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The Rome Tribunal has prohibited the use of my name and my image by the lists for the national elections that appropriated these without the right. The lists “must cease every use, in any form and mode, the name and the image of Beppe Grillo and every reference to him and in particular they must abstain from identifying the political activity of these lists by the use of symbols, graphic elements and writing that can be connected directly or indirectly to the person who has made this request” For the details, read the verdict.
The lists cited in the verdict are: "Amici di Beppe Grillo", "No Euro - Lista del Grillo","Movimento ultima speranza - Grilli d'Italia", "Forza Grillo", "Lista Grilli Parlanti" and "Grilli d'Italia".
The national elections are unconstitutional. We cannot choose the candidate and not even the programme. They are just a pretext to form the Veltrusconi government. The general dress rehearsals for the mess ups are in front of our eyes. The Maroni law (number 30) is what they both want. The Gasparri law is what they both want (they can’t stand the Gentiloni law). The conflict of interests, the same. The “ad personam” laws likewise.
This election law, a true expropriation of democracy, is what is wanted by both Asphalt Head and Topo Gigio. The Centre Left has had almost two years available to them to change it. It has done nothing. Not just Cuffaro and Dell'Utri will be re-elected “but also” Carra, Crisafulli, D'Alema, Fassino (4 terms of office) and his wife Serafini (5 terms of office). Parliament’s diamond couple. They even choose the same testimonials: “precarious workers” “but also” industrialists. Uncensored folk, “but also” those with a criminal record. After the elections Veltrusconi will cut out the Lega and Antonio Di Pietro and make a single party. PD and PDL will become PDuequadro {P2 squared}. The evolution of the P2. They’ll give the party card number 1 to Topo Gigio, the psycho-dwarf will give his old card number 1816, a gift from Licio Gelli. The next elections will be simpler. The elections of the perfect swindle. The non vote is the only useful vote.
In the name of the Italian people, I would like to ask for 300,000 euro a day, starting from January 1 2006 for the Radical Party. It is the fine that we will pay for not having applied the European verdict for assigning the frequencies from Rete4 to Europa 7 at the last Council of Ministers. Minister Emma Bonino, Mother Teresa of Confindustria, has in fact declared that the verdict “did not have an urgent character”.

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It´s a mistery law of physics. Products that can´t be sold do tend to catch fire. Scientists are puzzled!

Posted by: Physics Research Institute | April 8, 2008 10:28 PM

Not credible, no.

But no alternative. The only possible alternative would be not voting. But that is a pipedream.

Boycotters of the vote are unlikely to be many enough to make a difference. Even if they were, chances are nothing much would happen.

If all Italians abstained from voting, something would happen. This would be inevitable.

However, what would happen would be a major power vacuum that would plunge the country into social and economic collapse.

This would be uncharted territory and in this delicate and dangerous economic stage, it would be suicidal.

The only real options are: survive for as long as you can and then accept what will follow. Or leave. Go abroad now, before it is too late.

Hoping for a "resurrection" of Italy, its economy, its value, its culture... is wishful thinking--and surely delusional.

Posted by: M. N. | April 8, 2008 06:57 PM

Hello folks,
Nobody’s is mentioning it, so I will:
Is any of these Idiots Credible?
Do they have any left after 30 in Politics and several Government?
We shall see won’t we!!!! LOL

Posted by: Giacomo Chiametti | April 8, 2008 06:49 PM

How beautiful: 10-year Italian government bond yields have been creeping up constantly over the past weeks. They now stand at 4.50%. It will take magic to keep public finances afloat.

Have you read of warehouses or trucks catching fire lately? I have.

Isn´t THAT unusual!?

(It´s always accidents, of course! hahahahahahaha!!!!!!!)

Posted by: S. O. S. | April 8, 2008 06:45 PM



Posted by: E. L. | April 8, 2008 06:29 PM

If ever the Italian people start to think to what extent they're being screwed by their bosses and toyed with by their politicians no Italian would vote. They're so easily aroused by demagoguery and, for all their "furbizia", so easily taken in by false promises. Sometime I wonder if Italians have been completely dumb-down by their media. How can they accept the take-over of Italy by a few shisters? How can they accept the miserable wages they're being paid by a few bosses? They have been abused for so long that Italians have lost all knowledge of how it is not be abused. Why can't Italians get a job for who they are? Why do so many Italians have to leave in fear of organized crime? Why do they have to contract horrible diseases and left to deal with them on their own? Do Italians know that other bureaucracies in other countries actually serve their people with efficiency and without abuse? Do they know that going to work shouldn't be the same as going to war? Why can't they go to a hospital with the peace of mind that they will be taken care? Why so many of them fear the police? Or for that matter, why can't a father take his son to a soccer game without fear of getting killed?

Posted by: LP | April 8, 2008 05:53 PM

Hello everyone,
In any emancipated Country (Should be Evolved, although Italy is still in the stone age and evolution hasn’t kick in yet!) people and mammals learn from their prior mistakes.
Only in this forsaken Country, Monopolies are in Governments hands and still manage to ruin the same Businesses they run (Examples: Autostrade, Anas, Train, Telecom, Oil, Gas, Water, TV, Energy and ∞!).
Full once shame on them, full 62 time either you’ll don’t give a hoot or guess what!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Relax just yanking your chain for a laugh, although looking forward to the next PM. He will surely fix everything.
The future looks bright wear shades though.

Posted by: Giacomo Chiametti | April 8, 2008 05:34 PM

Hello everyone,
The current dynasty of Italian Leaders without a clue, It’s so worthless that as soon as they get sacked or their Party crumbles (See Mr. Mastella!) not even the Head Hunters are touching them with the 10 feet pole.
Anyhow, these Idiots although consistently incapable of compiling a National Budget, are so accurate and precise on the amount of Business Criminal Organizations like Mafia, Ndrangeta and Camorra do on the yearly basis?
The biggest Business in Italy is calculated at about 90 Billion Euros?
So big and profitable that Hedge Funds are currently invested in Italian Criminal Organizations!
The RONA on this investment is around 16-19% yearly, and by the way Italian Politicians 401K plans are managed by Blackstone and Berthshire Hathaway Hedge Funds.
Cheers to Italians, just vote as usual, someone will take care of you, don’t worry just be happy, as long as they will feed you soccer and bimbos you will go along with anything.
The future looks bright wear shades though.

Posted by: Giacomo Chiametti | April 8, 2008 05:09 PM

I agree on the economic snapshot of Italy provided by Mr. Chiametti. Even the outcome, the Argentinian-style recession is, in my opinion, inevitable.

Only on one issue do I disagree: he claims some "Idiots" brought the country to its current state of affairs. This makes it sound like the incompetent or corrupt stewardship of a restricted few caused the incumbent ruin.

This, in my opinion, is far too benevolent and in the end incorrect.

Italians as a whole do share responsibility. First, because many (or most) of the habits and behaviors for which politicians are blamed are widespread among the population as a whole. The degree and scale, then, are only a matter of opportunity, not of principle.

This is the second point: principles play no role in the "culture" prevalent in Italy. Besides the obvious consequences, this is also the reason the situation could degenerate for decades uninterrupted. It is hard to imagine the Swiss or the Germans behaving the same way--or letting their politicians behave the same way.

So, one could blame the politicians. But it would be utterly unfair to blame them alone. Much more than that is wrong with Italy today. And it would take much more than a change in the political class to make Italy normal.

A change in culture would be the prerequisite for a change in anything else.

But one cannot hold hopes too high about this. Nothing changes in Italy.

At least, not for the better!

Posted by: M. N. | April 8, 2008 04:11 PM

Hello everyone,
Although there was no need to states the obvious with the exception of the responsible one, Italy is clearly in shamble and it’s slowly but surely rolling toward the Argentinean example.
Financially Italy is already broke, 10% of Italians own 50% of National Product, in each and every category Italy is the Pinnacle of Incompetence and Incapacity.
60 years of Republic 61 Government?
Average age of Prime Minister 62?
More Parties than you can shake a stick at, the only growing activity in Italy is Politics (Non added value activity, actually subtracts value, is costing you?)?
Unable to even sell a zero (0.00 Euros) Airline, next will be the Italian Rail Road, Autostrade will be sold as soon as a new Government is elected (!!!! 62nd!), Telecom is already in Spanish hands, Enel and Eni are investing outside of Italy because the Country is in complete stand still mode, are you scratching your head yet?
Sinking faster than the Kursk submarine, the entire Management of the immense number of Parties are relentlessly giving away more promises and money than anyone could possibly dream of squishing out from Italian Citizens.
OCSE just slammed Italy on Productivity (You knew this from two decades already?)!
50% of people working in the Institutions are worthless and un-necessary!
All together Institutions absorb 67% of any value produced in Italy?
What’s missing in this bright Picture?
The Idiots that have brought Italy to this miserable conditions, are all running again for re-election shelling out daily promises of a brighter future for You?
Growth is at zero, taxes highest in Europe, Politicians salary top of world, your salary bottom of the world, criminals and corruption are rampant and what do they talk about?
Rest my case, Italy is an absolute waste of time, you are definitely your own worst enemy you have what you ask for on the way to you in combination with a brand new Tube of KY Jelly, brought to you by the same people asking you to smile while reading your name branded in your belt.
Smile, the future looks bright, wear very very dark shades though!

Posted by: Giacomo Chiametti | April 8, 2008 03:44 PM

An incomplete course of studies on the "history of cinema" hardly provides the competences needed to manage a city--nor a small business, or anything else for that matter.

Only in Italy can people believe otherwise.

Posted by: Walt Walter de Walteris | April 8, 2008 03:34 PM

Antonio, I don't really know much about Veltroni, but if I understood Rome's bus drivers's letter sent to Daniele Martinelli's blog right, he can't be much of a politician if he allowed Rome's public transit system to be privatized.

Posted by: LP | April 8, 2008 03:05 AM

In my opinion Mr. Grillo is really exaggerating at accusing Mr. Veltroni.
Mr, Veltroni has to show very high quality at managing the administration of our capital.
Mr. Veltroni is an outstanding political man, and he is honest and has a very good curriculum.

If Beppe Grillo was a serious man, he should recognize this, instead of insulting Mr. Veltroni every other day.

Best regards
Antonio Napoli

Posted by: Antonio Napoli | April 8, 2008 01:10 AM

In my opinion Mr. Grillo is really exaggerating at accusing Mr. Veltroni.
Mr, Veltroni has to show very high quality at managing the administration of our capital.
Mr. Veltroni is an outstanding political man, and he is honest and has a very good curriculum.

If Beppe Grillo was a serious man, he should recognize this, instead of insulting Mr. Veltroni every other day.

Best regards
Antonio Napoli

Posted by: Antonio Napoli | April 8, 2008 01:08 AM

In my opinion Mr. Grillo is really exaggerating at accusing Mr. Veltroni.
Mr, Veltroni has to show very high quality at managing the administration of our capital.
Mr. Veltroni is an outstanding political man, and he is honest and has a very good curriculum.

If Beppe Grillo was a serious man, he should recognize this, instead of insulting Mr. Veltroni every other day.

Best regards
Antonio Napoli

Posted by: Antonio Napoli | April 8, 2008 01:06 AM

We all know politicians worldwide are corrupted to the bone, but Italy differs from the rest of the world for the lack of competence and - I may dare - intelligence shown by its representatives.

Dear Mr. Grillo, people try to use your name for it is the only name, at least the only known name untainted by scandals; the last breath before drowning in a sea of shit.

Posted by: Jason R. Forbus | April 7, 2008 09:57 PM

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