Seven TV channels and three newspapers

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In Italy, it’s disinformation that gives commands, decides and provides order. Seven TV channels and three newspapers have been substituted for democracy. Everything you don’t know is true. What you know is what the System wants. There’s no need for the Police or for special laws to live in a regime. It’s enough to control the information. The media are the first objective in any coup d'état.
Italy no longer knows anything. It no longer manages to judge. It is schizophrenic. Reality and the information it receives are two different things, in opposition. It’s a boxer in a confused state, who can no longer stay on his feet, with his assistant at the corner of the ring shouting to him that everything’s OK. Not to be or to know? This is the dilemma.

We are not in control of our lives because we don’t know. Seven TV channels and three newspapers. RAI1, RAI2, RAI3, Canale 5, Italia1, Rete4, La7, il Corriere della Sera, la Repubblica, la Stampa. Our government, our Parliament, our eyes are them. The magnificent 10. The names of the directors are important, but up to a certain point. Riotta, Mazza, Giordano, Liguori, Fede, Piroso. To whom do they respond, these gentlemen? Whose interests do they represent?
Prodi has put there the penguin Riotta and Fini, “one morning, a terrible morning”, he gifted the desk of the Tg2 to Mazza. The journalists of the public TV News are press officers, hacks (at times Vaseline-users), Regime employees.
Canale 5, Italia1 and Rete4 are propaganda tools of Testa d'Asfalto. They have a double function: to make him make billions of Euro with the advertising that comes through Publitalia and maintain the Italians in an assisted coma. The psycho nano is a State concessionaire. The TV frequencies on which he broadcasts, are ours. The current account, the news and the conflict of interests, however, are only his. La7 belongs to Telecom Italia, a megaphone of the industrial interests of its shareholders. Benetton for example. Telefonica another example.
Paolo Mieli is the expression of the good salon of il Corriere della Sera. An assorted group of companies that ranges from Pirelli to Mediobanca, from Intesa San Paolo to the Tod. The bosses of the Corriere are called Confindustria and ABI. Geronzi, Passera, Tronchetti, Della Valle. La Repubblica is part of Engineer Carlo De Benedetti’s (industrialist, financier) Espresso group. La Stampa is part of the Fiat group. It’s a daily newspaper, inspired by Luca Cordero di Montezemolo.
Summary: parties, Berlusconi, Confindustria and ABI possess information. If they want to, they can make us believe anything. And they make us believe anything. V2 Day on 25 April is the first step to giving back to the Italians the capacity to be of sound mind. Information must be separated from economic and political interests.

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What a coincidence, Beppe! The USA is the same. In fact, we invented the substitution of sound-bytes and media "echo chambers" for democratic dialog on the issues.

I think Italy and Europe in general aren't Americanizing themselves fast enough. Come on, quicken up the pace, you laggards!

Follow America, the model "post-democratic" liberal democracy! A beacon to the world, especially to countries like Italy, which want so passionately and diligently to follow us and imitate us in every way!

Posted by: Joe Tangredi | April 9, 2008 04:50 AM

As Beppe says, "Information must be separated from economic and political interests." Separated like state and religion. Come to think of it media and religion have more in common than one might think. Just as various religious orders embody Churches, the various news outlets make up media. Religion serves God, media serves money. Priests preach from pulpits, journalists BS from newspaper and TV stations. Sermons guilt us, articles spread fear and fluff. TV, newspapers, movies, and books mediate how we think; tinker with our brains; define our being and make us dumb so that wealthy people can make laws benefiting themselves. Without a media free from political and economic interests, it's impossible to make informed opinions and hold politicians, and politician-owned-media accountable. Without an independent media political issues are decided by owners and politicians. The only democratic means of information available is the Internet, but for how long? With the internet gone public opinion will be totally gagged. Shouldn't we do more than just abolish the "Sacred Order of Journalists"?

Posted by: LP | April 4, 2008 03:50 AM

Fortunately, more and more people dislike TV and prefer internet.

Posted by: Jaio | April 3, 2008 06:50 PM

Hello everyone,
I just wish for once, Italians grow up and start acting at par with their egos!
Oh hum, had been there done that nexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxt!
The world is always been exactly as it is in Italy today, spiced up by local differences obviously.
The golden rules says, Who has the Gold makes the rules, it hasn’t changed in millenniums for goodness sake,
As for information and TV’s, who cares who they belongs to, what matter is the Credibility they have and what you do with the information they feed you with.
Italians like to play with the big boys of the world, well well well start acting like one and maybe someone will believing you.
Mr. X open up gazebos and ask for signature 8 million sheep sign up?
Mr Y says I like to buy Alitalia, the stock shuts up 150% (For a worthless airline?)
Mr. V opens up primary for a brand new Party (Made out of the same Idiotic Geriatric scum bags?) 3 million flock to vote and paid 1 Euro each to do just that?
Mr. P states verbatim “We fixed Italy, now it can grow!”, since this statement was made Italian stock market has plunged 23% and Italian economy has gone flat line?
This and many other pieces of information are daily occurrences in today Italy, although only when You will stop biting the hook sink and fishing line in one gulp, that will be the turning point.
Gullible comes close, but naïf fits the description to a T!
The Pinnacle of Political Incompetence has led Italy for the last 30 years, claiming champagne taste on a beer’s budget, and you act surprised nowwwwwww?
Wake up, there is no more money, there are no entrepreneurs, there are no risk takers, all the things to take have been taken, what’s left for you now?
Just go to the ballots vote as you always did, shut the hell up and survive the best you can!
Italy missed the boat, the train, the car, the bike and now has its thumb out each hiking for a ride!
Just suck that thumb, usually adolescents loose the habit by then, you need a little longer.
Personal responsibility, you know what it is, well use it for a long while, come back to the table when you are ready to play the game of the big boy.
The future looks bright wear shades though!

Posted by: Giacomo Chiametti | April 3, 2008 05:40 PM

Vi rendo noto del lavoro di alcuni ragazzi di catania che hanno fatto un'opera di relazione delle attività dei candidati provinciali e regionali del luogo, un DOSSIER

prego grillo di pubblicizzare tale attività e favorirne la diffusione, grazie

Posted by: Salvatore Di Leo | April 3, 2008 03:46 PM

The press has become totally discredited not only in Italy, but in the rest of the world as well. A few people control the news like never before. If you want to get closer to the truth on most issues, all you have to do is to believe the opposite of what you are reading in your newspaper. Be skeptical, be very skeptical.

Posted by: Mark | April 3, 2008 02:46 PM

if you won't reach the bottom you won't ever be able to push back to the surface.put it this way beppariello....once again the problem are the italians but italy!!!let's get something different and rebuild italy entire

Posted by: michele tamagnini | April 3, 2008 01:53 PM

RECOMMENDED,italians do have something good at the end! absolutely do copy and paste and open wide yr loudspeakers!


Posted by: robert smith | April 3, 2008 12:50 PM

I used to work for the major television broadcasters both in the UK and the USA. Once upon a time there used to be fierce competition between the various networks who fiercely guarded their journalistic independence with pride. Codes of journalistic ethics had to be upheld and very stringent unwritten rules were applied. Then suddenly it all changed, big corporates took control of the networks and the "Bean Counters" started dictating on editorial independence. Journalistic independence died a quick death and CONVOY NEWS was born (slightly different camera angles of all networks, all in the same spot covering the same story in exactly the same way).
One example is NBC which was rated the number 1 Network in the USA before General Electric bought it lock stock and the bloody barrel. A friend of mine, a very fine journalist, through thorouh investigative and dangerous work put together a brilliant story backed by video footage which included the exchange of money envelope from a top General Electric corporate man to a high Pentagon official. It must be noted here that General Electric's real business are not the toasters and hairdryers they make and sell but weapons and military aircraft engines.
This story never saw the light of day on NBC and my friend was warned to cool it or loose his job.
He eventually did loose his job anyway together with a multitude of true experienced professional investigative journalists.
This trend has gone through all media apparatus around the world and only a handful of publications are left to tell the truth. Unfortunately such publications are underfunded and not as glitzy as the main stream media and besides brain washing to the lowest common denominator of the masses is now virtually complete.
As for the new breed of journalists, gone are the days of the hiped up hard drinking hell raising hacks on their constant search of a good story.
This new breed of "journalists" come out of journalism schools and colleges as if churned out of a laboratory. Squeecky clean clones and with uniform views of the world they are ment to cover.

Posted by: Maurizio Odello | April 3, 2008 11:51 AM

Dear Gentlemen:

How can a so-called, 'Lord Justice’ working for the Queen and Phillip be appointed to run an impartial Inquest that is accusing the Royal Family of plotting Diana's murder???

Then at the end of the inquest, 'Lord Justice Baker' suddenly tells the Jury of Independent UK Citizens "that they can not mention or accuse the Royal Family of any wrong doing"!!! Is this an example of UK justice and fair play to its citizenry?

This inquest now goes beyond the absurd to the sublime and utterly ridiculous!!! When will the people ever learn that the rich and royalty are so crude, rude, vicious and arrogant that they continue to get away with everything they do, including cold-blooded murder.

Paul M. Johnston, PHd

Sociology & Political Science

UCLA Westwood, California

Posted by: Paul Johnston, Professor of Political Studies, UCLA | April 3, 2008 07:00 AM

Sacrosanto quello che dici circa la Press. Purtroppo, caro Beppe, in tutto il mondo, ma proprio tutto, anche qui in Australia, le testate giornalistiche sono controllate dai magnati (vedi Murdock) etc. La stampa indipendente non e' mai esistita. Quando ero piccola, diciamo dopo la guerra, la Stampa di Torino era chiamata "la bugiarda" o il giornale delle serve o il giornale del padrone (Fiat).Era il '50. Anche l'Unita' non era indipendente.Dietro c'erano i soldi dell'Urss e cosi' via. Non credo che ci sia da allarmarsi troppo. Primo, perche' gli italiani non leggono, poi le TV di stato con i loro talk show, danno un'immagine di rimbambimento totale. Fa specie vedere i pubblici paganti di tutte le eta', di tutti i colori che prendono parte con estrema gioia e voglia di intervenire con domande demenziali da rivolgere all'ospite di turno demente intervistati dai soliti figli di papa' (es.Frizzi).E' una cosa schifosa, almeno qui in Australia, c'e' un pizzico di serieta' in piu' e meno divismo.Non e' dai giornali che si educa il Paese. Ormai l'Italia, dal '45 a oggi, non ha acquistato democrazia, ma solo balordaggine. Tutto e' andato piu' giu'.Non esiste educazione ne' scolastica,ne' familiare. Se non si e' nati per avere una 'testa" indipendente e cercare di rimanere integri per tutta la vita, si va alla deriva, come gli stronzi. Ad majora.

Posted by: Delfi Marigo Spitaleri | April 3, 2008 12:55 AM

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