turn to do it our way".
How do we say all this? Mark the ballot with a BIG V

P.S. Beppe, out of ten? Your English is 8.

Posted by: L P | March 4, 2008 02:39 AM

A.A.Anarchy only solution.

Posted by: Giovanni Dekaro | March 3, 2008 11:06 PM

Hello everyone,
Although the Milky Way is quite big by any standard of measurement, Italian galaxy’s of Interest Groups is coming very close the infinity of black holes.
Is anyone acknowledging that worldly Corporations are purposely avoiding investments in Italy.
Corporations already established in Italy are closing shop and moving to greener pastures.
Not by chance, educated Italians have to emigrate in order to pursue and fulfill their education with an appropriate job.
How more blatant can the picture be?
Italy has the most over-regulated marked in the western hemisphere, the worst services in the civilized world, the costlier and most inefficient public sector, the highest number of Special Interest group, while the cherry on the cake is the Political Casta unwilling to touch anything.
Where on this earth have you seen Banks establishing their Lobby Group (ABI!) and through it make policies in Unison (Usually every where else this is called Cartel?).
Where on this earth have you seen a charge of 1K euro to change the title to a car? A car for goodness sake!
In this forsaken country, every field is control by an Special Interest Group, from Lawyers to Notary, Banks, Taxis, Gas Station, Engineers, Doctors, Consultant, Portaborse, Politicians (Yes even politicians have their Lobby, is called Party XYZ!) Police and Air Traffic Controller (300 people that can put a country into stand still!).
If Mohamed doesn’t go to the mountain, well the mountain has to go to Mohamed!
Never more true than today, especially for a country like Italy.
64 days to get a business started, Business False Reporting is not a crime anymore, parties are not for profit therefore not required to justify any cash flow whatsoever, what more could you ask, it’s already better than Disneyland for everyone except Real Businesses.
Italy is in the hand of Monopolies (State Companies obviously!) and an infinity of little interest groups, and right now whomever makes a move has all the other groups against them.
Money is flowing away from Italy at an horrendous pace, industry are so overregulated that work only for the Government (They have your money and therefore the only one able to afford them!) basically the Country is at a stand still, not growing for the last decade, actually shrinking.
There is no more money, nobody is willing to shake the tree, and Politicians are playing the stall mate just like chess.
A Government goes down a new one with the same Idiots goes up, same music same players?
Sounds familiar what has been sat about Mike Tyson “He is too stupid for his own good!”
The future looks bright wear shades.

Posted by: Giacomo Chiametti | March 3, 2008 09:19 PM

shit beppe is time to start improving your english
mate!!!!otherwise just start to use your mother tongue man...just in order to keep your eloquence at least.any taught person in the world knows italians as not credible people in civic matters anyway,moreover they come in our beloved country just with the purpose to experience all the mess we are capable of .....well if you say employees you means everybody who get job from all those who offers job which are usually called EMPLOYERS(don't worry babe I won't charge you anything for the tip)Ok let's go to the point;I'm with you beppe I want to fight side by side with you beppe i want to change the world the way you suggest beppe but i totally disagree with you when you keep blaming just our politicians when they are the macroscopic picture of our miserable vision of life only.ok basta con l'inglese ora che poi il 99,9%dei lettori del tuo blog sono italiani.beppe L'italia è piccola nel piccolo dai diciamo la verità siamo tutti virtualmente concussi e lo sappiamo:ogni prete conosce i propri confratelli con preferenze pedofile e tace ogni rappresentante delle forze dell "ordine" conosce i propri colleghi cocainomani e tace(in america ogni rappresentante delle forze dell'ordine o chi ha responsabilità pubbliche comunque è sottoposto a droga test ogni 15 gg).ogni siciliano o calabrese o pugliese conosce per nome e cognome le famiglie vecchie e nuove di mafiosi da almeno 5/6 linee generazionali e tace.trovami una dico una madre che sia contenta che la propria figlia se la faccia con un onesto squattrinato piuttosto che con uno che "sappia vivere" e quindi facoltoso(e in italia sappiamo tutti ripeto TUTTI cosa questo significhi.ieri sera su rai3 dopo fazio ho seguito il film inchiesta sui pedinamenti dei borseggiatori super recidivi romeni......uno scandalo vedere sto polizziotto fare la predica a sti zombies di romeni acciuffarli per il collo perche rubano!!!!!
Perche il polizziotto(che percepisce il doppio di stipendio di qualsiasi dipendente pubblico di pari anzianità)non và nei cantieri e prende per il collo butta per terra torce le braccia e ammanetta i datori di lavoro che tolgono lavoro agli italiani e danno lavoro illegalmente a i romeni,albanesi,africani per la metà(nel migliore dei casi)del prezzo!!vigliacco e incapace quel polizziotto!i ladri esistono e sempre esisteranno
e verranno da situazioni come quelle dei romeni etc.In italia se denunci un illegalità sul lavoro non lavori più e i tuoi colleghi taceranno.tutto è concusso e nessuno è preparato per il lavoro che svolge perche non conta,ciò che conta sono i legami che hai stop.per questo ti dico beppe smettila di scrivere con il tuo spaghettonico english che non sei capace e non lo puoi fare paga qualcuno che ti traduce che te lo puoi permettere se no sei come mastro lindo che al massimo potrebbe fare il capo cantiere(perche non venitemi a dire che la sua preparazione professionale e culturale sia superiore a quella di un capo cantiere)e vuole fare il capo dello stato.non è un problema di leggi perche comunque non esistono leggi perfette ma un problema di leggi uguali per tutti Basta con l'illegalità questo è il problema
tutto il resto è marketing per fare soldi e tu lo sai caro beppe e caro lettore di beppe per cui domani mattina vai dai carabinieri a denunciare tutti i disonesti che conosci se vuoi veramente fare qualcosa come tutti i lavoratori onesti domattina dovrebbero non alzarsi e rimanere a casa. paralizziamo sta mafialand che se non la rompiamo non potremmo rifarla giusta

Posted by: michele tamagnini | March 3, 2008 05:42 PM

Beppe: When Ralph Nader split the Gore vote, the world got one Iraq war and 8 years of GW Bush. That's quite a price to pay for moral purity, don't you think? I am sure you would agree that it would have been preferable for us all if Al Gore had won the White House and not an Oscar or a Nobel Prize.

And now you propose to do for Italy what Ralph Nader did in the US. Split the vote against the neo-conservatives among us. Your appeal for people not to vote in the coming elections is irresponsible and self-indulgent. And nobody rational will thank you if you are successful -- except the so-called House of Freedom.
Grow up. Hold your nose and do your duty, Beppe!

Posted by: Luca Menato | March 3, 2008 04:33 PM

Don't worry Beppe,
I won't vote, I couldn't even if I wanted to.
I am precarious, not only in my job, but also in my residence. I temporarily live in a third world country, with a precarious job that may end in few months. To vote I should register to the Aire. If I register to the Aire I loose my right to have the family doctor in Italy and can have access to the hospital health system only for 90 days per year.
I can get my rights back once in Italy by cancelling my registration with no guarantee of rapid success (I learnt from experiences by friends). Considering that here where I live the health system is crap and it is very very expensive, I just wait to get back to Italy for the checkups, treatements and eventual cures for me and my child for what it is possible, and the last thing I want is to be trapped by Italian bureaucracy.
Therefore, I'll ignore the elections, keeping my Italian residence and hoping that the welfare at least won't change in the near future.
I guess there may be a lot of young Italians temporarily around the world that won't be able to vote for similar reasons, the same old Italians will vote for the same old faces again.
Many young Italians are precarious workers with a precarious residence status, precarious rights, and precarious national identity. We are precarious Italians, that represent the void in contemporary Italy, are represented by empty institutions, and are invisible to their officials.

Best wishes

Posted by: Layla | March 3, 2008 04:11 PM

Come on Sonia we fight beside you!!!!!!

Posted by: frau gionata | March 3, 2008 02:47 PM

From the Economist....

"There is not a glimmer of hope that a returning Mr Berlusconi would prove a better bet than Mr Prodi. Judging by his record, he might be worse, starting by undoing the Prodi government's successful tax-collecting reforms. Mr Berlusconi has made clear that his first priority would again be to protect his own interests, by making it harder to use evidence from wiretapping in court cases. However successful he has been in business, he remains unfit for the job he covets. Poor Italy."

for the full article..


why is no one kicking up a stink about this? the fact that italian politicians are dirty is one thing but being so blatent about it is another!

all politicians and government workers should be sacked and have to pass some sort of test to be rehired.

lets just give the running of italy to the danes or the norwegians for a few years, they might be able to sort out the mess the italians have made of their country.

Posted by: pat kerr | March 3, 2008 11:42 AM

It is unbelievable how so many italians still trust those bastards. Everytime I go out and I meet someone, we always finish talking about politicians and everybody is so upset about this situation.
The psycho dwarf has been caught so many time with dodgy-nasty jobs and I wonder how hi can still be there.
We have to force out everybody of this bloody politicians. I want to see them to the hard labour prison!

Posted by: Manuel Serra | March 3, 2008 10:59 AM

Well done Beppe, spot on! If only they would disappear for ever.

Posted by: Arthur Hooper | March 3, 2008 10:30 AM

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