Information March!

The march of Italian citizens towards the future is peaceful. Slow, unstoppable, contagious, joyful like Bartaliís eyes, in a song by Paolo Conte. Itís transmitted by means of an information virus. The informed citizen participates in the Truth Olympics. The disinformed citizen can only watch it on the TV.
The march for the freedom of information in a free State has already started on the Internet. Itís like Maoís Long March, Ghandiís Salt March. Each one can choose his own image, his own message and together with another hundred thousand citizens, take part in the demonstration online to free Italy from the straitjacket of the masked censorship of information. Power has control of the media. Power has the power BECAUSE it has the control of the media. If citizens take back the control of the media, democracy in Italy will be re-established. This is why we are marching.
Itís spring. Open up the windows of your mind. Think. Rediscover the pleasure of thinking on your own. Take a breath and look at the sky. It can even be blue with swallows. Letís go back to being the Bel Paese {Beautiful Country}. Why not? Everything is possible, even getting free of the class of parasites that occupy politics and information. When you march in the V2 Day march, exchange signs of peace with your neighbours on the march. Itís full of friendly people.
Sign up to the march and in your blog, put the banner with your position.
One day you will be able to say: ďI was there, so long ago, when Italy was still a regime.Ē

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its very nice and amazing.

Posted by: haber | February 2, 2010 04:42 PM

I left Italia 35 yrs. ago and almost to retire. Don't tell me if I am coming back I have to be islamic? A cacare con tutti marochini!

Posted by: Giovanni Montana | March 29, 2008 08:28 PM

I left Italia 35 yrs. ago and almost to retire. Don't tell me if I am coming back I have to be with islamic? A cacare con tutti marochini!

Posted by: Giovanni Montana | March 29, 2008 08:27 PM

Hi Giacomo Chiametti
You have hit the nail on the head. Italy has no RULE of LAW and quite frankly I am of the opinion that the average Italian is so bamboozled that by now has no idea of what the RULE of LAW means.
Therefore once having finally determined that Italy is nothing but a MODERN FEUDAL SOCIETY without any RULE of LAW I decided that the time had come to keep well away from this country. It is very sad but the reality is not worth the aggravation.
The real sad part of all this is that Italians themselves can no longer see the wood from the trees!!!
Alas....."Life is beautiful......"

Posted by: Maurizio Odello | March 25, 2008 11:41 AM

Hello everyone,
I do have some appreciation for good intentions described here, although in any Step Rehab Program, the first is always the same for all of them from AA to Drug Rehab and any Rehab!
1) Admit and accept there is a Problem (Stop the denial!)
After this basic first the rehabilitation can begin.
Therefore until this happen nothing will ever change, the same Idiots will wag the carrot in front of you, you will vote for them again and the circle of their life will never end!
Stop dreaming of new laws, punishments for everybody and blab la more rules and regulations.
Right now nothing in Italy is implement-able, nothing and nobody is trust worthy, these Idiots write more worthless Laws and Regulation you can shake a stick at, nobody is applying them.
There is no Rule of Law in Italy, Justice and the Rule of Law are the basic pillar of any society, and like a tripod break a leg and the stool is on the ground.
Stop dreaming your freedom ends where someone else begins!
Until than, Good luck and Good night.
The future looks bright wear shades.

Posted by: Giacomo Chiametti | March 24, 2008 02:24 PM

Caro Beppe
vista la visibilita' di cui tu e il tuo blog godete voglio chiederti una piccola cosa. La politica clientelare ha sempre martoriato il sud e i politici eletti rappresentano fenomeni molto locali e "famigliari" (vedi Mastella e De Mita). Io la penso come Rudolph Giuliani, bisogna partire dalle piccole cose per poi arrivare ai grandi problemi della societa'. I politici ricevono voti in cambio di "regalie" e favori e questo lo sappiamo tutti soprattutto noi al sud. Al V2-day perche' non fai un bel discorsetto sui falsi invalidi? CE ne sono troppi e gravano sulle spalle della gente onesta'. Guarda Ceppaloni, 3000 abitanti e tutti (falsi) invalidi civili. Io penso che per combattere questa piaga bisognerebbe stimolare la guardia di finanza con una sorta di premio pecuniario in caso di identificazione di falso invalido. Poi si potrebbe fare una legge ad hoc per punire i falsi invalidi, una bella multa di 20mila euro (non e' molto visto quanto hanno ottenuto illegalmente) ai falsi invalidi e 50mila euro ai medici che hanno firmato le carte per ottenere l'invalidita'. Si parte sempre dalle piccole cose e chi parte bene e' gia' a meta' dell'opera. Io partirei da Ceppaloni e Nusco e tu?

Posted by: Fabrizio Scuoppo | March 24, 2008 10:26 AM

I want to discuss the problem in Campagnia regarding the dioxin poisoning. The reason being is that this is symptomatic of the problems facing Italy.
The problem for Campagnia and Italy in general, is that now no matter what they do or say, no one is going to believe them. Government departments that are charged with administering this sort of thing are either incompetent or corrupt, so no amount of assurances that they have it under control will give any sort of comfort to people that the other farms are okay, or for that matter other food products. Who can be sure the laboratory doing the testing is either competent or beyond corruption. This is the last straw for Italy, tourism is already declining, now other countries will stop buying Italian made produce. What about if people stop buying parmigiana or prosciutto? Until we can see Italy being run by someone who is competent and beyond reproach, things will not change. To think that a person (and I use that word loosely) like Berlusconi is even running for presidency, let alone the fact that he may even win, just beggars belief. Italians must stand up for their country and it is time to take their medicine, no matter how bad it tastes.
All countries have crime, corruption, scandals and incompetentency. It is just about the level and what you do about it when it is found. I would argue that no level of corruption (even the smallest) is acceptable. People in Italy must unite as one (Italians only, not north or south or Campagnia or Tuscany)and fight the scourge that threatens to destroy your great country.

Posted by: Grant Hutton | March 24, 2008 08:49 AM

Hello everyone,
Italy and Italians better wake up from the prolonged flat line state the so called information establishment has relentlessly relegated you in.
You erroneously thought that after 1992, a new breed of Political Leaders would unshackle Italy and Italians from corruption nepotism and Political pursue of total control.
Well, reality globalization and the EU has finally put the nail in your dream, therefore the current crop of Political Leaders rather than face and admit their failures, are reinventing themselves in the new Parties and dispensing full hands new un-fulfill able unrealistic promises.
Parties are new or purposely created, while Politicians are exactly the same just a whole lot older, monetary Policy is in the ECB hands, fiscal policy are completely out of Policy Maker control (Ascertained and verified by You!) while the Huge Old Debt is still at 106% of the 1.5 Trillion Gross Domestic Product.
The cherry on the cake of this dismal picture of a Country is the undeniable fact ďThere is no more money!Ē .
Your choices at this juncture are very limited, either left or right you already know what you will get, anyway you look at it there are no consequences for them, while for you thatís a complete different story.
They reinvent themselves like chameleons, leaving you to pay for their fuck-ups, bankrupts and non functional institutions, a shit load of debts, an immense number of incompetent Public Workers, a Country collapsing on itself, while they laugh all the way with their pocket full of money toward their accounts in some Fiscal Paradise?
Whatís your take on Italy?
Vote them again and again, and when asked to jump, just ask how high you should jump because they have your uevos in their hand, and they like to squeeze them regularly!
The future looks bright wear shades, and by the way fly Alitalia as well you will help yourself and Italy all in one shut.

Posted by: Giacomo Chiametti | March 23, 2008 09:08 PM

una nuova idea di sostenibilitŠ ideata da studenti di arti visive

Posted by: fausto | March 22, 2008 08:32 PM

Anyone organising marches on Italian Embassies around the world?

Posted by: Hugh Fotheringay | March 22, 2008 12:15 PM

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