Gagged Information: 4 who think, 10 who do

print out and hand out the V2 Day flyer

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Information has the brains behind it: ABI, Confindustria, Mediaset, political parties. The magnificent 4. They influence public opinion. They own the main TV channels, and the newspapers with the biggest circulation. They use them to defend their interests. The editors are their employees. They choose them, they pay them, they sack them. And they swap them like collectors’ cards. Mimun moves from Tg1 to Tg5. Riotta from il Corriere della Sera to Tg1.
Democracy is a beautiful word. But what does this word mean in fact? Representation does not exist without knowledge. Democracy is only an abstract concept without the freedom of information. The conflict of interests between the commercial powers and the media is enormous. It has reached such a size that we no longer see it. It has become normal for a daily newspaper like il Corriere della Sera to have banks and industrial groups among its shareholders. For a public TV channel to be owned by the parties and for the private TV channels to be owned by the President of the Council, who got to that position because he owns those TV channels.
When everything is false, the truth disappears. It becomes an intangible concept, something metaphysical. The citizens start even to doubt that information can be free. In no democratic country can the one who owns the media be a politician. Imagine Obama controlling CNN, ABC and FOX. Or Zapatero dictating articles to the editors of El Mundo and El Pais, as they are his employees. A democracy is based on the separation of three powers: the legislature, the executive and the judiciary. Information is defined as the fourth power. A power that can win the elections, that conditions the values of Stock Market shares, that modifies the rules of democracy. It is clear that information must be independent so as not to transform every item of news into propaganda. It’s not reasonable to except that those who are inside the information system: editors, journalists, opinion leaders want to change things and neither that they will admit that they are carrying out orders. They have mouths to feed and they have already decided which side their bread is buttered.
On 25 April 2008, add your signature for three referenda for the freedom of information in a free State to restore control of the country to the citizens.
Print out and give out the V2 Day flyer with the brains and the executives of disinformation.
Tell people about the march. Copy and paste the code
La marcia del V2-Day

V2-day, 25 April, for freedom of information:
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Italians have been living in a sewer for so long that they no longer recognise the rancid smell of feces surrounding them. Eat shit Italians, because you no longer have any right to complain about anything. Eat it with appetite while the rest of the world laughs. But please don't emigrate because we don't want your shit eating habits over here.

Posted by: Robert Morrison | April 15, 2008 01:02 PM

Scandaloso plagio del giornale L'Espresso

Riempiteli di jastemme e salvate l'onore di Gianfranco Marziano

Posted by: Lorenzo Ciaravola | April 15, 2008 12:28 PM

Thanks Grillo! You and Prodi have really done the best campaign for Silvio!



Posted by: Italo Emigrato | April 15, 2008 12:14 PM

c'é da essere contenti, ora si sa alla luce del sole che abbiamo un presidente del consiglio mafioso, che si é promosso ai voti dei mafiosi innalzando Mangano ad eroe, il messaggio era chiaro:"Mafiosi, sono con voi".
Questo vulo dire essere alla frutta, peggio di cosi' non si puo', metà degli italiani seguendo Berlusconi si sono dichiarati disonesti, illegali, se ci sono dieci persone di cinque almeno si deve stare attenti,
ecco la nostra Italia


Posted by: stefano fogato | April 15, 2008 12:12 PM

Well, it looks like it's all over for Italy. As bad as things were, re-instating the poison dwarf will be the death knell for the country as it slides into recession with the rest of Europe and the world in general; with the added benefit of increased corruption. It's time to leave if you can as there is no short-term future in Italy.You're never going to win against this set of crooks.

Posted by: John Kramer | April 15, 2008 10:06 AM

con questo risultato ora tutti avete le idee chiare ,beppe porta la responsabilità di questo massacro per tutti voi resta la consapevolezza che
non è cambiato nulla.Vincono in Italia i ricchi e i lavoratori sono scomparsi.
insomma se la destra stravince significa che buona parte del popolo è messa bene,alla faccia della 4 settimana.l'operaio d'industria molti anni fà portava zaino e colazione a sacco ora porta 24 ore e notebook.
di pietro non deluderci (almeno tu) to be continue.....

Posted by: (a.bucciero)maverick-ita | April 15, 2008 09:53 AM

IMPREGILO is up 4% today in Milan stock exchange ! .... the MAFIA is celebrating the victory of Berlusconi
(impregilo is the company that was meant to take care of the rubbish in Naples)

Posted by: f.c. | April 15, 2008 09:27 AM


Posted by: CROCE VIRGILIO GIULIO | April 15, 2008 08:48 AM

Why are you people still living in Italy? Italians today proved that they are the most stupid people on earth, after the Americans.
I left long time ago and I can only say that it was the right decision. Things have only gone downhill since and it has now become horrible to live in the "bel paese" under this mafioso-fascist regime. I feel like vomiting when I think of what happened today. Shame on you Italians!

Posted by: Mark | April 15, 2008 04:18 AM

veltrusconi..yes, week-end..!!:D
Jadna Italija, mislim da bi vam najbolje bilo da svi pobjegnete u Hrvatsku. :p
Translation: "Pour Italy, I think it would be best if all of you escaped to Croatia. :p
A small country for a great holiday!":D

Posted by: amway | April 15, 2008 03:50 AM

Disperata, piango dopo tante parole ed esempi, e con la ovvia ragiona dalla parte, ancora imperversa ignoranza e traffichini.
Piango oggi, per l'Italia che amo, ma domani non piangerò più anche se sarò sommersa da scandali che non ci indignano più. Ricominceranno a farsi i cazzi loro e noi gli staremo ancora di più addosso, denunceremo le loro truffe e lo diremo a tutti, anche a quelli che non ci staranno a sentire, anche a chi nega l'evidenza, noi li dobbiamo frastornare!!
E' avvilente...

Posted by: Valentina Mozzi | April 14, 2008 08:22 PM

Wow, did you see that? The DP just got its ass kicked.. So, I'd say back to ignorance for Italy, but then whoever would have won would have been a shame for the country.
I was watching Mr. Fede's news on tv and let me tell you I felt disgusted and had to change channel after a few minutes..

Posted by: Jason R. Forbus | April 14, 2008 08:14 PM

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