Political Press Release number seven


Without freedom of information there’s no democracy. If information becomes the tool of private interests and of the parties, there’s no democracy. If Asphalt Head has three national TV channels and 40 newspapers and magazines, there’s no democracy. If the parties have control of the RAI there’s no democracy. The non vote is a vote. The non vote is the vote of informed citizens. If election referenda are cancelled by Calderoli or postponed by Napolitano, there’s no democracy. If 350,000 signatures for three popular laws are festering in a cellar in the Senate, there’s no democracy. If we can’t vote for a candidate, there’s no democracy. If Cuffaro, Crisafulli, Carra, Dell’Utri, and Cesa are already elected to Parliament, there’s no democracy. If after the rigged elections there are 100 people who have been convicted at the first level, the second level or definitively or on remand, representing us, there’s no democracy. If the newspapers receive a billion euro a year in public financing, there’s no democracy. If Rete 4 doesn’t move to satellite after the verdict of the European Court of Justice, there’s no democracy. If Ms Bonino has no urgency to apply the European verdict on Rete 4 and she declares this with no shame, there’s no democracy. If Bossi can threaten the State with rifles, there’s no democracy. If the parties take the mafia votes, there’s no democracy. If Bassolino is President of the Campania Region, there’s no democracy. Without the freedom of information, it’s not possible to choose. Citizens have the right to be informed. Without this right there’s no democracy. Citizens have the right to be represented by gentlemen. Without this right there’s no democracy. On 10 April, Beppe Grillo will be in Pescara to support the civic list for the local elections. Beppe Grillo is not supporting any national list for the national elections. The Rome Tribunal has prohibited the use of the name and the image of Beppe Grillo for the lists “Grilli parlanti” and “No Euro – Lista del Grillo”. The TV channels and the newspapers cannot promote these lists. The TV presenters cannot promote these lists. Beppe Grillo invites you to read the verdict of the Tribunal. Support the civic lists in your cities and the regional list of Sonia Alfano in Sicily. The renewal of the Country starts with the towns and the Regions. The renewal starts with the young people. Freedom starts with the freedom of information. V2 Day - 25 April


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Thank you very much, LP and Stemar.

Nobody in italian blog of Beppe Grillo answered to me.

Until I live, I shall fight for me, for my mother and to avoid to other people the same tragedy.

With the best wishes.


Posted by: Francesca parodi | April 10, 2008 06:18 PM

My heart goes out to you, Francesca. If it is at all possible, listen to Ste.Mar. As much as sometime I miss Italy, that country is a basketcase.

Wish you all the best in the world.

Posted by: LP | April 10, 2008 02:21 AM

Francesca, your story is very sad and, I am afraid, not at all uncommon in Italy.

Your rage and frustration are more than justified. But what should you do?

Seeking justice would be the obvious thing to do. Both for yourself and not less to protect others: to prevent the same disgrace from ruining other people. This is what should be done in any normal country.

Said this, I urge you to consider that Italy is not a normal country at all. Proving and winning your case in court would be quite a gamble. Just trying may cost you a fortune and years of trouble. If you lose, even more. Even if you win, collecting the amount awarded will be another odissey.

So, suing would be the right thing to do in principle. I am not so sure it would be in practice, given the context.

You write at the end that you are ill. I hope you refer to the anguish and not to your health. In all cases, but especially in this last one, conducting a legal battle would put further strain on you and would delay emotional recovery.

Rights in Italy are often nothing more than mirages. You see and believe them, until you actually try to get a grip on them. They inevitably vanish. One must either resign to this said state of affairs, or leave. You can´t fix it, but you can go.

I would recommend going and starting a new life somewhere else. Be as happy as you can. Your mother sure wanted you to be happy.

With the most heartfelt wishes.

Posted by: Ste. Mar. | April 9, 2008 11:50 PM

Ever wonder why Italians are poor? We pay too much for our energy needs. The French get gas, electricity and water for half of what Italians pay. And you wonder why we're poor! The French have nuclear energy and we don't. We don't have nuclear energy, so we pay a lot for it and that makes us poor! Get it? So we need to build one or ten or a hundred nuclear plants and voila! Addieu poverty! If only that were the case. But it's a good excuse to resurrect nuclear energy. Who says our politicians are dull and inept? Complain no more, smile and be nice to your politicians and stop saying no. Yes, it's time to say yes; no more "no"! Yes, let the nuclear plants generate our power. Yes, let the incinerators incinerate our garbage (oops, sorry! I meant thermo... what? Thermooo... something) Say yes and we'll be as wise and rich as our French cousins and be poor no more. Again, if only that were the case! Our politicians are addicted to nuclear energy and incinerators. And, like addicts in a state of denial, our leaders take the easy way out and do not worry about the repercussions their facile decisions will have on people. They hate to say yes to sources of renewable energy such as the sun, wind and tides to improve people's quality of life by keeping them healthy. Nuclear power is not necessary, costs too much, can be catastrophic for millions of people in case something goes wrong, (and went terribly wrong in Russia and the United States) is too polluting and works against fixing global warming. But, even though there are other issues too complex to explain on this post, let's briefly talk about the cost. Now, I don't know about the French plants, but I know for sure that the American nuclear energy industry has been heavily subsidized by taxpayers. The construction of a nuclear reactor is prohibitively expensive unless heavily subsidized by taxpayers. Should an accident happen taxpayers are going to pay again for the damages. And there always other costs taxpayers don't know about. Standard & Poor's recently said that the subsidies paid "may not be enough to mitigate the risks associated with operating issues and high capital costs that could hinder credit quality." If the cost of building a nuclear plant is astronomical in America, can you imagine how much it would cost in Italy? Can you imagine the speculations? So why, in the name of common sense, go back to old, dangerous, costly, polluting technology when, for a fraction of its cost, it is possible to have cleaner, safer and eco-friendly solutions?

Posted by: LP | April 9, 2008 10:38 PM


If it's a very important blog , I NEED YOUR HELP

Excuse my english....

I tried a lot of times in Italy but Italian people is not interested to my story.

My mother died 6 YEARS AGO after an operation at heart in one of the most famous hospital in Italy....

Only reading the documentation , after a month, we knew perhaps there was a mistake during the operation...

We asket to MINISTERO DELLA SALUTE to verify that and after TWO YEARS a supervisor told us it was possible a mistake AND a wrong transfusion of blood during the operation.

Almost I became crazy.

We could not talk anymore with the supervisor....

We went to the law order and they said the documentation was in order.

WE FOUND THE PAGE WITH THE WRONG NUMBER and the law order repeated that the documentation was ok


IF YOU WATCH AND VOTE MY VIDEO "COME MORIRE IN UN GRANDE OSPEDALE" ON you tube perhaps someone decides to give us an answer and a lot of people know how is difficult to live in BEL PAESE.

PLEASE I am very ill

Posted by: Francesca parodi | April 9, 2008 06:03 PM

Hello Robert,
I am not in the running for a Pulitzer Prize; I am simply expressing my frustrations.
More often than not I am fuming while writing into Grillo’s blog.
I apologize for misusing your reading time, in my future outburst I will try to be orthography correct.
The future looks bright wear shades.

Posted by: Giacomo Chiametti | April 9, 2008 06:01 PM

Churchill is a famous man, but great he was not. He made more stupid mistakes than most people in history.

Posted by: Mark | April 9, 2008 04:40 PM

Grillo´s face pasted on Churchill´s picture is a sad caricature--and an insult to the great man.

Posted by: A. Call. | April 9, 2008 04:32 PM

Dear Giacomo

I understand your sentiments. Infortunately you write in English just like Italians govern and live in their country - a lot of words scrambled together which takes the normal reader a lot of time and energy to make any sense of.

Posted by: Robert Morrison | April 9, 2008 04:09 PM

Hello everyone,
In order to clarify to anyone what’s happening to the Belpaese Citizens, Psychoanalysts all over the world have narrow down the following definition:
In a Parliamentary Democracy, citizens vote for their representatives that in Returns have to represent the voters and their needs and desires for everybody wellbeing.
Since the above stated selection has been removed from Citizens (This mean You do not choose a Local Representative, the chosen Party does that for You Thank you very much!) Parties select Individuals to their own pleasure and faith.
In simple terms, You once voted can’t (CAN NOT!) express satisfaction or in satisfaction about anything, therefore you are giving a blank big check to a PARTY and they decide what is appropriate for your wellbeing and the Country as a whole.
Currently it will be the 62nd time, these so called Political Establishment has compile a list of Promises to be implemented once elected, although sadly in half Italy at this juncture looks and feel quite the opposite from all the prior Promises.
Now I am quite sure my personal IQ is definitely lower than yours, therefore even I was able to comprehend the fact that without representation and the threat of not being reelected “Why would they implement what has been promised to You?”
Is very simple, when you buy a car do you trust the salesmen telling you the Fiat car is perfect, it will not break down for 5 year at least and will keep the retail value for 7 year, or You ask for some warranty?
Well, the Warranty has been removed, and all these Parties are telling You “Trust me, I will do everything I just promised You”, no if or buts.
Now I am aware Italian cuisine is very good, although I assure you these individuals are most definitely not the sharpest tools in your kitchen!
Actually they are the dullest thing around and worn out as well, they have been in the business too long and as far as Promises, well look around Italy and any TVs or Newspaper (They are worthless all of them, although even they can’t embellish the miserable state of Italy right now.
Moral of the story, they are showing You the carrot while taking away the stick that you should have to keep them truthful to the Promises.
You have been there 61 time, now is the 62nd what do you think it will happen?
They are completely Irresponsible, they can promise you the entire milky way it will not make any difference, they will even sell you the first born (Mr. B actually did!) to go up there, although the question is “What will you get?”
Bring your own KY Jelly by the way, because this time it will hurt badly, Italy is at Kenya level and there is no lower level to descend too.
The future looks bright just wear dark shades.

Posted by: Giacomo Chiametti | April 9, 2008 02:56 PM

Dear Beppe, as I wrote to you before, I guess that more has to be done in order to educate people in Italy. You will have a lot of people manifesting with you at V day but I am quite sure that there will be a big part of it that just gave the vote to Berlusconi. People like: Berlusconi, Cuffaro,bassolino,craxy,ecc. give hope to italians, hope to find a position without having any skills and knowledge of what they are doing,hope in finding easy money, hope related to not pay taxes,because for most of the people taxes are only what the government takes from us. Most of Italians know the real situation,but is just what they like. For this reason it is better to not concentrate only against politicians but also concentrate in educate people, explain why they have to pay taxes,why we will be always more poor and the situation will be a disaster if few years.
we concentrate on people, to educate them not to fear to be honest.

Posted by: Dino De Blasio | April 9, 2008 12:44 PM

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