Illegal political elections


The upcoming political elections are unconstitutional
and their outcome will be null and void. I am absolutely flabbergasted that the State President did not FIRST insist on the referendum being held, as requested by the citizens, and THEN call for elections.
Was the psychodwarf perhaps threatening to march on Rome if the Houses were not dissolved? Were the members of the Lega Nord grabbing for their rifles? Napolitano could have sent in the army and got it over with. We are paying him to make decisions, not to build a statue to Pincio.
The Constitution is very simple and well written. It is open to discussion but not to interpretation. The first article states that: "Sovereignty belongs to the population ". Deputies and senators are instead elected by the party secretaries. Almost 80% of Parliament is decided by only two people, namely Topo Gigio and the psychodwarf. It is their Parliament, a veltrusconian Parliament rather than an Italian one. Do you actually realise what a monumental joke these elections are? What is taking place is a great market for electoral lists. A market in which there is a bit of everything. Dancing girls and whores, convicted criminals and statute–barred individuals. Every day there is a new candidate from uncivil society. With the backing of some temporary worker or an escapee from the workplace slaughters. And this even after Law 30 was not changed, after the pardons freely absolved and sent out those guilty for the white deaths. The same parties, the same leathery faces. Italy has become just like Byzantium prior to its fall. Everyone interprets, everyone covering his/her own arse. Everyone is right, everyone else is wrong... When next you meet a politician, read the Constitution out loud and demand that he/she respects it. An unconstitutional Parliament has no legitimacy. Its members should go and play swingball at Arcore or at the Rome Film Festival.

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Here is a report on the Regional Administrative Court (TAR) application submitted by three attorneys who are against the electoral law.

"Elections to be held on 13/14 April: application to Tar. The electoral law is unconstitutional and violates the European Human Rights Convention.
Today, three citizen voters, namely attorneys Aldo Bozzi of the Milan Court, Giuseppe Bozzi of the Rome Court and Giuseppe Porqueddu of the Brescia Court have proposed submitting an application to the Tar in Lazio, contesting the validity of the Presidential Decrees calling for meetings to elect members of the House of Delegates and the Senate, specifically the section which implements the provisions of the Calderoli law, which are in striking contrast with the basic rights of citizens and the constitutional prerogatives of the State President.
Following on from the findings of the Constitutional Court in its sentence No. 15 of 2008 (approval of the electoral referendum), the applicants are asking that the TAR raise the matter of the constitutionality of the Calderoli Law, with specific reference to three critical issues, namely:
1) The closed lists, which deprive the voter of the right to select persons to represent them in Parliament
2) The allocation of majority status, which is not subject to achieving any sort of minimum threshold
3) The indication of the Candidate for Premier on the ballot paper
The voters’ inability to choose between the candidates changes the entire nature of Parliament because it turns all the elected people into party representatives or representatives of the chief politicians that picked them, rather than public representatives, thereby suppressing the constitutional principle of representivity and the independence of Parliamentarians, who should be free to carry out their duties without being subject to any mandate. Furthermore, the law also violates the European Human Rights Convention (article 3 of Protocol I).
The allocation of majority status, free of any obligation to achieve any sort of minimum threshold, profoundly alters the composition of the representation. Both of these systems, namely, the majority status system and the closed list system, were used in the past by the Fascists, by means of the Acerbo law of 1924 and the subsequent Law of 1928, in order to prevent the electorate from exercising free choice and to embarrass Parliament.
Indicating the coalition Chief as the Candidate for Premier on the ballot paper prejudices one of the State President’s functions granted to him by the constitution itself, namely that of appointing the Prime Minister ".

P.S. the gathering of the Friends of Beppe Grillo planned for the Island of Ischia is looking for candidates to add to the list that will be put forward for the upcoming administrative elections. Anyone who may be interested should contact Andrea D'Ambra (

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The only thing I can add is that politicians are the same everywhere. Italy is not an exception to the rule. Having said that I remain optimist, that things will change. People are not stupid and when the tipping point is reached, it will be tsunami. Thanks for your blog

Posted by: Video montāža | May 1, 2012 05:04 AM

la scimmia che ci ............

Ron Hubbard creo una aristocrazia. Un umano in esempio di tutti. Con la
sapienza sulle religioni ,culti, tradizioni e tutto che poteva
sfruttare per i suoi interessi, sfruttando la sapienza psichologica di
Freud, Nietzsche, Bettelheim, Marxs e. Jung.
Creo una attenzione spirituale, nel inverita, verso un neonato nel
gennaio del 69, con un gruppo di persone che aveva condizionato,
sfruttandoli per condizionare dalla nascita in puoi, l'umano che aveva
Veniva condizionato senza che abia ricevuto il rispetto dei valori
In esempio al condizionato, sono stati condizionati tutti per i bisogni
dei controvalori del rispetto.
Un fascismo invisibile, che ha mantenuto sembre l'ansia della guerra
nella spiritualita, con i malfrutti di distruzioni che tormentano
Durante tutti l' anni, si sono creati dei ossesionati, che iniziavono a
intromettersi nei ruoli governativi per dare favore alla sciavitu
invisile, l' umano come oggetto d'uso, dei valori d' ecominia,
sociologia, psichologia, e continuando in tutti i campi di sapienza.
I valori costiziunali di oggi non sono in atto, a causa della mancanza
del rispetto del governo, che si da aria con i delinquenti .,dando il
rispetto alle chalunie, difamazioni e ai interessi delle false
vie, descritte nei impegni guidiziari inviati alla corte federale

La liberta si da con la verita e la gustizia, per togliere
alla degenerazione l'aria, e lasciando valere le costizuzioni dei
paesi e descritti nella Charta e Patti del UNO come anche nella
costituzione europea. dei diritti umani .

Posted by: Renato Mollo | March 3, 2008 10:33 PM

Hello everyone,
I do believe that silence speaks louder than accepting what’s on the menu!
To put it in simple terms, these Incompetent buffoons think that by simply not giving you choices they have Italy by the testicles.
This assumption is very clearly established by how these same Individuals accept and admit their own failures.
1) Mr. Berlusconi 5 years governing, unanimous failure, He still ranting and raving success?
2) Mr. Prodi, 2 years governing, major failure, He still ranting and raving about his good work?
3) Campania, Mr. Bassolin and Mrs. Jervolino governing the region, apocalyptic failure, none resign and clamor the good job done?
4) Mr. Padoa Schioppa, has managed to raise so many taxes, that ¼ of Italian are under the poverty line, although he claims to have saved Italian and Personal financials.
5) Now the list is infinite?
These are the established facts, meanwhile each and every party selected individuals that governed during the last two governments managed to remain in one party or another?
A Popular Referendum has been postponed!
I didn’t have faith in these individual before, I certainly do not have any now!
They ignore all the issues that brought Italian Society to this level of disaster, and by design they now have only to be more credible than the opponent.
What Credibility these Individuals have?
They were all up there at one time or the other, they all fail miserably, although no Personal consequences to their pocket or Political carrier.
They simply paint You in a corner, give you two choices, and wait for the reward of all their fuck-ups.
Give to Cesar what belong to Cesar, this motto worked 2000 years ago, still valid today.
They all deserve nothing, just a simple “No Thank You!”
If you believe they deserve and honor your Mandate, go ahead knock yourself out, it is your right after all just don’t cry to the institutions after all!
What I do tell my kids when they have to make a tough choice is the following:
Think about the worst consequences resulting from your action, if you are ready and willing to accept them, don’t even think about just do it, although if you have some doubts about them, well restrain yourself and do not do it.
Simple and straight forward, life is a matter of choices; you make your own and take the consequences deriving from it that is why Italy is what it is today.
Italy is going up or down?
Your choice!
The future looks bright wear dark shades.

Posted by: Giacomo Chiametti | March 2, 2008 04:48 PM

Right! Let's hope that the TAR decides in favor of the illegality of the Calderoli law. But what if it does not? How about "scheda bianca"? if we go to vote and just give back a blanc ballot, wouldn't that be a meaningful sign of protest? Otherwise what? We cannot just put a signature under THEIR decision. Letizia

Posted by: Letizia Weiss | March 2, 2008 03:32 PM

Right! Let's hope that the TAR decides in favor of the illegality of the Calderoli law. But what if it does not? How about "scheda bianca"? if we go to vote and just give back a blanc ballot, wouldn't that be a meaningful sign of protest? Otherwise what? We cannot just put a signature under THEIR decision. Letizia

Posted by: Letizia Weiss | March 2, 2008 03:28 PM

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